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 Maia Jackel vs Seung, Soo Young

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PostSubject: Maia Jackel vs Seung, Soo Young   Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:14 pm

The area is an urban location bustling with activity and civilians. There is a Large intersection in the center of the area where both civilian and vehicle traffic is heavy. In the surrounding areas are clusters of apartment buildings and skyscrapers with alley ways in between them. Each alley is randomly seeded with objects such as garbage or dumpsters a few of them have fire escape that can be used to access the buildings without using the front doors. All throughout the area sounds of activity and the occasional emergency service siren sounds. The alleys are also less crowded having little activity except for the rare homeless person or the common criminal.


Soo Young sat in a helicopter hovering in the air in between the buildings. The Helicopter had civilian markings but it was anything but civilian in nature. Inside it was carrying a woman who had no qualms with murdering the entire block if it meant to completion of her mission. "Reports of vampires in the area have provoked response from VWAT locate the target and eliminate with extreme caution do you understand your orders Convict 19..." The crew chief of the helicopter said. Soo Young turned her eyes to the man and simply nodded she was dressed in Black Tactical Equipment there was no room for subtlety in this operation.

She chambered a round into her SR-25 and opened the large sliding door on the helicopter revealing a large rooftop that would serve as her insertion point. She moved over to the edge of the room screwing the suppressor onto the end of her rifle. She'd mounted a thermal scope onto the rifle for the operation she'd just need to find the coldest out of the crowd and then she'd work out a plan of action.
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PostSubject: Re: Maia Jackel vs Seung, Soo Young   Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:08 pm

Maia waited in the apartment building for everyone to leave; the helicopter was hovering overhead and seemed to be lulling towards the roof of this building in particular. But with a sigh Maia heard a lot of the clamour die down, people were silently moving now. The initial hustle and bustle had passed, that was lucky or unlucky depending on who was looking at it. She drew her SAIGA and prepared to go to the roof in a few minutes, if the helicopter was closer enough then she might be able to jump. From there she could get out of the place before anyone turned up, she sighed.

The small apartment was bare and squalid, she wouldn’t miss it.
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Maia Jackel vs Seung, Soo Young
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