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 Hellsing armory

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PostSubject: Hellsing armory   Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:59 pm

Description: Pending until I get the muse to write out a full description.

Enter from the hallways


She needed c4, and what better place to get it than the armory? The Geese had already littered the yard with landmines, but fairly any defense was created on the inside of the manor, and with the recent incidents regarding the Iscariot spy and the rogue vampire, it was drastically needed. Pushing open the door, Sofia knew exactly where she needed to go. Traversing the armory with a large sack in her hand, she arrived infront of a large metal box and opened it, filling it with dozens of c4 bricks before closing it, slinging the sack over her shoulder and turning to exit again.


Exit to Alisa's room
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Hellsing armory
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