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 Strong as Iron

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PostSubject: Strong as Iron   Sun Jul 14, 2013 4:33 pm

Kieron's going into retirement for a bit, since I can't find a place for him right now. The biography somehow managed to be a lot like Advocate's, but I actually wrote this before Mato posted the sheet. I just didn't want to rewrite because it works well the way it is.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. All.

Name: Yuu Koutari, codenamed STRENGTH/STR.

Age: 22.

Gender: Female.

Physical appearance: Yuu is a small girl, barely over five feet in height. Her tan skin is contrasted by her short white hair and pale, expressionless eyes. Though her features are normally covered with her coat, she has a small nose and lips without any distinguishing marks. Due to the operations, the end of her vertebrae are extended, sticking out of the base of her back, colored black and mechanical. At her elbows, in place of normal appendages, she has her massive black metal “Ogre Arms”.

Clothing of choice: Yuu’s clothing is chosen by her handlers at the J.N.V.D.O. to be both functional for her job and to show citizens she is to be their protector (obviously adhering to the Japanese stereotypes for such things). She wears a short, sleeveless black dress with a large collar and hood, a white zipper in front. The collar obscures the lower portion of her face while the hood hides most of the upper part of her head. Around the collar is a decorative white flame design. A small fist symbol (representing the J.N.V.D.O.) is on the left side of her chest to show her allegiance. On her legs are black stockings, rising to about mid-thigh and ending with white bows on the outsides, with black, metal lift shoes to give her a small amount of height and to stabilize her legs and feet when jumping and landing long distances.

Weaponry of choice: As STRENGTH, Yuu needs no other weapon besides her body. Her mechanical “Ogre Arms” are large, titanium alloy hands installed with highly advanced computer engineering used for smashing and punching. Her reinforced skeleton gives her the strength to beat through buildings without an exorbitant amount of stress on her organic parts. In addition, her arms have been designed to transform themselves as needed, usually into a pair of large machine guns. Firing specialized armor piercing versions of 7.62mm armor piercing bullets tipped with a special silver and steel alloy, they are powerful enough to blow holes in concrete walls with ease. Ten magazines inside each arm are swapped in and out with a series of complex parts, each holding forty-five bullets. Spent shells from one magazine are ejected, followed by the magazine itself, continuing until she is out of ammunition. They can also be used to form a sort of pile driver weapon, part of the arm becoming a track with one fist placed behind the other, which will continually ram the second to smash into the target with incredible force in quick succession. This is only a small display of what her arms are capable of, as she has several more forms that for more specific situations, such as: Blunt weapons (clubs, hammer-like shapes, batons, etc.), bladed weapons (oversized swords and knives), spikes (can also be used while fists by sacrificing some durability in the overall structure), shields, and bear traps.

Also a weapon is the end of her spinal cord, always emergent from her back. Naturally pointed at the end, the metal enhancements have made it razor sharp. It is flexible and able to extend several meters, enough to attack targets directly in front of her should her hands become occupied. The weakness to it, however, is that the stretching required to extend her spine leaves large gaps in her vertebrae, much easier to break apart than they would be normally. This is why she prefers not to use this means of attack unless it is necessary for a quick victory.

Race: Cyborg.

Abilities: Yuu is an expert combatant, thanks to her enhancements. Not trained in any form of martial art or weapon (as it would be completely unable to be adapted to her body), she fights purely on instinct, with the exception of orders issued from her handlers. Aside from the large amount of strength (as before, able to smash through buildings and break steel), she can also use the Ogre Arms to propel herself large distances in a sort of hop. She can either land on the Arms or her legs, as her boots and bones are both reinforced to prevent her from snapping her ankles upon impact with the ground.

Referenced previously, her entire skeletal system is reinforced with the same alloy used in the making of her Ogre Arms. Her arms, however, were completely removed from the elbow down and replaced, making the Ogre Arms a part of her. They have very limited sensory input, enough to tell her when she is in contact with something, but cannot feel any specific sensation, such as pain, heat, cold, etc. The large amount of metal inside of her makes her incredibly sturdy and heavy, keeping her from being easily knocked down, but also making her easy to sink, since she is too heavy to be able to swim (she is not affected by most magnets, though).

Her cybernetic augmentation also gifted her with enhanced stamina, enough to exert herself fully for hours on end without fatigue, as well as largely enhanced strength in areas other than her arms, enough to kick a large man a few meters. She is also decently swift, using her arms to quickly traverse an area, as well as swinging from them to quickly dodge and evade, aided by her training in gymnastics (which took quite a long time to master, due to her bulkiness). Her overall speed, however, is not that great, and it is usually a better option to make a shield or get behind cover than to attempt dodging multiple attacks. She also has built in radio, allowing her to communicate and receive information from others on the same frequency. In addition, she has a minor healing factor, accelerating her body’s ability to cope with injuries faster than normal, but it is largely useless for combat (it takes several hours to heal minor injuries and is mainly for upkeep on her cybernetic/organic bonded areas and the wear they experience through battle and everyday use).

During her training period, she was taught a large amount of general knowledge, such as math, science, and literature. She can fluently speak Japanese, English, French, and Spanish, and can understand International Sign language (though would obviously have problems if she attempted to actually communicate with it). Aside from that, she is largely ignorant of the world, unable to venture out freely due to her body. Her main experience with the outside is on missions, though she has pretended that the indoor greenhouse is a jungle from a story her mother read her as a child. She has no ability to take care of herself outside of basic human needs. A personal mechanic is required to tune her body when it is damaged, as well as to replace her bones should she grow larger. In addition to this, she still requires food and water like a normal human.

Organization: V.W.A.T. on loan from the J.N.V.D.O.

Personality: Yuu was taken in by the government at a young age, and as such remembers very little of her previous life. This saddens her greatly, though she does recall both her parents loved her, as well as some of the story books and toys she used to have. Despite a relatively good relationship with her mechanic and a few of the doctors (the only people she could potentially call friends in the world), she has closed herself to people in general out of fear. She is rarely happy, and rarely allows herself to feel much of anything in general. Her mechanic is the only one she has ever felt comfortable opening up to, a young man in his early thirties, as she is able to trust him enough to keep her alive and working well. Never learning much in the ways of “common sense”, she can be naïve and foolish at times, though is far from stupid.

She does not know how to deal well with others. If someone were to yell at her, she would most likely begin to shut down and stop listening, or burst into tears and cover her head. This only applies to social situations, though, since she generally tries to tune out distractions while in battle and focus singularly on completing the mission without thinking.
She despises her name STRENGTH and takes it as her being nothing but a weapon to be tossed into the field on a whim (which many of her handlers see her as), and would prefer people not to use it in casual conversation. Even so, she forces herself to use this introduction in formal settings, as her identity is meant as a secret. Despite this, those “close” to her abide by her wishes and use her real name when not around any of the superior officers.

Despite her official rank, Yuu has no real authority when it comes to dictating her life. Her daily schedule is set for her by the doctors and military personnel and her free time is always monitored. This lack of freedom gives her a feeling of even greater confinement. Though she would initially enjoy things such as reading and (attempting) to play with toys, she quickly lost interest after everything she was doing became printed on a clipboard. Now, all she really does is sit in her room until it is time for the next mission or maintenance.

Rank: Vampire Defense Agent (equivalent to Japanese First Lieutenant).

Biography: Yuu had a fairly normal childhood until the age of six. Both her parents loved her dearly and wanted to give her the best life she could have. Unfortunately, in the typical depressing backstory style, a freak car accident nearly killed her. Rushed to the hospital, her parents were told that, while they could save her life, Yuu would be completely paralyzed. About to give up hope, a shady man in a suit informed them that there was a way to save their child’s life, but it would be at the cost of never being able to see her again. The hardest decision they would ever be forced to make, her parents reluctantly agreed to the man’s offer, thinking it would be better for her never to see them again than to live her whole life in a hospital bed.

Shipped off to a government lab, numerous hours of painful surgery gifted Yuu with an enhanced skeleton, returning her the use of her body and increasing her physical abilities. Her arms, mangled in the crash, were replaced by a prototype weapon dubbed the “Imp Arms”. Initially overjoyed at being okay, she was quickly stunned and saddened at the fact she would never see her parents again, as well as being totally unable to perform ordinary tasks, even to hold a pencil, due to lack of coordination. It would take her three years to fully master these new appendages (numerous bones replacements to compensate for her growth not helping the fact), all the while being trained into one of Japan’s greatest weapon.

As vampires attack countries outside of the west, it was necessary for Japan to create such a task force to defend the country from supernatural threats. Created in 1979, they have served the country similar to Hellsing in England and V.W.A.T. in America. It was this group training Yuu as their “secret weapon”, of sorts. As years went by, the girl became more and more withdrawn, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the way her body was becoming, especially after the perfection of her weaponry, now known as the “Ogre Arms”, making her completely unable to appear like a normal girl, coupled with the strange transformation of her artificial spine into a weapon. All the while, she missed her family, the memories of her time with them growing more and more muddied each day.

Her first mission came in 2000, tasked with a simple extermination. Though three agents were sent as backup, she killed the target on her own without effort. Initially frightened by her power and the prospect of killing, she grew numb to it eventually and no longer has any feeling towards it. Accepting her place as a weapon, she no longer hopes to reunite with her parents, nor of being anything more than a tool for killing. As a show of good faith, she was transferred to V.W.A.T. in America, both to solidify to bond between the two groups (and, by extension, countries), but also to give them a chance to test new subjects without Yuu’s knowledge.

RP sample:
As usual, Yuu was attempting to sleep in her off time. The cameras in all four corners of the room made it increasingly difficult, however, as they continued to adjust every time she so much as flinched. It was hard enough to feel comfortable to begin with, what with the two tons of metal in her body to her body. A few years ago, she’d be imagining escaping from this place and seeking out her family. Now, all she did was wait for the next fight, hopefully being able to rest a bit before then.

This didn’t seem to be possible, though, as two knocks at her door and the arrival of her mechanic woke her from the potential sleep she’d been drifting into. ”Yuu, I need you to come with me for a minute. I was looking over your performance from the last mission, and I found something in your arms that I need to take care of.” Unenthused, she nodded and began to follow the man down a hall. They made their way to the usual room for maintenance, but rather than mechanical equipment and spare parts, a small cake with a single candle sat on the operating table.

Yuu was confused; what was this about? Was he going to put cake in her arms as some sort of emergency food source? Did he forget to put it away before finding her? She looked to him for an answer, making him realize that she was rightfully unsure of the situation. ”I was looking through files, and I realized today was your birthday. I don’t think anyone has ever gotten you anything before, so I made you a cake. I’m not very good at baking, but it shouldn’t taste too bad.”

She hated it, he thought. ”You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to. Sorry I bothered you.” He only realized his mistake after she turned to her, a small smile on her face with tears streaming from her eyes.

”Thank you,” was all she could manage to say. She wanted to tell him how much she appreciated his help and his friendship all those years, and to tell him that she loved he cake and that he made her horrible life somewhat bearable, but found she couldn’t. She was too afraid of what saying those things would bring, and how those above her would react to them. That was why she cried. He hugged her, and she wished more than anything she wasn’t too afraid to hug him back.

It was a small town under attack, meaning the population would be mostly transformed at this point. ”Subject STRENGTH, proceed with caution. All hostiles are to be eliminated.” This was all routine to her by now: Find the vampire, kill it, go back to the compound. It wasn’t long before the Ghouls came out. They were of no concern, though. A simple backhand smashed through a row of them, spraying their body parts across the ground. Two others were punched at the same time, smashing through a third. Hopefully, all the noise would attract the leader and the mission would end.

A few monsters later and her hunch was proven right. A hissing vampire appeared, armed with an illegal pistol. He unloaded all of the bullets at Yuu, but they were blocked by the Ogre Arms. A brave Ghoul tried to attack her from behind, only to have its head impaled by her tail. His weapon spent, the vampire tried to rush her; a poor strategy, overall. Despite his incredible speed, Yuu jumped backwards and out of range. Raising both arms, strips of metal on the underside of each deployed into the as stands, with the fingers clustering together into a crude cylinder shape. They began spinning, a hail of bullets flying from her digits and blowing apart the vampire.

All the Ghouls in the area began to dissolve, her arms returning to their default shape. ”Mission complete, returning to base,” she commented dryly before casually strolling away from the area, leaving behind four holes in the ground and a pile of spent shells.

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PostSubject: Re: Strong as Iron   Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:28 pm

Couple things.

1) "This is only a small display of what her arms are capable of; as long as it would not break the laws of physics, she can probably transform her arms into it." <- Vague as all hell. Specifics or lose this line bud.

2) The description of her strength reminds me of Ladd so I can believe her reaching low Cat B strength and that's fine considering power is her schtick but how fast is this girl? The mention of the acrobatics gave me pause. I can abide some monkey style swinging and all that but she's a tank. Not a Russian ballerina. Can't have the best of both worlds.

3) So her skeleton is artificial but based on this all of her organs are organic. That right?

4) I don't like that healing factor. If I ever see it playing a role in combat in any form I will not be happy.

5) (Bio) Amazes me how all these shady suit wearing guys just seem to hang around hospitals all day hoping to stumble across "hopeless" individuals. It's not really a shot against you since plenty of other people have done it but meh.

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PostSubject: Re: Strong as Iron   Sun Jul 14, 2013 11:53 pm

1. It was. I think I was tired for that. Gave some examples, which are about all she can make.

2. Somewhere around there. Maybe between C and B. The swinging I meant more as she can keep her arms in a fixed position while she maneuvers her body around (sort of like a hand stand), or picking up one fist and using the weight to swing around on the other. It's hard to describe properly, so I'm going to try and look for a clip of it in the show or something similar from elsewhere.

3. Only non-organic parts are her skeleton, Ogre Arms, and reinforcements in her legs and ankles. Couple of wires and bolts here and there for stuff like the radio, but that's it.

4. Only foreseeable way the healing factor could work in combat would be if it lasted several hours and her worst injury was a splinter.

5. Don't you know? The cleaning solution they use in hospitals attracts shady suited men like a bug zapper.
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PostSubject: Re: Strong as Iron   Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:25 am

Kay my turn!! ^-^

Well then it seems Andy addressed the major things so the only thing I see that I want a bit of clarification on is the guns built into her arms. Wow 9.3 rounds...those are some big bullets well I just wanted to know how many your using in each arm and what kind of gun your firing these out of. If it takes 11 seconds to empty your arms and you have alot of ammunition your generating quite alot of heat in your barrels. This could cause them to warp and misfire causing damage. And in your case not just to a gun but to your arms as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Strong as Iron   Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:08 pm

With Edits done

I hereby present my seal of approval

Approvals: 1

Disapprovals: 0
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PostSubject: Re: Strong as Iron   Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:09 pm

Before our time is done, Ladd and this child shall do battle. Mark my words good sir.


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Strong as Iron
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