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 An Exorcist's apprentice

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PostSubject: An Exorcist's apprentice   Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:58 am

Glancing down at his notes father Mathew was attempting to determine if this person in the bed next to him truly was possessed. He glanced at her again and was overcome with pity at her decrepit form. She was malnourished for sure but was this just a mental illness or something more?

She her eyes staring at him were wide and the darkness under them accented her naturally blue colored eyes horribly. She said in a voice that was reportedly her own.

"Father, Father, Whats happening to me? What have I done to you? Why is your eye black and your face covered in blood?"

She was still restrained to her bed in a sitting position and now sinking low she began to sob and say in a miserable voice.

"I'm so, (Sobs) Sor-"

Father Mathew cut her off and glancing at her in anger he said.

"Shut up. I'm trying to think."

Her father stood up at this but sat down again when Mathew shot him a warning glance. This was a crucial moment.

She looked at him in shock with tears in her eyes. "Father I-"

Giving her a dangerous look he said in Latin.

"Ergo draco maladicte abjuramus te?"

She looked down again with a hopeless expression she said to him.

"I told you father! cant understand you." Then her expression turning to anger she shouted at him. "So stop saying things like that at me! This is already hard enough on me without you repeating things that I cant understand at me!"

Her father stood up ignoring the priest's glance he pleaded with him. "Please Father! Can we stop for today!? I think four hours is plenty."

Mathew stood up and walking out the door he sighed deeply. These people should be present during the process but sometimes they made it so hard to do anything at all.

A priest greeted Mathew as he left the room and before Mathew could respond the girls father interrupted him.

"Father I know you mean best but don't you think you have enough evidence to get permission yet? I mean the things I've seen..."

Mathew looking at his notebook which was only filled with a couple scribbles responded.


The girls father responded nervously. "Maybe? What does that mean? Father? Father answer me!"

Mathew looked up and his eyes filled with anger he responded.

"You shall find out tomorrow you impatient man! Now I must be away. Please don't bother me I will need to speak with a bishop."

Mathew left with the priest he was training and finally having the chance he told Father Jacob Mire.

"Well my boy. I think its real."

He looked at him and crossed they crossed the street and around the corner of the city he asked.

"How can you be sure?"

Stopping for a moment he turned to him and showing him his notes he said.

"Look here."

Father Mathew took a deep before he began.

"She never once remembers anything evil that she has done recently always blaming it as uncontrollable and so far as I can tell not demonic. Which of course being not demonic in any of her ways implies demonic influences for they never want the exorcist led anywhere near that subject. However she always seems to remember everything about how good she was right before she became like this not so long ago. Yet she always claims her memory has been spotty even in her 'peaceful' moments. Yet according to her father this was a slow transgression into her state and during this transgression not a lot of what she says happened, happened. Of course this implies she is hiding something from back then. She is also shown not to really remember anything good she did a long time ago which we have had others tell us about. Yet every unconfessed sin is clear as day to her. Which thus supports the theory that since she can remember those recent sins so clearly she must lie to completely avoid the topic. And the fact that the only good she can remember doing was during this time is even more suspiious. Another point of proof is this. She doesn't remember or mention any sin she has every confessed to me and demons cant make use of a confessed sin. She however seems to remember even though her memory isn't working so well every Latin phrase or prayer I said in her presence and in fact most of the time she made excuses for me stop but never because she is in pain from them. But all of her excuses being logical are illogical for a women supposedly out of her mind which is the only other the alternative. This all implies that she has said nothing a demon cant say and in fact she fits into the standard demons repertoire.

However we were still missing an entrance point. Which I have concluded to be the father. Not only did he reveal to me his cursed objects like tarot cards and those board things they use to talk with the dead. But she also seems to love every moment in her father's presence which I know was not true. For as a devout catholic she found her father's habits of tampering with witchcraft highly painful. But because demons enter through such sins as that and always take advantage of broken families of course she would not want any blame to be led back the father ad thus eventually the demonic."

His apprentice listened closely and then asked.

"Father all of that makes sense...ish of course. But Aren't you forgetting all of the physical evidence we have?"

Father Mathew looking up at his apprentice stopped his mental calculations. He responded.

"Hmmm, Yes I suppose we do have some of that."

His apprentice referred to the feats of physical nature that were not humanly possible. Such as her speaking in languages she didn't know at times. As well as he overpowering her father like nothing but being no match for Mathew's gentle restraining. She also appeared to not eat blessed food or drink of any sort. She always knew which pieces to not eat and that was suspicious.

His apprentice leading him back to their car as he lost himself deep in thought asked him.

"One more thing. When were telling her to shut up back there. Do you think she was possessed at the time?"

Mathew glanced at his student and said.

"Not until the very end where she snapped at me for calling her a demon."
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An Exorcist's apprentice
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