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 Seras Victoria Sorta finished

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Mato Kuroi

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PostSubject: Seras Victoria Sorta finished   Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:46 pm


Or not. Can be deleted

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Mato Kuroi

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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria Sorta finished   Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:56 pm

Complete overhaul in progress due to a character change.
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Mato Kuroi

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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria Sorta finished   Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:16 pm

Finished except for combat, that should happen during the next couple of posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria Sorta finished   Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:59 pm

Couple things.

1. This is Seras Victoria. She should be dressed like Seras Victoria, not a recolor.

2. There's no reason for that knife, she very clearly shows a preference for barehand vampire beatdowns when the situation calls for it. Sketchy about the pistol as well but it's not that big an issue so I'll let it slide.

3. Start her as Category D.

4. Several styles of martial arts? She seemed to be a regular cop to me. They get training in CQC so just tell us that.

5. Woah, she killed another kid for stealing a doll? No way Jose. Hitting a kid with a rock is one thing, but full on murdering a child would put her in a Michael Myers psyche ward, nevermind getting onto the police force with that kind of mental health history.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria Sorta finished   Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:12 pm

Mato Kuroi wrote:

Don't you mean cannon time? huhuhu

Cannons wrote:
Her full name is Seras Christie Victoria, though she never uses the middle name as it was the maiden name of her deceased mother.

24 (ceased to age at 19)

Very, very Female.

Custom middle name is fine.

Police Girl wrote:
Physical appearance:
Shortly after enlisting, with old uniform

Different kind of uniform, lol
Seras is a rather short Vampire, standing 152 cm or 5 feet 2 inches tall. She has red eyes, straw blonde hair at shoulder length and weighs 53 kilogramms without boots. Her bodybuild however is way above average as since she has a quite athletic figure and her large bust draws much attention from men and women alike. Her soft proportions are also present in her face, her large eyes and small nose give her a certain "puppy dog" look that further disqualifies her as a threat.

A blonde, eviscerated puppy.

With big titties wrote:
Her pale caucasian complexion, which is due to being native to Englands cloudy, cold weather, is further paled down after being turned into a vampire, though she still retains a healthy look, partially due to makeup as she doesn´t want to look like a corpse. Although hidden from sight, her body posesses at least three clearly visible scars- a series of nicks on her neck, where Alucard`s fangs penetrated her skin while she was still a human, a small, but clearly visible scar between her lower chest and stomatch where a bullet struck back when she was a child and defending herself from the murderers of her parents, and a matching scar at the back, bigger and more gruesome, the exit wound of the deformed bullet. Small metal fragments of the bullet had damaged several of her inner organs, though the bullets jacket tore a hole into her womb, leading to massive pain and a multiple hour operation to save her life. It is not clearly determined if Seras can ever have children, though being a vampire pretty much makes the human sort of reproduction obsolete as it is.

Interesting detailed injuries. This is how you do scars right.

Scars done right wrote:
Clothing of choice:
(With rolled up sleeves, a miniskirt, stockings and without the cap.)

Seras wearing the uniform

Standard Hellsing Uniform, Mark two. A remake of the original yellow uniform, with some revisions in the color department as well as some bonus features for the military, which includes a paddle holster, which is sown directly onto the skirt.
Instead of the bright yellow color without any camoflage, this uniform is in a dark shade of grey, as since all vampire raids take place at night, and is painted with a digital camoflage of the same color type. Thin layers of Kevlar are sown into the fabric to protect from stabs and cuts, also a revision done specificly for Hellsing, to serve as a meager protection against blade users like Alexander Anderson. The Uniform also has the socks changed into stockings that cannot slide down the leg dureing combat action, which has prooven to be very distracting and hindering. The stockings are in the same shade of the uniform, dark grey.
Alongside that, she wears thick gloves with an exposed index finger for precise shooting as well as steel tipped boots for combat.

Since I never liked or understood the yellow uniform, and it's believable she'd change her clothes at least once during all that time, I can get on board with this outfit. Maybe something for civilian purposes could be added.

funny thing to say wrote:
Weaponry of choice:

Sig Sauer P226
This was Seras`s issued service pistol back when she was a police officer- the same one she had to defend herself with in Cheddar village, failing miserably. As she got to Hellsing, this pistol was still in her posession and while its far from being as powerful as her other weapons, it has never let her down.

Except, you know, in Cheddar...

Cheddar... wrote:
Its a plain, matte black duty pistol with plastic grip panels, far from being a collectors item or sporting pistol, the barrel has actually worn down quite a lot since it went through many other hands before finally getting into hers. Its only noteworthy feature is that it has the newer aluminum frame, which cuts down the total weight by about 100 grams over the regular stainless steel model.
It holds 15 rounds of 9x19mm ammunition, which in this case are silver jacketed hollowpoints. As this is not an assault weapon in any meaning of the word, she`s only got one spare magazine for it, just like a regular police officer would.

I don't see the point of carrying it, but I'm headcanoning it as a reminder of her friends who died that.

Headcanons wrote:
Hellsing ARMS BearLKS 13,7mm assault rifle
A heavy assault rifle developed by Hellsing to fight vampires at long range, behind cover or inside a building. Weighing 36 pounds (18kg) unloaded, it is a quite heavy choice of firearm for most people, though unlike her cannons this weapon could be wielded by a human as well. The design of the rifle is spartanic- it doesn`t have ironsights, nor does it have a muzzle brake or hydraulic recoil absorbers which would be standard for a rifle of this caliber and size. Its massive bolt is taken directly from the M2HB heavy machine gun, though adapted to be used in this weapon, while the pistol grip seems to be a copy of the PSG-1 grip. Its got a non-adjustible shoulder stock with a recoil absorbing pad and a cheek rest, though with this kind of firepower no absorber pad would make any serious kind of difference. The safety is as simple as it gets, a small but sturdy lever that is similar to the AK series of weapons, while the magazine is inspired by the Solothurn S18/100 rifle, a WWII era weapon with a very similar purpose and size to this one. The rifle also comes with a collapsible bipod.
The long barrel is a bit sunken in at the business end to deflect the muzzle flash.
It is a semiautomatic only weapon, though Seras can fire it fast enough to rival fully automatic ones.

The ammunition dates right back to World War one, to the Mauser Tank Gewehr- the very first anti-tank weapon ever designed, an giantly upscaled military rifle which fires the massive 13,7mm armor piercing round. This weapon was as powerful as it was uncomfortable to fire, having no kind of recoil-absorbing functions, and so by the end of the war the 13,7mm round was forgotten again, until Hellsing resurfaced it for the use in this weapon, adding an explosive warhead to the armor piercing round, allowing it to explode inside hard targets while simply penetrating through soft ones.

The standard magazines for this weapon hold a total of 20 rounds, and she carries a maximum of four of them, two on each side of her body. It can, however, also accept 75 round drum magazines.

Gun talk.

Don't know shit about guns wrote:
Hellsing ARMS Halconnen 30mm Anti Midians Cannon
An entirely unique weapon made by Walter prior to his betrayal. Based on the PTRD 20mm cannon from WWII, this breech loaded weapon fires 30mm shells designed for the main gun of the A-10 Thunderbolt bomber. The breech loaded operation is similar to an M79 grenade launcher, which also uses the ladder sights the Halconnen uses. It has a sliding shoulder stock, though even fully collapsed its almost too big for the small Seras. It also features a sturdy collapsible bipod, a gigantic muzzle brake which sole purpose it is to keep the barrel of the weapon intact and an adjustible, sniper type pistol grip. Seras carries the weapon around like an ordinary rifle on a carry sling, though it also has a carry handle at the pivot point. Finally, the gun posesses a scope specifically made for it, though Seras only has to use this if she wants to use the maximum potential of the firearm, aka exceed the 2km of effective range. The total weight of this weapon exceeds 60 kilogramms unloaded, it is 198 cm long.

As a single shot weapon, it needs to be reloaded after each shot, making this anything but an effective front weapon. Thusly, Seras mainly uses it as an oversized sniper rifle, firing single shots from a distance or out of hiding. The maximum range of this weapon, 2000m, allows for these shots to be from quite a distance away- though the shells themselves can travel up to 4,5 kilometers and still be lethal, the gun just isn`t designed for it as is supposed to be fired with the bipod the ground.

Ammunition for this weapon comes in boxes of eighteen rounds, which can be carried like a tornister or like a handbag. The various types include three different rounds- High explosive armor piercing, Armor piercing (Depleted uranium) and plastic training rounds. The first two types of ammo have a silver jacket surrounding them, the AP round also has a silver core surrounding the D. U. Penetrator.

The plastic training rounds are made of hard ABS plastic which does not melt due to a teflon coating and despite being labeled as training, its merely a cheaper round as it still produces several tons of impact energy.
Likewise, the AP round produces fourteen times as much impact energy and can penetrate up to 70mm of solid steel, which is more than enough to take out a tank and far, far more than any modern body armor would use. Kevlar, steel, ceramics and even Dragonskin armor do not hold the ghost of a chance against this shell.
The HEAP round operates much the same, though only being able to penetrate 35-40mms of steel it still goes in deep before unleashing the force of a standard handgrenade into the target, sending deadly shrapnel into every direction up to 20 meters from the target.
Both HEAP and AP ammo also have an incineary effect, meaning that phosporus sparks given off by them set targets on fire- the HEAP more so than the AP, as the explosion saturates a greater range with firey hell.

I've seen this happen.

I was there wrote:
Hellsing ARMS Halconnen II 30mm Area Denial Device
Made shortly prior to the assault on the Hellsing Mansion, Seras sometimes utilizes an advanced form of the Halconnen cannon, the Halconnen II. Consisting of two mirrored cannons, the whole system is a belt fed semiautomatic anti aircraft gun which happens to be portable, it features very much the same specs as the original Halconnen, effective range of two kilometers, maximum range far beyond that, a massive muzzle brake on each cannon and , despite the lack of need for it, each cannon also has a bipod, which implies they can be used in a standalone configuration.
The guns eject their brass downwards away from the shooter and feature extendable "legs" that work similar to a bipod that come into play when angling the gun upwards at a flying target, as the recoil would knock even a vampire over.
The guns are loaded from two massive ammo containers each carrying 250 rounds of ammunition, which makes up to 500 in total- the two containers are carried like a backpack and are generally unhandy for using doors, which is a general problem with this weapon- its terribly unhandy.

The weapon uses the same ammunition as the original Halconnen, with the exception of an addition to it- VLADIMIR, a rifle grenade designed for the Halconnen II which is an explosive device with stabilizers at the end, roughly the size of a two gallon drum, which is automatically deployed and mounted onto the end of each cannon. Using the force of the bullet fired, the two devices have small rocket motors installed which kick in in mid flight, extending the range of the grenades.
These grenades have a very unstable fight and tumble around a lot, which make them unsuitable for small targets. However, their massive 50kg warheads destroy pretty much any resistance a target might try to thow at the user.
Naturally, extra ammo for this weapon is not readily available, and each use of this device costs several thousand pounds in ammo alone, not included are property damage and civilian casulties that might be involved.

Boom boom boom.

Erebody say wayo wrote:
30mm shell- improvised hand grenade
Due to their size and explosive force, the 30mm shells can also be used as improvised explosives.
Throwing them with vampireic strength is enough to arm the primers of the HEAP round, the AP rounds can be used as close combat weapons like a stake and pretty much all three of them can be used as traps- shooting them from a distance to trigger an explosion, or tossing them into the air like a grenade and shooting them in midair. The useage of these shells is only limited to the creativity of the user.


Peep wrote:
Combat knife
Seras uses a rather plain, but well made modern combat knife which is located right behind her service pistol in a SecurEx sheath. It is made of CroMo steel with a silver laced blade, but it is not blessed or purified like most other combat blades her colleages use as it would harm her that way if she carries it, even in its sheath. While not the most experienced knife fighter in the world, Seras knows the basics and when the chips are down, its better than using your fists.

I don't see much point in carrying this, considering vampires can already spear hand through people. Her limbs are pretty much knives already.

Volke wrote:
Vampire Category C

Allowing for time.

Time wrote:
Regeneration may take a medium amount of time for major damage (ie: 7 posts), medium supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, medium weakness to silver and blessed weaponry, able to absorb memories, still killable through massive damage (conventional or otherwise), to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins into durable but fairly weak ghouls, the need to drink blood once in a week, mild weakness to sunlight (they get irritated by sunlight).

As a vampire, Seras has a lot of physical strength and can lifts weights of up to a ton. She can endure multiple gunshots and even missing limbs without blacking out, indicateing a very high pain resistance.
Seras cannot die from bleeding alone, she, like any vampire, must be killed with a bullet to the head or the heart, although this bullet must be made of silver.
As since she is drinking only as much blood as it is required, she is not all that powerful, but she still learns.
Seras is a master marksman and knows several styles of martial arts. As an experienced combatant, she is also skilled at team tactics and is able to give out orders to a group to work effectively.

Not really true with the bullet bit, nor the inability to bleed out and die. Martial arts skills outside of standard police training is pretty unrealistic. Maybe she learned something from the Geese, but none of those guys seem like they'd be great teachers with extensive knowledge.

She probably has some skills outside of fighting.

Tap dancing, do it wrote:
A gentle, somewhat shy girl with a sense of humor, but one that doesn´t go quite far. She`s intolerant to touches and remarks about her body, being very erotophobic due to the events of her childhood and the highly painful aftereffects of her operation. She has some violence issues and is known to react with brute force when pushed against a wall.
As a soldier, she is absolutely loyal and will do anything the mission requires her to do, includeing leaveing wounded civilians behind or downright shooting them, though the feeling of guilt about it is definitely present. Due to this, she has advanced in rank steadily ever since joining Hellsing.
Seras looks up to people with a strong will and a good heart, and despises those who lack both. Comeing from a family of policemen, she believes in justice.

Want some more about her relationships with people at the mansion. Lots to be said about Alucard alone.

Talking wrote:
Sergant Major (SGM)

Let's go with it.

Ranked wrote:
Seras Victoria was born in Leeds at the 21st of march 1980 as the only daughter of a policeman and a housewife.
Five short years, her childhood was bright and perfect, before two robbers came into the house of her parents, drugged and with murderous intent, seeking revenge on Seras`s father. He was shot and killed instantly around Seras`s eyes as her mother told her to hide and wait in the closet while she tried to console the murderers. Seras did so, but her mother was also shot on sight, finally snapping the young girl´s brain. She dashed out of the closet, grabbed a fork and attached one of the robbers, stabbing his eye before getting shot in the gut and being unable to move as they raped the dead body of her mother and stole everything of value, leaving her to die. It was her luck that the neighbours called the police, who then brought her into the hospital, just barely saving her life at the cost of a lot of womb tissue.

That escalated quickly.

Fast wrote:
Most of this savage act later influenced Victoria in grade school, letting her earn a reputation of a lone dog who would attack other children for lesser reasons, fatally wounding one for stealing her doll. A psychologist later discovered the trauma she had suffered that day and helped her to return into a normal life before she would`ve been thrown out of the orphanage she lived in. From that point on, she repressed the memories of that day back then, hoping to never go through it ever again. After finishing school with surprisingly good grades, Seras went to the police academy to train and become a policewoman in order to finally solve the case that costed her parents their lives.

She didn't kill the kid, just hit him with a rock. It's also pretty obvious who killed her parents; he was an undercover cop who got found out, then those two guys came to take him out.

History wrote:
But even in the police force, she was an outsider, being picked on by others and, more or less affectionately called “Kitten” for her fears and inexperience. Nevertheless, it was a good time of her life and she made it into the main force of the D11 before the fatal night in Cheddar village where her entire squad was murdered by the ghouls of a rouge vampire that desired power. She could outrun him for only so long, after a period of time he eventually caught on with her, disarmed her and was about to rape the virgin girl to turn her into a ghoul afterwards, as he had no use for another vampire beside him.
Alucard then decided to show, leaving a distinct impression on the helpless girl as he effortlessly disposed of the ghoul army, even coming back to life after being shot to bits.
The vampire used her as a human shield, trying to get Alucard to back off or join him, but he had other plans. Shooting Seras after making sure she was a virgin, he turned her into a vampire and kidnapped her, bringing her into the Hellsing organization where she became a soldier.

Her first mission was a complete success as she exterminated a vampire from half a mile away, but the encounter with Anderson brought her to a first defeat, just barely surviving his blessed blades.
She´s now firmly integrated into the Hellsing Organization, instructing the new people on how to hunt vampires as well as doing so herself. She has become a good friend and loyal subordinate of Integra.

Wouldn't say they're friends, but they do get along well enough.

Fix these things.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria Sorta finished   Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:35 pm

Apparently, this has been given up on.
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria Sorta finished   

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Seras Victoria Sorta finished
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