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 A foreign person in a foreign land (Yureka vs ? with NPCs)

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PostSubject: A foreign person in a foreign land (Yureka vs ? with NPCs)   Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:26 am

Yureka was dressed in casual clothes, but she was still the odd one out.
Someone like her just didn´t go to a nightclub like this- but it was her duty. Millenium desired information about the current situation of the common vampires of this city, and they all gathered here... in the end, all she found herself to do was drink a couple of shots to try and loosen up a little so that her mission might not be so hard to accomplish.
No luck so far. And if she drank too much she might spill secrets, so she stopped halfway through.

The dance floor, illuminated by the flashy laser lights, was full of idiot vampires without a master, guys who just got bitten by a vampire girl they think they scored with... bunch of imberciles. No, she wouldn`t dance, even if the heavy techno beat was suprisingly catchy.
The guys at the bar- the same deal, except drunk and oogling at the waitresses that went through the rows of people. Also vampires, naturally.
The exits were protected by two people each- vampires of a slightly better make, but still nothing compared to a real one.
She had to get off this bar seat and get some real fun. Find out what these bastards were made of. Find out if it was even worth coming here. Even unarmed, she had her armored bodysuit underneath her casual clothes, she still had her steel heeled boots on, and she still had her fists. This was a place for drunken morons- someone had to be looking for a fight.
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A foreign person in a foreign land (Yureka vs ? with NPCs)
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