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 Lydia Russo

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PostSubject: Lydia Russo   Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:24 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Yush

will be giving up Heinrich if she's approved

Name: Lydia Russo

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Lydia is around five foot eleven; with shocking blonde hair framing a thin frail looking face with piercing blue eyes. Like most Russo’s she has a big smile on her face at all times and seems to have over the top emotion pervading her every move, her body is overall quite gangly with some pronounced muscles and a few smile lines. Her shoulder length Blonde hair is slightly greasy due to her rough way of living though otherwise is clean and well groomed, Lydia’s teeth are bright white and seem to have almost un-natural glow to them when she shows them. On her right shoulder she has the words “Where for art thou Romeo” tattooed and just underneath “sweet apothecary, thy drugs are quick.” This is her way of showing her love of Shakespeare. Her fingers are unusually long and thin, this is belied by slightly longer than necessary fingernails

Clothing of choice: Her clothing consists of second hand junk she’s managed to make look half respectable, a slightly too big for her but well-worn black top hat. A shirt that’s greyer than white and covered in creases, with an almost threadbare black waistcoat that seems to shout poor and homeless while it’s purple around the back it’s plain black around the front. Over this is worn a bottle green greatcoat that reaches the back of her knee, the wide sleeves have been turned up and sewn so that her hands aren’t lost in them except when she has her arms down by her sides

She also has darker green trousers; turned up thrice at the bottom they’re only held together by her sewing skills and her ability to get as much out of her outfit as possible. Her pockets are deep; and she has a black leather belt it appears to be the only thing alongside her shoes that aren’t about to die on her. Black trainers top off her outfit, with a white Nike tick going across the sides they show some signs of wear and tear though otherwise they’re simply well-worn.

Sometimes when her clothes are ready though, Lydia uses what she can from them and makes a new outfit, she finds this fun and can be seen sporting different outfits a lot of the time. Such as Frankenstein like suits, that is bits and pieces from entirely different suits stitched up so that they make a menagerie of colours. Her shoes are rarely changed however; she only changes them once they’re well and truly dead.

Weaponry of choice: Lydia’s greatest weapon is her sleight of hand and ability to manipulate her two karambits she took from one of the corpses of her uncles men. Two are stashed on a special leather wrist strap on both of her wrists; she favours easily concealable weapons and finds that Senbon are easy to steal from small weapons stores. She has around a dozen in a special leather pouch at her belt, with her fingers she can make the Karambits dance through her fingers and in her hands without any damage to herself. This is distracting and allows her to use the movement to draw an opponents’ attention to a hand while she stabs with the other, like most things she does this is done with an innocent smile.

Race: Human

Abilities: Lydia is a fantastic street performer, if it wasn’t for money or her unfortunate breaks in life she would’ve gotten into some prestigious schools for her art. As such her skills reflect this
Acting: Lydia can act to a high degree; she can lie to the point that even people who like to think they know people have no idea of what to believe. Her face can take on numerous expressions in a second; as such people are usually drawn into her web of lies easily with her leading them on without a pause or break of step. She’s an expert on Shakespeare and has been able to memorise most of his works, being able to spout off lines whenever she feels like it or for dramatic effect. Her singing is also to a high degree, she can get stony hearts to cry and inspire emotion in many a cold heart.
Sleight of hand: She’s no pick pocket though Lydia knows how to use her slender hands to trick and deceive the eyes, exceptional eyesight is needed to not get defeated by her quick fingers whether it’s making a coin disappear then reappear or a quick card trick. Though it’s combat application is whenever she uses her knives, making them disappear then reappear in someone’s gut’s with a flourish and with a smiling face.
Athletics: Lydia has gotten to peak physical fitness with her reflexes and speed through her performances, she has had to tumble and roll and run away from security enough times to know that speed is a necessity if you can’t win a fight. She uses this to tap dance at blinding speed and make her sleight of hand and other tricks all the more effective, her strength is good enough to support her own weight for up to half a minute at a time. Handstands and cartwheels have gotten her to this stage, Lydia can also tumble to a better than average extent.

Street Fighting: She has had to fight people much bigger than herself, as such she fights dirty. She knows where to bite and where to hit to cause maximum damage, though her fighting is mainly based on spitting and gouging and generally fighting dirty she can make good non-lethal  attacks or lethal based on her opponent.

Organization: Unaffiliated, Joining Iscariot IC

Personality: Lydia is a trickster, she has a mischievous air to her and enjoys playing jokes. When it comes to being serious she is only close to that when she’s performing, turning into old crones or young maidens on the street for money. Her cynicism is almost non-existent and in a way she’s slightly naïve of people, despite the fact that she has seen enough cruelty to know all about people. This is commonly attributed to the fact that she doesn’t want to believe people are evil, Lydia hopes for a happy ending for herself so in a way she puts side the bad things so she can see the good in almost anyone. The only person she feels hate for is Ladd Russo, her uncle who she blames for killing her family and weakening the family in his quest for power. She one day wants to reclaim the family and get revenge, though this is a goal she doesn’t think of as realistic. Lydia still remembers her uncle’s strength and a small bit of terror in her soul keeps her from trying to claim her vengeance.

She’s not sceptical of much; Lydia has performed enough plays and knows enough about suspension of disbelief to know that you didn’t have to see things for them to be true, or to believe. Though she considers herself agnostic, she isn’t willing to rule out God or the supernatural. Though her greatest joy is definitely performing, for a while she’s someone else with noble quests and deeds to their names. Or evil black knights with darkness in their hearts, the stories take on a life of their own for her. Lydia enjoys the surreal these add to her life, without the stories and the acting and plays, life for her would be dull.

In combat she’s a smiling little bitch, she’s inherited the Russo gene for being slightly psychotic from her uncle Ladd. She finds that battle is an outlet for any negative emotions before she takes it out on the people she cares about, so rather than lashing out she merely picks a fight. Taking on the role of Tybalt, and his personality, she becomes malicious and irritable while also being a dirty fighter with an unnecessary swagger to her step.

Rank: Urchin

Biography: Born as the grand daughter to the old head of the Russo family, Lydia was soon raised in the ways of the family. Though as a woman she was mainly taught silence and to honour her mother and father, she soon took a dislike to the organised crime family lifestyle. Though the people around her soon saw in her something of a shade of Ladd in her from early on, this was tempered by therapists and numerous pills. There weren’t many defining moments in her childhood, except school plays in which she always loved to take part in then she never stood out much.

The most shocking moment of her life though was when she saw the family ripped apart by her beloved uncle Ladd, when he took over most of her close family was killed, including her grandfather and parents. She never thought she’d escape except when she took her karambits from a protector as he died, taking them as a reminder and as her new protector Lydia fled. Using her name and her families owed favours to escape she went back to Italy to plan; she learnt fast how to survive on the street. Lying to get favours and manipulating people to try and survive became a second nature, eventually on her continual travels to try and keep out of the way of her families associates, she ended up in Rome. At the age of twelve, she entered the city, and the first thing she saw was a woman in her early twenties performing Shakespeare.
Every chance she got Lydia spent watching the woman, and used the talents she had been born with to emulate the lady. Sneaking into libraries she spent her days reading Shakespeare and perfecting her performing, she never wanted to beg and used what she learned to earn enough money to eat quite well. This has benefitted her in the long run, people who enjoy her performances such as a man that sold homemade ice cream gave her money to perform for customers. While giving her a free Sundae at the end of her stint, and although she hasn’t gotten off the streets, the people provide her coin to live in exchange for her singing and dancing. She’s gotten to a good standard, and from a street urchin she’s turned into a known performer of the streets of Rome and even had a small article on her in a local newsletter.

RP sample: Lydia was in the dark of an alley dancing, the men watched her and sniggered, the knives in their hands seemed to take the odd lick out if she ever slowed down. They were getting bored though and Lydia thought that a new face might be in order, so she went from a nervous smile to a scowl as she spoke. Putting on the mask of Mercutio the witty and tricky noble of Verona, her brows lowered and her mouth went to a little scowl. “Why make me dance eh? What have I done to you, you cretins!” she said with a quick snort at the leader, the two men either side of him laughed. “Because we have knives and you don’t” he said, the men laughed.

“Well then, why not a magic trick if you want entertainment,” Lydia grinned with a sadistic air to her voice, the slightly drunk men missed that subtle change. “Anyone got a pen?” the Actor said, one of the men threw a pencil at her. Lydia retrieved it and got a green wheelie bin, she held the pencil in place and gestured to the leader to come closer. “You the Joker or something” one of the men said stepping forwards in his bosses place. Lydia’s fingers danced and her knife went through her fingers spinning, the man watched for a second then grunted. The second hand had put the other Karambit in his stomach, Lydia dragged it up to cause more damage before pulling it out. Blood splattered her clothes, the boss tried to stab her. Lydia sidestepped and kneed him in the crotch, he went limp and she threw the body onto his friend’s knife. The last man let go of his knife, going with fists the girl ducked underneath the punches before slitting the throat with a quick flourish. She stepped out of the alley and pocketed the pencil; she whistled a merry tune as she went.
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Henry Saxon

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PostSubject: Re: Lydia Russo   Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:47 pm

Gotta say, I agree with Aussie, I really like how you put in things other than combat abilities.  Also, rogues unite

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Truly a girl worthy of the Russo name.

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Lydia Russo
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