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 Elden's Laboratory

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PostSubject: Elden's Laboratory    Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:09 pm

The room is incredibly well lit, large, and possibly spacious if it weren't for the long, complicated rows of tables and equipment lining every wall and creating a maze throughout the shiny new room. 

The walls are pale blue, the tables are white, stainless steel, and a black so polished one can see one's own reflection. Contraptions, lab equipment, state-of-the-art machines cover nearly every surface, save for one. 

There is a single wok station near the back, a glass panel wall dividing it from the rest of the room. This "office" of sorts is clear of all clutter, with only small instruments lining the surfaces of the two tables. A three-monitor computer sits quietly off to one side, blank screens only ever on when their owner is around. 

Security is paramount. 

There are cards, key pads, and for the more advanced section of the lab  - the one behind a large, heavy door that few are allowed entry - there is a palm scanner as well. 

This one door also has a guard, someone rough, gruff, and not at all amused by her situation.
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Elden's Laboratory
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