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PostSubject: Lobby   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:22 am

Descriptions-The lobby for the company is definitely not lacking in space, rather having too much of it. There are two pot plants either side of the double doors leading into a white tiled floor obstructed by a front desk with hallways leading off either side of the desk. The windows lining either side of entrance go back until the reach the elevator on the left hand side which is a good 15 metres from the front door. Various other hallways span off the right path. The desk is stationed 5 metres from the front doors that both only open inward. Other interior design seems to be rather bland at the moment, either from lack of a designer or lack of an employer to tell the designer what is required to change.
(always was rather shit at Descriptions)
Entering from Valence
The sun was beating down on her the moment she got out of the cab, taking note of her surroundings and lack of media. Her small smile was one of content, that she would not have to deal with the pestilent leeches with cameras. That and she would not have to sneak in...it would have been a rather uncomfortable annoyance and one that she would have preferred to do without. Tanith's confident stride away from the already moving cab never ceased until she came to the door, first impressions were usually everything with these sorts of people. Papers, including one that she had done in her many years of study proved that people generally decided what they thought of you in the first 10 seconds upon meeting you.

The door opened on newly oiled hinges, making only the slightest of sound as the wind rustled the plants either side of the doors. A young woman with blonde hair looked up from what she was doing and as if on queue started with the publicly accepted introductions. If she had it her way the woman would just shut the hell up and they could get on with what she was here for and probably be on her way. Not likely, Zeresa smiled back at the woman, appearing thankful for the greeting. "Tanith Zeresa, I haven't made an appointment", she had decided to just be up front, usually appearing to be the prey of inconvenience led to pity favors. Rather amusing to Tanith and other people like-minded, but to others, it would spark an emotional outburst or pent up anger. "-but Crozier is a dear old friend of mine and I'm only in town for a few more days", Tanith gave a reassuring smile and watched the expected emotions travel across the woman's face.

"I'm sorry to say, but Mr. Crozier is not in today...I don't suppose you know where he lives?" came the apologetic response more a question for the woman than Zeresa. Tanith feigned being upset, "I don't...he moves around a lot...as do I, he still hasn't messaged me his new address 'nor have I been able to get a hold of him". She looked around the lobby, giving the woman time to process her own thoughts without further judgement from Tanith. A few seconds later and,"He is still travelling at the moment", the woman said in explanation of the apparent communication issues. "I think I could talk to a few people and get you a fix on his location", after that spiel, Tanith widened her eyes, not expecting the girl to keep her job for much longer. "-or you could just talk to them", she hurried to fix, reading Tanith from another extreme. 

Zeresa shrugged and put her hands in her coat, signalling that talk was done and it was the girl's decision now. The two exchanged a few looks before the girl got up from behind the desk and signaled Tanith to follow down the hall toward the elevator.
Exit to Stein's laboratory (exiting the elevator without the accountant)
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