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PostSubject: Alucard   Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:59 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. All of it. My favorite part was where that guy got shot.

Name: Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, Dracula, Alucard.

Age: 571, usually appears in early 30’s. Has been known to take the form of a man in his 50’s or a young girl around the age of 10.

Gender: Originally male, but can take whatever form he chooses.

Physical appearance: At nearly seven feet in height, the Nosferatu Alucard is easily one of the most imposing figures you’d ever meet. His ice cold skin is a pure white color, contrast to his crimson eyes and dark, flowing hair (the length seems to change on a whim, but usually takes an unkempt style tossed about his head). His nose is long and a bit pointed, similar in shape to his face as a whole. His thin lips are almost never without a smile, showing his bright white, pointed canine teeth well. His long, slender body and limbs have a decent amount of muscle, but are hardly testament to his true level of strength.

His “original form” is one of Vlad the Impaler, ruler of Wallachia. Like this, his body becomes much more muscular, his hair growing to around mid-back level and taking on a much messier and wavy appearance. His normally clean face is now covered in stubble, including a thin mustache.
During WWII, Alucard took on a strange new form; that of a little girl. Keeping his dark hair, it now becomes straightened and reaches to the end of his back. He loses a great deal of height, standing near that of the young Walter Dornez.

All of these forms are only a fraction of the potential bodies he can take. In essence, he could potentially become anything he wants.

Clothing of choice: In his normal form, Alucard is usually wearing a loose fitting, charcoal colored business suit, three buttons on each side. Underneath is a white dress shirt, buttons at the collar to hold in a red ascot, tied into a bow hanging downwards. Over this is a long red trenchcoat, a matching red, wide brimmed hat on his head, white snap together bands wrapped around the base. On his face is a pair of black, circular-rimmed, orange sunglasses. On his feet are a large pair of black boots reaching to his mid-calf, as well as a pair of white gloves on his hands, decorated with pentagrams and other markings.

As the infamous Dracula, the Count wore a somewhat similar outfit. Instead of charcoal, his suit is black. Replacing the trenchcoat is a black cloak, often wrapped around his body. Instead of boots, he simply wore black dress shoes. His hat and glasses were non-existent at this point. His gloves, while white, lacked the distinctive markings they do today.

In the form of Vlad, his clothing takes on the appearance of what he wore as the warring kind of Wallachia. Dark steel armor covers his torso, held together by black leather straps on the sides. Lining his arms and hands is the same metal, six small spikes on the back of his hands. Black cuffs are pinned around his elbows and wrists. The same for his legs and feet, including two plates on his hips for added protection. Around his waist is a thick, brown belt, another hanging off his hips to hold his sword, a third holding his plates together below the first. Pinned to his shoulders is a tattered black cape with a red interior, flowing about his body and down to his heels.

In his female form, Alucard wears a small, white business suit, three buttons in the middle. A large, white overcoat is worn over it, a white scarf hanging from either side of his neck, as well. A white dress shirt with two buttons at the collar, black outlining around it, holds a short red tie with a crown design at the bottom, hanging freely outside the suit. On his head is a white pillbox hat. His feet are covered with white dress shoes, and his hands are again covered by the intricate white gloves of his normal form.

Like his appearance, his clothes can change on a whim.

Weaponry of choice: Alucard’s main weapon is the Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto, a large silver handgun with a brown grip. It is semi-automatic, holding six plus 1 bullets at a time, shells ejecting from the gold port on the right hand side. Ten inches long and six kilos unloaded, the Casull is a force to be reckoned with. Firing .454 caliber explosive, silver shelled rounds, it easily destroys the weakest level of vampires with ease. Engraved on the side is “Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull AUTO”. Originally, he used two of these, but replaced one for his next weapon.

Even more fearsome than the Casull, the Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol: Jackal is an enormous black handgun. Thirty-nine centimeters in length and sixteen kilos in weight, the Jackal is not something any normal human could possibly hope to use. Custom made by Walter Dornez, it fires thirteen millimeter armor piercing hollow point bullets, casings made of blessed Macedonian silver and filled with explosive, blessed mercury charges. Powerful enough to stop the regenerative properties of Iscariot’s top agents, the Jackal can easily destroy the lowest levels of vampires with a single shot. The silver ejector port is on the left side. Etched in silver on the gun are the words “Jesus Christ is in Heaven now”, a cross between “is” and “in”.

He keeps a total of twenty extra magazines for each at any given time. He accomplishes this seemingly improbable feat by hiding them inside his body using his shape shifting ability (normally materializing them inside his coat pockets or other such areas).

As Vlad the Impaler, he primarily uses a longsword, around four feet in length, in combat. A golden guard and handle made the sword, when drawn from the leather sheath, appear like a cross.

In his female form, Alucard used a Thompson sub-machinegun for combat. Though effective for the time, it has fallen out of use and would not be used in place of the Cassul or the Jackal.

While not necessarily a weapon, Alucard enjoys impaling his enemies on tall objects in the area, such as flagpoles. This is an obvious reference to his true nature as Vlad Dracula.

Race: True Nosferatu.

Abilities: Almost instantaneous regeneration, invincibility (depending on number of souls they have), massive supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, intangibility, absorption of memories, shapeshifting, levitation, teleportation through shadows, hypnosis, sociability to the most holy of artifacts, faint weakness to silver and blessed weaponry, to turn virgins into vampires, the need to drink blood once a year, hibernation, control over the dark powers of evil.

As the most powerful vampire currently in existence, Alucard is the pinnacle of vampire strength. He is able to create various appendages and creatures from shadows, including bats and insects. His familiar is a large, black hellhound with numerous red eyes all over its body, humorously named Baskerville by Walter (a name Alucard later adopted himself). It is incredibly fast, strong, and durable. Being part of Alucard himself, he can materialize Baskerville as parts of his body, as well as transform himself into the beast, as well as have various parts of himself come out of Baskerville. He can also create storms at a whim and darken the skies.

To restrain his abilities, the Hellsing family place various seals on his powers, some he can open, but others requiring the permission of a direct descendant of Abraham Van Hellsing to release. There are six levels in all: Level Five is removing his sunglasses, allowing him to use his supernatural abilities other than regeneration, strength, speed, etc.; Level Four is removal of his hat, giving him control of the weather and some basic shadow ability; Level Three is removing his coat and hanging it on his shoulders, giving him greater control and precision of his abilities; Level Two is taking away his coat completely, allowing him to shift shape more extremely.
Level One requires a verbal mantra to be activated. Upon release, Alucard’s clothing shifts to appear like a black straight jacket, straps overlapping his body. A large, red eye appears on his chest, a moving flame-like pattern drifting around his lower body. At this level, he can call upon his familiar and has full access to all of his vampire abilities (mostly).

All of the forms listed before have a single trait in common; the white gloves. Upon releasing Level Zero (needing verbal approval from Integra to do so), Alucard will return to his form as Vlad Tepes. In this form, every soul he has absorbed over the years is released as horrifying mass of living corpses. This includes animals, such as horses and wolves, which he consumed over the years.

As the king of Wallachia, Alucard has been educated in swordsmanship and other forms of armed combat, only improving this knowledge over the many years by absorbing the memories and skills of those he consumes. He is also a masterful leader and tactician, commanding as much respect as he does fear from those under him. He also has a large amount of knowledge in the classical arts, including dance, music, etc. He is an expert marksman, though he rarely finds it necessary to aim; with the power and size of his guns’ bullets, there’s little need.

Organization: Hellsing.

Personality: As the No Life King, Alucard is very proud of his position as the strongest vampire on Earth. He is incredibly arrogant, though this can hardly be seen as a vice anymore; even if he underestimates his opponents, he is still much stronger than most of them could ever dream to be, and can easily crush them when he tires of their existence. He sees fighting as a game and enjoys nothing more than torturing his victims as much as possible. This often leads to allowing them to feel they have a chance at victory, usually by having himself filled full of bullets before reforming and slaughtering them all. He will openly mock his opponents as they fight, reveling in his ability to infuriate them even more.

He has little respect for other people, whomever they might be, and it is hard to gain this from him. Though the group is small, he holds no one in higher esteem than his master, Sir Integra Hellsing. Initially seeing her as just another Hellsing upon his awakening, her strength and will to act, leading to the execution of her disgusting uncle, soon grew on him. After enough time, he found himself complying with her orders out of genuine loyalty, rather than the seals placed upon him forcing him to. As she grew into an adult, he found her increasingly attractive, even more so in that she is one of the few people able to match his wit. He misses no opportunity to annoy her and has offered her a seat as his Countess several times, being refused on all of them. Her strength of refusal is, strangely enough, the very reason he finds such a strong attraction to her in the first place; if she were to ever give in to his advances, he would see her as another disgusting human.

Aside from torment, his main interests include fine wine, good books, and taking enthusiastic walks in the woods at night. He dislikes sleep, as he often relives his great failures in life, such as his defeat at the hands of Van Hellsing. He enjoys art and will sometimes go to museums when allowed (though this will quickly take a back seat if a certain priest happens to be in the same gallery as he is). Though it is rather boring for him, he has found enjoyment in certain television programs, such as Doctor Who (he also enjoyed the first British television screening of the American film The Exorcist).

Though he enjoys his time serving Integra, the many years have weighed upon him heavily. He feels that being a vampire is a curse, never being able to die, yet watching everyone else granted the privilege. Without death, he feels his life has no meaning; therefore, he has no meaning. Above all else, he desires to be killed by a human, the prime candidate being Alexander Anderson of Iscariot.

Rank: Vampire hunter.

Biography: Born to Vlad II Dracul in Transylvania, Vlad III lived a life of comfort with his brothers Radu and Mircea. He was trained by some of the best Greek and Romanian scholars alive at the time in preparation for one day taking the throne. However, both his father and Mircea were killed soon after during a rebellion. Not wanting to lose their ally’s territory, the Ottoman empire place Vlad upon the throne, though he was quickly overthrown and forced into exile, living with his uncle Bogdan II of Moldavia. Of course, he was assassinated, as well, forcing young Vlad to flee again, this time to Hungary, making amends with Wallachia’s former ally due to their mutual hatred of the Ottomans.

After the Fall of Constantinople, Vlad was taken prisoner and forced into slavery by the Ottomans, even enduring molestation at the hands of Sultan Mehmed II. Throughout this, Vlad kept his faith in God, seeing these numerous trials as tests of faith that he must endure. His time came, and he fled from the empire. Amassing an army of enraged citizens of Wallachia, he led an uprising, taking back his family’s kingdom and ruling as their new king.

Though young, Vlad quickly came to be known as one of the most dangerous men in Europe. He regularly sent his men on suicide charges, fearing him more than the enemy, even if death was certain in the battle. His brother Radu, also taken prisoner by the Ottomans, was eventually turned into a loyal soldier to them, whom Vlad himself killed on the fields of battle one day, sparing him what he believed to be the dishonor of having to fight his family and country any longer. His habit of impaling those he found detestable, prisoners of war and his own citizens alike, communicated a deep level of madness to his enemies. In addition, he would regularly consume blood as a way of keeping himself healthy and strong.

His kingdom would, like all others, eventually fall. His near constant warring with the Ottomans would lead both sides to ruin, but it would be Wallachia that would fall first. Captured and sentenced to death, Vlad could only look to the sky and question why God had forsaken him. Receiving no sign, he decided to forsake God, drinking the blood of the battlefield and becoming a vampire. On the day he was to be beheaded, he accepted his dark nature, the silver cross around his neck breaking in two to symbolize this. Though he died that day, he was reborn as the No Life King. With no kingdom left to rule, he allowed his enemies to believe him dead, waiting for a time when he could rebuild his empire once again.

That time came many years later. Living under the identity of Count Dracula, Vlad contacted a real estate company in London, deciding that to be the location of his new city. Representing the company was a young man named Jonathan Harker, who sold him a large estate close to his own. Though friendly and inviting, Harker soon found out the truth about the Count. Realizing this, he left the man to die in his castle after setting off for England. Shipping his numerous coffins oversea by boat, he slowly killed all the crewmembers onboard, the ship arriving in harbor with only the captain’s corpse strapped to the wheel of the ship. The Count was never found out, of course, as he simply shifted his form to that of rats, living in his coffin until dark, when he would feed.

Across the ocean, he was allowed free reign in London. He spread his coffins across numerous buildings all around the city; all homes for him to go to rest at night. What he hadn’t planned for, however, was Jonathan escaping the castle and returning to London. Alerting others of the Count’s presence in the city, a group of men consisting of Harker, Quincey Morris, Arthur Holmwood, Jack Seward, and Professor Abraham Van Hellsing set out to stop him. However, tragedy struck, as one of the Count’s victims was Lucy Westenra, fiancée to Holmwood and best friend to Harker’s wife, Wilhelmina Murray. This only galvanized their resolve to find the Count, efficiently taking out many of his coffins all across the city. Feeling the men close in on him, Dracula became more bold, manipulating a weak-minded mental patient named Renfield (a patient of Seward) to help him feed and to gain him access into the asylum where Mina was kept.

Deciding the ultimate prize would be a new queen, he selected Mina, a strong, independent young woman, to fill the role (the prospect of turning Harker’s wife into his bride was also a factor). Drinking her blood and, in turn, forcing her to consume his, Mina was beginning to turn. Unable to finish, however, due to the arrival of the group, the Count was forced to flee back to his castle, the party in hot pursuit. Left with only one viable coffin to rest in, the Count was subdued at his castle, Morris dying at the hands of his hypnotized followers. Staking Count Dracula in the heart, Professor Van Hellsing gloated over him, assured in the fact that their nightmare was over. However, the Count could simply not die. Unable to kill him, Mina was forced to live her life as less than human and vampire, the Count being forever sealed and bound to the Hellsing family.

Though he and his ancestors research continuously, the Hellsings simply could not find a way to kill the Count. Dubbing him “Alucard” (an obvious reverse of his title “Dracula”), he endured many tests and experiments over many years. When England was threatened by the Nazis in World War II, Arthur Hellsing, heir to the Hellsing family, saw no other way than to release his family’s pet vampire upon the Germans. Tasked with attacking a secret facility in Warsaw, Poland, supposedly manufacturing vampires for the Third Reich, Alucard (in the form of a young girl) was sent in to destroy everything he found, accompanied by government trained boy soldier Walter C. Dornez. Though their mission successful, the ones behind the project escaped, Walter suffering irreversible mental damage at the hands of the mad Nazi doctor.

Seeing the carnage route by Alucard, Arthur concluded he was simply too powerful to be allowed to roam free. Trapping him in a dungeon within the bowels of the Hellsing mansion, he was left to starve without blood for years, taking the form of a withered skeleton. He was awakened, however, when the last heir to Hellsing, Integra, hid within his cell, a warning by her father to find what was inside if her life were ever in danger. Her blood touching him, he rose from his death-like state to kill the men attempting to assassinate her, allowing her the chance to kill Richard Hellsing, her jealous uncle, herself. From then on, Alucard has faithfully served Integra as her premier vampire hunting agent.

RP sample: It was a cold, dark night in England. The air was crisp, insects chirping and clicking in the trees and bushes. This particular forest was a nicely hidden area, away from the bustling city of London not far away. Exactly the reason this vampire chose to take his victims there once killing them. Unfortunate for him, he was totally unaware of being in the Hellsing Organization’s backyard, so to speak.

Taking one his customary strolls through the woods, the crimson-clad Nosferatu appeared in a clearing, watching the vampire feed on his latest victim, totally unaware of his presence. Clearing his throat loudly, not liking to be ignored, this got the attention of the low level vampire. “My next meal, I presume?” it said, rather mockingly.

Alucard chuckled. “I have no intention of being eaten tonight, especially by a low-class piece of garbage like yourself.”

“What did you say, you bloody tosser?” the other vampire retorted. Obviously, he was so secure in his powers that the idea of this person mocking him was more than infuriating. He snapped his fingers, causing several Ghouls –presumably his previous victims- to appear from the tree line, the fresh corpse he’d finished draining not long ago rising, as well. Alucard did not react; he was beyond unconcerned with this minor threat. “Kill the fucker!” the man demanded, his small army hobbling forth to attack their prey.

Though perfectly capable of obliterating all of them in an instant, Alucard let them advance. As they reached the ancient vampire, they began to bite and tear at his flesh, ripping him to pieces in a pile on the ground. The man’s satisfied grin quickly turned to a look of shock, however, once he heard a disembodied laugh rising from all around him. “You’ll have to do better than that to kill me,” the voice demanded. The various pieces of the red cloaked vampire began to assemble themselves, flesh bursting out of the bodies of the Ghouls that had consumed parts of him, themselves falling to the ground in shambles. Out of the bloodied mass of meat, rot, and entrails, appeared a living mass of shadows, quickly taking the form of the Hellsing family’s servant once more.

“Stay back, you bloody freak! Stay back!” The man, now horrified, produced a small pistol, repeatedly firing it at his attacker, but to no effect. Though the bullets hit him and appeared to do damage, the damage healed almost instantly.

“Cute toy. What if I show you the weapon of a real vampire?” Reaching into his coat with his right hand, Alucard produced a long, black gun, aiming it at the vampire’s chest, firing a single round which exploded out the back of the vampire’s body, leaving a bloody mess in its wake. The body itself soon disintegrated. Replacing the gun, the No Life King was disappointed at the results of his walk. Not nearly as enthusiastic as when he set out, he decided to return home. He could use something to drink right now.

I'm only holding the role for a couple months. After that, I'll just be temping.

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PostSubject: Re: Alucard   Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:53 pm

Nicely done John.  The one issue I have is with him materializing bullets out of nowhere from shadows.  I know that it's a manga and reloading is a second thought if a thought at all but Alucard is shown reloading numerous times throughout the manga and the implication is that he does it even more when the "camera" isn't on him, he's just that fast.  Considering his shapeshifting powers, I'd agree that he'd keep additional magazines stored within himself for when he needs them to overcome the limitations of his clothing's pockets but there needs to be a limit.  He's not just spawning blessed silver bullets from nowhere.  Tell us however many he's hiding inside his secret compartment and you're good to go by me.
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Tried that as a way to explain Cosmoguns.

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Now watch as I pull an approval out of my hammerspace~

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Approval, oh god this is going to be interesting

Approval 3

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