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 The Black Widow's Bite

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PostSubject: The Black Widow's Bite    Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:09 pm

The Black Widow’s bite
By: Ada Koch
Once upon a time in the woods there lived a Spider.

The Spider lived with her many children. Happily for a time.

But one day a Raven came to the woods and each day it demanded to be fed in exchange for allowing the Spider to live.

The Spider gave one of her children to the Raven each day and each lost child brought her more pain.

The day came when the Raven came to the Spider demanding one of her children

The Spider had one child remaining her oldest Daughter.

The Spider told the Raven she had nothing to offer and the Raven devoured her while her Daughter watched from afar.

The Spider’s daughter watched shocked she wandered the Forest saddened at the death of her Mother.

Finally she came to the burrow of the Great Spider of the woods.

She pleaded the Great Spider to avenge her Mother but the Great Spider refused in fear of the Raven himself.

The daughter was disheartened and left the Great Spider to hide in his burrow

Alone she traveled the woods leaving trails of tears behind for her Mother.

Finally a serpent came across the little spider and looked down upon her.

“What troubles you child?” The Great Serpent asked inquisitively.

“My Mother was murdered by the Raven.” She responded looking up in awe at the Great Serpent.

The Serpent surrounded her looking down at her “And why do you walk alone? Should you not find others of your kind to seek safety?” The Serpent asked.

“I seek one who will avenge her.” The Little Spider said

The Serpent continued to circle her “Why do you not avenge her? Why seek the strength of others instead of your own?” The Serpent asked.

“I am small…And Weak Great Serpent. But you are Fast and Strong would you avenge my Mother?” The little spider asked.

The Serpent hissed “Small? Weak? You are neither of these things little one you are as nature intended you to be.” The Serpent said.

The little spider shook in fear at the Serpents scolding and asked “W-What has nature intended of you then Great Serpent?” She asked.

The Serpent lowered himself to her level “Nature has intended me to be a killer of many things child.” The Serpent said.

The Little spider was crestfallen “I am not a killer of many things as you are Great Serpent.” She said.

The Great Serpent laughed “How do you know this Little one? Has Mother Nature herself come and told you this or is it what you believe of yourself?” The Great Serpent asked.

The little spider looked up at the Great Serpent with questioning eyes “What do you mean?” The little spider asked.

The Serpent looked down upon her “You will not know what nature intends for you until you discover your true potential” The Serpent said before slithering away.

The Little spider stood alone the Great Serpent’s words echoing in her mind finally it returned to her former home and there sat the Raven.

The Little Spider did not hide as it walked out to face the Raven.

The Raven laughed “You are brave to stand before me little Spider but too late I fear.” The Raven said.

The Little spider stared up at her hated foe “I’ve come…to face my fate…” The little spider said.

The Raven leaned down a bit “Oh? Then you shall be my meal?” The Raven asked.

“Yes I will but I ask one thing before I die Great Raven.” The Spider said.

The Raven nodded “Of course my little morsel a last wish is the least I can do for your willingness.” The Raven said.

The Little spider spoke but no words came out angering the Raven.

“Speak louder child I cannot hear your words if you do not speak them!” The Raven cawed.

The Little spider shook “I-I am afraid Great Raven please come closer so I may speak my words into your ear.” The Little spider said.

The Raven was overconfident believing the Little Spider like her mother before her would not be able to harm him. He leaned down “What will the final words of my little meal be my dear?” The Raven asked.

However instead of hearing words the Raven cried as it felt the razor sharp bite of the Spider on it’s cheek the Raven was infuriated as it flapped it’s wings but as it expended it’s energy it felt it’s energy fading.

“My final words to you are not the words of the dying but the words of the living Raven…” The Little Spider said.

The Great Serpent watched as the Raven fell before the venom of the little spider “Nature has intended much more for you little Black Widow…” The Great Serpent said before leaving the woods forever.

The Black Widow that had slain the Raven lived on alone until it’s final days came to reunite the small creature with those it had long lost.

(This is a rough draft and the font helps me write so sorry if it's hard to read ^-^)
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The Black Widow's Bite
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