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 The Old Sheppard's Pub (open to all)

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Henry Saxon

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PostSubject: The Old Sheppard's Pub (open to all)   Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:18 am

Probably the only Irish pub in all of Rome that is within walking distance of the Vatican.  Devlin was a frequent here for two reasons.  They had good beer and whiskey, and there were bar fights that people would bet money on.  Devlin was a common contender and became the safe bet for all the verteran customers.  There would be from time to time a new person who didn't know Devlin or how to shut their mouth and would bet quite a sum of cash that they could beat him or who ever he was fighting could.  

Today was no different.  Some young italian man who obviously was drunk decided to pick a fight with devlin, who was just minding his own business and having a conversation with the bartender.  Devlin ignored him for a personal record of five minutes.  Devlin turned to the Italian and told him to "fuck off, can't you see you I am having a conversation here. If you want me to fight you fine. It'll take me less than five minutes to shut you up."  It didn't take the Italian long to respond by spitting in Devlin's face.  The priest didn't take kind to that and grabbed the italian by the back of the head and slammed his face into the bar.  Evidently breaking the Italian's nose and probably his jaw as well in the process.  "Devlin, you son uva bitch, I poor the drinks on that." The bartender said as he waved for two men to grab the knocked out Italian man to throw him out."Sorry 'bout that Shaun," Devlin said as the two laughed and he ordered another round of whiskey.
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The Old Sheppard's Pub (open to all)
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