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 Ada Koch (Done)

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PostSubject: Ada Koch (Done)   Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:09 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Yes I have seen the OVA watched the Anime and read most of the Manga

Name: Ada Koch

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Ada has medium length black hair that is usually a bit messy as she doesn't have much time to style it. She is about 5'6 in height and about 5'7 while wearing heels she weighs about 137 pounds and her skin is quite pale. Her eyes are almond shaped and are amber in color. She is slightly thin and her chest isn't extremely developed much to her teenage mind's dismay. She doesn't have many distinguishing features except for a scar on her right arm from a dog that bit her during a shoddy attempt to break into a private home during which she was bitten by the owners small Corgi a corgi which she now owns.

Her face is heartshaped and her lips are slightly thin she rarely wears make up mainly because she's never worn it much before. She usually leaves her hair the way it is mainly because it doesn't really bother her much.

Clothing of choice: Ada usually wears an assortment of outfits her most common one being a white frilled tanktop that ends 5 inches beneath her bust that is held up with black spaghetti straps. On her head she wears a black paperboy cap and a length of black ribbon around her neck that she uses for various purposes. She also wears a pair of black pants held up using a tan belt. She also wears a pair of black heeled sandals with red straps. She also wears a few bracelets and bangles mainly for fashion reasons.

In colder weather she wears a tan bomber jacket over her shirt with a tan fur collar. She also wears a pair of black finger less gloves and often takes to wearing a black long sleeve shirt. She also changes her sandals out for a pair of black ankle boots.

Weaponry of choice: The only real weapon Ada Carries is a United Cutlery Honshu Karambit that she stole from a sporting good store when she was 15. She stole it mainly so that she could have a way to defend herself should the situation ever arise. She isn't quite skilled with it but knows enough to fend off your average street thug. She keeps the knife stowed in a shoulder harness that came with the knife when she stole it. Ada has some trouble pulling the knife out of the sheath as it doesn't come out as smoothly as she'd like thus she has a tendency to cut herself by accident some times.

Race: Human


Pickpocketing: Ada is a skilled pick pocket mainly because pick pocketing became a necessity to her survival. Without stealing Ada wouldn't be in the shape she is today. She usually uses her pick pocketing skills to steal enough money to get her food and hopefully a hotel room that she can occupy for the night. Ada is capable of picking the pockets of even the most alert people at times. She is also skilled at staying incognito when in the act.

Silver Tongue: Ada learned how to talk her way out of many situations and into many others. On more than one occasion Ada had found herself on the questioning end of the Vatican Authorities during which times she had to talk her way out of trouble with said authorities. Many other times she's talked her way to the side of rich club owners and gang leaders only to rob them blind and leave before they realize they cute girl they thought they owned had cleaned them out for every scent. Ada's persuasion abilities however are limited as she can be affected by pressure or stress thus making it easier to sniff out her lies. However if she is completely calm and composed she can even defeat a lie detector test at times.

Amateur Street Fighting: Ada like many people growing up on the street has needed to fight at one time or another. Ada's style of fighting utilizes her lithe and nimble frame to weave in and out of her opponents guard to deliver light strikes. She makes her attacks more dangerous by utilizing her Karambit knife in combat often making small cuts on her enemy and backing out of their strike range. Ada can't stand up to skilled combatants and she isn't meant to fight her enemies in a full on slug fest. With training her skills and endurance could be improved but as of now she has no such teacher to help her improve.

Fast Reflexes and Agility: Ada has on more than one occasion ran from Authorities. After numerous encounters with Rome's finest she learned how to navigate the narrow alley ways and catacombs of Rome easily to escape detection and capture. Ada can react quickly to things infront of her allowing her to navigate even the most hazardous terrain with some ease.

Organization: Unaffiliated will be joining Iscariot in RP

Personality: Ada is a rebellious teenager like many others of her age. She is prone to getting things she wants and isn't above deceiving and stealing to get these things. Ada is slightly disrespectful to most people she meets mainly because she sees no reason to show respect to people who'd likely look down and spit upon her she often acts this way to people who she sees as prissy or preppy or condescending in any way. She doesn't like being told what to do and prefers to do things her way. When told what to do Ada will often react rudely trying to disobey as much as possible. She despises people who live in the higher echelons of society such as those living in the Vatican. To her all of these people have no idea what it is like to live her life and it infuriates her that many of these people believe that they understand her.

To people she actually likes she is a bit more friendlier she tends to act a bit more pleasant especially around people she considers friends. She tends to smile more around these people and laugh. To people she is unfamiliar with she is often quite and somewhat hostile mainly due to trust issues. She is capable of trusting other people but she is at the same time somewhat hesitant to do so. From living on the streets she is also quite capable of acting differently than how she normally does. She is capable of acting out many different personas to help her get out of different situations.

Rank: Street Rat

Biography: Ada was born in Rome in 1987 to a German member of the Catholic Church and a prostitute. Ada's father refused to take responsibility for the child out of concern for his reputation and fled back to his church in Germany leaving Ada's mother to care for the child alone. Having little money to even support herself Ada's mother waited until the child reached age 7 to abandon her. At this age Ada's mother believed that Ada would be able to care for herself. Of course Ada was barely capable of keeping herself alive. For almost 3 years Ada survived off the charity of people she came across on the street. Bye Age 10 however less people showed the same sympathy they showed her as a younger child.

At age 10 she barely made enough to feed herself it wasn't until she spotted groups of children just like her pickpocketing that she decided she needed to do what must be done to survive. Ada approached these children and eventually became a part of their group. For years she lived with them stealing and pick pocketing to survive. She continued like this for many years. As she got older the sympathy she used to receive from the public had diminished into obscurity and had turned into resentment. Ada and her friends were looked down upon by society as scum of society.

From this point on Ada became somewhat bitter and resentful of people of average society people who had jobs or didn't have to steal and struggle to survive. She became angry that these people believed they had the right to judge her and her new family. Her criminal life escalated from their as she began to carry out more serious crimes like robbery and home invasion. Her friends began to worry about Ada as she began to draw more attention from Roman authorities. Luckily before it got too bad Ada ceased her crime spree as she noticed the increasing discomfort from her makeshift family.

Ada continues today living as a pick pocket in Rome stealing what she and her family needs to survive in today's society. Not knowing that coming events may change the way her life is lived in the near future.

RP sample:

Social Post

Social Post:

Theft Post

Theft Post:

Fight Post

Fight Post:
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Only complaint is that Neria isn't here to make you two Selina Kyle and Holly Robinson.

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Ada Koch (Done)
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