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 The Spiral King has Awakened!

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PostSubject: The Spiral King has Awakened!   Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:37 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. All.

Name: Lordgenome the Spiral King. Also called Eddie Gayne.

Age: 52.

Gender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y53B2Bt2n3s
You have your answer.

Physical appearance: The man known as Lordgenome is a terrifying beast barely to be considered a human. Standing at over seven feet in height, his dark skin, enormous muscles, large, black beard, and thick chest (slightly swirled around the edges for unknown reasons), foot, and forearm hair make him seem more like a bear than a man. Mentioned before, his beard is slightly pointed at the end, a tuft of hair on each side curling upwards slightly. Despite the massive amount of fur on the rest of his body, the top of his head is completely devoid of any hair, though many lines from stress and his constant scowling have filled the spot well enough. Large ears, nose, and lips sit on his face, dark eyes shadowed by his thick eyebrows. For reasons unknown, thin, dark circles appear inside his eyes, almost seeming to spiral around his pupils.

Upon activation of his abilities, his appearance undergoes a few changes. The rings inside his eyes begin to glow a bright red as a mass of crimson flames appear on top of his head. His muscles appear more vascular due to increased blood flow. His expression, previously somber and uninterested for the most part, will change to one of great excitement and enthusiasm, teeth bared as a wild grin appears on his face.

Clothing of choice: As a man’s man, Lordgenome has no real use for clothing. Who could possibly want to cover such a magnificent body? Even so, certain situations will call for the need of “sissy cloth”. When forced to wear such, Lordgenome prefers to dress in a large, white cloak, draping it over his torso and arms. Loose fitting white pants in a similar style are worn, as well. Though he would rather not use footwear, if he really must, he will put on a plain pair of beige sandals.

Weaponry of choice: Weapons? What kind of man uses a weapon? Lordgenome will have none of this nonsense.

Race: Special Human.

Abilities: A man of discipline, Lordgenome has been trained in over 50 different forms of unarmed combat, such as boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Capoeira, etc. To go with this, he has also learned meditation to focus himself and use his body at maximum potential. He is able to put himself in a meditative state to rest himself and clear his mind, as well as lower his body’s vital signs to mimic death if need be. He has practiced entering this state for extended periods of time, his longest being three days.

He is an expert in stone carving. As a hobby, he will often drill small pieces of stone into miniature statues of people he knows. He is also a practiced calligraphist and works to perfect his writings. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin, Lordgenome is a well-learned man, though he wouldn’t exactly describe himself as overly intelligent. However, he is well read, taking every opportunity to expand his knowledge with a new book. He is also an excellent businessman, in no small part contributing to his criminal empire’s success.

After a trip to Peru in his youth and a run in with cultists and the Nazca lines, Lordgenome acquired the powers of the gods of old. He can consciously activate them at will and at any time he desires. Upon activation, his veins will protrude from his skin and a fire will set upon his scalp (it will not injure him or anyone else and is simply a physical representation of his power), his eyes glowing red in color. His already impressive strength (able to lift roughly 600 lbs. or so) is tripled, his speed and agility increasing to the point of the supernatural (around F). His skin also toughens to the point where blunt objects and physical attacks do minor damage at best, though blades and guns are still a problem for him. To attain greater stages of this power, it would require Lordgenome to return to Peru and perform the ritual once more, giving up more of his soul. He is too proud for this, though, and refuses to give away anymore of himself than was already taken from him. He can only hold this form for a maximum of 8 posts, 9 if he concentrates, but this will injure him and leave him exhausted.

Organization: V.W.A.T.

Personality: Lordgenome has a superiority complex as large as his muscles. He believes himself to be greater than everyone else on the planet. Acquiring his powers only raised his already high self-image, mainly because of how improbable it would seem for someone to survive it. Despite his incarceration, he maintains that he only allows them to believe he is captured and that he could escape at any time he wanted (this may or may not be true, but he has not acted on it either way).

He began calling himself the Spiral King due to his position as head of his crime family and his employee’s use of drills in intimidation and execution. Despite the massive amount of money he acquired, he had grown bored with it, passing the days until something eventful would happen. Even going on to the “front lines” to assist his men in their shakedowns and gang wars couldn’t slake his thirst for action. This would eventually lead to his capturing, as he left just a bit too much evidence at a crime scene to see if the police could even manage to capture him.

His main reason for agreeing to join the V.W.A.T. group was the chance to kill the unkillable. With as much power as he has, any regular opponent seemed far too weak to even injure him. If anything, a vampire could be the challenge he looked for. He lives for challenge and greed, having abandoned his family years ago, though he still manages to run his business from inside the holding facilities of V.W.A.T. (the warden looks the other way for the most part as he still proves to be enough of an asset to keep alive).

Rank: Criminal.

Biography: The man who would one day come to be known as Lordgenome, now going by the humble name of Eddie Gayne, grew up in anything but luxury. Poor and destitute, his parents both had to work hard to make ends meet, though they often couldn’t. It was for this reason he learned to cherish everything he had, but this would quickly pervert into a need for more and more things: Food, toys, and especially money. He soon became entangled in the affairs of a local gang, using it as an opportunity to take whatever he wanted. After enough time, he eventually managed to overpower the leader and usurp his throne.

It wasn’t long before a botched robbery led to incarceration. Even so, this did not dampen young Eddie’s spirits. He simply used it as another proving ground, gaining respect and fear among the inmates within his first year and taking the position as head criminal in his second. Three years later, he was released back into the world.
Using his connections and wealth he’d had hidden before his arrest, he left his hometown and began to travel. Doing so, he would be able to find new possessions that weren’t available in his area of the world and, as he’d discovered was even more valuable than money, knowledge. For nearly 15 years, he traveled to different parts of Asia and Europe, picking up whatever he could use and learning about the cultures and traditions of the people there. He’d also picked up his fighting skills along the way.

Eventually, his travels led him to South America and to Peru. Lordgenome considered himself naïve and stupid for doing what he did next, but Eddie was more than willing to trust a mysterious stranger. With the promise of money and rare gems, Eddie followed a man he’d just met into a dark basement, at which point he was, predictably, knocked unconscious. He would awake at night, strapped to the ground in the head of the monkey Nazca line with men in cloaks chanting around him. He couldn’t tell you what these people hoped to accomplish, especially considering they weren’t entirely sure themselves. Whether it was some reaction to whatever substance they’d poured on him prior to his awakening or the power of some old god entering his body, Eddie was imbued with great strength and speed, flames shooting from his head. He freed himself and killed his captors soon after, wandering into the desert to try and figure out what he would do next.

After three days of meditation, he made his way back to the nearest town to find food and water. In that time, he had decided there must be a reason he was given these powers and that he wouldn’t squander them with petty theft or murder. He would build an empire, both as a show of power and as a way to acquire even more possessions than he already had. He’d also decided that Eddie Gayne had died in the desert, now calling himself Lordgenome.

Upon returning to America, he gave away everything he’d managed to collect over his travels. As painful as it was, he realized the only way to truly prove himself would be to build himself up all over again. He began wearing his white robes at this point to make sure everyone else recognized him as the sort of god he now knew he was. It didn’t take long for him to find a large gang in the Manhattan area. Mercilessly beating their leader to death, he asserted his dominance over the group and began to rebuild his wealth. Calling themselves The Beastmen, as they seemed more like animals than men when attacking others, they were quickly recognized as a much more dangerous threat than they ever had been in the past, due in no small part to their members’ greater fear of their leader than of the police.

As his empire grew, becoming more of a crime family than a gang, Lordgenome decided the time was right to start a family. Finding a woman he enjoyed, he married her quickly, had a daughter with her, and divorced her in the span of 3 years. This sort of action would become a theme for him, as nothing could keep his interest for very long anymore. He was growing drunk on power and he knew it. To prevent himself from becoming careless and complacent, he began to expand his group beyond New York, his influence reaching so far as to come in conflict with other mobs, even the dangerous Russo family.

Even this could no longer keep his interest, not even making frequent runs with his gang to do the work himself. He’d lost interest in everything now, which led to his decision to plant incriminating evidence at the scene of a judge’s murder. It wasn’t long before the police found and arrested him, sending him to a maximum security prison with a life sentence. His reputation so large within the state, he was easily able to overtake the rest of the prisoners without a challenge. He broke out a week later, only to be subdued by a group of soldiers “conveniently” in the area. As to be expected, they worked for V.W.A.T. and had set up the conditions for his escape in order to apprehend him and deliver him to Director Steeler. Finding the work proposal interesting, he accepted, but continues to command his crime family from inside the cell by bribing the guards, an action Steeler allows him to believe is under his control to keep him complacent (the guards do not work for him, but are ordered to appear so by Steeler).

RP sample:
It had been a day now of meditation. Really, he was just trying to pass the time while he waited for word on how the latest operation had gone with his gang. It was a standard bank heist, save for being the same bank the infamous Director Steeler used. It was meant to look like a simple heist, but the real target was anything in the old man’s safety deposit box.

He awoke once he heard footsteps coming towards his cell. It was Bryan, a guard he’d tipped into his gang. He knocked three times on the door before opening the hatch; it was about the heist. ”Lordgenome, sir. It went off without a hitch; the geezer’s box was raided. I’ll get you a list of what they found in there once I can talk to your boys.”

”Excellent work,” he sneered. ”Take anything valuable and do whatever will make the most money with it. Keep something nice for yourself, as well. You’ve done good work for me.” The guard nodded before closing the hatch. Lordgenome, pleased with himself, sat upon a large throne-like chair he’d requested for himself, grabbing a book from a large pile next to it, beginning to read.

As he walked down the hall, the guard pulled a radio from his pocket. ”He believed me, Director. You should have his full cooperation for the next mission.”

This poor display of battle was sickening. Hardly a threat at all, even the ones with guns. Lordgenome had thought not accessing his powers would even the playing field a bit, but these men seemed to be too weak even for that. A group of revolutionaries had taken hostages, demanding all sorts of ridiculous things from the government in exchange for the people. Seeing it as a rather minor threat, aside from a vampire companion they’d managed to identify, V.W.A.T. sent in Lordgenome to clean up the mess alone.

Punching one man in the abdomen with all his might, the Spiral King withdrew his fist as the palm of his other hand came smashing forth into the terrorist’s face, breaking a few teeth in the process of knocking him out. Another man came out, attempting to fire his gun into the bear that had apparently wandered out of the forest to attack them. Raising the unconscious man to act as a shield, Lordgenome waited for his attacker to reload, completely ignoring his shoulders clipped by the bullets. Once the time came, he threw the bullet-riddled body into the man, knocking him out after sending him into a wall.

Advancing through the building, he seemed to have killed or maimed every one of the normals; now for the “boss level”. His entrance surprised the vampire, nearly forcing him to shoot a hostage. Impressed by this strange beast’s skill, however, he opted not to use the gun and fight Lordgenome personally. A wide smile took over his face as flames appeared on the king’s head, his eyes lighting a burning red. He ran forward, meeting the vampire fist to fist. They attempted to overpower each other, Lordgenome allowing the creature to believe he had the advantage, only to raise up and snap both the Nosferatu’s arms off at the elbows.

The once formidibal vampire wailed in pain, blood spewing from his stumps. Deciding this piece of trash was no longer of interest, Lordgenome responded with a swift stomp of his foot, crushing the monster’s head. Wiping the brains from his foot onto a horrified hostage, he placed a finger to his ear. ”Targets eliminated. Next time, pick something more challenging.” The flames atop his head went out, his expression returning to normal as he strolled out the back of the building, leaving a bloodied single footprint trail behind him.

Replacing Executioner, since he's kind of dead.

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PostSubject: Re: The Spiral King has Awakened!   Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:03 pm

A bit over the top but that's half the fun isn't it? Is there any sort of limit to how long he can engage these "godly powers"?
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PostSubject: Re: The Spiral King has Awakened!   Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:04 pm

I was thinking no at first, but maybe 8 posts or so. 9 if he pushes it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Spiral King has Awakened!   Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:26 pm

The boost in abilities isn't all that insane so I'm fine if you don't put a time limit on it. I was just a bit curious.

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The Spiral King has Awakened!
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