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 Beach Side Hotel

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PostSubject: Beach Side Hotel   Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:33 am

(Characters from the forum have been ordered by their faction heads to take a vacation but with one rule no fighting whatsoever how will all of our characters interact without being able to kill each other like usual)

Alisa sat in the back of a Bus headed towards a hotel on the beaches of Miami she never really understood the purpose of this entire vacation. her comrades seemed thrilled by the opportunity to ogle bikini clad women on the beach. But Alisa would honestly rather be back at the mansion finishing up the work she had waiting for her in the workshop. She'd just gotten a shipment of M134 Miniguns that she'd intended to have the engineers weld to the APCs Hellsing had in it's garage. But she'd been called away on this ridiculous vacation along with many others before she could get the project started. As the Bus stopped almost every man in the Wild Geese scrambled to get off the bus a few sat waiting for the chaos to end while Alisa opted to just open the emergency exit door ignoring the protests of the bus driver who continued screaming after her long after she'd went to find a place to settle on the beach.

Finding a place to sit underneath a palm tree Alisa laid out a red blanket with the Hellsing Coat of arms on it and sat down putting on a pair of sunglasses and shrugging out of her black button up shirt leaving her in a bikini top and a pair of surfing shorts. Checking to make sure her gun was in her beach bag she laid out on the towel using her beach bag as a pillow as she relaxed. She still thought the vacation was a ridiculous notion but there wasn't any use complaining about it more than she already had. It's wasn't like Sir Integra would just let her come back because she felt like it. One eye opened as she felt a shadow wash over her standing above her was a man muscular and tan with blonde hair. "What's a girl like you all the way over here?" The man said giving Alisa a debonair smile. Alisa rolled her eyes another idiot trying to flirt with his looks and not his words. "Get lost junior I'm 30 years old way too old for you." Alisa said closing her eyes. "I like older women I hear they're more experienced." The man's voice said. Alisa sighed "Leave...me...alone." Alisa said clearly. "Or what?" The man said. Alisa raised an eyebrow and sighed before reaching beneath her towel and pulling out a COP Derringer and aiming it at the man. "Or I'll give you another hole to spout your bullshit..." Alisa said. The man quickly ran leaving Alisa in peace once more.
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Beach Side Hotel
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