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 John Smith Ability Evolution

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PostSubject: John Smith Ability Evolution   Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:23 pm

Reposting the sheet with ability evolution fully mapped out.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. All of it.

Name: Ridl, John Smith (real name unknown)

Age: 27.

Gender: He’s a man. A family man. *Guile’s theme*

Physical appearance: Ridl is has a very slender frame with long arms and legs. His skin is very pale, nearly as white as a vampire’s. His silver-blonde hair falls around a snakish face with small, always squinting eyes and a small nose, often having a slight grin on his face. Another similarity to the hell spawn are his dark reddish brown eyes. As of late, his expression often lightens, with less squinting and friendlier smiles.

Clothing of choice: Ridl often wears, when not in need of a particular outfit, a red dress shirt several sizes too big, untucked from a pair of black dress pants with black leather shoes. Over this, he wears his large black trench coat, his hands often resting in the pockets. He has been known to wear other colors of shirt, but feels most comfortable in the red. He has recently stopped wearing the coat.

Weaponry of choice: Ridl is an expert assassin, leading to his use of knives for almost all his killing. He keeps several switch blades, flick knives, throwing knives, kunai, and even shuriken in his coat pockets, being able to throw and stab with them expertly. He is also quite skilled in the use of his portals for offensive and defensive means, warping attacks away from himself and redirecting them towards the opponent. Due to his amnesia, he no longer has any weaponry or the memory of how to use them or his portals.

Race: Special Human.

Abilities: Ridl is an expert in espionage and assassination. As such, he can do things often described as “ninja-like”, namely walking without making noise, hiding his presence, blending in with his surroundings, etc. He is also an expert in torture, often doing it just for fun. He is also good at sketching, often taking down the faces of people who he believes should be looked into. Should the right situation present himself, muscle memory may override his brainwashing and tap into his former skills as a self-preservation mechanism.

Possibly his most peculiar ability is his power to create portals in front of his outstretched arm that he uses to send things over distances. As one can imagine, the energy needed to use these on a regular basis is quite large, leading to a need to consume large amounts of food every day to be able to manipulate the ability properly. Over time, they have been shown to increase in strength and versatility. He is currently at level 2. http://nightshaderpg.darkbb.com/t2099-portal-upgrade
Level 1: These abilities have a 6 post cool down time, and can only open to about the height and width of a small car (portals only open in perfect circles). They can also only stay open for a maximum of 3 posts. The things sent through the portals must come out somewhere on Earth and can only go through if physically put into them. People can go through as well, giving a quick escape from a dangerous situation (only one person can step through at a time). If used too often in a short period of time, Ridl will become exhausted and need to rest before doing anything else (10 posts worth of actually sitting there and catching his breath).
Level 2: Through much training, the silver assassin has managed to improve his mastery over portals. Instead of the original 6, it now only takes 5 posts to use a portal. He also does not have a limit to how long he can keep a portal opened, able to have one in use indefinitely as long as he can consciously think to keep it opened. His stamina for using the ability is also increased, being able to go for longer without becoming exhausted (originally, it was 5 in a row, but is now 7). At the expense of needing to rest and being unable to do anything but walk, as well as having a 7 post cool down on portals, he can now make 2 fully functional portals from both his hands. If he attempts to exert himself or make more portals before the time is up, he will be subject to the 10 posts of exhaustion.
Level 3: Attained with 10 non-consecutive posts of training, reawakening of his memories, and extreme emotional unrest, he can evolve to the next stage of his portals. Portals are now limited to a 4 post recharge, as well as no longer becoming exhausted after making two portals, but is still subject to a 7 post recharge. He is no longer unable to move while performing a portal; as long as it has been created successfully, he can move around at will and keep it open. However, moving decreases his concentration, meaning a portal created under these conditions will often dissipate after 2-3 posts.
Level 4: With 15 more non-consecutive posts of training his portals, including at least three uses of double portals, the next level of portals can be attained. At this level, it only takes 3 posts to recharge from a single portal, 6 for double. In addition, he can now create walls of portals surrounding his body, though this can only be done once a day and leaves him exhausted for 10 posts. At this point, the damage portals do to his body becomes apparent. The strain they put on his cells is slowly killing him, continued use eventually destroying his cells and shortening his life.
Level 5: 20 posts of training, including 5 of portal walls (out of battle exclusively). Double portals now lower to 5 posts of recharge, and portal walls can be used twice a day and leave him less exhausted than before (to the point where he could still run and fight after resting for some time, about 7 or 8 posts). The size of his portals can now be increased up to the size of a plane, though this will increase the recharge time by 2 posts. Consecutive portal use in short periods of time begins to show visible cellular destruction, starting in his palms and moving up his body. This will heal with enough rest, though the damage is done.
Level 6: Dubbed “God Mode”, it can only be acquired through years of training and mastery of body and mind through meditation. Any amount of portals can be used with 1 post of recharge after any two kinds of portals used consecutively (skipping a post without portal will reset the recharge). He no longer needs to extend his arm to use a portal, but often does so as a means of concentration. He can also create a small black hole to suck in matter around him, but it will only last for 1 post. Use of the black hole will show immediate cellular destruction, destroying the skin and tissue on his hands and arms with little chance for fully recovering (his articulation will be affected permanently and his arms will heal to the point of resembling a brown recluse spider bite grown infected). Use of the black hole multiple times may completely destroy his arms, as well as reduce him to a feeble and deathly state. Only for practice fights, alternate universes, or other comic book bullshit.

Organization: Former Illuminati, Unaffiliated.

Personality: Ridl isn’t a very expressive man, often keeping to himself unless he is asked to report on his findings. Often found clinging to the corner of the room if a gathering, he generally refuses to answer if someone talks to him. He hates most every person, thinking they’re a bunch of useless life forms far inferior to the enigmatic “perfect bodies” he believes exist somewhere out in space (also who he believes gave him his abilities to create portals).

When spying, he often remains completely emotionless, collecting the necessary information and disappearing without a trace. On the off chance he is noticed, he tries to kill the witness as fast as possible, either by sneaking behind then to slit their throat or throwing a knife into their head.

When torturing someone, his personality drastically changes. Even after getting the information needed, he will continue to torture then until someone stops him or they die. He often does the torture in front of an audience, calling it a show for them. He uses any means necessary to get the information, giving a wicked smile while doing so.

Ridl’s outward personality hides someone who is, in reality, extremely fragile and insecure. Wanting nothing more than someone that loves him and never finding such, he’s closed himself off from everyone else. His enjoyment of torture stems from his mindset of, “They shunned me, so I’ll make them suffer,” leading to disappointment if he can’t kill them. If someone does try to get close to him though, he will become even more withdrawn, possibly even hostile. This is due to how he genuinely doesn’t know how to deal with affection, even though he wants it more than anything.
After losing his memory, he is considerably “toned down” compared to his former self. Still incredibly withdrawn and unsociable, this is more out of shyness than loathing. He can be genuinely friendly towards others, though would never initiate a conversation. He has tried to work with not knowing himself as best he can, but is still very frightened about the whole situation. He neglects to reveal this to anyone, though; what would they be able to do about it, anyway? Because of this, he will occasionally turn to alcohol as a way to cope. He no longer has the violent tendencies he had from before.

Rank: Spy and head of torture, now nothing.

Biography: Ridl grew up in a mostly normal American home; his father smoked a pipe while reading the paper, his mother cooked and cleaned in the kitchen, and he read comic books and drew pictures surprisingly well. His parents were slightly distant to him, usually leaving him to his own accord while they did what they did. His illusion of the perfect family was shattered quite suddenly when his mother was struck and killed by a car as she was walking home from the store. After the funeral, his father sent him off to an orphanage, because, in his words, “A man shouldn’t raise a child on his own, especially not one like this.”

After being shipped to the nearest home for boys, the nuns their realized quickly they were dealing with something quite unusual. The stinging comment by his father was referring to his ability to create other worldly rips in reality. The workers came to the conclusion that he must be a devil child after seeing him move toys from one end of the room to the other with a portal. The extreme prejudice by not only the clergy working at the orphanage but by the other children for his odd appearance drove Ridl to drop his name and run away.

The next few years were extremely hard for Ridl (having adopted this name during that time, as he thought it sounded “cool”). He was not only attacked numerous times for his small size and feminine characteristics, but had no money to support himself, often going hungry and living on the brink of starvation. He eventually couldn’t take it anymore and turned to theft and murder to get what he needed to survive. He’d found a rusted switch blade (he keeps this in a drawer in his room to this day) in a dumpster and used it as his primary weapon.

On one of his particularly daring days, he attempted to mug what he thought was an ordinary man. To his surprise when he attempted to kill the man for not turning over his money, he grabbed his arm and carried him on his back to a car. He threw him in the back seat and drove off to a world Ridl had never even expected to be real. The world of revolution and espionage. The world of secrets and knowledge. The world of the Illuminati.

For several years Ridl trained in espionage and weaponry, practicing making his portals and controlling them on his own. Having cleaned himself up and become much healthier, he was able to experience relaxation for the first time. When not training, he would read books, giving him his first taste of alien life forms. Reading more into them, he concluded he must have been given his powers by some higher life form; the perfect bodies. By joining the Illuminati as a full member, he hoped that the new world order would give him the opportunity to meet these beings and learn why they chose him, even though he has the thought they believe him to be more worthy than others (in reality, it was just dumb luck; his father had taken a poorly made libido drug before his conception, altering his body to be able to externalize internal energy in his cells in the form of portals and space-time displacement).

Over the years, Ridl has gone on many missions for his leader and became highly regarded in the organization. He often studies the stars, looking for any clue to where he might find the perfect bodies. When not on missions, Ridl is in charge of keeping up with the Bavarian State Library, the hideout for the Illuminati. He often neglects his duties to read.
The Illuminati eventually decided to enact their plans for world domination, sending Ridl to kidnap Integra Hellsing. He managed this, framing Millennium for the deed. Eventually, things began to fall apart, their hideouts discovered, and their captives set free. Having his mind wiped, he was placed in Wisconsin under the name “John Smith” as a sleeper agent, his skills being seen as far too valuable to simply kill off. Though initially shocked, he managed to adapt, getting a job, making friends, and taking a trip to the rebuilding London, meeting a particularly interesting barmaid that created a “strange” reaction in him.

RP sample:
Part 1
It was snowing. The frozen shards fell from the sky, landing on the ground and becoming a part of the collective carpeting of ice upon the ground. Days like these reminded Ridl of his time as a child; arguably the shittiest point in his shitty life. Staring up at the sky, he began to reminisce about his time on the streets.

Snowing. Always snowing. From under his cardboard box, the young boy with matted gray hair peered out, seeing who walked by. The pain in his stomach was growing worse and worse, so he had no choice but to find food. Gripping the rusty switch blade in his hand, he walked, barefooted, towards the nearest grocery store. Upon finding one, he walked in, quickly alerting the employees of his presence, thinking a dying dog had wandered inside and made a mess on the floor. Not a dog, but the poor creature was dying.
”Hey, you can’t be here. Get out,” said one man upon noticing the dirty boy packing food into his thread-bare shirt. When he ignored the man, the store employee went to grab the boy and throw him out. This proved to be a mistake, as he was met with a bad cut on his wrist with blood pouring onto the floor. Screaming, other employees went to help the man and call the police.
The boy ran from the store, keeping the food packed closely to his body. After hiding from police in an ally, he opened his palm and extended his arm towards the ground. A circle appeared under it and he began to drop the food items into it. ”Hey! He’s over here!” The police had noticed him. He’d never tried this before, but it was his only chance. Crouching, the boy jumped into the circle, falling through it and into his cardboard box. He saw the hole close above him, completely erasing any way of finding him. Surrounded by food and momentary safety, the boy began to eat everything at once as fast as he could.

Done thinking of the past, Ridl buttoned his overcoat and put his hands in his pockets. Catching a cold would do him no good out here.

Part 2
The air ducts, while cliché, were the best way to sneak around a place like this. Ridl moved silently, stalking his target all over the office building. After a while, the man decided he needed to relieve himself, so he went to the bathroom. Still following (a bit reluctantly), he spied there was no one else in the bathroom with the man. This was as good a time as any to strike.
Opening one of his portals, Ridl pulled his silver switch blade from his coat pocket. Putting his arm in the circle, he slashed across the man’s neck, killing him while he was standing at the urinal. Removing his from the portal, he wiped the blade off on a tissue and put it back in his pocket. Now it was time to escape.
Going back through the vents, he was half way through the building before he started hearing screams and the sounds of alarm over the dead body in the bathroom. Dropping from the vents into a vacant part of the building, Ridl proceeded to simply walk out the front door. He saw the black car waiting for him. Opening the door, he strapped himself in the back seat as they drove off.
”So, how’d it go?” asked the driver.
”Fine,” he replied bluntly. Sensing there was going to be no conversation, the drive lasted in silence as the two men drove back to their base of operations.

Part 3

It seems this fight was unavoidable. He’d majorly fucked up this time; dropping too early, not crouching fast enough. This seemed to be the only option. As the two guards began drawing their guns, a knife lodged itself in the forehead of one of them, his body falling to the ground. In a panic, the second drew his weapon and fired at the young man. The bullets, though, had the opposite effect of what he desired, as they seemed to pass through a strange circle in front of him and appear out another, effectively making the man shoot himself.
He heard others coming, prompting Ridl to jump through a portal in the ground. He appeared behind the group of guards coming that were coming to help, stabbing and slashing their throats on by one, until none were left. These were certainly easy targets. He could probably kill everyone in the facility is he wanted to. But he didn’t want to; he was just there to gather information.
Climbing back into the ceiling, the red eyed man walk around the ceiling until he spotted what seemed like an office. Making sure no one was in there, he dropped down and began to search. Flipping through papers, opening cabinets, looking in books, everything. He finally found the documents he was looking for; a scandal involving a pharmaceutical company who was allegedly hiring human traffickers to collect people for human experimentation. If this was released, everyone involved with the company would surely be sent to jail.
He heard the door knob turning, forcing Ridl to duck under the desk for cover. Luckily, the person didn’t stay long, grabbing a few papers off the desk and then leaving. Relieved, he opened another portal in front of him, stepping through it and out of the building. He walked off, documents in hand, to pay a visit to the police station.

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PostSubject: Re: John Smith Ability Evolution   Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:23 pm

Not gonna lie, I'm iffy on portals. Always have been, always will be. Granted you haven't abused them whatsoever and I have a great deal of trust in you but that get's into the territory of bias and I need to pay attention to the little twitch my concern gives me every time I think on it. Levels 1 and 2 require no discussion. They were already approved and that's that. With Level 3 I'm o.k. with in general with the possible exception of the further reduced cool down time but we can discuss that soon enough. Beyond Level 3, I'm sorry bud. I love ya and all but I'm not approving the stuff beyond Level 3 anytime soon. The portal ability as it stands is quite powerful and the added benefits of Level 3 are substantial. Going beyond that and we start reaching the levels of Omega Level mutants of X-Men.
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PostSubject: Re: John Smith Ability Evolution   Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:43 pm

6 is only for practice fights. I never intend to actually get there; he'll probably die or become a family man long before it could happen. Only on the sheet as a reference.

What can I do about 4 and 5?
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PostSubject: Re: John Smith Ability Evolution   Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:00 pm

With levels 4 and 5 the main concern I have is the frequency of the portal creation. I have no real problem with increases in number or scale like the wall of portals and plane sized portal later on. My issue is the amount of time that it takes to recharge after using the maximum number of portals. Considering you basically get 7 windows to anywhere before a normal recharge needs to take place 3 posts seems like a fair trade off at Level 4. Double portal recharge time at Level 4 seems fine as is. In fact, I'd be o.k. with your post-portal wall exhaustion being cut down to 5-6 rather than 10. I say this because by Level 5 I think the cool down times are simply getting too low based on the ammo you've got to play with before a recharge is necessary. My suggestion would be to try and reach a middle ground and implement certain aspects of Level 5 into Level 4. "Godmode" aside, I'm far more inclined to approve of powerful portal abilities if they're in the last stage of realistic advancement and thus signify a greater achievement.
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PostSubject: Re: John Smith Ability Evolution   Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:13 pm

Switched up the numbers a bit.

Only reason I have so many levels is to make it harder on myself to get to it all. The portals are more like a bonus to the character, in that it'll be a fun game to level up the power while I do the actual work of developing John.
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PostSubject: Re: John Smith Ability Evolution   Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:12 pm

Definitely a step in the right direction. Give me a day or so to mull over the numbers and I'll have a concrete vote ready for ya.
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PostSubject: Re: John Smith Ability Evolution   Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:47 pm

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John Smith Ability Evolution
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