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 Random hotel in Valence

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PostSubject: Random hotel in Valence   Mon May 27, 2013 8:37 pm

The plane ride had been uneventful, as usual she had a short but interesting time explaining to officials why she needed the hallucinogens, but she convinced them, as was the norm. The train ride from Lyons however was where things got interesting, she got to survey the countryside as it zoomed by. She listened to the french speaking in their own tongue and others hurriedly speaking in english. From what she could gather the vampire had not been keeping a low profile, there had been a few missing persons, though why one of the shadow organisations she had superstitions about hadn't intervened yet unnerved her. Maybe they were busy, or perhaps this one wasn't a threat, or maybe she had been fed false information yet again...

Stopping off at Valence, Tanith never felt the cold tingle down her spine whenever she was near one of these things. Not one to give up, Zeresa went off to find any signs...
It took her a few hours to scan the whole city, nor hair nor hide she could find of this thing. Being dark as it was, this was the only time she could think that it been out. She booked herself in to a hotel to retire until morning...
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PostSubject: Re: Random hotel in Valence   Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:56 am

A couple of weeks it had been and nothing, Tanith was led to believe that she'd been fed false info but the thought brought no consolation to her. She hadn't gone on a plane ride across the world only to be leaving empty handed. No, of course she'd heard of the man who had cured aids, it was rather loud along the media. While her entertainment at this particular note held, she had reason to stay here. Why anyone would want to go back after hearing such a thing...the rhetorical half-question flitted throughout her mind as she remembered some dolts who actually would prefer exactly that. She closed her eyes in disgust and ceased to think of anything in particular for the annoyance it had just given her a second ago. Her mind came back to the computer screen blinking in front of her, reminding her of the aids matter, it was about time someone aided the pathetic suffering, why this man had done so intrigued her more so than some random roaming vampire. Perhaps the whole thing had just been some facade for the supernatural to put on so as to ignore a few more bodies added to the list. Or it was that maybe she was just paranoid...paranoia wasn't so bad after all. She decided to pay the man a visit, perhaps jump into his head and figure out whether he knew of the supernatural at all...or at least why the man had decided to take pity on such a sad, lost race. For the time being she would just take one more look for this elusive son of a bat...
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PostSubject: Re: Random hotel in Valence   Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:47 pm

Another couple of days and Tanith was completely over this trail, convinced without an afterthought that it was just something to keep Tanith away for a time. The guy mustn't have liked her or something, not that she minded, she'd find some way to throttle the bastard when she got back to the states. For now, she would just have to amuse herself with all the talk around France with the AIDs scientist. Not that she was forcing herself to, it genuinely got her thinking about her own moral these past couple of years since experimenting on the supernatural. No doubt she would have to get in line behind all the other fools wanting to congratulate the guy rather than get a fucking life of their own. 

Her coat was already in her hands and she was heading downstairs to hitch a ride to the site the media had rumored the location at. No doubt already swarming the front steps for the next couple of days. If not having already died down, surely they would have gotten rid of the distraction. It took all of a few moments to get a cab to drive her there. Having enough funds to last her a significant amount of time, Tanith merely shrugged off the cab driver's curious look when she told him the destination.
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PostSubject: Re: Random hotel in Valence   Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:58 am

Enter from Limbo
What a curious day she'd had, imagine her surprise when she hadn't come face to face with the famous Elden Cozier, but a curious henchman or mastermind of sorts behind it all. She had chuckled a few times in amusement and was imagining what Stein must be going through right now. Initially she had thought to reveal it all, throw this company out in the garbage with the rest of the corporate backwash. Now, she could think of no better thing than to manipulate Stein in order to reap this information for all it was worth. To do that, she would need to understand him more, in order to understand him more she would have to make sure there would be no surprises. The thing that still sparked her fancy was that he obviously knew about the supernatural as per his reaction when he found out she did.

Another werewolf, seemingly blind what with the constant sniffing, twitching of the ears and the attire. Amusement, over confidence, underestimation...the werewolf was easily nullified, Stein however was another matter. The electrical currents she had seen passing through his hand interested her to no end. They weren't unnatural, they were just augmentations of what was already there.

Contradictory to what she felt like doing, she needed more time, more preparation before she went back there. Tanith stepped out of the cab and she felt it drive off again, just as she stepped inside with an indifferent expression. It was rather chilly today, maybe it was because of the encounter? In any case she wanted a hot bath to muse over todays teachings to her methodical mind. It was...interesting. She displayed her card to the clerk at the front who allowed her in. Zeresa moved quickly up the flight of stairs, preferring the calm solitude it offered than the elevator. As she moved into the room, she undressed in the main bedroom, letting the soft clothing fall to the floor about her feet. Tanith then moved into the bathroom and began running herself a steaming bath, ridding the air of the chilly aftermath of a breeze from outside. The window that let it in was quickly and quietly closed as she lowered herself into the water.
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PostSubject: Re: Random hotel in Valence   Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:59 am

She had mused for long enough, she thought. Noticing how the steaming hot bath had turned to moderately warm fairly quickly. She couldn't help but feel a little relieved that everything had gone well back at the lab. After all, she hadn't expected to see Stein Matthus here in France but then, she had no reason to alert the authorities. Even if she did he'd no doubt disappear after a few more body bags were full, probably hers added to the list.

Her thoughts were a buzz as she got out of the bath and drained it, meanwhile drying her hair quickly and efficiently. Her blonde hair had turned to a light brown with soaked hair sticking to the nape of her neck. She did her body a once over to soak up the droplets sticking to her skin, not being thorough but getting most in the process. She dropped the towel where she stood and moved back into the main room and from there, her walk-in wardrobe. Where her suitcase sat wide open and yet still unpacked.

She picked out her sleeping clothes, 'If there were a place, if Stein flips out when he sees me again...but then...the drug should deal with that'. Tanith, as if in a trance with her thoughts, barely registered donning the clothes and moving over to the bed. She would lay awake for some time, musing as to how she would deal with what would come tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Random hotel in Valence   

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Random hotel in Valence
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