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PostSubject: Re: Infirmary    Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:28 am

OOC: Alright, ladies. Our mission is up. So smart to fight before taking on a horde of vampires in your condition~~ Lets get this over with.

Why were they doing this again? He didn't know, nor did he care. He found them both illogical in their choice of action; then again most of the things Meabh did were illogical on some level to him. Both were, however, injured, and both had to be tired to some level, but then again they were in the infirmary. All open wounds of previous injuries could be tended to on the spot if such a situation arose, and its not like he expected them to act like normal people and actually rest. He'd known the redhead long enough to understand that much, so he chose to spectate. Nothing surprising, nothing the cyborg couldn't follow, but his attention was more focused on his internal systems. Checking the database, running system checks, and otherwise checking things several dozen times over.

Then something came up on his onboard computer.

Mission assigned to: Michel Miles, Meabh Eir, Anthony Diem

This wasn't good. In either of their current conditions, especially Meabh's, a mission could be even more deadly than they already were. Father Diem, to his knowledge, only had a broken rib; something any skilled fighter could fight with and hold his own, but Meabh had gone through surgery. Then again, after watching her current display against Diem it was safe to say so long as she stayed in the helicopter this time, all should be well.

Deciding to stop shenanigans before it got any further, the cyborgs hand shot out with a vice-like hold, gripping one of the bible pages that were swirling around the room with an audible "crunch" to it. If he had to comment on it, it was an odd weapon, useless in his eyes; but he saw the power they held against the undead. However, against the living and non-living-non-undead they were little more than an annoying smokescreen, he even thought this of the ones Sister Corvis used and their ability to physically latch on to an opponent; and he wasn't wrong in regards to it being all but useless against people of his design.

"Enough. The two of you will need your energy. A mission has slipped by my Operations Block and is addressed to the three of us. One I cannot reject as it is from a higher authority.

Location: Alps.
Situation: A local village has been attacked. Reports suggest a group of vampires were responsible. We are to investigate and eliminate all signs of their presence."
 He paused a moment, releasing the page from his grasp. "The chopper is already being prepped."
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PostSubject: Re: Infirmary    Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:03 pm

Good. There are tactics in all this mess. Good.

Pages, then more pages flew at her, much in the same way as before, but now there were so many they distorted her view of just about everything. But the feeling of the room was still there. So instead of simply waiting for him to attack from whatever side he was going to attack from - most likely the front, given their proximity - she arches backwards in a pair of flips that aren't fantastically flamboyant, or particularly elegant, a pair that starts as the pages rush her, and that lands her near the small table housing her USP.

She can feel him rushing through the pages, feel his presence grow closer, and her fingers curl around the matte black handgun and magazine, locking them together in a smooth motion that takes less than a heartbeat. She had opened the distance between them again, so it would take him a split second longer to fulfill his goal, but it would be just enough time to raise the weapon.

With any luck, he would see it growing large in his eyes as he barreled towards her.

She could hear Father Miles' voice echo through the room, and all she could do now is wait. Wait for the young man to realize what was happening. She was finished with this game, one that had quickly spiraled out of control when he introduced his pages into play. Now there was a handgun in his face and an order to stop being barked at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Infirmary    Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:19 pm

Anthony smiled as he neared the barrel of the gun. Stopping at both the cyborgs voice and Meabh's weapon he said n honesty.

"Check and mate sister."

He bowed his head in honorable defeat for a moment and then as he got back up he flipped the knives grip in his hand so the handle was held out her. He could not tell she had wanted or expected him to succeed. I hoped she didn't. But he did hope that she knew he was aware of his position in life. He was an Iscariot. He would do what he needed to win so long as it was for God.

As his pages collected themselves back into their books ad he held the knife out to he told her.

"It is has been an honor sister. Thank you." Anthony's smile brightened and despite the gun in his face he felt almost like he was a kid again. Just simply playing a game for the sake of winning. Ignoring the gun and the stab wound completely he looked and felt relaxed. He breathed a little hard an was also appreciative of the physical exertion this ha taken. Perhaps it was only a drop in the barrel but anything to distract his mind from his troubles was more than welcome.

After Meabh took back her knife. (I can change this f you don't wish to but i'm pretty sure you will.) He began to prepare himself for the mission by collecting his gear. He turned to Miles and Thanked him. Then when he was almost done collecting his gear and creating his new armor of scripture he turned to Meabh an said.

"I hope sister. That I have not disappointed you."
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PostSubject: Re: Infirmary    Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:36 pm

"The chopper is ready. We should leave while there is still a chance."

The cyborg made his way across the room and effortlessly lifted the large Mechem rifle, resting it over his shoulder. He didn't think Meabh, in her condition, should be using something with such kickback in her condition, but knowing objecting wouldn't get them anywhere; so he went with it, as he mostly did. He turned toward his redheaded partner.

"Do you require assistance?"

He took a few paces toward her and held out his hand. She may have been able to have little spar, but no one had to tell her such a thing wasn't advisable in her condition, and she had to be tired from exerting herself in said condition.

Exiting next post with these two to avoid making another post of him just walking out the door - Village in the Alps. TO CARNAGE!
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PostSubject: Re: Infirmary    Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:01 pm

The gun lowered, and the fight came to an end. She watches as both Father Miles and Father Diem prepare, though the latter was happy, it seemed. The knife is returned to her hand, and she nods once to him in response to his comments. He didn't need validation; she had already given it by not pulling the trigger.

She moves to the chair where her harness is located, but can't hide the sudden say in her walk, the kind that comes from too much, too soon on a body already weak and overused. Slipping the harness over her shoulders, shes re-sheathes the knives and holsters the .45, shifting her body around to settle the weight.

She felt weak. And cold.

But when Maxwell beckons, you come.

Tugging on her boots, she nods to her partner as he takes up the large rifle, then stands, exhaling as a wave of pain hits her. Closing her grey eyes, she caves and takes hold of the cyborg's hand, standing close to him, leaning on his tall frame and not caring in the least who saw them.

This mission, on any other day, would have been welcome. Not today.

"Call down to the armory, please. Tell them I need the UA, ammunition in the amount of 100 rounds, five magazines. And three magazines for the Mechem. And it will be night. Thermals for both."

Her words are soft but they carry her same steel-like quality; she is talking to a friend, not just a partner. So they left, the three of them, heading out to one more mission.

------------> To Alps mission

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PostSubject: Re: Infirmary    Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:09 pm

Anthony exited with them and noticing that that Meabh whom he imagined had a will stronger than Iron must be very great friends with this cyborg to accept his help. He was very glad that she had taken the time of day with him but not so glad that she was put into this condition. Anthony made a mental note to stop by his room and pick up an extra click of ammo before heading out. He needed to replace the almost empty one that he had used on Alucard.

Smiling at both of these people he saw them as wonderful. He would be honored to fight and...return with them. Yes return. Iscariot may have suffered losses but now was the time for them to step up his game. He would not let their deaths go in vain. He would each of the people that died today would get what they wanted, all they had wanted in this life. And that. Was a dead vampire.

------> exit to! The choppa
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PostSubject: Re: Infirmary    

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