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 Illishtaire, Tersael

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PostSubject: Illishtaire, Tersael   Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:56 am

Yes, watched all the OVA a year ago, re-watching as you read this.

Name: Tersael L. Illishtaire

Age: Actual Age; 87, Apparent Age; 34

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Standing a little over six feet, Tersael is a tall and militaristic looking Vampire. He possesses muscles gained from his life as a soldier, creating a weight of just over two hundred and fourty pounds, scars from bullets and knife wounds, and even a few tattoos as many military men are wont to do.

For scars, he has a few bullet shaped holes in his right shoulder and pectoral, a slash from another officer's rapier across his abdomen, and large hook like cut across his right wrist from an accident while cleaning knives. As for tattoos, he has a line of serpentine thorns wrapping around both arms, and the Hammer and Sickle of the Soviet Union on the back of his shoulder.

Actual specific features include a clean shaven, sharply angled face, not pretty nor handsome, but not ugly either, simply a normal large man with large man features. His eyes are regularily a dark brown, his hair an even darker brown, and he tends to take care of his personal hygiene, trimming nails and washing skin just like he did in his military days.

Clothing of choice: Tersael normally wears his old officers uniform, looking and acting the part of a Russian Officer of the old Soviet Union, Circa 1949.

Weaponry of choice: Tersael wields a single silver alloy rapier, gifted to him when he joined the services of Vladimir Kirillovich, and a Pecheneg Machine Gun, loaded with silver bullets, both giving him an advantage against regular vampires.

Race: Vampire, Class; F

Abilities: N/A

Organization: Unaffiliated

Personality: Militaristic in nature, trained to be strict but fair, Tersael is also a zealot to his cause. He believes that Vampires, Lycans and their ilk should be killed, and he does not care the means. Though he prefers to fight alone, Tersael is not adverse to using the skills and abilities of others to further his goals. Almost always taking the position of commander for whatever small force he assembles, Tersael commands but is willing to serve those who are superior tacticians.

For people, Tersael works off of observed tendencies and impressions, he cares not for color, sex or position, and he treats a janitor with as much respect as he would a fellow soldier, so long as the Janitor treats him much the same.

Rank: Formerly Lieutenant Colonel of the Soviet Union, Personal Bodyguard of Vladimir Kirillovich until his [Tersael's] apparent death in 1969, Now self titled "Knight of Old Russia"

Biography: Born in 1915, Tersael was raised in a very Militaristic Family, trained from an early age in the usage of the, then, not very reliable firearms, as well as hand to hand combat and swordplay. He found as he grew up that he had a skill for it and joined the military as soon as he became of age. He worked long and hard, getting promoted only after he performed deed after deed, proving himself both in battle and strategization. He fought in the second World War, gaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel after dictating a movement that saved the lives of an entire battalion of troops.

After his military career, and the end of the second world war, he was asked by Vladimir Kirillovich to join his personal body guard. What he didn't know was that this entailed becoming something he had thought only existed in stories. See, Vladimir had a cousin who had had the misfortune of becoming a Vampire. Vladimir, choosing to his this to his advantage rather than shun such a powerful ally, used her to supplement the ranks of his personal bodyguard with superhuman creatures, namely Vampires. Tersael was the oldest of those turned, for few males lasted beyond their late teens whilst still being a virgin, and once he had taken on this mantle he found great power for himself.

He used this power to defend his king, but eventually he became disenchanted with the world, for seeing the actions of those who had been turned at a younger age than him, he decided he needed to end this. Killing the kings bodyguard with ease, for though some were a few years older than him he was more skilled, he attempted to kill the king himself, choosing treason and death over continuing as he was. Unfortunately the king was saved by his cousin, but though she could have killed Tersael, she chose to banish him, instead opting to portray his death.

Now Tersael has wandered, killing many of the supernatural, hunting smart and rarely going beyond his power level for his targets. For years he did this, and even now he continues, having moved across the continent to hunt his targets.

RP sample:

Night...I love the night, intense, lovely, quiet...I loved it even before it was my time, and I'll continue to love it until the end of my life. But now, now I hunt, now I end the lives of others...I'm weak though, weak for my kind, strong for a human, so strong that humans would fall in the masses. That is all in the past though...now I kill

These were the thoughts of Tersael Illishtaire as he crouched atop the rooftops in Glasgow, Scotland. He was here hunting a Vampire, a particularly violent one that had been killing quite a few people, and massing quite a few Ghouls. There wasn't enough disappearance, nor enough signs to attract a larger organization to come kill the creature, and Tersael only saw these things because he had been investigating for quite some time. Now was the time to end what could turn into something bigger. Leaping down from the rooftop, he walked towards the building across the street. He had scouted it out, and knew that inside would be the vampire, guarded by his ghouls. When he entered, Tersael would face the Ghouls first, then he would enter the basement and face the vampire, he would slaughter the Ghouls with the Pecheneg that he carried, then he would go for the Vampire, for it was a Vampire that he would have to kill tonight.

Breaking down the door, he began firing, sweeping the ghouls across and killing them with ease, moving towards the stairwell to the basement, turning to kill the last of the ghouls upstairs and then setting his Machine Gun down. He was going to face his enemy with his blade, a single creature, no need for overkill when it was unnecessary.

Speaking aloud, he headed down the stairs, readying himself for the fight to come.

"Time to die little monster, time to die."

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PostSubject: Re: Illishtaire, Tersael   Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:56 pm

Not a bad first sheet, solid base, nice descriptions. Just a few things here and there to tweak a bit.

1. 98 is an oddly old age for a Category F vampire. That means from the time you were turned you haven't gotten any stronger. Adding to that, the current forum time period is not 2013. We're at about 2004 or so I believe. It's a nitpicky point really and I certainly won't hold it against you because it's not well advertised but my point about him being unnaturally old for a Cat. F stands.

2. Clothing and physical appearance need more detail. I have no idea what this guy's face looks like or even how much he weighs. Russian uniform is nice but what kind? There are several varieties and they've changed over the years. More detail the better.

3. Abilities should at the very least include the abilities affiliated with your race. Adding to that, if you have no abilities it means you have no idea how to use that sword or yours, how to shoot or fight properly at all. If it's not in the sheet, your character can't realistically do it. You need some abilities bro.

4. Bio needs a bit of elaboration and a few grammar checks. He did something that saved lives for the promotion, tell me what it was. I'm interested in this guy and I want to know more. Vampiress is an odd word choice. Seras is referred to as a Draculina or just a vampire. Go with one of those, context will explain the gender just fine. Lastly, you say that he became disillusioned due to the actions of the younger vampires. What were they doing? This betrayal came really suddenly in the bio, give me a bit more story here.

5. Could use a bit more description in the RP Sample. There's not too much detail regarding the combat that your character is going through. It's one thing to tell us what he's thinking, but give me a bit more insight into the setting. Describe the environment and the actions should flow more naturally from there.
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PostSubject: Re: Illishtaire, Tersael   Sun May 05, 2013 1:40 am

Are you still working on this?
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PostSubject: Re: Illishtaire, Tersael   Wed May 22, 2013 8:08 am

LOCKED and BURNED due to inactivity.
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Illishtaire, Tersael
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