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 Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))

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PostSubject: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:53 pm

I have watched the entire Anime and all ten OVAs

Name: Noh

Age: 24 (Truly 40)

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:

When standing at his full height, Noh is quite a large figure, but instead of flaunting such a large physique, he tends to stay hunched over in order to stay spooky. As a result, his height is normally seen to others as around 5’8, though his true height is 6’2. While not a large hulking brute, Noh is still in great physical condition and has noticeable muscle definition. Unlike his personality, Noh’s face is actually one that people of the towns would consider quite handsome. His face is free of most blemishes, scars, and otherwise undesirable traits. His hair is black, of a medium length, and tends to feather in multiple directions.

Clothing of choice: Of course, what Noh wears would not be considered normal by any definition of the word. Instead of more comfortable and free outfit that one would wear in the world, he wears a thick, dark black cloak that covers everywhere but his face. This cloak was made in such a way that when Noh’s arms are pressed to his sides, it looks like one large hulking mass is standing there, when In reality, Noh is standing there normally, with his arms at his sides. This cloak also allows him to conceal his weapons in the folds, while still allowing him to access them with ease. In order to complete his spooky visage, Noh wears a very odd white mask that seems to be a bit too big for his face. The mask has two eye holes, which from the side that most people see, seem pitch black in color, while allowing Noh to see from his side of the mask. The mask has an almost sad expression that expresses the bleakness that is Noh’s imagination. Under and on top of the eyes are odd black marks that don’t really have any meaning, other than to make the mask a tad more spooky then it already is. He also has these marks painted upon his face at any given time.

Weaponry of choice: http://www.freewebs.com/norstar1/Lou_Lang_Sword_of_the_Stranger.jpg
This blade is made of a high quality silver alloy that allows it to take strong blows from other strong weapons. It weighs in at about 7 kilos.
Six Shot Revolver containing normal 50. Bullets.
An oversized Six Shot Revolver containing silver bullets. This gun is powerful enough to reach up to one kilometer is distance when fired.

Race: Advanced Freak

Abilities: Regeneration may take some time for major damage (ie: 15 posts), decent supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, great weakness to silver and blessed weaponry to a point its fatal to be hit by one, ability to turn virgins and non-virgins alike into ghouls, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them but at a large amount), the need to drink blood often.
Organization: Millenium

Personality: Noh is most likely the oddest individual to stand upon the planar field that is life. Unlike the average person, who possesses a plethora of emotions and feelings, Noh seems to be uncaring in regard to anything at all. He tends to be one that ‘goes with the flow’ and doesn’t really care about a situation unless it concerns himself, or anything that may or may not him in any way, shape, or form. That being said, though he tends to stare into space at most points in time, he is still extremely observant about his surroundings and the reactions of people within his vicinity. One of the only emotions that Noh is known to react to are those of the comedic nature. While he does not openly express any form of amusement that he may have, he does in fact, feel some sort of expression of amusement. Due to the fact that he doesn’t seem to care about much at all, his thoughts are quite linear and mostly consist of analyzing random things near him, such as the ocean, or something like the floor he is standing on.

As one would suspect, Noh is a very quiet person and will not talk unless the situation is of absolute dire consequence so as to avoid the unnecessary injury of himself or a comrade. Friends are something Noh has a very strange and vague notion of, and as such, he doesn’t exactly have many. If one was to prove themselves to him through ways of combat and hilarity, then one might be able to call themselves a friend of Noh. Speaking of combat, while Noh doesn’t prefer to be in a situation in which he can be harmed, if he must defend himself, he shall do it both ruthlessly and efficiently. Using his extremely detailed observations of his surroundings he shall confuse his foes with odd tactics that one would not expect, such as just pretending to stop fighting all of a sudden, or just staring at them in a creepy way. If Noh considers one some sort of friend, he may speak to them in some way or another.

Noh is a purveyor of merriment and joy, at least when he is not in a fit of rage or disappointment. His general outlook is that of happiness and general tomfoolery; go as far as to act upon such urges, by causing disturbances in his general vicinity through assorted means depending on the situation that is at hand. He is eloquent in his speech and gallant in his pose, looking forever into the future, not dwelling upon the past, living upon the present as if it was a safe haven of great festivity. His opinion on upon social matters is that they are not of any matter to one such as him, as combat is foremost upon his agenda as a justice bringer and more importantly as a warrior of great caliber. His aptitude is impressive, his cunning, decisive; always calm, always calculating his disadvantages and his advantages, taking advantage of said advantages whenever possible and capitalizing upon the defense of his disadvantages. His abilities to woe the fine maidens that inhabit the various lands are unparalleled by the lesser men of the world, causing his manliness to annihilate the shackles of physical and mental attraction, dropping everyone to their knees with his manliness. He flaunts his manly exterior like a fine pair of pantaloons, causing others to grovel in awe of this mighty man whom none can compare themselves to.

Though but an exuberant godlike figure who towers over the lesser men, his demeanor can be as cold as the lifeless bodies of a long dead foe when he is called to duty in order to deal with whatever silly enemy needs dispatching.

Upon the subject of acting spooky, Noh tends to find some form of joy in the act of causing others to cower in fear. As a result, he attempts to dress and act as oddly and in as most creepily a manner as possible.

Noh feels no remorse for those he enters combat with, and he may enter combat for no other reason but to have a bit of fun and cause some havoc for the locals.

Rank: Slaughterer

Biography: Noh’s childhood was mostly shrouded by mystery and covert operations induced by his criminal parents. Even as a young boy Noh was quite a quiet child, and didn’t really say much, due to the fact that any time he did try to say something, his parents would shut him up as they were afraid he might give something away about their crimes. Noh didn’t honestly care at the time and mostly ignored whatever his parents did, and only really cared about thinking and surviving. Around the time he hit the age of 15, his parents were killed by some Nazis after being captured, leaving him on his own. Though very distant from the world, he found work in a grocery store, bagging goods for others for a short time. Around the time he was 24, he stumbled upon an area controlled by Millennium, and was caught snooping around the area.

Upon his capture, he was offered a few options, die for trespassing, or test out one of their new experiments. Though distant, Noh really did enjoy life, so he decided to go along with whatever test they had in mind, that being the transformation of humans into FREAKS. His transformation was a complete success and for around ten or so years, he honed his skills performing tasks for Millennium, and became a powerful FREAK as a result.

RP sample: A pity of pities! A plague of posterity! Oh how the woes of combat shown forth like the brightness that was the sun, the creeping darkness that was death coming up to claim those who’s attempts to survive were all but null and void. The fact of the matter was, though the fishwomen was attempting to save her new comrades, she failed to realize that the large edge of the dock that had fallen into the water was still there, now floating in the waters in the direction of which she moved, and as a result of the negligence, was the cause of her demise. The large wooden pole and wooden corner weighed quite a hefty sum, enough for one moving at her speed to have their skull caved in upon impact with the large hunk of wood, causing instant black out and soon after, death. This moment of accidental peril set the playing field for the destruction of two more foes, as the fish woman was unable to save them due to her untimely demise. The two devil fruit users would sink like stones in the ocean waters, touching the bottom in mere moments, thus the movement of the sand would not happen at all.

Nonetheless, that fool was not of much matter to Noh at this point in time, as right before the man had jumped upon the beach, Noh had decided to jump upon the stone walkway that was right next to their location, standing about two feet away from where the stone met the sand, which lead into the city. The stone walkway was about five feet high, and quite sturdy. Where Noh once stood, a doppelganger took form at that place, as the man began his odd monologue, most likely trying to be righteous and all, though that was of no importance to Noh, as this man was hostile. Oddly enough the man would slash downwards, but so far and with such force, that the blade cleaved straight through his own right foot. The way this was possible, was as a six foot, one inch tall man, his arms would easily be more than two feet long, and in combination with his sword, the length of the blade would easily reach down to his feet, allowing for the aforementioned occurrence to occur. The shockwave of wind that was shot forth from the sword happen to fly towards Noh and using his superior speed, and the fact that the shockwave was fired vertically, Noh would side step to his right for about a meter and a half in an almost instantaneous movement, right as the slash began. The man was acting so odd in a fight, as he suddenly turned towards where his friends were now drowning, not only looking towards them, but strafing towards Noh while still showing his back to Noh. The fact that the man was now strafing diagonally his left towards where Noh currently stood, Noh still happened to have the hilt of his sword grasped within his hand, and with an extremely fast cut at a diagonal angle, aiming from the cyborg’s right shoulder to his left hip, attempting to cut the man’s body in half, along with his head. This cut fired forth a wind blade at the same angle as the slash, creating a blade that was three meters in length, fired at an arc. The angle at which Noh stood and the current movement towards Noh would make it almost impossible for the man to dodge with his average speed, not to mention the fact that the man’s blade was now lodged within his foot as he did this strafing motion. This ‘battle’ was shaping up to be quite a one sided affair.
It would seem as though this morning would be one of an average amount of occurrences and bemusement, but as fate would have it, it was as though this day would be nothing of the sort. An explosion brought forth a sound wave which assaulted the ears of the young genin known as Seiji, alerting him to the presence of some sort of fighting, or was it an act of terrorism? Only time would tell. His medical training came into effect as he rushed towards the scene, looking for any person who might be in need of aid. The explosion did little to mask the words of the Aburame who called out to some random person about a thief. This matter was probably going to be a pain to settle, but he had to do whatever he could in order to help those in need. As he
approached the location in which the violence occurred, from the right side of the two of course, he couldn’t help but notice one man standing by the other, seemingly on top of the situation. One could only assume he was the one calling for help in order to squelch the freedom of the thief, and as such, Seiji was obligated to help the man in taking care of the matters of justice that so often occur when one commits a crime. But first, the act of healing the now injured thief, took precedence.

The fence that the two stood by was all but destroyed, its structure and integrity left in tatters, piled upon the ground in a heap, some pieces only hanging on by an occasional steel wire. The exchange of words between the two men was of varied emotion, with the thief’s being somewhat fearful, and the justice bringer’s being one of anger and malice. This was understandable of course, being that one most likely would feel some sort of anger towards one who tries to procure another’s belongings for their own selfish gain. Luckily enough, the man seemed to notice him as he came along and would most likely not be hostile towards him. That being said, the genin thief seemed to be injured to a decent degree.

At this point, Seiji was about two meters away from the ‘bout’, facing the two genin, standing on the right of the Aburame , completely safe from harm. He assumed that the damage the genin would sustain would most likely knock the boy out, as only one with a great deal of pain tolerance and endurance could withstand such an onslaught of blows at such a short range. He could almost feel a small amount of pity for the would-be thief. He was here to perform his duty though, not to feel pity upon those who take it upon themselves to break the law.

Making eye contact with the Aburame, Seiji calmly said “ While I don’t know the details about what has gone on here, I happen to be a medical ninja, and as such, I must request that you allow me to give him a preliminary examination, heal what I can now, and then take him to a hospital for further treatment. I will then assist you with bringing him justice, should you wish to pursue it that is.”

With that, he prepared himself to get busy with the proceedings.
Depressing. That was one of the only ways to describe how bleak the day had been, as there hadn’t been much for Koto to do. No one was really fighting; not very many people were performing tasks, no dog races or people attempting to dominate each other. Nothing at all. It would seem that the day was going to go on like it was, that is, until he heard the subtle but distinct sounds of some sort of struggle in the distance. From his viewpoint he could see a few men, perhaps four, surrounding a smaller form, most likely some younger inmate. Though this wasn’t all that uncommon, he honestly didn’t like it when some of the older inmates decided to pick on the new members of their little family, it didn’t seem quite right to beat up on a child and as such, he decided he should probably go do something about it. Oddly enough, it seemed as though someone was already taking care of the issue, something that was quite uncommon in such a brutal prison. The man had a similar height and build to his with the main difference, besides the fact he was blonde, was his odd facial features. Oddities were a dime a dozen in a place like this and didn’t exactly surprise him so he continued on his way to confront the 4 goons when he heard the banter between the two quarreling parties. The supposed leader of the group must of thought he was quite smart as he just reiterated what the blonde man had just said, and turned the insult around, only adding his own witty insult to the statement.

It was a pity really, the idiocy of course, not what was about to happen to the buffoons. As he neared the group one of the men decided that he needed to show how tough he was and attempted to grab Koto, most likely to go on a rant about how we should know our place and walking up to him was such a blatant disrespect to his authority that he would have no choice but to injure a weakling. Of course, that was a bit too eloquent for someone of his intelligence and would probably be something more or less guttural than a tribe of Germanic barbarians pillaging a village. Instinctually, Koto would side step the man, grabbing his right forearm as he did so, allowing him to pull the man off balance with a simple tug of his arm. The man was surprised by such a sudden turn of events and almost fell to the ground immediately, though Koto wouldn’t be having any of that and would strike the man’s elbow, causing it to bend the opposite direction of its intended purpose, an audible crack of the bone easily reaching the ears of the nearby inmates. Most of the ignorant members of the prison tended to rely on brute strength alone, and were quite weak to those with some true combat skills. The leader of the group was dumbfound and blurted out “What the fuck mate, I’ll kill you bitch.” The man was obviously a bit butt-hurt and proved that when he attempted to lunge at Koto with the crude knife. The lunge wasn’t graceful in the slightest, and caused the man to fall flat on his face when Koto stepped to the side of him. The force of the impact with the ground caused the knife to fly out of his hands and slide under a nearby table, with his body sliding towards the blonde gentlemen. He wanted to see how the blonde man would react to having the offending klutz at his feet. He would back up slightly preparing himself for the reactions of the other two members of the group. Luckily enough, all the confusion had allowed to boy to scuttle away to the safety of the hallways.

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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:15 pm

Why did you combine physical appearance and clothing of choice ?
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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:07 pm

Haven't read it, but something I noticed. Your definite article is wrong; it should be "Die", not "Der" (though "gesichtslos" is usually an adjective to begin with).
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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:45 pm

Okey dokey, let's take a look at this one step at a time and see where we end up.

Name: Fine by me

Age: No complaints here

Gender: No problem

Physical Appearance: A little short on detail here but it covers all the basics that we need to know. Fine by me.

Clothing: I like the creepy coat but does he wear anything else? Rule of thumb is if you don't mention it in the sheet, your character doesn't have it. Based on the current wording, your boy is running around like a flasher in an overcoat. If that's your intention more power to ya but I'd suggest adding in some detail regarding shirt, pants, shoes, etc.

Weaponry of Choice: Couple things need to be discussed here. First off, I love Sword of the Stranger and Lou Lang is an utter beast. However, I'd like you to add in a length for that blade to accompany the weight. Keep in mind that as a FREAK you're vulnerable to silver and blessed materials so touching that blade of yours with bare skin will not be pleasant. Second, I'd like some idea of the number of bullets that you carry around for those guns of yours. Third, the picture that you included for your "oversized Revolver" is actually a flintlock pistol. I can sympathize with anime gun physics but if you want a six shot weapon I'd ask that you select a picture of a weapon that can support that number of shots. As with the sword, silver bullets will harm you upon contact with bare skin so be mindful.

Race: No complaints here.

Abilities: Good by me.

Organization: Righteous.

Personality: Needs a little cleaning up here. The description is going in about three different directions, contradicting itself at times. You claim this guy is an apathetic, emotionless guy and yet he has unparalleled charm and wit with the ladies and the rhetorical brilliance of a top class politician. He feels no emotion save for an acknowledgement of humor but you describe him as an outright trickster at times. I saw what you were going for very clearly in the first paragraph but from the second one onward the focus was lost and things became hectic. I'd advise you to pick one character route and truly stick with it to make it shine.

Rank: Millenium utilizes German military ranks. This seems like more of a nickname.

Biography: Far too short man. You gave me a teaser and I'm interested. What's this about criminal parents? What did they do? Why did they do it? How'd they get involved with the Nazis? Elaborate a bit on his introduction to Millenium. How did he just stumble across this secret military group in the first place and what did he bring to the table that would make them consider keeping him around? There's definitely potential here but you need to give us a bit more meat for the story.

RP Sample: You write quite well, however the purpose of these RP Samples is to show the forum Staff how you play using the character you intend to use here on the forum. Your samples from One Piece and Naruto forums are nice but they're not applicable here because they're not centered around this Hellsing interpretation of Noh.

Once these edits have been taken care of I'll happily look the sheet over again and vote on it. Until then, if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to send me a PM or grab my attention in the chatbox.

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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:50 pm

This guy is really young for a Millennium operative. 99% of them are 80 years old or so.

Getting the same flasher vibe here. How does he hide weapons in the folds of a cloak? Are there places to hang them or does he just wrap them in parts of the fabric and hope they hold on?

Need more weapon detail. Pictures don't replace descriptions. The last gun seems highly unrealistic, especially since it looks like a flintlock pistol.

Abilities is meant to represent everything you can do. You can add more things.

Sounds more like he has ADD and autism, not that he's odd. You want odd, look at Teatime.

Third paragraph comes out of no where and says that he's not quiet and awkward, but well spoken and a lady's man. I'm not understanding that.

What concerns me most is that there's no mention whatsoever about how his experience as a soldier has affected him. I'll come back to this later.


So, in the 70's (in what I assume is Germany, no indication otherwise), his parents are killed by random Nazis, and no fucks were given that day. A few years later, he randomly finds Millennium (who are in South America without indication of being in Germany) who, instead of doing the smart thing and killing the kid who could easily expose their entire operation to the public, decide to make him a powerful vampire, despite the technology to do so not being perfected until the late 80's, at the earliest (I can kind of give you a pass on that, since there's no stated date as to when Dok perfected vampire technology, but there'd be no reason for them to wait until 1999 to attack if they'd had fully functioning vampires back in the 70's). In general, it's too short and it doesn't make any sense.

Same as Anderson said; you need samples from this character.

I don't think I can approve this character, honestly. He just doesn't belong in Millennium. He's not a soldier, he's not a team player, he's no a psychotic killer who wants to make Germany a fascist state; nothing like a person in Millennium should be. The age gap and the lack of uniform hurt him, too. As a character unrelated to Millennium, though, he has potential and I could see myself approving him. Not every German is a Nazi.
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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:10 pm

As this does not seem to be working out, I must ask that this thread be locked and/or deleted, as I have a new character in the works that should satisfy demands to a higher degree.
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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:12 pm

If that's what you want.
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PostSubject: Re: Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))   

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Der Gesichtslose, Noh ((DONE))
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