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 Bleach Review

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PostSubject: Bleach Review    Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:11 pm

Bleach is a story about a orange haired teenager called Ichigo Kurosaki who can see ghosts and has the power of his hair always staying in the same position no matter what. He lives with his father Isshin and his two younger sisters, Yuzu and Karin.

When he is just doing what all teenagers do which is sit on his bed still wearing his school uniform near bed time, a girl walks through his wall wearing a kimono and a friggin katana at her side.
Ichigo does the only natural thing and KICKS HER. After being bound to the ground the woman reveals that she is a shinigami, for thoes who don't know Japanese or its mythology, it’s a fucking grim reaper.
Yes, the grim reaper is a couple feet away from being classified as a little girl, who knew.

The shingami gives exposition on the enemies of this series the hollows, people who have died and come back as horrific creatures with white and black masks and dwell in hueco Mondo, a giant demonic sand box! And will later become just cannon fodder as newer enemies come in and eventually disappear form the series.
As luck would have it action strikes as a hollow attacks ichigos house in an attempt to devour his sisters, instead of you know heading into action Rukia waits for Ichigo to break out of his bonds and attack the hollow with a bat or chair if you watching anime.
I'm sorry but I don't think the bat is going to do much against the supernatural beast who just fucked up your house.

After saving Ichigo by taking a hit Rukia who is apparently too injured to fight gives him powers, manifesting his over compensation for his tiny personality. And his penis.
After slicing up the hollow like a disappointing boss Ichigo heads off the bed, leaving the house destroyed. Of course not Rukia somehow fixed the house, erased everyone’s memories and is now living in Ichigos closet. Luckily bastard.

As a first chapter/episode it does what it does nicely introducing Ichigo in all his orange haired glory of being a generic main protagonist, his family, hollows who have some how avoided Ichigos for the past 15 odd years, well except one but still how did that happen ? hollows supposedly go to people with spiritual power and Ichigo is supposed to be a fountain of the stuff.

After this the story goes through several chapters of introducing characters and back story's as well as fighting hollows , it introduces Chad a six foot Mexican who lives in japan, Orohime a useless character with orange hair and big boobs. Also four other friends who names I don't remember because they virtually do NOTHING in the series.

The chapter dealing Orohime was actually well done. Orohimes chapter deals with her and her dead brother, who has been watching her from out side her window since he died apparently. Wait how did NO hollows or shinigami find him !? and why hasn't he hollowed yet ? just before these thoughts can enter your head hollows kidnap him and well..gang pile him and transform him into a hollow.

Doing as a hollow does he attacks his sister! oh wait no he goes after Ichigo because apparently he some how got lost. Of course Ichigo goes bamf on its ass and breaks a bit off the mask to reveal OROHIMES BROTHER! shocking plot twist aside they all teleports to orohimes house for a nice spot of tea and battle, where Ichigo gets his ass handed to him and Orohime somehow stops her brother with her large boobs of love and then he commits suicide.

Kinda of a weird way for the chapter to end considering after this there are no more hollows with a sense of value and the making of more hollows thing is kinda swept under the rug.

Chad punches a hollow and saves the soul of a kid who is trapped in a bird, that is the extent of what he does but atleast he did something. Also a hollow gets killed and then gates of hell opens up but then the gates of hell are never mention or are used again. There is another chapter dealing with a man doing a show about something but all I remember was it feeling like filler so I'll just skip it since it literally does nothing but pad out the manga and anime.
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PostSubject: Re: Bleach Review    Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:15 pm

This is hellsing related how?
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Bleach Review
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