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 Nathan "Loki" (Done)

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PostSubject: Nathan "Loki" (Done)   Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:06 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? Read all manga and seen all OVAs

Name: Nathan, Nicknames: Loki

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Nathan is five foot seven inches tall, his skin tone is dark, his hair is ginger and quite messy, his fringe nearly reaching his eyes. He has an angular face with a square jaw His body is an athletic build not really built for fighting but more running away, Nathan is a rather attractive fellow (at least a 7 out of 10), he has small scar on the back of his right shoulder that looks like a tattoo used to be there.

Clothing of choice: Nathan wears the usual Iscariot blue jacket with, underneath he wears a black clerical shirt, black trousers with holsters for his pistols and black boots. When he isn't on duty he usually just wears causal clothes, like jeans, t shirts, ect. If for some reason he can, he will wear a suit.

Weaponry of choice: Nathan has his trusty butterfly knife with him at all times, mostly to show off his tricks. The overall length of the knife is 10 inches, when closed the length is 5.75 inches long, the blades length is 4.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, the handle's length is 5.4 inches and is 2 inches wide.

Savage 10FP the ammonution used is .338 lapua magnum rounds. The weapon weights 5.10 kg, its tottal length is 45¾ in and the barrel length is 26 inches by 24 inches. It also has a silencer attachment.

Race: Human

Abilities: Nathan is a rather weak fighter, not really one for fisticuffs however as he usually sticks to dirty tactics, poke eyes, kick in groin, ect. He is an adept marksman with pistols, a sniper rifle and some what with a machine guns. His true strength lays within his ingenuity, to figure out a way out of a situation, usually by running away or bluffing his way out.
With training from Iscariot he has reflexes rivaling a category f vampires.

Nathan has some knowledge of tracking and hunting from before he was orphaned and then trained as a sniper after. He is more than adept at camouflage and concealing himself, observing and map reading as well as sniping under various conditions.

Organization: Iscariot

Personality: Nathan is a people person, he can be easy to get along with and have a laugh with, he also is a manipulative, conniving and some what selfish person who lies to just about every person he meets at least once. He is quite adept at being an actor, no doubt he could have been a good one if he wasn't in Iscariot.

Usually he keeps up a cheerful attitude, even when things go sour, hes used to things not going his way and has grown to just keep optimistic thoughts even if he is about to go down. He has a hard time killing people, never really able to get used to it. However with vampires he just puts it down to "doing gods work" but apart of him still feels sour.

He has a soft spots for spy flicks and westerns, he hates love moves. He likes just about all animals and finds a way to find a good number of them cute, but he doesn't like it when some bite.

Rank: Priest

Biography: Before he was orphaned and put into Anderson's orphanage Nathan was from Irland, from a young age he was taught a small bit of hunting his father. His father was killed by a bear while Nathan was there watching helplessly as his father was killed, as the bear began to attack him it was shot several times. After the bear fell to the ground Nathan was greeted by a priest with a machine gun, after inspecting the body the priest took Nathan to Anderson's orphanage, it was here he of course began to learn of the lord and also began his life of lying here too.

The first time he lied was unintentionally , he had accidentally smashed a vase and lied that he didn't do it, for some reason to him it felt right, even though he was taught it was wrong. He started small lies after that. As he was training to become a priest for Iscariot, he noticed he wasn't too keen on fighting up front or even using something like a machine gun or pistol to fight a supernatural creature, instead he went with his fathers way and became a sniper.

For him to become a priest he had to kill a heathen, confused why he had to kill one Nathan simply went to the mission area, he had to kill a priest who betrayed Iscariot, setting up a damn nice spot for a picnic and sniping, it felt rather, easy. As he waited he wondered if the target would even show up, but when he did Nathan wasn't ready for it well, he was more surprised than anything it was the priest who had saved him from the bear, a bit confused he quickly shook it off and sniped him.

On the plane ride back to Italy, he figured that this was a way to show he was committed to his work, but oddly enough he didn't feel saddened by having to kill the man who saved him as a child, but rather than that he felt uneasy. He couldn't nap on the ride back, he kept seeing the mans face as he sniped him, the bullet passing through the mans head, the blood everything was appearing before him as he even closed his eyes.

After that he had spent the years sniping heathens, there faces etching there way into his mind each time he sniped them, but he kept lying to others and perhaps himself that he was "fine". He had gotten the nickname of Loki, it took a while but he was given the nickname due to his way of fighting and tactics he used.

RP sample: Social post: The sky was clear and it was a nice warm day in Rome, Nathan sat at a cafe that was next to a train station, drinking some tea wearing rather casual clothes, a white shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. It was his "day off" in his mind, that meaning he hadn't been ordered to kill anyone that day, he was spending time quickly glancing at people passing. A lady with a small designer bag had walked into the cafe and taken a glance at him, the two looked at each other for a moment, she had ordered coffee and sat near Nathan.

Come here often ? the woman asked, Not as often as I want Nathan replied in a up beat tone, the woman raised a brow Are you perhaps a tourist ?, once again taking a sip of his tea Nathan gave a quick smile Why, yes I am this was a lie. After that he and the woman got into a chat for a while, mainly talking about places to visit.
After the two were done the woman looked at her watch Oh, I need to go she went into her bag and took out a small business card It has my number after that she got up and left.

Battle post: Glancing at a clock in the shop Nathan noticed the time Ah time for work he got up and left he shop, he made his way towards a building across the street into an apartment building that was closer to the train station. As he made his way up the stairs, thoughts began to run through his mind, nagging thoughts about his job, he made his way to the top floor and went into an apartment with several notices on it.

He whistled as he made his way to a closet and pulled out a box that contained his sniper, he was whistling to try and calm himself as the thoughts felt rather persistent today, opening the box he gazed upon the Savage 10FP Well, time for work speaking as he loaded the gun and put the silencer on it he also took a cross from the box. After that he made his way to the roof, a cool wind blew as he put on the cross and readied his weapon, walking towards the edge he knelled down.
He looked across the another building, looking down the scope of his rifle, keeping aim on a window.

It was finally time, his target had arrived when he saw the target his eye twitched ..damn it he saw the woman he had met in the cafe What is she doing here ? as the woman walked on he noticed his target, it was a businessman who had been dealing with some cultists, as he walked by the window, Nathan moved the scope just in front of his face and pulled the trigger.
The bullet pierced through the window and shoot through the mans skull with little effort, Nathan saw the mans face just before the fell to the ground, the memory of his face was engraved onto his memories.

As he quickly made his way towards the roof door to make a hasty getaway, he heard a crash from below What the !? then suddenly the roof door burst open Oh shit quickly Nathan aimed his sniper at the door Shit I should have brought the pistol[/b]. The woman he had met at the cafe walked onto the door that lay on the roof You bastard..you killed him, quickly Nathan was trying to think of a plan he didn't fore see something like this happening.

The woman charged forwards, her fists clenched, Nathan fired off a shot, only for the woman to dodge it, however Nathan had dropped the gun and was already running for the door. [i]I got lucky shes more wild than Yumie, and she seems to be a few levels under her speed
The woman growled as she turned and charged for Nathan, who was already through the doors and near the stairs.

As he turned to check, the woman was already near the door, so he slammed himself against the wall Gah it hurt hitting the wall but the woman had fallen down the stairs. Ouch he said as he looked down the stairs, as he saw the woman getting up.
Oh shit he ran back onto the roof and went into his pocket, he noticed where his sniper was, right in the middle of the roof, This plan better work.
The woman was walking up the stairs, she had hurt her body badly but the adrenalin was keep most of the pain away I'll kill the bastard speaking as she made her way onto the roof, only to have Nathan take out his butterfly knife and stab her in the shoulder, then as she was surprised punch the side of her jaw and run for the sniper.

The surprise didn't last long as the woman just pulled out the knife and threw it away then ran for Nathan DIRTY BASTARD her voice roared, allowing Nathan to know how far she was away form him. He rolled forward and grabbed the sniper but was kicked by the woman to the edge of the roof, as he regained his composure the woman was walking towards him I've got you know you bastard she had the upper hand and was now going to take her time with Nathan, paying him back for killing the man who she loved.

As she was going to pick him up, Nathan in one quick moment had pointed the sniper point blank at her stomach and opened fire, the shot caused the woman stumble back wards as blood pour from the wound, then Nathan shot again at her chest. This caused the woman to fall to her knees T..tricky as Nathan got up he pointed the sniper at her head ..I'm sorry he pulled the trigger.

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PostSubject: Re: Nathan "Loki" (Done)   Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:33 pm

Not a bad start here dude. Still working on this?
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PostSubject: Re: Nathan "Loki" (Done)   Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:22 pm

Who the hell are his parents to get those features?

I suppose it works, incredibly odd genetics aside.

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PostSubject: Re: Nathan "Loki" (Done)   Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:40 pm

Good by me.


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PostSubject: Re: Nathan "Loki" (Done)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Nathan "Loki" (Done)   

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Nathan "Loki" (Done)
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