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 Intro Combi

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PostSubject: Intro Combi   Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:06 pm

Combi started the engine of the old beaten up car that was given to him by the now deceased captor. Before closing the door Combi heard faint police sirens, probably because of the loud gun shots, he continued to close the door and drove off deeper into a better part of the city. After driving for half an hour, Combi pulled into an alley and started to snort some keys. After getting frustrated at how slow his High was getting, he got his knife, cut into a bale of cocaine and smashed it into his face. "I was so fucking hungry!"

Laughing now, Combi realized that the previous owner of the car mentioned money stashed inside. He opened his door and popped the trunk open. He saw Hundred dollar bills bundled in two duffel bags "The American dollar, influencing crime world wide." he guesstimated that he had around fifteen thousand dollars. "This might get me a cozy shack, set up a lab, ammunition, get some materials, and start experimenting."

Combi slapped his front pocket to see if he still felt the paper of the Via-gene formula, but to his dismay, it wasn't there. He reached into his pocket and pulled out lint "Fuck! Those idiots must've kept the formula, i gotta go back!" He slammed both his fists on the car out of rage induced by both anger and cocaine. "I'll piss down the throats of their dead bodies!" Combi got back into his car and drove back to the building that he was held hostage only an hour ago.

When he almost reached the location he noticed Mexican police surrounded the area. "This couldn't get any worse." They had the entire area under control, more than thirty officers walking around. Before giving up and going back to the city, Combi noticed a black van pull up in front of the building. Men dressed in black attire casually walked out, handed a Chief looking police officer a good amount of money and in exchange, the policeman gave the shady guys what looked like the recipe paper. "They got the police on their payroll, fuckers." The main shady individual shook hands with the policeman and drove away. Combi followed, hoping they would lead him to the hornets nest.
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PostSubject: Re: Intro Combi   Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:51 am

The van sped into the City and Combi soon followed. Keeping his distance, Combi knew he couldn't make himself too noticeable. Seemingly unnoticed, Combi followed for an hour until they were deep into the inner city, the van privately parked behind what looked like a club. Knowing he couldn't park there, he parked across from it.

Right after Combi opened his door, the music from the club blared in his ears.


"Fuck this shitty music." Combi left his shotgun in the car, knowing it was extremely difficult to keep concealed;His suppressed MP9, M9, and Combat knife were easily hidden. He grabbed some adrenaline needles, drug packets, and kept a small baggy of hallucinogenic powder under his tongue. He made sure his knife holster had some H-powder sitting in it to coat his knife with the toxin. After prepping, he made his way towards the club.

Outside club goers almost payed no mind to Combi, most dressed the same since the club goers were junkies. Some noticed the blood and cocaine smears on him, but thought maybe it was fake and just a costume. Before passing the entrance of the club he was stopped by a bouncer.

'Ey, no puedes entrar.' The bouncer held his incredibly massive arm in front of the entrance.

Combi reached into his pocket, and slapped a small pack of cocaine into the bouncers hand. The bouncer nodded and allowed Combi to pass. The music got deafly loud the closer Combi got to the dance floor. He looked around and saw party goers dancing with glow sticks, swinging glow hoola hoops, some even had glow batons. He hated everyone in the building, disgusting people, weaklings who deserve to die.

As his hatred was building up, he felt the urge to grab his knife and just embed it into the closest neck he could find. His hand slithered to his knife holster, but before he could pull it out, he saw the shady men from the van walking near the crowd. They entered a room that seemed to lead upstairs into a tinted glass room which loomed on the ceiling of the building. Combi had just noticed the glass room; he looked up and stared into the glass, feeling a pair of eyes stare right back.

He then fixed his eyes on the entrance that lead to the glass room upstairs. It had highly armed guards surround it. "Fuck, how am i gunna get in there." As soon as the last word left his mouth, he felt two massive hands turn him around. 'Ey, El jefe quiere que usted' Combi looked confused, that's when the man laughed and said 'the boss want see you'

Combi played along, knowing he wasn't in immediate trouble since the man was a bit cheery. He lead Combi passed the armed guards 'Hey this guy is good, treat him like royalty.' the guards nodded after getting a good look at Combi. The man opened the door and lead Combi upstairs after closing the door; shutting out the club music completely. ' Those mercs are american, they don't know spanish for shit' he laughed. Combi didn't laugh but the man didn't seem to notice, he kept his cheerful demeanor.

In the middle of the stairs, the door ahead of them had opened, spilling out the shady men from the van. They walked downstairs, giving Combi weird looks. Combi felt his hand shake and reach for his knife but before he could do anything else, the man ahead of him said 'we're here.'

He opened the second door, leading to the inside of the glass tinted room. There was a nervous looking man in a lab coat in one of the guest seats, in front him was a short man with a ridiculously thick and bushy mustache who sat in a king like throne seat. Combi guessed he was the 'jefe'

'i bet you're wondering why you're here, dont'ya' the man said with a strong Texan accent.

Combi nodded, keeping his sinister disposition.

'Well Mr., we confiscated a lil baggy of blow from our bouncer Pablo, and had a lil taste of it. I gotta say, that shit was some of the purest blow i've ever had!' he laughed.

Combi didn't budge.

'Now, down to business, i wanted to know if you were willing to sell some of that personally to me.' he looked up at Combi

Combi still didn't answer. This irritated jefe but he tried not to show it, still wanting to buy from Combi. Before he could ask again, his guest in a lab coat spoke out 'Sir, i know cocaine is important to you but we really need to focus on the Via-gene shortage. We have absoloutly no via-gene and the higher ups want another batch, we haven't even experimented on it.'

Combi had his eyes fixed on the scientist, he noticed a piece of paper sticking out from his pocket. That is when Combi noticed that there were only two people he had to dispose of for him to kidnap the scientist. The guards outside were going to be the biggest challenge.

The man who lead Combi into the glass room went to the small mini bar that was in the room and started to fix himself a drink.

'Look, blow always comes first, you know that. So why dont ye get your beaker and your microscope and your errm uuuuh whatever the fuck else you scientists play with, and make more of that via-gene shit.' He picked up a duffel bag and put it on the table.

'That's got the address of the new lab i bought, i still need to put it into the system so that the higher ups know exactly where it is, all they know is that i purchased a new lab. The bag has some cash, some equipment for the lab, go on git!' he threw the bag at the scientist who struggled to catch and carry it. The scientist pressed his glasses back up while trying to find a way to carry the heavy bag.

Combi moved the bag from under his tongue, bit into it and sprayed it into Jefe's face, he then took out his suppressed MP9 and unloaded half of the thirty round clip into the back of the 'Jefe's' huge body guard who had just finished making his drink. 'Ey buey' the man collapsed to the ground.

Jefe was paralyzed by shock and the narcotic but once Combi turned and pointed the weapon at him, he started slapping his pockets trying to find his pistol. Without a good grip on reality, it took him a while to find his pistol. Once he found it, he desperately clawed at it to bring it up, but only managed to barely take it out of the holster before Combi unloaded three rounds into his small chest.

Combi put his MP9 away and pulled out his pistol and aimed it at the scientist who stayed paralyzed in his chair holding his hands up "You're going to do everything i say, lets go" The scientist nodded rapidly and scrambled to pick up the bag, only able to carry it cause of the sudden rush of adrenaline. Combi had the gun discretely dug into the scientists back while they exited the room.

Once out the door, the Mercs looked at Combi and the scientist, unaware of what had happened. They nodded and kept looking onto the dance floor. Combi took the scientist outside and headed for the car.

Before Combi was able to put his pistol away and reach for his keys, he was picked up by the bouncer 'Ey you little shit, you got me busted with that cocaine!' Combi didn't hesitate, while picked up off his feet he emptied his M9's clip into the gigantic brute. The giant collapsed and everyone on the street panicked and ran in every direction. He put his pistol away, grabbed his keys and got into the car with the scientist.

"Give me those directions to the lab NOW!" Combi yelled.

The scientist clawed desperately at the bag, and nervously told Combi the address.
Combi back handed the scientist "Does it look like i fucking know my way around mexico, tell me where this place is!"

'Sorry sorry sorry please don't kill me, this is where you go.'

The scientist lead Combi into the outskirts of Mexico City, and headed towards the lab.

-------> Combi's Lab

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PostSubject: Re: Intro Combi   Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:15 pm

---> Into The Streets

The bitter cold winds stabbed at combi's face as he pushed forward against them. "Should've brought a fucking jacket." he grumbled. The night's darkness was fought off by the city lights, but the alley ways succumbed to its grasp, intimidating passerbys as they stared into its seemingly endless abyss. Combi noticed a flick of movement from his periph', but was slow to react as the cold metal from the end of a pistol's icy barrel dug into the left side of his skull.

"Give me your fucking money!" the dirty weathered man threatened.

Keeping a calm disposition, Combi slowly reached into his wallet with his right hand, keeping his left hand submissively in the air while his right hand slithered into his back pocket. Slowly lifting his wallet from his back pocket, the assailant dug his pistol deeper into Combi's head, insisting Combi not to try anything funny.

Combi raised the plump wallet to the face of the assailant.

"Why the fuck are you giving it to my face?" He reached out with his left hand to snatch the wallet from Combi, switching his focus from his pistol to Combi's head, to his current objective of taking the wallet.

Once Combi felt the pressure of the pistol's barrel decrease and wander away from his head, his pinky activated the trigger to the hallucinogenic gas in his wrist which was still in close proximity to his assailant's face. The chemical spewed a thick mist which the assailant inhaled as he gasped from surprise, and started firing his pistol into every direction.

Not having enough time to pull his pistol out of its holster, Combi activated the blades in his boots. He grabbed the man's weapon wielding arm with his left hand and exerted enough force to keep the pistol aimed away from him as his right hand reached over the assailant's back pulling him closer to increase the impact of his lunged right boot that pierced into the stomach of the assailant.

The force of the blow completely winded the man, dropping his weapon, and eventually dropping to his knees. "God no, please, God help me!" the man sobbed, staring into the beautiful starlit sky, as his mouth filled with blood. His life raced through his mind; he remembered his childhood life, the happiness that fulfilled him as he played outside so care free, he then remembered his loving family and how he wish he could just go back and make everything right. "Mama" he chocked, his eyes shut tight "I didn't mean the things i said, Mama!"

Combi stared at the fellow junky, unable to muster any empathy, just contributing blank disposition.

"Please take me back mama, i wanna go home, please!" His eyes still shut, spewing bitter tears of regret and anguish. Combi placed his forehead adjacent to the man "Shhhshhhh everything's going to be okay." Combi slowly laid the man on the cold cement, receiving no resistance. His eyes still closed, held shut by his dried tears "Mama..mama...mama" his voice faded in volume. "Go to sleep."

"I'm sorry mama....." Combi stared as the man's last breath condensed and disappeared into the night sky.

As he stood up onto his feet, he suddenly experienced an excruciatingly painful headache, memories of Alan's mother and father flashed before his eyes; just as fast as they had appeared, they vanished. Shaking his head in frustration Combi recollected himself, and marched forward, the icy wind greeting his face once more. "Papa."

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PostSubject: Re: Intro Combi   

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Intro Combi
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