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 Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:09 am

I've seen all 10 OVA's, read none of the manga.

Birth Name: Alan Caroliaus Alias: Combi

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: (Self-descriptive;6”2 Frosty Blue eyes, previously blonde is now black hair, 190 lbs. Medium build. Previously a well postured soldier looking fellow, is now a hunched looking junkie. Mohawk hairstyle. Very Pale. Because he tends to hunch, his tallness really isn't noticed. Years of D.E.A. training have given him a soldier physique. His skin is very crusty and pale due to high drug dosage. His disposition is sinister, no matter if he is happy or indifferent. He is not a giant, nor is he a super soldier looking male. The only way he is able to intimidate anyone else is through his appearance of being completely deranged.

Before Incident

After Via-Gene Exposure

Clothing of choice: Tattered black Tiger Striped military uniform, G.I. Tiger Striped military pants, white+black make up on the face. Black Make up across the eyes. G.I. Combat Boots. Combi isn’t much of a fashionista, he’ll wear whatever is around or whatever he can pick off dead bodies. Prefers army uniforms, smears them with blood if he has the chance. Wears deeply tinted sunglasses cause bright lights hurt him. Black Gloves. Likes to dress in dark colors, goes for an intimidating appearance to repel any social interaction.

Weaponry of choice:Standard Government Issued Suppressed MP9 SMG ,Standard Beretta M9 Pistol, Standard Combat Knife, a Mossberg Maverick short barreled shotgun. RECENTLY ACQUIRED: a small portable Hallucinogenic dispenser that Combi can have under his sleeve to quickly spray into the faces of anyone who gets too close, working a bit like mace and two switch blades hidden into Combi's boots, customized with Silver tips engraved to look like white flames

Race: Human

Abilities: (The ability of your character befitting his/her/its race.) Combi still has his small arms training from his previous life as a D.E.A. Agent. He now uses high doses of multiple narcotics which heighten his senses and abilities without the chance of an overdose(Enduring Strength,No Fatigue). The Via-Gene infinitely regenerates cells to replace cells that have been exhausted by the high drug usage, cannot replace cells that have been physically damaged (Meaning, the Via-Gene's only ability is to make sure combi does not Over Dose, nothing more, it was only named Via-Gene by eager drug lords. Does not give any super human qualities, other than helps upkeep the body from heavy drug usage). Adrenaline Shots for increased awareness and combat capability. drug packets for instant relief of pain. Hallucinogenic powder that he keeps to disorient enemies, the powder minorly impairs judgment, and the senses; generating imaginary replicas of Combi and characters from the victims imagination. Withdrawal can kill Combi but nearing death from withdrawal makes Combi more powerful and desperate. Making for a formidable cornered foe.

(And no he isn't bane, the Via-Gene didn't give him super mutant strength, mutant limb regeneration or anything like that, he's pretty much just a human that can't OD. Via-Gene does work sort of like Venom, if the body rejects it, you have a 75% chance of dieing or going insane.)

Organization: Rogue

Personality: (How does your character feel? Act? Socialize? React to battle? Be descriptive about this.) Multiple drug usage has made Combi a bit more primal, and less likely to socialize. Impulses can quickly take over and override any rational behavior that was previously being displayed. He is still able to devise schemes and plans, but once on a high dosage of substances he is unpredictable. He is still susceptible to withdrawal if he is away from his stash for too long, making him completely primal and WILL display extreme animosity towards anyone who gets in his way of his fix. In battle, Combi will inject himself with an adrenaline shot to increase his chances of survival. When he runs out of ammunition, and is backed into a corner, he will inject himself with 3 shots of adrenaline and hack/slash his way out of the situation. He is extremely anti-social, and is only interested in creating recipes for new narcotics to feed his hunger. Will only collaborate with anyone he can benefit from, but even then, will stab them in the back once they’ve exhausted their usefulness.

Rank: Rogue, previously Squad Leader of a now deceased 6 man team.


Born in Sweden, but raised in America, Alan grew up with a hunger for justice. Watching TV shows of cops getting the bad guy fascinated Caroliaus. He had a normal upbringing as an American, but when he was 10 his father was murdered by a small time Drug Lord failed assassination attempt. Mistaking Caroliaus's father with someone else, the Assassin was not caught. Raised by his widowed mother, Caroliaus joined the D.E.A when he was 18, hoping to catch his father's murderer.
Alan Caroliaus worked in the D.E.A. for the United States government since he was eighteen years old. After 5 years of desk and minor field service, he was selected for a Drug Raiding Task Force called The Velvet Raiders. He surpassed his superior’s expectations, shutting down multiple drug trafficking rings in South America and South East Asia in just three years. He was trained to resist physical/psychiatric torture, produce counter intelligence, anti-guerilla warfare, narcotic information, and small arms training.
Alan later became the leader of The Velvet Raiders, a specialized squad of six and was sent on a highly classified mission in Central America. Intel reported that Central American drug lords were creating their own synthetic drug that would be added into their supply of heroin that would make their users immune to overdoses, hoping that would increase profits world wide;Raking in multiple millions into their pockets. Before the U.S. Government can fully intervene, they needed The Velvet Raiders to confirm the Intel by infiltrating a known stash house and retrieving the supposed narcotic.
A quick and stealthy helicopter ride took Alan and the five other members of the Raiders to a stash house in southern Mexico. The raiders disposed of the residing narcotic goons, and infiltrated the stash house. Before the team was able to successfully retrieve a sample of the highly synthetic narcotic named “Via-Gene”, a grenade had went off and broke the vials containing the powdered drug. The goon was quickly taken down, but not before the drug had entered the system of the team. All six members, including Alan, immediately felt the effects of the drug;It drove them all into pure madness. The drug was highly unstable, unpredictable, and untested. Alan fell to his knees, screamed and pulled at his hair. He then, uncontrollably grabbed his weapon and inexplicably shot at one of his members. Unloading a ludicrous amount of ammunition into one body, he then grabbed his knife and started to carve the dead body. His fellow members followed in the similar steps to madness, shooting and stabbing each other until Alan was the last man standing.
Cutting into his former squad mates, he dipped his hands into their blood and used it to hold up his Mohawk like a gel. Losing his grip on reality, a new personality arose from the darkest confines of his mind. He carved his new name into his chest ‘Combi’ then walked out of the stash house with bags, vials, and recipes of drugs. “I need to set up shop, create my own supply, I need more….more…more.” Tattered and bloodied, Combi walked off into the streets of Mexico.
Alan Caroliaus, along with his squad mates, were labeled M.I.A. Combi now has an uncontrollable hunger for narcotics, an unknown side affect of Via-Gene.

RP sample: (This applies to all members and the sample needs to be 3 posts long minimum, and will include the style of your RPing, and a segment of a battle post.)

Combi adjusted his sunglasses, the sun was pissing him off. As he entered a small slum he quickly noticed the people were frightened of him. The pale flesh and blood splattered clothing made the people keep their distance. Combi liked the intimidation that he was giving off, it worked as a repellent to keep disgusting filthy people away from him. He made sure to show off his weapons, the metal glistening in the sun, it struck fear into the people. His stomach grumbled from hunger, he rubbed his belly and walked towards a food stand, scaring off the female vendor.
"Don't mind if i do." Combi started pigging out. He heard someone rushing towards him from behind, but before he could turn around the back of his head was hit with the stock of an AK-47.

Waking up with a monstrous headache, Combi let out a guttural groan "God damn." He tried to raise his hand to his head but realized he was tied to a chair. "The hell?" He looked up and into the murky green eyes of his captor. 'Morning you little shit' the Hispanic accent was so thick it made Combi laugh. 'Oh you think this shit is funny?' he pistol whipped Combi in the face. 'You think destroying our entire supply of that experimental shit is funny? That shit is worth more than you and your entire fucking D.E.A.' He threw Combi's recovered badge at his face. 'You clown looking mother fucker.'

Double doors suddenly opened 'Ay Reyes, the boys are going to pick his ass up in two hours' and quickly stepped outside. 'Did you hear that cabrón, boss man wasn't too happy with what you did, and once we put you in their van they're going to take you to the darkest pits of hell.' Combi noticed the table across the room had most of his gear. "You think you and your boyfriend over there can hold me long enough?" Combi smirked. 'We got four guys outside and in two hours there's gunna be more, so you better shut your damn mouth, we got this place surrounded.' "Good to know" Combi whispered. 'The fuck did you say?' the captor got closer to Combi.

Combi head butted his captor and used his unbound legs to waddle to the table. The man recovered and tried to restrain Combi, unable to kill him cause they needed him alive for torture. Combi knew since his hands were bound he wouldn't be able to use his guns, so he bit into a bag of Hallucinogenic drugs, opened, and spit the powder into the man's face. Thanks to the Via-gene, Combi was lightly affected to the narcotic but his captor suffered. The man screamed and alerted his partners outside. He rubbed his eyes and tried to get a grasp on reality, the room was spinning and there were now four more figures in the room that he was trying to recognize; but they all suddenly took the likeness of Combi. He panicked and shot one of the figures dead.

'The hells the matter with you!' the three other Combis shouted as they started to rush towards him to try to subdue him. ' No! Fuck you! How! What is this?!' He shot another of his partners in confusion, not fatally wounding him. The others saw no choice but to end this with a bullet to their partners head. The small fire fight had ended with two of the five men dead, one injured pressing down on his neck, and the rest confused. While all this was happening, Combi was able cut himself free grab his Shotgun and flipped the table over for cover.

'Oh shit, its that agent! Kill him!' The three men shot at the steel table, very few bullets penetrated but a couple nicked Combi in the left arm. He picked up an adrenaline needle and injected it into his heart "I feel.. like a God!" He arose from cover and shot at the two men, in a close engagement with the Mossberg Maverick short barreled shotgun, it was almost no contest. With one shot, one man was sent flying as the other suffered from stray buck shot. The last man fell to the floor, near the previously injured man who had bled out. 'Look, buddy, i can help you, i got money and all the blow you could ever need.' Combi lowered his shotgun "Keep talkin'"

'I'm just hired muscle man, i have nothing against you. Here, take my keys, there's a small car outside with a bit of money and some blow. It all yours, just spare me man, i had nothing to do with this.' He tossed his keys to Combi. Combi caught the keys and placed them in his pocket. "hej då." Combi shot the man's head clean off. He reclaimed his gear, got into the man's car and drove off.

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PostSubject: Re: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:53 pm

Need that first question.

More physical description. We don't take kindly to lists 'round here.

Same with clothes concerning listing.

If you have some kind of super gene, you'd be a special human. Also, I don't understand how that works. You'll have to be more descriptive of it or you can't have it.

What was this guy before he was a drug busting D.E.A. agent?

Velvet Raiders...? Okay, then.

Not normally picky on time, but when was this Middle East drug thing? If it's any time after 2001, they could really just run in there during any of the numerous military operations and see what they could find, having no need to go find proof of it.

So he just walked off into the desert covered in blood with an open wound and bags of drugs? Doesn't sound like he'd last too long out there, especially in the territory of his enemies. What happened after this? Where is he now?

RP sample has no social post. You have to actually talk to someone else. Also, that fights seems incredibly unrealistic; doesn't matter how many drugs you're on, people are going to shoot you after you just killed their friend, and there's not much you can do when your back is turned to them. Is your drug like Venom? Did you turn into Bane there? I also find it hard to believe no one noticed an entire village being destroyed at any time during or after that whole thing happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:10 pm

Understood, taking everything into consideration. (Back To The Lab)
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PostSubject: Re: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:44 pm

Fixed just about everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:58 pm

Like that he has a reason for being what he is now.

Making them Mexican seems more realistic, too.

The prospect of using drugs as a weapon is pretty interesting. I'm going to call you Snowflame now.

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PostSubject: Re: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:19 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:14 pm

Fun times.


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PostSubject: Re: Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]   

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Combi (Alan Caroliaus) [FINISHED]
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