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 Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:15 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
Name: Captain Hans Günsche

Age: 177 years old Born: 27/4/1838

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:

Human Form:

He’s well-built and quite stocky but not overly so; he stands at the height of six foot eleven inches weighs 250 pounds. His face rarely shows emotion but he normally shows emotion and any changes of it through his eyes. They change to red when he’s experiencing powerful emotion. He is clean shaven and doesn’t display facial hair. His body language is usually laid back but threatening. His face is sharp and hard, though his jacket normally conceals this along with the cap this makes his face extremely hard to see. Although when he's not wearing this it becomes clear that his hair is almost grey, yet slightly blonde if you look at it hard enough. Though his hair is extremely pale in colour, his skin is extremely pale with a slightly darkened colour to it a blemished white. It's unusually thin, being quite disheveled it shows he doesn't care much about his physical appearance; least of all his hair.
His teeth in human form aren't usually seen, this is mainly due to the fact that he never opens his mouth to speak. But when he dies we see that his teeth are quite regularly sized except for fairly large incisors; this helps to reflect his monstrous werewolf powers. Though when his full face it is shown his jaw line is strong like most of his features.

He becomes a classic ‘wolf man’ he sprouts silver untidy fur, his height increases to about 7 feet 6 inches, while his hands and possibly his feet take on a clawed paw like appearance. His eyes turn red; he retains all his abilities in this form. He grows a muzzle and wolf ears, his muscles become slightly more pronounced while he fills out his coat a lot more. Otherwise it’s slightly baggy on him.

Feral/Wolf Form:
His fur tends to be slightly more white than silver in this form. On all fours he’s still far bigger than Seras, he stands over ten feet tall on all fours. His Fur becomes slightly messy, while in mist wolf form though. Energy seems to crackle along his furs while his limbs take on a distorted look, while his fur seems to ripple.

Clothing of choice: A plain Green M42 greatcoat decorated at the top of the left arm with the Nazi Eagle, an officers cap adorned with the totenkopf symbol, it is Slightly creased due to age. The peak is slightly brown-ish; he is usually seen wearing brown leather gloves. He also has Brown combat boots, dulled down due to the fact that uniform isn’t usually ironed or boots polished when attack or combat is expected. Adding to this he has standard green combat trousers that are tidy and whole. Yet again aren’t ironed. His great coat is extremely long at the back reaching his heels. The one material possession that he seems to value is his dog tags, he always makes sure they're tucked underneath his uniform; he never takes them off.

Weaponry of choice: He carries two modified Mauser C96s with elongated barrels, Specifications:
Effective range 300-400m [2]

Feed system 10 round internal magazine fed by stripper clip or removable magazine
Sights V-notch rear tangent sight adjustable up to 1000 meters, inverted V front sight

Cartridge 7.63 x 25mm Mauser
Muzzle: Modified to a metre in length (doubles range)
One 14 inch long German Gun Bayonet.

Race: Elder Lycanthrope

Abilities: Lycanthropes who have either lived long enough (one-hundred and seventy years at least) to mature into these powerful werewolves, or those who possess the same abilities as one due to their development. They are the epitome of Lycanthropy, just as the True Nosferatu is the epitome of vampirism. As such, they are regarded as the highest class there is, and are often powerful in their own right. They have no need for a guardian and can fend for themselves though and though. Traits: Steel-like skin (The Captains skin could stand Walters wires being wrapped around his neck, they can rip through steel), weakness to blessed and silver weaponry, instantaneous regeneration, massive super strength, agility, stamina, reflexes, durability and senses, ability to transform into a Lycanthrope (humanoid wolf form, feral form, beast form), the ability to transform back into a human when willed. He is also able to turn into mist, this is shown when he's fighting Seras. He is also an expert in hand to hand combat.

Organization: Millennium

Personality: He never speaks, alongside this he barely ever shows signs of emotion. But in his own way he is a stoic and loyal individual, this is shown by the fact that he always carries out orders. His expression really changes. Partly due to the fact he doesn’t care about communicating, ever since he was given to the Major he has gotten used to taking orders more and more. His world revolves around this so he is more than willing to defend it. He clings to this; it’s his one last link to the world. But no matter what he's doing he's always mindful of his own code of honor to people he considers worthy of compassion, this is shown when he gives Heinkel a first aid kit after putting a hole in her cheek rather than kill her.

One of his defining features though is his urge to end it all, he finds the world and the constant fighting depressing. He wants to end it all. This is shown when he gives Seras the means to kill him, he just wants to die in a way that he can be proud of. He doesn't like the immortality, finding the prospect of being around forever daunting. Proving this is his death. He only looked happy and showed emotion when he was about to die, it was the one time he was free of everything.

He doesn’t get angry or upset he keeps himself under control, it’s how he survives. He has to carry out orders so in response he simply ceases to care. It’s his protection mechanism. By not caring then he can’t be hurt by anything. When he tried to speak

Rank: Hauptsturmführer

Biography: Hans Günsche was born in 1840 to two pureblood werewolves; The Captain was taught from a young age that it’s better to listen than speak. Aside from this he also learnt to keep away from people unless they were to recognise him for what he was. Yet he opened up to another child once when he was six, and he made a friend. Yet soon afterward his parents realised what was going on, Hans was beaten severely for that incident. And every time he tried to see his friend after that it happened again, he learnt the lesson quickly. Friends and emotional attachment meant nothing but pain. Soon after his fifteenth birthday though with a present he always kept with him afterwards, his dog tags. They were found; a slayer that had come from the Vatican the fight was bitter but in the end the Iscariot was killed, but Hans’s parents died defending their son. He was left alone, yet he survived on pure willpower.

That and the things he was taught as a child. No friends no relationships or attachments, after that incident he ceased to speak. The fear of the same thing happening again shocked him into becoming a mute. He had the idea in his head that if he did speak then the same would happen to him, he associated the act of speaking with his parents slaying. After a while he just found it more comfortable not to speak. It made things easier; you stayed out of silly things like arguments and social lives.

At the age of 84 Hans realised that things were going wrong for his country, people were out of work and it was becoming harder for him to find work. So like a lot of other people he turned to an extremist party. Specifically the Nazi Party of Adolf Hitler, persuaded by the speeches and the promise of freedom and an end to the treaty of Versaille he signed up for the SS, Hitler’s personal bodyguard his strength and physical prowess got him a place quite easily.

In 1923 after the Munich Putsch failed he was left languishing in a jail until 1933, when Hitler came to power he was released from his cell and was put back into an SS uniform. In that same year he took part in the night of the long knives and became one of the party’s greatest weapons. The way the Nazi party viewed the world didn’t appeal to the Captain but like most he’d seen the country on its knees. But now he had a future that was the main thing, having something to live for meant more than anything else. And that could’ve been ripped away if he didn’t listen to his party and his Fuhrer.

In 1938 though something happened that reinforced his loyalty to the party. When news spread around the world of Kristallnacht, Hans realised he was completely tied to Hitler and the Nazi’s. His opinions ceased to matter on the subject of anything. Only Hitler was keeping him from trials for the things he did. He’d never felt so powerless, so after that his voice just seemed to leave him.

So when the war started he was more than willing to go into the Waffen-SS, he was put on the front line. In all the battles he survived without using his wolf form. But in a bloody field near Paris his unit was outnumbered, he did the only thing he could. Choosing to turn into his gigantic wolf form he charged the allied forces that had amassed. He crushed them in minutes; every man there was crushed by the werewolf. And after that there wasn’t any hiding his secret, he was immediately taken out of combat after that incident.

In 1942 he was handed over to a scientist known simply as ‘the doctor’ he was experimented on for months due to the fact the man wanted to expand his knowledge of the supernatural. It was helpful to the project, the more known about the supernatural the more chance FREAKS would become a reality.

He was put through all sorts of horrors in the doctor’s bunker, he had his identity stripped away and replaced with one thing. Loyalty to the Major, the Major above all, it was the only thing that mattered to him after the pain had been stopped. And after months had gone by he was handed to the head of the project as a gift, a perfect guard that would never let him perish.

Millennium was shattered though in Warsaw Poland when two Hellsing Operatives a 14 year old Walter and the Vampire Alucard destroyed the facility. Sending Millennium into exile, the fruits of years of work were destroyed and the survivors were sent running

After the end of the war, he accompanied the Major into exile in South America. He helped to build Millennium back from the ground up. Using the doctors surviving research an army of FREAKS was soon amassed. But Britain was remembered and in 1999 Millennium was prepared to take revenge, long overdue revenge.

During the Invasion of England while trying to capture Walter, The Captain was confronted by Alucard and Father Anderson. Upon seeing the strength of the two and Alucard’s counter, The Captain backed off. He needed to be alive, not dead after a fight. He decided he’d pick the time of the fight. No-one else would intrude on a fight between him and the Vampire that’d almost destroyed The Major all those years ago.

RP sample: Standing to The Majors right, the captain was ready for a fight. The full moon was ever so close and it was driving him insane. The FREAK was giving a report on a recent clash with some Hellsing operatives in Asia, It
Und zere is no’ing to do eer he didn’t normally find a problem with guarding the Major. But it was just too frustrating hearing about all the carnage without getting to join in. He had self-control but lately he had been kept in for too long. The war in London had woken up something he’d thought dead for a long time. Now his dark passenger was back; and ready to reap destruction on the world.

He kept his outside passive though and tucked his head more into his coat; he had to concentrate on what was going on. If he didn’t then who knew what might happen. There was a slight draft as the Doctor entered the room. He immediately went up to the Major, “You need to send reinforcements” he didn’t try and conceal the impatience in his voice.
“Well, we might as well go there directly” He turned to face Captain Hans “Prepare for Battle”
Staring blankly back giving no response Hans made his way towards the barracks section, towards his Billet. Within a few hours he’d be in battle.

Humming as he dropped from the blimp the captain was empty as always this didn’t mean a thing to him but he had to do it. He wasn’t in the position to question orders; he hit the ground and walked towards the closest vampire. His hand snapped forwards and caught his opponent in the neck. Without breaking stride he killed his first opponent.
hopefully one of these weaklings will end it for me
Two more came towards him, his pistol came out
dust to dust then he saw the main challenge. Running forwards he saw what he was sure must be a class A vampire. His foot came up in an arc. The attack was blocked. A gun came up firing.
Hans grunted as the bullets burst out his body, the holes closed as soon as they appeared.
He turned to mist. Blazing around his opponent he went for a killing blow, his hand went through its chest. It turned to dust. Looking around grimly The Captain went pressed forwards. It’d never end, never.
9th November 1938
Hans Marched In the front rank, his rifle shouldered and his uniform pressed. The blazing of the drums delighted the animal inside of him. Without realising it Hans’s mouth opened as all the SS voices roared up in song. It was the only thing he seemed to open his mouth for now days the national anthem:

“Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.
Von der Maas bis an die Memel,
Von der Etsch bis an den Belt,
|: Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt! Neutral

The bangs grew louder echoing, throughout the street people closed their windows they didn’t want to see. The cobblestones belied the sounds of highly polished drill boots, blazingly shiny in the light of the red setting sun.


Everything stopped the men had reached their destination. They had been smashing up shops all day, but this was the real deal. The Untermensch there were armed. It seems that they wanted to ‘try it on’ with the SS.

“Herr’s Hans, und Sigmund, und Galrich” the drill sergeant nodded at the three of them in the front rank “get in zere, Now!”
The three of them dismissed, the sounds of their boots were perfectly co-ordinated. The oaken door into the house was cracked and damaged but stood. He kicked it open with a kick, his face unchanging. The house smelled strongly of booze, and he detected a hint of stale urine. Walking into the living room he gestured to the other two to go check upstairs. He smelled fear here, the room stank of it.
The place was sparsely furnished and a tall cupboard stood in the corner, the scent was seeping from there. He raised his rifle, and pulled the trigger. His bullet sailed in and there was a small exhale of breath. Then the smell of blood permeated the air and filled his nostrils. He walked slowly towards it and opened the door, inside was dead little girl. She was wearing a red dress, giving an exhale of breath Hans was lost for words, he couldn’t speak. He fell to his knees. Was his freedom from shackles worth this?

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:33 pm

Canon auditions are subtle things, especially when we're talking about one of the most powerful characters in the series. Because of that, I gotta go through here with a fine toothed comb to make sure everything lines up. I found a few points that I think need to be addressed so let's go through them one by one.

1. "His great coat is extremely long at the back reaching his heels." this line should be in the Clothing section, not the physical appearance. Going off that, the Physical Appearance section needs a bit more detail. What's his hair like in human form? What's his skin color? What are his teeth like?

2. Forgot his dog tags in the Clothing Section. It wouldn't be big normally but those tags were shown in the Seras fight to possess some meaning to the Captain so they should definitely be mentioned.

3. " He can also take on a mist like form, such as when he takes on Seras but it isn’t certain what material it is." So you're saying Hans doesn't know what the material is? Even though we as fans aren't spoonfed the answer, you have the ability (and responsibility) of taking a clear stance on what it is for your portrayal of Hans.

4. (Personality) "He never speaks normally and when he does it isn’t much or isn’t spoken properly." Hans doesn't talk period. Even in the final episode of the OVA when he opens his mouth to supposedly laugh while dying, no sound comes out. The only sound that I recall him making in the series is a howl in his full wolf form. In addition to that, you didn't mention his code of honor about unworthy opponents he displayed when he merely put a hole in Heinkel's cheek and left her a first aid kit and you made no mention of his death seeker tendencies. He provides Seras with the means to kill him in their battle and looks genuinely happy for the first time when she kills him. Like many immortal creatures and members of Millenium, Hans is looking for a battle he can die fufilled fighting.

5. (RP Sample) You have him talking in a garbled manner to one of the npc vamps. Hans doesn't talk. In the second sample it seems rather odd to see Hans droping to his knees over a random girl. That being said, you explained that he adopted his Terminator schtick after being studied by Dok which would have happened after that sample so I'm fine with it.

I'm a bit nervous handing off one of the most powerful characters in the series to a relatively new member and the confusion in the practice fight I overheard last night worsened my fears. However, when our last Alucard came in to take the big red reins he and I had a practice fight with him as Alucard so we could see how he'd perform in the roll itself. If you'd like, I'm happy to take you on as Hans to see how well you'd really do in a real fight. Alternatively, if you'd rather fight somebody else that works too. Point is, I need to see you posting as Hans so I'm sure the role is in good hands.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:40 am

I agree with everything angelus said, and more. You have to know the character in and out with extra from what the typical fan knows. I myself found out on a hell sing DVD that hirano said Integra is also part of a secret society. A canon is something you have to be dedicated to you have to become one with them. Go through their past with them, the present, and the future. Learn to become them if you have to unless you are already naturally like them like myself. Unlike Andy though I am not sure this complex a character should be in your hands so I need some convincing.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]   Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:38 pm

Hmm, this is tough. I can tell you have passion for the character but after looking at our practice fight as well as your previous fights using Heinrich and Gaius I'm just not comfortable with leaving Hans in your hands at the moment. That being said, with experience comes skill, and boy does it come quickly. I'm sure that after a little time you'll be fully capable of playing Hans to his fullest but as it stands I think you should settle into your OCs for a bit and develop. You'll get there dude, just give it a bit of time.


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PostSubject: Re: Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]   Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:10 pm

Going to have to disapprove as well. I wanted to give you another chance in a fight against me (cranked up to be even), but I'm not in the position to do that right now for various reasons. If you haven't already, read and watch The Dawn for that extra boost on the Captain. Really try to dissect him.

In short, try again in a bit. What you have is good, just not good enough.

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]   

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Captain Hans Temp [FINISHED]
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