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 Director Steeler

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PostSubject: Director Steeler   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:34 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. All.

Name: Major James Tiberius Steeler.

Age: 53.

Gender: Superman punching Ben Boxer’s guts out can’t even describe how manly this man is.

Physical appearance: As grizzled and toughened as a man can be, Steeler’s last name is not for show. A large built man even in his old age, he easily dwarfs most adult men at a height of 6 feet, 9 inches. A full gray beard and moustache match his well-trimmed hair. Dark blue eyes, unblinking, always give a threatening glare at those who would try to disobey him. A hard face and average sized nose compliment his serious demeanor. His body is littered with scars from his escapades in Vietnam.

Clothing of choice: While on the job, Steeler prefers to wear a loose fitting, three button, black business suit, complete with dark red dress shirt and black tie. Black dress shoes, shined to perfection, are worn on his feet over black, monogrammed socks. In his pocket is a dark gray handkerchief, also monogrammed. To support his pants is a black leather belt with a silver buckle. On his wrist is a silver Rolex watch with a black face.

Off duty will usually see him in anything that is comfortable and breathable. This will often lead to a T-shirt of varying color and blue jeans with brown loafers, along with whatever else he may feel like wearing.
He rarely wears any form of military fatigue anymore, though, when the need calls for it, he will dress in whatever kind of equipment is around at the time.

Weaponry of choice: As a pants-wettingly terrifying man, Steeler obviously carries an equally terrifying gun. Enter the Magnum Research .45-70 Government Hand Cannon, a six shot, chrome colored, black rubber gripped revolver that fires .45-70 caliber rifle cartridges (this is a real gun). Despite being utterly impractical and impossible to fire with one hand, simply wielding this large weapon is enough to induce fear in his workers – the main reason he carries it. It is kept on his right hip in a belt holster (the barrel hanging far below).

Race: Human.

Abilities: Being a human, Steeler has no unnatural abilities. He is, however, highly trained in boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and has a decent knowledge of Judo. He is strong enough, even in his old age, to take down untrained combatants in their physical prime. Unfortunately, due to his numerous injuries during the war, his body is not in the best condition, meaning parts could give out during times of physical activity (knees, shoulders, elbows, etc.).

He is also an excellent shot, even with his ridiculous Magnum. Despite its extreme recoil, he still manages to keep it mostly steady. While he could never hit the apple off someone’s head, he can still hit within a few inches of his target. With a normal gun, however, he will rarely ever miss.

Aside from his skill in fighting and shooting, Steeler is an exceptionally smart man. Being a squad leader during the war, he led a sizable amount of troops towards victory more times than can be counted on two hands, even against the unpredictable Vietcong. He is also a quick thinker and negotiator, using his talents to the best of their abilities in recruiting for V.W.A.T. He is also an expert in interrogation, questioning any kidnapped individuals personally and using any technique he needs to in order to get information.

Organization: V.W.A.T.

Personality: Hardened by war, Steeler is an angry, reclusive, and bitter man. He does not lose his cool easily, however. He has a particular distaste for those who would laugh at the idea of war, saying they couldn’t understand unless they actually went through the same experience as he did. Towards the soldiers, he remains a cold, emotionless, and fearsome authority figure, not concerned with the wellbeing of the criminals past the minimum standards, sometimes killing those that step out of line in a way that could be perceived as threatening. The only person whom he shows affection towards now is his daughter, though the two have not been on regular speaking terms since his divorce several years ago. During his fighting years, he was known for his ruthless yet extremely calculated tactics in the jungle and adaptability. He has been known to enjoy a good book from time to time.

Rank: Director of V.W.A.T.

Biography: Born a young man in Pennsylvania on January 5th, 1950, Steeler grew up in a typical American home. Once the war with Vietnam started, his father, a World War II veteran himself, enlisted, dying in battle two years later. Inspired by his father’s sacrifice, Steeler began to train his body to prepare for enlistment himself. He picked up his fighting skills at this time, joining the army reserve after graduating high school at 18 years of age.

He was found to be very proficient during boot camp, learning to shoot fast and discovering a talent as a leader. Soon after, he was deployed, being a model soldier and slowly working his way up the ladder to become a major. He returned home periodically to visit his aging mother. Leading groups of soldiers, he was found to be an excellent strategist, leading his men to victory time and time again. His only blunder was quite a costly one, though by no fault of his own; bad information led his group into an ambush, and the few that weren’t killed initially were taken prisoner, himself included.

For the next few years until the end of the war, he was tortured day and night for any information he might have. Several times he almost slipped, but literally bit his tongue to keep himself quiet. During the final days of the war, he was slated to be executed, only to be released upon news of the withdrawal. Feeling ashamed to be part of America’s first real loss in a war (that anyone remembered), he returned home a bitter and angry shell of his former self. He discovered his mother had died of natural causes a year before his return. Having no immediate family to speak of and no job, he simply tried to find work around town that could supply him with enough money to live on. He managed to scrape together enough to eat and stayed in his family home.

Three years passed, and he decided to try that strange “Starbucks” restaurant he’d heard about. Lucky for him, he went on the same day as a rather attractive young woman. The coffee was overpriced and subpar, but the two enjoyed each other’s company and decided to date. A few years later, the two married and had a daughter. Things were terrific for several years, with Steeler managing to get a steady job and began taking classes at the local college to earn a degree, even beginning training to work as a correctional officer in the local jail (a job he felt he could put his military discipline to use with). He completed training, got a degree in psychology, and began work. His wife, however, was disapproving, questioning his reasoning behind returning to such a violent environment after barely escaping the horrors of war.

The day did come when he was forced to kill again, shooting four inmates during a riot after one attempted to attack him. Returning home, this was the breaking point of their rapidly deteriorating marriage. The constant stress of the job had caused James to become colder as a person, his wife feeling neglected after he constantly insisted on working overtime. After seeing how nonchalantly he reacted to the life threatening situation he encountered that day, she concluded he had no concern for his own wellbeing or the feelings of his family. Divorcing him soon after, she took his daughter, leaving him alone once again.

Becoming even more strict, he cultivated a reputation as the most dangerous guard in the prison, working off the ever growing rumors of his exploits during the riot. It wasn’t long before the state government noticed his exploits and cruelty towards the inmates. Removing him from his position, he was secretly employed to run a newly formed Special Operations military group called V.W.A.T., a supernatural containment and extermination organization, taking the position of Director. He was selected not only for his ability to instill order to his previous job but also his impressive military record. He would quickly prove himself worthy of the position, mainly through the renovation of V.W.A.T.’s military force into a controlled criminal army for dangerous missions normal soldiers could not fight.

RP sample:
Many years ago in Vietnam

Twelve men advanced through the foliage of the Vietnamese jungles, their weapons ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Steam swirled around the group as they cut through leaves and branches. ”Not much farther,” the leader announced to the soldiers under his command.
”Major Steeler, sir, how do you know we can trust that information, sir?” a skeptical Joe asked. His fears weren’t groundless; the location they were heading for was a rumor, at best. Even so, the base they were supposedly going to attack was a storehouse for ammunition and supplies. If they found anything, they would report back and order an airstrike.

”Can’t. Maybe there is nothing out here, but it’s worth a look.” They kept walking for what seemed like hours, still finding nothing. Morale was low and not even Steeler was convinced of the cache anymore. ”That’s it, it’s not there. Call it in, men.” Disappointment was visible on the man’s face.

Before anything could be called in, a shot was fired, the radioman’s body hitting the ground. Moments later, automatic fire exploded from the trees. It was an ambush. ”Take cover and return fire!” Steeler screamed, already having taken a bullet through his left arm. He hid himself behind a tree, firing in the general direction of the enemy. He looked to both sides, seeing his men do the same. A few had already been killed, their bodies lying in various states of cover. It wasn’t long before the enemy was closing in and Steeler ran out of ammunition. He drew a knife, intending to charge with the remainder of his men, as it appeared none of them had any bullets left, either. Emerging from cover, he was quickly shot in the knee and torso, falling to the ground. He looked around to find his hoped backup all dead; he was the last one left. The Vietcong troops spoke to each other, debating what should be done with him. As he lost consciousness, he could feel two of them begin to drag him into the jungle.

Scrolling through profiles of known criminals, Steeler began to consider who might be a suitable candidate for drafting. There was some bandaged man and blonde guy team running amuck all over the country and Canada. They'd last been seen heading across the ocean, last spotted entering London by concerned bystanders. They were obviously the same two that some unknown person had tried wiping from the database: Ladd Russo, Chicago gangster, and a scarred man known only as "The Executioner". He was jolted back to reality when his aide walked in. Sorry to bother you, sir,"[/color] they said, setting a fresh cup of coffee on the older man's desk.

"Fine, thank you," he muttered in response, still looking through criminals. Taking a long drink of the scalding hot beverage, as a man should, he finally looked at the attendant. "Send 30 troops over the England. Found some candidates for the program. Tell them to find these men. Keep it secret." He turned the screen for the aide to see, who nodded and walked out the door after a crisp salute. Scratching his chin, he mulled over how to greet these new "recruits". Smiling slightly, a few creative ideas started to form in his head.

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PostSubject: Re: Director Steeler   Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:48 pm

When I began reading this I wrote it off as a stereotype, very 2d character. However, as I got to the end of the personality section and the bio this guy actually got rather deep. He's a dick but he cares about his daughter. He's a badass but he's gone through legitimate trauma. I like that complexity. The RP sample as it stands is pretty good but I'd like to see another sample (even just a short one) of him operating in his capacity as Director of VWAT. Add that in and it's an almost automatic approval from me.
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PostSubject: Re: Director Steeler   Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:22 pm

Father Anderson here. With the addition of the second sample it's all good by me.


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PostSubject: Re: Director Steeler   Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:06 am

I agree this is one of the few characters I've seen that was planned out well. I am interested to see how this of does in the forum as a leader.

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PostSubject: Re: Director Steeler   Tue Jan 01, 2013 6:45 pm

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Director Steeler
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