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 Vincent valentine [Finished]

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PostSubject: Vincent valentine [Finished]   Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:28 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Name: Vincent Valentine

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Vincent is a man physically in his late twenties, and stands roughly six feet tall. He has crimson eyes and long black hair. He is quite muscly but not overly toned; though his muscles do stand out slightly due to the fact there isn’t any fat on his body. His face is normally kept covered by a combination of his cloak and bandanna, his face is angular and lean but his eyes seem to have a slightly wild look about them. He weighs about 150lb
When he transforms he gains an extra foot in height; his skin turns black and his muscles expand. While his wings sprout out each wing is about 6 foot long but he normally keeps the furled up so they don’t get in his way. At the bottom of his wings they’re quite tatty, while his eyes go a deeper red. His feet and hands become clawed, his hands especially, his fingers becoming longer.

Clothing of choice: He wears a red bandanna with his fringe emerging over it. Vincent's never seen not wearing his red cloak, held in place over his shoulders and lower face by several buckles. Underneath his cape Vincent's attire is black with several straps and buckles. Vincent wears a holster for his gun against his right leg, and pointed sabatons on his feet. He wears a golden gauntlet on his left arm. His belt is plain black and panelled, additionally it’s about 30mm thick and hollow purely because he uses the panels to hold rounds. On his right hand he wears black fingerless gloves that stretch up to his forearm.

Weaponry of choice: Cerberus-
It is a triple-barrelled, triple-cylindered revolver custom made magnum revolver, ornamented with scrollwork patterns, a small dog's head in place of the iron sights on each barrel. It fires three rounds at once. The gun is unusually big for a hand gun and has a barrel length of 12 inches. Aesthetically it’s much different, as well as in power. It can go through most body armour and Kevlar.
The gun and ammo are custom made for him by a gunsmith he came across while in America; it holds 6x10mm rounds in each of its chamber. He carries about 60 rounds on his person (mostly in his belt but the others are kept in the bottom part of the guns holster) not counting the ones he keeps already loaded in his gun. The rounds explode after they’re fired as soon as they stop moving.

Race: Class D Vampire

Abilities: The butter and bread of vampires, often these sorts of vampires are a step up from the Category D, having evolved from that level to be a better fit hunter of the night. They are the second largest group of vampires, but still cannot match up to the numbers of the Category F sorts.
Traits: Regeneration may take a long amount of time for major damage (ie: 15 posts), sublime supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, big weakness to silver and blessed weaponry but survivable, killable through conventional means, ability to turn virgins into vampires, non-virgins into somewhat weak ghouls, the need to drink blood occasionally, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them), meagre weakness to sunlight (as in they get sick around it).

Organization: Millennium

Personality: Dark and brooding over his over his past experiences, Vincent conceals many secrets. He speaks in a cryptic manner, but despite his cold personality, he is not uncaring. When he heard of his brothers deaths at the hands of Hellsing he felt genuine pain for the loss of his siblings.
He’s distrustful of strangers as his experiences have taught him that. He’s detached from reality due to all the time he spends and has to spend asleep, he sometimes isn’t sure if he’s in a dream or reality. This usually comes across as him not paying attention to conversations. Unless it is extremely important or affects one of his brothers he won’t care. He’ll simply brood over everything that has happened, he will respond to direct questions though. Otherwise he appears to be dead; strangely enough he sometimes talks about himself in the third person. This is due to the feelings of detachment he feels. Even from himself as an individual.

Rank: Warrant officer 2nd Class

Biography: Born the younger Brother of Luke Valentine he was the product of an affair, Vincent wasn’t the kind of child their mobster father expected. He was quiet and didn’t like people or confrontation, he liked to be alone. So eventually he was forgotten about. His family simply neglected him while his ‘mother’ didn’t want to know about him, while they poured their attention onto Jan and Luke the two up and coming heirs to the title of Gang Lord. The only people that ever gave him any attention whatsoever were his brothers. They weren’t necessarily extremely nice to him. But the fact they paid some attention to him and were sometimes kind to Vincent this was enough to gain his loyalty.

During his teen years he began to become extremely different from his brothers, people had finally stopped bothering him. This left alone, he enjoyed it. Not having to worry about anything his father or anyone else thought about him, things were going well for him at the public school he was in (his father wasn’t going to waste money on educating him) he was getting good grades. Yet eventually he began to notice what trouble Jan and Luke were getting into. He realised that if they didn’t take more care then something bad would happen. He owed them a debt of gratitude. They’d paid attention when no-one cared. So he decided he’d follow them into crime it was the only way he could try and do something. Yet before that he needed to gain power, and lots of it.

He found the source of this power when he became a hostage to be used against a father that cared nothing for him. It appeared that what he learned was a Vampire was being hunted by Hellsing. He needed a way out of the country, he had realised the head of London’s underworld would know a way to smuggle him away safely from the country. But without money he realised he couldn’t afford the costs of the underworlds help. But he didn’t have the power to threaten him, or to follow through on them anyway. So he resorted to capturing a son, Vincent seemed the easiest choice due to his quiet nature and the fact he went to a public school. He would get him on the walk home. It didn’t take long though before he found out something about the son he’d captured. The father didn’t give a fuck if Vincent died. When Hellsing finally went to deal with it the, Vampire realising it was over, drained him of blood in an attempt to gain more strength. He was slain within seconds and Vincent was left in the flat he’d been using. Drained of blood and resurrected as a creature of the night. He returned to his indifferent family changed. He finally had the power though to try and protect his brothers.

He became a sort of bodyguard, devoted to the two he never let anyone try and hurt the two. He like the other two was contacted by Millennium after they’d taken control of the Gangs. Going to Millennium, he began to think that this was a chance for Jan and Luke to become more than just gangsters. It would be dangerous but more than worth it for their sake.
He was on a mission for Millennium when his brothers were killed by Hellsing, upon finding the news out he felt empty. Inside of his mind he was almost broken, yet he had no purpose after that. Vincent then decided to sleep. He needed to, until they were resurrected he had no purpose. So he simply went into his coffin awaiting the return of the people that gave him a purpose for living

RP sample: Standing over the man tied up in the chair Vincent was losing patience. Apparently someone was trying to take the title of gang lord; it was infuriating to know an enemy was out there without being able to do anything about it. But if this little session with the man went well, then he might get some clues about what was happening. Turning back to his prisoner Vincent didn’t speak; already he felt the call of the dream world. He felt listless; it was intoxicating the smell of blood coursing through his veins. Giving one of his rare smiles the Vampire punched the man. Vincent enjoyed his ‘job’ it was unimportant what he did, as long as it made things easier for his siblings.
“Tell me, who is your master” Vincent paused; he flexed his neck “Vincent wants to know”
“I c can’t tell y you” he stammered
The Vampire punched him, it wasn’t very hard but he was knocked over in his chair. Vincent didn’t take any pleasure in violence; it was simply something that happened in life. Pulling him up Vincent punched him again. He burst the man nose, smashing it.
“Tell us now”
He was weak but loyal,
“Never!” His fist came round, Vincent caught it
“Really?” he crushed it with barely any effort, he felt the bones crack and splinter.
“So be it” His pistol left its holster, it went to the prisoners head…
Feeling tired from the violence Vincent went back towards his room. His coffin beckoned and he wouldn’t have anything to do until they found another prisoner.

Vincent pushed Jan aside as he ran towards his opponent. He was heavily armed and would be hard to kill. Vincent was stony faced as he made the first attack. His foot swept towards his opponents knocking his feet out from underneath him. The dance floor glimmered and music still blazed out of the speakers though no-one was dancing. His opponents reply came quickly enough, a quick left cross.
Jumping backwards Cerberus came out of its holster. Pulling the trigger three times Vincent fired nine bullets. They took his opponent high in the chest, yet it didn’t seem to cause much damage. Then they exploded, he fell to his knees but got back up again quickly enough. It would take more than that it seemed. Vincent ducked underneath another punch. His own fist went into his opponent’s stomach. The man’s feet left the floor with the force of the blow. He pushed Cerberus against the man’s neck, and then pulled the trigger. His opponent fell backwards. He fell onto the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent valentine [Finished]   Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:02 pm

Not approving this if you have some kind of demon transformation power (not listed in abilities, mind you). Vampires can transform, but not at D level.

Clothing isn't very detailed.

Gun is basically a triple-barreled Jackal (how does that even work?) That is an obscene amount of ammunition. 60 bullets on your person? Not to mention they explode, so if you trip over or something, boom.

Let's not have a third Valentine brother. Biography itself has a lot of holes and confusing parts, but...honestly, I'm disapproving this, so it doesn't matter all that much.

Crossovers are fun; I've made some myself. However, Vincent Valentine (and for that matter, pretty much any Final Fantasy character) doesn't work well with Hellsing. The character himself is too similar to Alucard, for starters, and to properly play him, as you're trying to do, he would need to be more than a D. Taking that and the other things I've listed, I can't let this pass and I don't really see any way this could be improved while keeping the character intact.

Approvals: 0
Disapprovals: 1

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PostSubject: Re: Vincent valentine [Finished]   Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:04 pm

While I personally agree the Cerberus is indeed a very badass gun, from an administrative standpoint I need to second Ridl's commentary for the most part. Sorry bud, I enjoy a properly handled crossover but this isn't working.


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PostSubject: Re: Vincent valentine [Finished]   Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:23 am

this is going to be odd especially since my character is Rufus,

but Rufus is only a human with really no special abilities.

But Vincent as a character was a tad over powered, which I saw that you nerfed heavily. The gun is too unrealistic for this site, as Ridl had said.

Personally I love the final fantasy series and that love inspired the crossover I am doing now. However I do not see Vincent fitting into this universe too well. and pretty what Ridl had said.

I do not discourage crossovers, however, when a crssover is done it needs to tailored to the universe/site.

I will reiterate that vincent just doesn't seem to be a good fit for this site with out stripping everything except body and personality and clothing.


Approvals: 0

Disapprovals: 3


Typically Ridl is right in regards to most FF characters not working, but that's because most of them are Too OP, My suggestion is to find a bare bones human(no one too crazy powerful like cloud/lightning) and add hellsing flare to it. I did the crossover for Lloyd (Code Geass) and Rufus (FF7). Feel free to look at my sheets and/or talk to me for advice with crossovers.
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PostSubject: Re: Vincent valentine [Finished]   

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Vincent valentine [Finished]
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