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 Jan Valentine

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PostSubject: Jan Valentine   Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:29 pm

I have seen OVA I - IV and I am currently reading the manga.

Name: Jan Valentine

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: A dark skinned individual with amber eyes and dark dusty brown coloured hair falling in downwards spikes at the length on his chin. In possession of a medically altered toned build packing concealed power, he stands at an almost neat 5'9. His visible piercing consist almost of purely gold rings. There is one in his right nostril, under his left eye, either end of his lower lip, two along the side of his left ear, one in his right earlobe and conch and a stud in the opposing nostril. Other, non-visible piercings will be listed as made visible, assuming the area mentiuoned is not destroyed.

Clothing of choice: Jan wears a tracksuit style high collared dark blue jacket complete with silver ring pull zip lined in white with white stripes running down the top side of both arms. His lower half features pants of the same nature, with the stripes running down the side of each leg. Generic black shoes are also worn, with white gloves and a black beanie hat bearing a golden occult eye rolling upwards for accesorisation. This beanie hat is worn down to the point of his eyebrows being obscured.

Weaponry of choice:

Scorpion Style FN P90 x 2 - FN 5.7×28mm/50rounds. Often carried by the entourage of ghouls he is fond of in the worst way or in a black munitions case. He also has straps to sling them over his shoulder.

Five-seveN - FN 5.7×28mm/20rounds. Carried inside his coat after the initial killing by Integra and the others as insurance when he needs to abandon or runs out of ammo in his more favoured guns.

Race: Advanced FREAK

Abilities: Of the two Valentine brothers Jan possesses superior strength, stamina and resilience, that of supernatural level. He also has ability to turn virgins and non-virgins into ghouls, a particularly fond passtime of his own. It will also take a larger amount of specialised weaponry than that of a normal FREAK to put down this particular goon, having been jury-rigged to raid the Hellsing Manor. He will also recover from major injury in fifteen posts as per standard.

As a FREAK he is naturally cursed with a severe weakness to silver and blessed weaponry in general, it being readily capable of putting him down with a fatal wound. He is also lacking in accuracy and some speed due to the particular methods of surgery employed to alter his physiology compared to other supernatural beings, though his stamina and excitable nature do give him the will to perform some minor supernatural bouts of acrobacy.

Organization: Millenium

Personality: Spouting profanities cas often as possible, Jan is quite the blabbermouth. Quite the actively aggressive character who expresses his cowardice and various fetishes through both violent behaviour and verbalisation he can only be found shying saway from a confrontation when he is absolutely clearly intimidated, beaten or at the behest of his brother.

Naturally, Jan is socially disfunctional and creeps with any crowd involved in the detriment of life or anything that would further his own and/or his brother's goals. A natural liking of anyone who can benefit him such as the Millenium is also evident, though there are some clear notions of anarchy in this twisted man's mind.

As a fetishist, Jan is more than happy to indulge the price of being a FREAK and is discovering new beloved addictions day to day. Ironically however it does seem he is adverse to pain though is used to enough of it to be relatively unphased by it and contionue down his single minded track. These fetishes and addictions also lead to him being a serial rapist, smoker and torturor among other things.

Rank: Leutnant (Second Lieutenant)

Biography: Born into poverty with his mother falling in to death at birth, Jan was hurled into an orphanage where staff were abusive, the kids were severely competitive and the attitude they received from the outside was spiteful and rejecting. This London orphanage was privately owned, with Jan spending his time lashing out at others and becoming increasingly violent. By the age of five he was a vicious child frequently beaten with 'preference' over other children for abuse by the staff with the owner often reminding him of how much he liked the fight in him. At the age of five he was liberated from the orphanage into the Valentine family as company for Luke by a corrupt, rich father who wished to have a ferals on he could not only control but leave in place as a guardian for Luke.

Given an initial leniency by the family until they reached teenage years, Jan was sent to a public school whereas Luke was kept in private tuition. In exchange for money or other rewards Luke would have Jan perform various tasks during school hours, ultimately leading to his poor education and the brotherly alliance growing between the two when the elder developed a taste for the crime he witnessed the younger comitting. Their father and mother disapproving of their poor attendance and grades home schooling was arranged. It was after the two murdered this home teacher - their own mother, it became apparant that their father could now introduce them to the twisted world he had a hand in. This psychotic man then set the two forward more as hitmen and gang leaders than sons, paying them regularly and taking his share as any crime lord would.

It was at this point that the comparitively vague perversions Jan had delighted in evolved outward into fully blown open fetishist behaviour as they suppressed rival gangs in the city and unknowingly set forth the seeds of Millenium. Through these excessive gains andm eans the Valentine brothers' conquest seized the largest club in town, renamed Club Valentine. It was here that Jan indulged in his obsessions whilst Luke twisted, tortured and manipulated from the sidelines. This place was also to be the showdown with their father who had since planned vengeance for the murder of his wife for many years with only his own troubled mind as a barrier. The two brothers knew of this plot and when he arrived to collect his earnings and murder the duo, the two set brutally upon him and wrestled the life away from him and his guards. Having felled the last great obstacle the Valentines were contacted by Millenium. Offered power, immortality and an expanded gang empire through co-operation with this group they seized the opportunity! Naturally, the condition was being engineered into a FREAK. Post-surgery they gave full obedience to this mighty organisation and their whims, given that it kept them slaughtering their way across Britain with bigger and bolder targets such as military and police force operations.

Eventually a call came to set the Valentine mobsters upon Hellsing in a test of boundaries and tactics. Whilst initially successful in destroying their boundaries, their staff, their security and their pride the two fell at the final hurdle. Jan himself was burned alive by Millenium to prevent an information leak after being disabled by the Council of the Round Table and Walter.

It is after his death, cloning and reanimation by Millenium with additional surgery to further enhance the pair that at least one of the Valentine brothers has come to wreak havok upon the shadowed entities of the world. Merely a pawn martially his own pawns, Jan is more than keen to strike back at Hellsing after some time re-establishing himself in London and becoming used to his new body.

RP sample:

"Come on, pops!" Shrieked the tone of a man drunk on insanity and hysteria from inside the net-curtained study of the fine house at the end of the lane in the midst of the night. The moon glanced over tan-skin as white gloved hand settled upon the desk with sardonic grin and eyes pointed to the grizled man who seemed to be aging readily in the oaken chair. "It'll be just like old times. You, me, Luke and a buncha' hookers an' junkies all in one place!" Continued the pierced maniac with a lick of his lips at the mention of such a tasty bunch of prospective victims, comrades and violent assosciate types.
"Father..." Came the far more composed tone of a slightly older man concealed in the shadows, lenses reflected pure white pearl of the moon. "...You aren't still sore over mother, are you?"

Jan recalled that night. The night of an innocent arts session with shapes, sharp things and glue turned into a midday murder of the worst kind. As the pill dropped in her drink earlier by the deceitfully loving Luke took effect and her mind began to slip and speech slur as the woman stood and turned to scrawl onthe chalkboard her youngest son of adoptive origin leapt up and rammed a stanley knife into her spine. Screaming out in pain as fragile, pierced form fell to the ground with a clatter of the red-coated knife the smiling form of her two angels descended over her. The oldest, her very own blood, stabbed her with scissors above the collarbone with an increasing grin. Jan meanwhile unscrewed the guilotine for cutting paper, dragging it over to her gasping form in which Luke twisted the shearing edged implement, demanding she be awake. Without warning Jan dropped the guilotine on her chest, spluttering and splashing blood about the room from her decimated chest. In her final moment the only falter she saw in her son was that of distaste at the child's suit he wore being tainted....

...Meanwhile in the present their father slammed his fists on the aged desk as if to intimidate the blood-lusting pair of criminals, his fallen desk light illuminating the elder brother as Jan turned his attention to him. For a time Luke had garnered different taste in suits but his present one was of particular fanciful choice. It was an expanded design on the one the blonde sociopath had worn when they murdered their mother together, always with a grin or smile at hand and a blade tucked neatly inside. Laughing at the old man and visibly throwing himself back in almost exaggerated pleasure at memory and pitiful challenge of this aging recluse, the brothers departed into the night with the laughter echoing down the hallway. They were to spend the next few days in their club, regardless of what this old relic thought.

Throwing himself into the black leather seats of the polished sheen limousine awaiting them in the drive way Jan declared joyously, "Fuck! That old shit still thinks he can take us!" Sneering in anticipation towards his ever plotting borther the younger inquired, "What are we gonna do to him, big bro?!" This earned him the response of his brother uncrossing his legs and throwing back his head, arms spread along the tops of the couch in the speeding vehicle. The amber eyed lunatic knew this as a tell of Luke's anticipation of a kill. "We'll show him exactly the same thing we showed mother." Declared the composed elder. "We are the heads of this family." Came the defining statement, Jan replying eagerly with, "And nobody fucks with the Valentine brothers!" Again a wild laughter consumed the duo before devolving into base alcoholism. Both younger downing vodka and the older sipping composed red wine.

By the time they reached the club Jan was let stumbling from the limo into the masses of the midnight rabble, claiming some poor trio of women and clawing them away to his own private room. It was in here, overlooknig the club that he indulged his many obsessions and fetishes as supplied through Luke's control methods of money, drugs and other produce. It was also his residence for the time being, containing en suite bathroom and walk in closet. In the white furnished clouded-glassed room many had met their end, these women would no different. If it was not through violence, overdose or rape that they broke Jan would move deeper into repeating the cycle until satisfied. The first of the women in particular was found then ext day with a broken spine and assorted drugs rammed into her body, the second without a head and clear signs of sexual abuse towards the wound. The third was the worst. Beaten, abused, drugged and imprisoned she two days later was discovered half flayed with gasoline rubbed into the wounds. It wasn't until they got her into an ambulance that they discovered the bomb lodged in her, it was already too late to disarm it.

On the third day as their Father arrived for payment with an armed quartet of guards the brother weaved amongst the crowds. He had foolishly believed that sheer mass of people would protect him, maybe even allow him to kill the brohers easier. Luke removed two of the guards himself, their Father dragged to Jan's room for later whilst his brother dispatched him to remove the other two. Now the real fun could begin for him.

Bopping along rhythmically to the beat of the deafening music over the rave lighting within this hall of modern debauchery the clear tailored black suits and SPAS 12 shotguns of the reamining guards lingered. One was glancing feverishly about for their father, checking individuals in the crowd. The other was trailing idly, watching out for the brothers. The crowd was sued to gun crime and other acts in here, it was commonplace. The police wouldn't dare touch the bar and the civilians were on their side, the DJ was drugged up beyond reason and even the bouncers were on an extortionate payroll. But none of this spelt security or certainty for Jan, it was the thrill of taking away their life; the gunmetal and plastic beneath his fingers; the taste of blood in his mouth; the sexual tension in him at robbing another life. These drives were his fortress. Lashing the butt of the gun across a man's face with a purposeful chortle the deviant let loose the hails of his P90 into the crowd before him. Steadying the single rifle with both hands, firing from the hip the spluttering of light and laughter preceeded a smattering and splattering of corpses into a flesh and bone lined pool of blood celebratorily creeping across the dancefloor. "Looks like you need a 1up, fuckers!" Screeched Jan into the pile of dead. It was then that the fifth guard made himself apparant, firing stray pistol shots across the floor. The women beside him lost her head, causing Jan to yank the temporary fountain into the oncoming bullets with a brief muttering of, "Shit." Before the clambering man closed further distance. Running bloodied tongue over blood-speckled lips the demonic gangster ran towards the man with P90 raised by the barrel like a bat and intense grin plastered upon gore lined features. Beating the man over the head with an audible crunch and a cheer, the psycho began to drive it into his body again and again. The first scream as his arm broke pierced the music briefly, Jan then turning to bat at his face until the eggshell container of his head smashed open upon the ground, the resultant splash of gore carried up by the momentous swing of the gun splattering chunks of bone and smears of brain on the dancers.

It was done. Leaving the empty gun behind the bloodied brother returned to his suite, it was time to deal with their Father...
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PostSubject: Re: Jan Valentine   Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:46 pm

First welcome back.

Your sheet is as I expected it to be from the accurate account of what we know of Jan to the creative approach you take with his history before we see him at the mansion. The rp sample was interesting too.

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PostSubject: Re: Jan Valentine   Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:49 pm

No complaints. As good as I remember it to be.

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PostSubject: Re: Jan Valentine   Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:52 pm

Thank you very much, I missed this place! As for your praise, I greatly appreciate it. I did my best with what resources I had as it made sense as an outcome of that type of past and the unexplained mismatched ethnicity of siblings and distinctly different personae. I have some other secrets tucked into his past which I hope to elaborate on through RP!
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PostSubject: Re: Jan Valentine   Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:52 pm

Looks good by me. Glad to have you back.



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PostSubject: Re: Jan Valentine   

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Jan Valentine
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