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 Angel Winters (WIP)

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PostSubject: Angel Winters (WIP)   Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:48 pm

I have seen OVAs 1-4 in their entirety at least twice each

Name: Angel Winters

Age: 19

Gender: female

Appearance: very petite, skin nearly white in complexion. Right eye is a blood red color, while left is an emerald green. Black hair, falling to the bottom of the breast area. 4'11" in height, 109 pounds. very visible wire-frame braces.
Clothing of choice: knee-length tight lace dress, copper gauntlets, solid black stockings, 5 inch high black stiletto heels, 4 ribbons in a square pattern on the top of the head, and reading glasses hung around the neck. For general combat, she ditches the formal attire in exchange for the more durable uniform of the Wild Geese Mercenaries, but keeping the gauntlets

Weaponry of choice: 8 throwing knives blessed and made with silver edges on hardened steel, which are attached in a pseudo-necklace along her dress. Spring-supported collapsible scythe made of blessed silver alloyed with Damascus Steel, which extends from its minimum size of 13 inches by 32 inches to its full length of 60 inches as the handle, held via a strap on her back. 9 inch blades hidden in her gauntlets made of blessed silver edged steel. In addition, she also carries a .50 Desert Eagle handgun with an extended clip and silver ammuniton on a holster on her right hip

Race: Human

Abilities: above average acrobatic skills, as well as a higher than normal IQ

Organization: Wild Geese

Rank: Mercenary

Personality: Very erratic at times, but is actually in control of her situation. Very bad at showing her emotions, and will blurt out her feelings without feeling guilty. If you leave a personal impact on her, and she grows to like you as a human being, she will fight to the end by your side. Also has no emotional constraints when not on a mission, and is known to suddenly break down crying at times. Has a very small but muscular body, due to her having been under intense stress from a very young age. She will fight for friends, love, but more likely than now, for money. She truly enjoys the little things in life, like flowers, friendship, and her personal favorite food, chocolate. Her absolute greatest hatred is for those who live their lives killing without remorse or regret, as well as liars and cheaters. While she feels regretful for every life she ends, she will not let it bother her too much unless she knows their personal story.

Biography: Born in Moscow, Russia to a mother with intense scizophrenia, her young childhood was filled with grief and physical pain. At the age of 4, she was sent into foster care as her mother had been killed in her own psychotic outburst. Upon entering the orphanage, she immediately fell victim to more physical violence at the hands of a fellow orphan. She managed to keep her torment a secret, until one night at the age of 12 she snapped, and threw her aggressor into the wall, and snapped his neck violently. Upon seeing news of this incident, she was captured by a fragment of the Soviet KGB, who had been spying on all orphans in the area, due to her innate skills in acrobatics, persuasion, and combat. They began to train her physically, while her mental state, already fragile, was stretched to its limits. On her first official assassination mission, she threw the communication device that was feeding her orders, and promptly proceeded to do things "her own way". After the incident, as she calls it, she began to do freelance mercenary work. Although she was initially hired for many contracts, they refused constantly to offer her more work, due to her preferring to not kill her targets quickly, preferring to not be nearby when they finally died their slow and painful deaths. Finding her work stream had dried up, she decided to join the Wild Geese a mere 2 months before they were contracted by the Hellsing organization. In a surprising turn of events, her guilt towards ending another life began to cease, considering that nearly all of her contracts from that point forward were for vampires and ghouls, and she strangely enjoys eliminating the undead
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Winters (WIP)   Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:32 pm

NPC Battle:
A young woman, once revered for her clean work, was struggling. "I really shouldn't have made the mistake of that detour. Well, the boss is certainly not going to be pleased at all with this." After retracting her scythe and putting it neatly into the carrying case. Upon doing so, she noticed she had broken one of the basic rules of anyone performing an assassination, "don't be spotted". After reconciling with herself, she began her escape when 6 guards jumped her. "Oh my, it seems these boys want to play. Too bad I don't have any time for fun right now" as she took 6 of her 8 blades around her neck and gripped them between her fingers, throwing one into each of the guards' heads with the accuracy of a sniper. After making sure that there were no other witnesses, she gently plucked the blades from each of their skulls, reattaching 5 of them before examining the last one, before saying "It's a pity it had to end this way, truly it is, but such is the dangers of the job. Either way, time to go home. No matter how comfortable this getup is, I get tired of it after a while" And with that, she put the blade back onto the necklace, and changed into her formal street attire in the nearest restroom. After ensuring there was nobody protecting the doors, she walked out of the building, put a cigarette into her mouth, and walked to her extraction point
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Winters (WIP)   Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:26 pm

Not sure why this is marked WIP since all the section have been filled in. The roleplayer has been inactive for a while now but that aside I'm saying this is a no go in it's present state.

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PostSubject: Re: Angel Winters (WIP)   Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:40 pm

I agree. Can't even remember the last time I saw them, and this is actually a second attempt at the same sheet that's about the same, if I remember right.

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PostSubject: Re: Angel Winters (WIP)   Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:00 pm

agreed with the two above

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PostSubject: Re: Angel Winters (WIP)   

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Angel Winters (WIP)
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