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 Elden "Check" Crozier - Complete

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PostSubject: Elden "Check" Crozier - Complete   Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:54 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? All and then some.

Inspiration for character can be found here.

Given Name: Elden Crozier

Moniker: Check

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Organization: Unaffiliated

Rank: None

Physical appearance: Elden is a rather tall 1.87 metres (6’2”), though his 74.8 kg (165 lbs) doesn’t lend an imposing air to that height. He is lean but defined, with light skin stretched over smooth muscle. Black, dreadlocked hair falls past his shoulders, though both sides of his head are shaved to an inch in length; squares of a few inches have been bleached white, adding to his checkerboard theme. Bright grey eyes stare out from an angular face, which is adorned with an eyebrow and lip piercing.

Most noticeable are the checkerboard-themed tattoos sported over his biceps, neck, and back. They follow a pattern, wrapping around his upper arms and shoulders to taper off around his jawline; the rest fall down the center of his back, ending just above his rear. Other little tidbits about his body include the fact that he is left-handed, and his left eye is slightly lighter than the right.

Clothing of choice: His normal, everyday wear consists of simple tank tops and muted-toned t-shirts, layered over one another. Dark blue jeans or black slacks clothe his lower half, with his feet being protected by surplus military boots, which are more often than not left partially unlaced. When in an area of a more wintery nature, Check will don some form of hoodie, followed by a worn-in black leather jacket; he isn’t trying to win any fashion awards, and will (almost) always dress in what is most comfortable at the time.

Elden also wears a plain platinum ring on his right ring finger, along with a pair of necklaces bought here and there during his life; usually, one is leather, whilst the other is a metal charm or trinket of some sort.

Weaponry of choice: Check does not carry any guns or unusual bladed weapons, as he uses a martial art and his modified blood for offensive and defensive fighting. He does own a standard switchblade, though it is normally used for menial tasks. (See: Abilities)

Abilities: Blood is a specialized bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells, however for "Check" it does something more than just that. The cancer that Stein cut out of a previous "customer" and experimented on plays a role in this; using his prowess and skill in the medical field, Stein was able to place the cancer directly beside Check's heart. This allows mutated cancer cells to mix with the excess blood cells and fuse together inside the body and flow through the body's veins, being carried by the blood flow like carriers. This works only due to the surgery Stein did on Check, once again using his prowess and skill in the medical field, Stein 'tweaked' several tubes and arteries inside his body in order to allow a more proper and speedy blood flow to be possible. The blood itself the takes on an acidic property to melt - or for a better word "eat" - through other organic matter. This works by the blood being used to carry the mutated cancer cells to a target, to which the cancer cells that landed begin eating away at whatever organic matter it lands on, regardless of whether or not it landed externally or internally on another person (internally obviously being much worse...)

The way the cancer cells eat away at the flesh is similar to necrosis. Necrosis is a form of cell injury that results in the premature death of cells in living tissue. Necrosis is caused by factors external to the cell or tissue, such as infection, toxins, or trauma that result unregulated digestion of cell components, this is exactly what the toxic "soup" inside of Check does to people it lands on, the cancer cells immediately begin to eat away at the skin cells, causing them to "rot" and die. This can cause extreme pain on the inflicted area, and can be followed by a severe burning effect due to the cancer cells eating away at the body. Mutated stem cells play a small role in keeping the cancer from causing fatal damage to "Check" himself by resisting the corrosive cancer inside of him, but gives him no other extraordinary regenerative or physical abilities.

The damage can be mitigated by immediate washing of the area or removal of the blood by inorganic material. The blood can only be “thrown” from his hand (in damaging doses) up to a range of four metres; after that, the droplets are spread too thin to do any real damage to the receiving party (though some irritation may occur). If up close and personal, however, the amount of blood possible to be used grows exponentially, as he has no need to toss the liquid; he merely needs to touch the offending person(s) to afflict harm. (After two minutes outside Check’s body, the blood loses its mutated properties, and is rendered harmless to the touch. This applies to blood splattered onto any surrounding surface as well.)

To round out his abilities, Elden is the owner of a rather interesting mind, as he has near perfect recall, allowing him to memorize a subject and then retrieve it word-for-word (nearly) without fail. This ability helped him gain recognition in his chosen fields of study - and then work - and he has advanced far in bioengineering and biochemistry because of it. He also speaks French and English, and is an avid practitioner of Kinomichi, a French based martial art that focuses on the mind as well as the physical.

[NOTE: Clothing will slow the progression of the necrosis considerably, unless it is a completely organic material (pure cotton, for instance). Thick fabric or protective clothing, i.e. ballistic vests and the like, will all but halt the damage, though some damage will be incurred by the material itself.]

Personality: Check can be most aptly described as an odd sort of gentleman; he prefers to stray from conflict, and women are to be respected (in a general sense, though he will make certain exceptions at times to women of particular temperments). Though he isn’t one for confrontation, he has his own opinions on a variety of subjects, and when challenged by someone less informed – or an individual whose soul intent is to stir a fight – he will exert his opinion and knowledge to the best of his ability. In his small group of friends, he finds himself doing this rarely, and indeed it isn’t something he does on a regular basis; his lack of combativeness may seem a weakness to few, but to others he is a relaxing individual to be around.

That is, of course, assuming you are not Dr. Stein Matthus.

Check does have a peculiar temper when it comes to family or good friends, and he attempts to protect them in whatever manner possible; he continues to this day to send money back to his mother, and though she is not in a bad financial situation, he feels the need to care for her as she cared for him. His newfound "powers" may seem at odds with his personality, but they are simply the result of a "what if" experiment between himself and Dr. Matthus. It has, however, boosted his confidence in the physical area of his protective nature, and combined with his martial knowledge, makes him a rather dangerous foe.

Biography: Elden was born in Moncton, New Brunswick to a rather large family. As the second child, he wasn’t doted on, nor was he ignored; he grew up in a loving home that eventually included four more siblings. With a sister in front, two brothers and two sisters behind, Check was surrounded by family most of his life. His parents were middle class but managed to provide all that was needed, and a few things that were wanted.

The entire family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and siblings – would gather on Sunday for Mass, and then return to any number of family homes to enjoy dinner. To a young child, the weekly reunions were just a hassle, but as he grew older, Elden came to grudgingly appreciate the time spent with his flock of relatives. Of course, nothing last forever, and at the age of 12, his father passed away from cancer.

Check was always a decent student, making his grades with ease but falling behind occasionally from boredom; his parents could not afford the advanced curriculum or a private school system, but nonetheless the boy received adequate education. He was generally well liked throughout his school years, and though he had the tendency to be a bit odd compared to the rest of his classmates, his friends seemed to overlook his peculiarities in favour of his loyalty and above average intelligence (more than once he’d filled in a bit of someone else’s homework, or tutored his peers).

It was during his fifth grade year that the boy began taking lessons at a Kinomichi studio, at the request of his parents to find something outside of school to focus on; he’d never really cared for most sports, so finding an alternate route seemed appealing. It gave the boy an outlet for the energy all youngsters seem to possess, and after a while it turned into a form of relaxation from school and the general pressures of being a teenager.

After his fouteenth birthday, his mother’s work offered a job in the States, paying more and providing more stability for the recent one-parent household. So they all picked up and moved, ending up in Massachusetts. There the boy continued his lessons, both in school and Kinomichi, and had a rather uneventful, normal life – aside from his obviously advanced rate of learning, which should have put him far above his classmates; his mother didn’t want him skipping grades. Elden graduated high school on time and with a high GPA, and along with his elevated test scores, he was accepted into Caltech.

He knew immediately what his field of study would be, as it had fascinated him ever since his father was first diagnosed with cancer: biochemistry and bioengineering. It wasn’t that he wanted to cure the world of some horrible disease; he simply wanted to pursue a passion that had taken hold at a young age. While in college, Check found his niche in society, one of a steadfast friend with a quirky dress code, something that seemed to fit the man rather well. Also, it was around this time that he began to grow out his dreadlocks and sport his trademarked tattoos.

Of course, he continued with his martial art training after finding a studio in Los Angeles, which combined with his double major left him little time to socialize; he wasn’t antisocial, he was simply pressed for time during a majority of his week. He dated, sure, but nothing long lasting, and his friend circle was small but close. This work ethic allowed him to finish both majors – and be accepted into a graduate program – two full quarters ahead of his peers. Before long, he was knee-deep in research that any sane person would stray from; it was heaven for him. Check wrapped up his master’s degree with time to spare and jumped right into his doctorate with the full backing of his professors, who noted along the way that his intelligence and clarity of direction would take him far in his chosen fields.

Not long after entering his doctorate program, Elden was offered a position with a grant team in Scotland that was working on a “breakthrough” in bioengineering. Eagerly he went, but after a while he became frustrated with his colleagues and their seeming lack of engagement with the project; this was probably what led him to welcome Dr. Stein Matthus into his life. It was only a short while into their working relationship that Check himself readily became one of the experiments.

RP sample: It had only been two days since his “surgery” and he was eager to being testing his new found abilities. Granted, they weren't exactly what he would have imagined asking for, but it somehow seemed appropriate. There were small cages in front of him now, each holding an assortment of experimented or soon to be experimented on animals; rats, mice, and a variety of other rodents. He would have preferred something larger, but this test struck him as being rather inhumane, and testing a rat was far less emotional than say, a dog.

Slouching onto a high stool, the checkered man opens a drawer to remove a razor-edge scalpel, a few Petri dishes, and a packet of gauze; he had no idea what would happen once the blood began to flow. Tearing open the plastic wrapped squares of gauze, Elden placed them within easy reach, hoping they wouldn’t be needed in large amounts. He then scoots a cage containing a simple white mouse closer, picking up the scalpel in the process. The lanky man halts for a moment as though steeling himself for something unknown; who could predict what would happen? Even Stein had been up in the air on his theories. A lot could go wrong, but then again, a whole lot could go exactly right.

Opening the cage door and watching as the tiny furred creature retreated to the farthest corner, Check figured now was as good a time as any to begin yet another experiment regarding himself. Placing the scalpel on his right forefinger, he quickly slices open a red line an inch long. Immediately, a droplet began to form from this new outlet, and at first it stung even him. Grimacing, he waited for a short moment before the pain subsided, leaving him with only the sensation of warmth flowing from his cut. After dropping the metal instrument on the lab table, Elden reached in to grab hold of the mouse, wincing slightly as it squeaked its displeasure. Bringing it just to the outside of the cage, he paces his finger against the mouse’s back, drawing a small line down its spine.

Instantly the white rodent squealed in pain, thrashing around in his hand. Tossing the thing back into its cage, Elden watched with fascination as the fur, and then the tissue began to rot away. Black sores became apparent, and within only a few minutes, the tiny animal was thankfully dead. Possibilities, possibilities…Stein has to see this. He looks down to his fingers, thinking for a moment on all the parameters of his experimental treatment. Containment of flow, manipulation of white cells, increased production of red…

His grey eyes narrowed as his thoughts bend sharply to the cut on his finger, and then to the blood itself flowing beneath. Slow. Within seconds, the thin stream became sluggish, and then halted altogether. A smile ghosts over his lips as he sits staring at his hand.

Oh the possibilities.
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Best of luck not bleeding out in the middle of a fight.


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Elden "Check" Crozier - Complete
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