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 Steins ~Experimental Idea's and Creations~

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PostSubject: Steins ~Experimental Idea's and Creations~   Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:56 pm

This is going to be the place where I post all my ideas for In-Character experiments that I have planned.

The point of this thread is to basically involve the people of the forum with the ideas I have for Stein in the future. Not only would this help increase activity of characters on the forum, but it would also give you an upgrade. The list I'll have in this thread will be a list of experiments I have planned for Stein, and if you want to volunteer your character to be part of that experiment - and gain the ability related to said experiment, then all you need to do is post here and we can work something out in PM's that will relate to Stein and your character meeting and going from there. To those of you who're wondering what type of experiments Stein will do on your characters, all I can say is that it wont be pretty, there will be much pain, blood, and possibly evil laughing at the end.

Now, to actually explain what type of experiments I'm talking about, think along the lines of the Chimera from Fullmetal alchemist. Martel, for example; had the ability to twist and stretch her body at inhuman angles and length, this was due to snake DNA being fused with her own, or Naruto, in the sense of Choji's ability to use his fat cells to basically turn parts of his body into huge wrecking balls, I've even put someone else's character through an experiment already that gave him Kimimaros ability to manipulate his own bones - minus the bone forest. These are basically similar to Steins experiments, maybe even think along the lines of the Homunculi themselves (minus the multiple re-spawns) such as Lust's extending fingers, or Envy's ability to turn into other people. No need to worry, I'll be doing all the scientific theories and crap behind it in order to explain each ability and how each of the abilities I make work. This is more of a hobby of mine anyway, so it kills multiple birds with one stone.

I can be asked to come up with a way to make custom powers scientifically possible, so long as they are realistic. Dont come asking me to have Stein give you laser arms, giant Mech-suits, spiritual, talking swords that fire out black energy beams, or Goku's spirit bomb. Stein works with genetics, and to a certain degree; so do I. So I'm asking anyone who wants a mutation that's not in the list below, to please make it a power that relates to the body of your character. It can have something to do with his cells, his bones, his nerves, anything and I can probably come up with a way in my spare time to make it scientifically possible in theory (or at least enough so to where it can work on here). Also, no mental or psychic powers.

Stein does all of his experiments IC (In Character), meaning if you want you're character to get a mutation you have to work for it and find him after your sheet has already been approved, (There are some exceptions, such as you wanting to be an experiment he's worked on in the past, but there are very few spots that would fit in with steins bio for that to work). I'm willing to help with this; as I said above through PM's after you post here, but this will be done his way. He's an insane psychopath who loves science, he doesn't give away powers for free, so he might force you to stick around as an "assistant". IC experiments and meetings are still susceptible to IC behavior, so if he tries to kill you its nothing personal.

Now to prove my insanity...

Heres a current list of experiments I have planned for Stein to do, the spoilers below will only contain a rough idea of what abilities the experiments will grant the character that undergo's said experiment.

Future Projects

Animal/Human Mutations

Regeneration projects

Shape-shifter Project

Fat-Cell Expansion Project

Lycan/Vampire Experiments

Successful experiments already done.

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Steins ~Experimental Idea's and Creations~
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