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 Natasha Alcove

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PostSubject: Natasha Alcove   Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:31 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing?  If so how far have you gotten?  If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.  Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga.  The anime is not canon.  This is not our opinion.  This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Name: Natasha Alcove

Age: 85 (if my calculations are correct), appears to be 27

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: She has dark reddish-brown hair, which she keeps in a short, boyish mess. The straight hair sticks up randomly all over the place, and a few strands droop over, touching her thin eyebrows. Her eyes are dark brown in colour, and are often ablaze with intensity, with her thin, pale lips curled in a smirk. Her skin is pale and almost bloodless, with segments where her veins can be seen under it.
Her body is slender, and possesses close to no curves at all, due to a chest binder she utilizes. She stands at 179 cm, and weighs about 58 kg, without all her equipment. Her slender body must not be attributed with physical weakness, however, as her arms and legs bear quite a bit of muscle from her training. They still appear slightly slender, as the myostatin she has built up over the years resulted in replacing fat in her body with muscle cells.

The left side of her face is extremely marred and bears scars and burn wrinkles from catching a grenade explosion. Apparently, the surgery didn't do much to hide it. There are also remnants of a bullet wound on her left chest.

Clothing of choice:
She wears the rank-and-file uniform of the soldiers, despite her standing as a Lieutenant. She dons the heavy, black trenchcoat of the SS, bearing the insignia of a Obersturmführer on her left collar, and the division number of "42" on her right. She also has the red armband with the white circle and the swastika within it on her left arm. She also wears a gas mask with anti-UV lenses to protect herself from Iscariot's newer weapons. Her trenchcoat bears a brown belt fitted with utility loops to hold her grenades, a clip to hang her trench shovel on and a holster for her Mauser.

Weaponry of choice:
Standard-issue sub-machine gun of the Letzte Battailon. This upgraded version features magazines with a larger clip size, higher rate of fire, and higher bullet power, as per demonstrated in both the manga and anime, during the LB's raid of London. It is usually slung over her shoulder with a brown strap when not in use, and hangs high enough for her to use it as an improvised arm-rest.

A standard issue pistol during the WWII. It is also upgraded to feature higher bullet power, but is otherwise the same thing as its original. It is used mainly to disable opponents or as a combination with her sword to maximize damage output and use of both arms.

Trench shovel
An equipment utilized by soldiers to dig trenches in WWII, and occasionally as a last-ditch melee weapon. Collapsible, and light, Natasha uses it as the latter, with the ability to either have the thinner side bury itself in its target or the flat side smacking rather comically into the target's face. Nothing more than an emergency weapon, and it possesses no special abilities.

Standard-issue stick grenades. They have been tweaked by Millenium's armory to produce a larger effective blast radius and higher shrapnel power compared to their WWII variants. Gheist carries three of them on her body at all times.

Basket-hilted claymore
A blend between the cumbersome, but destructive claymore and the elegant, but fragile rapier, this is Natasha's true weapon when dealing with tougher enemies. The blade is dual-edged, but bears a slimmer build than a true-blood claymore, giving it a lighter stature. It keeps a rapier's basket-hilt, which resembles a ribcage, oddly, which encompasses her hand. The blade is made of blessed silver, from melted crucifixes. The basket hand-guard is made of bronze and the grip is lined with ruby-red velvet, for a comfortable feel. The blade is cared for constantly and sharpened after each use. Rumoured that Natasha sleeps with it by her side.

Race: Superior FREAK

Regeneration may take an extremely long amount of time for major damage (ie: 10 posts), medium supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, medium weakness to silver and blessed weaponry to a point its fatal to be hit by one, ability to turn virgins and non-virgins alike into ghouls, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them but at a large amount), the need to drink blood often.

Natasha is ambidextrous. While this fact is not readily obvious when she isn't writing, it can be seen by inspecting her Mauser and sword which are holstered and sheathed respectively on her left side, with the butt of the Mauser's handle directed behind her, for her left hand's access. However, her sword's position makes it clear that she draws her blade with her right hand. Her aim with the Mauser is extremely accurate, clearing out the fact that her holding the handgun is just for pure cosmetic purposes. Natasha is loyal to the Millenium's cause to the point that she is entirely suicidal, and shows a horrifying ability to keep going after suffering from major wounds that don't include hacking her head off.

Despite appearances, Natasha is musically talented and is able to play any instrument off the bat, given one or two hours with it, and is able to identify notes by ear.

Organization: Millenium

Outside of combat, she seems regular enough, and goes around her daily business like any other soldier, making jokes and sarcastic jabs with colleagues who go on patrolling rounds with her. In short, she behaves exactly like how any normal soldier in the SS would. She enjoys beer and lewd jokes and would sometimes offer to treat her fellow Kamerads to a drink. She is what is known as a daredevil, as she will almost always accept any dare, no matter how stupid it is. She does it mostly for the kicks, and just to keep her adrenaline pumping when out of combat.

It is not lost on her when she delves into the battlefield, however. In fact, if anything, it just seems worse. Much worse. Combat often triggers a relapse of her mental breakdown back in 1945. When it does happen, she snaps and just goes all-out feral on her enemies, simply by charging straight for them. She loses all sense of familiarity when in this state, and will attack anyone nearby on a whim. Her relapses may also occur even outside of combat, when she is stressed out too much. It isn't a good choice to stay near her during these periods, unless you don't want to keep your head. She calms down after a while, but until then, anything and anyone within her reach is in imminent danger of being broken/torn apart. When not under the effects of her mental condition, however, she is rather level-headed in making decisions and analyzing the battlefield for advantageous opportunities. She has a bit of disregard for danger, and often tries to make odd, comical remarks in the face of whatever that was trying to kill her.

Natasha does not believe in Nazi ideals or any sort of that farce. She simply believes that they are a waste of time to read up on, and are, in fact, just a front for support. It does not overlap with her loyalty to the SS. As it was the rise of Hitler (and the SS in effect) that helped her family out of the rut of a broken economy, she feels that she has to repay them in some sort of way.
True to this disposition, though, she is an arduous believer that every good deed must be repaid in kind, at least on her part, and will attempt to repay her debt to anyone who will so much as aid her. Basically, karma is a bit of an in thing for the lady.

She speaks completely in German, but understands English. She lapses into a mix of both occasionally.

Rank: Untersturmführer, equivalent to 2nd Lieutenant

Germany had been devastated by the first World War, leaving much of its economy in a ruin. The rich became middle-class, the middle-class merged with the poor. The poor...stayed poor. Natasha Alcove was one of the third category. With her family already suffering from poverty, the loss of WWI hit them even harder. Prices rose, and health fell. Work paid close to nothing, even if they were to toil the whole day. It would be a few years, when Natasha turned 7, when the SS was established and the announcements of a superior race began to circulate the country of Germany. Their leader rebuilt Germany over the years, earning respect of most of the Germans, and soon, the SS grew.
1935, Natasha turned 17 and, out of a warped loyalty to the man who had technically saved the lives of her family, enlisted in the SS as Nathaniel Alcove. 'He' was brought in to the Verfügungstruppe after basic military training, where she avoided all possible contact with the other soldiers, other than the occasional drinking, poker and leisure sessions, where she would allow herself to share lewd jokes and play pranks on the other soldiers. Her time there had also nurtured her trigger-happy tendencies, and the training sessions often proved her to be one of those who had 'unnecessarily exposed themselves to risks and acted recklessly' (as stated by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht). She was still kind of easy to get along though.
During her years in the SS-VT, she ended up participating in all three of the occupation of Sudetenland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia, where the last had her taking a bullet to the chest, mostly due to her trait stated above. She proceeded to beg the medical staff to keep her status as a secret, when they tended to her wound. They relented, but told her that the next time they saw her, she had better be in a body bag. Secrets couldn't be kept that long. She recovered from the wound with enough time to participate in the invasion of Poland, crushing it entirely. Just a few months after, the VT was renamed into the Waffen-SS, and Natasha was promoted to Scharführer, possibly for just surviving all that shit she's been through.

The rest of the war was a blast, so to speak. For the Allied anyway. With the small collection of Germany, Japan and Italy (which defected anyway) against the larger powers of the Allied, Axis was meant to fall. 1944, Natasha, aged 26, could see that Germany was heading towards another state of ruin, as they began to lost ground against the Allied. She was deployed in a last ditch defense against the Russian offensive in Berlin, and met her demise there, where she had the left side of her face torn by stray shrapnel from a grenade. Her face half-gone and with just a Mauser at hand, she went berserk, highlighting a new start to another side of Natasha Alcove. She proceeded to wreck an entire squad with just her pistol, a trench shovel, and adrenaline. When the reinforcements came to aid the main defense force just a tad too late, Natasha was found bleeding to death and surrounded by dead Russians. She was supposed to be posthumously promoted to Untersturmführer, but she survived the trip to the medical facility where they managed to treat her wound just enough to stop her from dying, but the trauma sent her into a delusional state, leaving her to rant and rave in her ward, assaulting medical officers who tried to approach her. Even when her true gender was revealed (they had to anyway), there was a lack of volunteers in the Military Police attempting to arrest her under the usage of a false name, applied for enlistment under a false gender and basic breach of trust, especially not after hearing stories of her exploits back in Berlin.
The stories spread, bringing the attention of the Millenium to her. During one of her more calmer times, they visited, querying on her participation on #666, and gave her a chance to be acquitted of all her crimes.

RP sample:

Translation for Alcove's dialogues:
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PostSubject: Re: Natasha Alcove   Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:42 am

Application form is ready for disapproval criticism.
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PostSubject: Re: Natasha Alcove   Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:29 am

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PostSubject: Re: Natasha Alcove   Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:17 pm

Don't bump. We'll get to you soon. Probably later today.
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PostSubject: Re: Natasha Alcove   Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:48 pm

Just have to ask: If you're in Millennium with a doctor that managed to make a fully-function, ageless cyborg, how could he not have fixed your face at any point? Also, does that impair your vision at all? You never mention that.

First gun needs detail, such as how much the rate of fire and magazine are improved.

Second, see first.

Third is ridiculous. Why do you need a shovel? Also, 99% sure you're Fritz now.

Again, exactly how have the grenades been improved? Are the hand nukes now? Is THAT how much they were improved?

Claymore thing isn't going to work at all. I don't care how thinned it is; if it can still be considered a claymore, it will snap the second you hit anything with it if it's attached to a rapier hilt. Also, if the blade is silver, you can't touch it, let alone sleep with it. Good luck on caring for it and sharpening it, too.

You say she's suicidal. Is that just a way of saying she's dedicated to the cause or is she actively leaping in front of incoming bullets?

Reading the personality, she really does sound kind of suicidal. Are we actually going to see someone honestly suicidal on here for a change?

...I am not disappoint yet. I am calling you on her whole, "She goes into a rage and randomly kills her allies on a whim," thing, though. If she was really like that, she'd be executed or have gotten herself killed a long time ago. Of course, she's a tactical master all other times.

All members of Millennium are dedicated to the Nazi ideal and cause, no exceptions. They don't all have to be fanatical, but they would not be there if they didn't at least believe in them.

I never liked the Mulan type character, mainly because they only work if we assume there's no such thing as an army physical. There's probably a way for this to work, but just pretending no one noticed isn't going to work, especially when you admit she'd get drunk with the guys sometimes. Also don't know why the doctors would keep her a secret after they figure it out later in the story. They are Nazis; they're not exactly known for being the most compassionate bunch of people.

I do not believe for a second that someone who's just had half their face destroyed (meaning, they'd be blind on that side) could kill that many people with a pistol and a shovel. That injury would take a vampire down for at least a minute or two, and she's just a normal human. Also, there should be volunteers lining up to kill someone as dangerous as her; that just makes them look tougher and gets an expensive, lying, traitorous liability off their hands.

This needs a lot of work, but I do see some hope for this character. I'm not outright disapproving, but you might just want to try again if you don't feel like putting forth a lot of effort in remaking this.
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PostSubject: Re: Natasha Alcove   Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:42 pm

What's the word on this, do you want me to review it?
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PostSubject: Re: Natasha Alcove   Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:28 pm

Disapproved due to lack of interest.

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PostSubject: Re: Natasha Alcove   

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Natasha Alcove
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