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 Rufus ShinRa (W.I.P.)

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PostSubject: Rufus ShinRa (W.I.P.)   Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:39 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.


Name: Rufus ShinRa

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Rufus stands at lean six feet tall, but is by no means weak or underweight. He has prince like blonde hair that lays just right on his head, and blue eyes the color of the Caribbean. His eyes have a slight squint to them which makes it seem as though he is starring into the soul of the person he's looking at, and only had an air of mystery to him. He has very Nordic looking features without the rugged features of a viking. He has a average length torso with long legs though that help his height.

Clothing of choice: While there is not much to Rufus Shinra's attire it is safe to say it needs no other additions. Shinra wears a a three piece suit consisting of two colors, and a matching coat. He wears a coal black button up shirt that is not buttoned up the very top underneath a white button top that is unbuttoned a bit lower, tucked into a pair of crisp snow white pants. To continue the black, and white pattern he wears a coal black vest with a white pocket square folded neatly into a triangle which is under a snow white jacket. On top of that outside he wears an equally white long coat, and black dress shoes. His suit though does have just the slightest pinstrips of silver going vertical. So slight they are almost invisible to the naked eye except in sunlight.

Weaponry of choice: Rufus comes equipped with a few weapons. He doesn't normally see combat but he always has two weapons on him. 3 M67 grenades and a Desert Eagled concealed in his jacket.

M67 Grenade: The M67 Grenade has a spherical steel body that contains 6.5 ounces of Composition B explosive. The M213 fuse is specifically designed for use with the M67 fragmentation grenade. The M67 grenade weighs 14 ounces in total and has a safety clip to prevent the grenade from detonating accidentally. The M67 can be thrown 30 to 35 meters by the average male soldier. It has a 4.0–5.5 second fuse that ignites explosives packed inside a round body. Steel fragments (not to be confused with shrapnel) are provided by the grenade body and produce an injury radius of 15 meters (~45 ft), with a fatality radius of 5 meters (~15 ft), though some fragments can disperse as far out as 250 meters.


Desert Eagle: The Desert Eagle uses a gas-operated mechanism normally found in rifles, as opposed to the short recoil or blow-back designs most commonly seen in semi-automatic pistols. Unlike most such pistols, the barrel does not move during firing. When a round is fired, gases are ported out through a small hole in the barrel near the breech. These travel forward through a small tube under the barrel, to a cylinder near the front of the barrel. The separate bolt carrier/slide has a small piston on the front that fits into this cylinder; when the gases reach the cylinder they push the piston rearward. The bolt carrier rides rearward on two rails on either side of the barrel, operating the mechanism. Its rotating bolt strongly resembles that of the M16 series of rifles, while the fixed gas cylinder/moving piston resemble those of the Ruger Mini-14 carbine. The advantage of the gas operation is that it allows the use of far more powerful cartridges than traditional semi-automatic pistol designs. Thus it allows the Desert Eagle to compete in an area that had previously been dominated by magnum revolvers. Downsides of the gas-operated mechanism are the large size of the Desert Eagle, and the fact that it discourages the use of unjacketed lead bullets.


While in off Rufus keeps his desk loaded with guns. Mainly pistols and ammunition. But he keeps an M16 and a Riot Shotgun strapped hidden in and loaded in case he was attacked in his office.

Riot Gun: The Remington Model 870 Express has a total length of 38.5 inches, which is 4.5 inches smaller than the average for all Shotguns. The gun has a total unloaded weight of 7 pounds, which is 0.2 pounds lighter than the average for all Shotguns. It has a synthetic, LOP 14in,DropComb 1.5in,DropHeel 2.5in grip. It is also finished in blued steel. This weapon is concealed under his disk.


M4A1 Carbine SOPMOD: Has the following attachments Trijicon Reflex Sight – rapid acquisition on close targets, or when target or operator is moving. Aimpoint Comp-M – uses both-eyes-open with red-dot sighting system for target acquisition. Holographic Display Sight – instant target acquisition under any light situation. Visible Light Illuminator – provides white light when night-vision goggles are not sufficient. AN/PVS 14 Night Vision – night vision to locate, identify, and engage targets from 20-300 meters. AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Illuminator/Aiming Laser – allows M4A1 to be effectively employed to 300 meters with night-vision goggles, by amplifying the light capability. ANPEQ-5 Visible Laser – fast and accurate means of aiming, primarily use in CQB/CRE. Forward Handgrip – added support, or can be used as a monopod in a fixed shooting position .Crane Stock – redesigned collapsible stock with storage for batteries for accessory equipment. Quick-Attach Suppressor – sound suppressor that also minimizes muzzle blast. Back-up Iron Sight – provides aiming ability out to 300meters. Combat Sling – allows safe and ready cross-body or patrol carry and limits muzzle sweep. M203 Grenade Launcher – used as an anti-personnel or anti-light armor weapon, particularly useful in raids and ambushes


Race: Human

Abilities: Despite his young age, Rufus has the determination and know-how of someone who has been doing Rufus's newly acquired position for years. He is a harsh and relentless negotiator. He was home schooled and taught everything he needed to know to one day take over the company. he gained a sense of ruthless form his father and will never back down from what he wants. He has the gift of the silver tongue and uses his intelligence to persuade people into seeing things his way through his words and negotiation tactics. He can speak Japanese, English, and German. He has a mastery over the piano. He is essentially a jack of all trade. When it comes to business there is nothing he doesn't know. He has a high learning curve and picks up on things rather quickly.

He is handy with a gun and is a trained marksmen. He is agile and quick on his feet. His hand to hand combat skills are commendable with his training in Tai Kwan doe. He is trained in first aid. If it wasn't for his family's name being known for the Company it would have been for Rufus being a pianist or as an assassin.

Organization: Unaffiliated

Personality: The first impression given by Rufus ShinRa is one of arrogance, greed, and cruelty. He is immediately named President of his father's company and shows up to take his father's place after his untimely death. During this, he shows absolutely no emotion and isn't effected by his father's death. He immediately orders that he not be called "President ShinRa", but "President Rufus". He resents his father, this being obvious in the renunciation of his father's name. President ShinRa wasn't exactly the most warm and welcoming person, and certainly not a caring and nurturing father. Rufus had very little contact with his father and was brought up to take over the company and handle a large business with an iron fist. Which is exactly what he does; Rufus held a deep resentment for his father and in rebelling against him perhaps became even crueler.

Rufus's father had believed in ruling the business world through money, bribery, and false promises of protection. When Rufus succeeds him, he chooses to rule by instilling fear into others. He states that even though his father's way worked, he has his own plan and that there is no need to waste money on the people. This shows that he cares very little for the people's well-being, and is much more concerned with outcome and keeping things tightly under his thumb. Rufus does, however, shape the company into his own design and does it effectively. As ShinRa Inc. prospers, he used the power to further monopolize the energy field of Business on a world scale.

Despite his coldness, Rufus seems to have a rather sarcastic sense of humor. Rufus is also perceived as a rich brat, always wanting things his way and getting them. That's not really being spoiled though. Part of it is pure determination. He gets his way because he takes the required action to make things turn out in his favor. He may be slightly spoiled, but he knows it, and knows how to work people to his advantage. Prime examples of this are scattered throughout before his father's death, he displayed a single-minded drive to usurp his father's position, even after he's caught and punished. Even though he displays a bit of a sulky immaturity occasionally, it's clear that he's pushing through the trail-and-error of adolescence and forming the foundation for the man that he will soon become.

Even with all his flaws, Rufus isn't all bad. He is a victim shaped by the uncontrollable circumstances of his upbringing and events in his life. Rufus isn't a cruel person by nature, he was simply brought up to be the best and to win at all costs. It was drilled into his head from a young age by his father that he must be ruthless and strong so that he could one day take over the company, teaching through example- something that later came back to bite his father in the ass. Another thing to consider is his family life. He deeply resents his father, who was probably not around during most of Rufus's childhood. Rufus had no mother. She died when Rufus was still young. Lack of love in his family had pushed him to be uncaring and to hide his emotions so that he won't be hurt.

He may act like he is invincible but he is only human and is bound by the limitations of most athlete's. Most of the time he runs himself ragged by constantly working and travelling for business. He has trust issues only trust a small circle of people. All of this has added and increased the amount of Psychological stress on his mind. This leads to him having minor violent outbursts.

Rank: President of the ShinRa Electric Company

Biography: Rufus, despite living the vast majority of his life in luxury, had a middle class upbringing when he was first born in 1974 Tokyo, Japan. Rufus’s father, Genji ShinRa, had owned a small weapons manufacturing business that was just getting off the ground. When the cold war started going into full swing, Genji had trouble keeping his business and his family taken care of. He resolved this matter by starting to make under the table deals with third world countries offering weapons in exchange for cheap labor or even diamonds. He then sold weapons to the Soviets using Egypt as a proxy nation so the U.S. wouldn't catch on. That had been his entrance into a successful business. As his business grew so did Genji's greed and lust for power. During this time he only had people refer to him as President ShinRa. Knowing that his couldn't continue making money and obtain money he took his, now very profitable, business and expanded into the business of energy.

During this time Rufus was being at the age of three homeschooled. Well trained would be a better word because he was being shaped to one day take over his Father’s now growing business empire. Rufus excelled in his studies and in his spare time he took care of his sick mother, Avery ShinRa, at their estate in Kyoto. This was the beginning of his hatred for his father. Genji was always at his job only at home to eat and sleep about once a week. While he was providing their luxurious lifestyle, Rufus kept caring for his mother as her condition worsened. Rufus probed his father as to why he didn’t take better care of his mother. His father replied with that his business was his wife and that he had no time for anyone who didn’t contribute to his business. He also commented that the only reason he married Avery was for his image and the heir she provided.

When Rufus left that office he began plotting how to overthrow his father. Genji knew that his son would cause future problems and decided to keep him close. Genji forced Rufus’s hand to move to Tokyo with his father in exchange for more suitable health care. Rufus saw through his father’s feeble attempt to drive him away from his mother but knew he had to do this. So he played into his Father’s wishes. At the age of thirteen he went to college at Tokyo University and received both his Undergrad and Masters at the age of nineteen. Seeing these recent successes so quickly, Genji made Rufus Vice President of the newly named ShinRa Electric Company (the original name was ShinRa Manufacturing) after graduation. However during the time he was in Tokyo and at college Rufus’s mother had passed way from, what the doctors that Genji had hired declared as natural causes from her illness.

Upon receiving news of this from a new member of his father’s bodyguards, which people have come to call “The Turks,” Rufus had forever forsaken his father and continued his plans to overthrow his father him in the most humiliating way possible. Rufus knew he couldn’t be directly the cause and he needed an outside group. That group would reveal themselves to Rufus after he was watching the news. After leaving work one day he went to investigate this group’s supposed hideout that Rufus picked up off of an information broker. Upon entering the group’s hideout they recognized him as the Vice President of ShinRa, more specifically Rufus’s media nickname “the Golden-Prince of Tokyo.”

This group was a struggling eco-terrorist faction, called AVALANCHE, which desperately needed funding in order to keep running. The group’s primary target was the ShinRa Electric Company for its continuing expansion and growth into the oil industry. Rufus knew everything about ShinRa from being Vice President and had quite a bit of money. After a quick meeting he became the group’s main financier. He would fund them and leak certain information to help their organization succeed. In return Rufus would manipulate them unknowingly to make his father look incompetent of running the company and Rufus would then take over.

Since Rufus began helping AVALANCHE, this small terrorist cell became well known and started interrupting ShinRa’s business. Genji had pushed back by buying an entire para-military company to start guarding the company’s property. A father verse son war broke out unknowingly and it was a proxy war using AVALANCHE and the company. All Rufus has to do is keep his father from knowing that Rufus was working with the Eco-Terrorists. However his little secret seems to be coming to light. The Turks were ordered to investigate any potential leaks.
Rufus was above suspicion for most of the investigation mostly part to him being Genji’s son. This was until an operation by The Turks went array and one of their own was captured. Rufus contacted the leader of the Terrorist and was informed of this. This was after the fact the leader said Rufus’s name out loud. This would normally be fine if Rufus didn’t receive a message from his secretary that Tseng, the Turk assigned to protect Rufus since he moved to Tokyo, wanted to speak to him. Rufus knew that Tseng was one of the Turks sent out on an assignment. It didn’t take long for Rufus to piece things together. He immediately left the office and tried to get out of the building but the Turks were a step ahead of him and cornered Rufus in the parking garage. Knowing he was beaten Rufus didn’t fight and instead went with the Turks as their prisoner.

Rufus knew how this was going to go down. They would drive out to a remote area near Mt. Toritama. There they would meet the leaders of AVALANCHE and exchange him for the captured Turk. However, as soon as the exchange happens the Turks would pull out the weapons and gun down AVALANCHE. Rufus was powerless to stop them but he didn’t care anyways. AVALANCHE did what they were paid to do, and their usefulness was used up. The Turks were unknowingly taking care of a mission that Rufus would’ve had them do later once he was president. One thing did surprise Rufus was that some of the Turks ran off leaving only Tseng and three other Turks to take Rufus back to Tokyo. Rufus later learned that these Turks acted on their own and Tseng had ended up reporting that he assassinated the rogue members himself. Rufus had conspired with terrorists, gave away company secrets, and would normally be sent to jail for corporate espionage. However, he is the son of the most powerful man in Japan and this getting released to the media would ruin his father’s image. In the end Rufus was placed under house arrest under constant surveillance by the Turks with special privileges to do company business around the world.

Rufus’s life didn’t change much. Aside from being under constant surveillance, Rufus still went to the ShinRa building to work on days when he is not traveling. Rufus normal routine was wake at five in the morning and eat breakfast, drive to the airport, fly to destination, eat lunch during flight, drive to meeting, eat dinner with client at meeting, and go to sleep at 10 at night at either home or a hotel. Rinse and repeat. Only minor adjustments were made to accommodate a member of the Turks and to make sure he has absolutely no free time to plot how he will usurp his father. Rufus didn’t mind this change in pace he welcomed it. He knew his father did this to try and control him. So Rufus challenged him and did everything perfectly. He spent the next two years working and making sure there is nothing on his record that would prevent him from taking over one day.

Rufus would get what he wanted when he was twenty-four. Rufus was in a business meeting in Mito when he received a call from one of the board of executive members. He called frantically requesting aid from the security force that is with Rufus to help get rid of violent intruders that started killing people in the building. Rufus left the meeting after signing the contract that would put ShinRa in the top three global companies. Mito was close enough to Tokyo that he used a company helicopter for transportation. It was about a 20 minute flight till he got to the building. They landed on the roof and dropped Rufus off and he entered the office to see three people dressed in military uniforms that he didn’t recognize. He walked in and talked to the intruders before pulling out his pistol and shot two people and the other in both of his legs before they could realize what just happened.

Rufus had the Turks interrogate the remaining intruder thoroughly once it was confirmed that the build cleared and safe. Rufus wasn’t looking forward to all the insurance claims that will be filed or the fact he will have to buy another private military group to replace the ones they lost today. He would have to do his research and spend about a month doing damage control. He took over started running the company his way like a bat out of hell.

His time table to get the company back to the way it was before the attack happened two weeks earlier because people a quarter of the original staff were fired because they weren’t operating to Rufus’s standard and he hired a bunch of over achieving interns to fill the gaps. People started to fear for their jobs if they even slipped once. Rufus had increased company output and profits by nearly 300% in that time as well. However once the company was back on its feet and running Rufus had to take care of the people who attacked ShinRa earlier in the month. The agent they had captured and slowly rotting in a cell was given the chance to say the information they wanted or be tortured. He held out for a while. Rufus decided to take care of this personally. He walked in the room spent five minutes with the man and him begging to not harm his family. The organization that attacked them was called Hellsing. They attacked under the pretense that ShinRa had a hand in creating body enhancing chips that would mimic the attributes of a vampire. Rufus later pay to get information on the organization he needed. He set up a task force and had them attack the base of operations they had in Tokyo. Once that was taken care of, Rufus had pictures taken of all the dead agents inside the building and had it burned down cleaned up and broke ground for warehouse that the companies weapons manufacturing division would later use.

Rufus spent the next year growing the company even further to the point it was an unstoppable force. In every democratic country whatever candidate for their head of government/state that ShinRa backed had won. Third world countries started improving marginally because of ShinRa’s business in their region. ShinRa is even helping pay for the rebuilding of London. To the media ShinRa was being philanthropic while in all actuality it was because they lost a regional headquarters and three warehouses. Rufus is also on his way to England in order to meet with the leader of Hellsing in regards to their attack on his company. He had also sent the pictures of the dead agents and the building burning ahead with no return address labeled.

RP sample:

**Social Post**

Rufus entered his office on the sixty-fifth floor of the ShinRa building Tokyo. Today he had a board meeting that he wasn't looking forward to because it was going to be the same thing like all the other meetings. Rufus would sit there as they feed him bullshit results that Rufus already doubled checked and would call them out. He hated everyone of them but they usually produced favorably results, even though they weren't the numbers that they would bolster at the meetings. It's because they keep the company on track, that Rufus can't fire them. He sat down behind his mahogany desk that formed a half circle around him and logged on to his computer. He began working like he normally does, first he checks the stocks of the company on both the Japanese and International markets. Then he looks at all the reports and skims through them to double check for any errors. His a call box on his desk buzzed and a female voice spoke. "Sir, Tseng from Administrative Research is here to see you." Rufus sighed in reliefe that it wasn't one of his department heads. "Send him in," Rufus said. The secretary relpied and Tseng soon came through the door to Rufus's office. "What is it Tseng? Rufus said.

"Reporting about the operation" Tseng said standing at attention. The operation was an overall success. Our forces eliminated every agent in the building and we burned it downed as ordered. I have already taken the liberty to making sure it will be viewed as an attack from AVALANCHE."

Rufus leaned back into his chair replied "Good"

"We also found more information on the organization that attacked us after our assault. Our resources tell us that Hellsing is a legitimate supernatural hunters organization based in England. They are based in London and is ran by some named Sir Integral Hellsing." Tseng added.

This peaked Rufus's interest. England, we needed to rebuild our regional headquaters there and I could use a break from the idiots here. Rufus stood up and grabbed a couple of files and a not pad and pen. Very well then, make preparations I want to go to England and speak with this Sir Hellsing. Also find a suitable living arrangement or in the countryside before I arrive. I will be heading there after this board meeting. Rufus said as he went to leave his office and go to the elevator to the board room.
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Just a heads up, I have al intentions of finnishing this sheet. however after some thought I thought it best that I RP Travis off the site first. once that is done I will finnish the sheet as his replacement.
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Are you still working on this guy?
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Moved by creator request.
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Rufus ShinRa (W.I.P.)
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