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 Arcturus Oviroa Upgrade

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PostSubject: Arcturus Oviroa Upgrade   Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:56 am

So because everything is taking so long and creating a new character to finish this would just take even longeer, I am proposing that we give a mild bit of genetic surgery with a minute case of vampirism or possibly insert him with a chip scavenged off of a Millennium freak t contract vampirism as it would no doubt cure his cancer. Whichever one's the staff would rather see on him. After it finishes, I plan to have all of the members be fried by the main branch to tie up loose ends anyway so I leave that all up to you. Here's Arc's original character sheet.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? All of the books and anime that have been English dubbed.

Arcturus Oviroa

Age: 67

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:

Arcturus is a slightly withering old man though very fit for his old
age. He is 6’5”. He weighs 160 pounds and is very muscular. He
constantly seems very stern due to his upbringing and is constantly
scowling. He has rather long deep brown graying hair which is usually
kept in a pony tail and goes down to halfway down his back when it is
not kept up. As for his facial features, he has a brown long pointy chin
strap beard which goes halfway down to his neck. On his face, he has a
few scars from slash wounds and a few burn marks from grenade explosions
which were a little too close for comfort. On his chest, he has more
scars from slash and stab wounds and has very strong abs. With the rest
of his body, his legs are also very muscular however, his right foot
seems to sounds very metallic when he walks due to the fact that it is
actually made of metal due to him losing his own foot in a bear trap
when he was in the war.

Clothing of choice:

From the very first look at this man, you can tell that he is very
militaristic by the fact that he wears a slightly torn dark green short
sleeve shirt. He has a lot of military dog tags which hang from his
neck, some of them are very badly burned. He also has a Kevlar vest that
he wears when he is about to go into battle. He wears camouflage pants
that have 6 slanted sheaths which go all the way down his leg and a
pouch on each leg for a total of 12 sheathes and two pouches. On the
legs, he has special iron armor attachments that he also wears when he
is about to go into a battle. On his feet, he wears your typical
military grade combat boots and black socks underneath them.

Weaponry of choice:
The only weapons he has are 12 crushed jade punching daggers (kukri)
which have a slightly jagged edge and are infused with quicksilver with
has ribbons through the jade. The blades themselves are about 8 inches
in length and 2 inches thick. The blades themselves are actually filled
with hollowed out syringes with have removable vials of potassium
cyanide (which takes about four well placed stabs to be fatal). The
blades are almost always sheathed in his leg sheaths and the vials are
in the pouch just above the blades. He also, through a lot of practice,
has deadly accuracy with throwing these blades as well and has done a
lot of weapon-making so that he may remake these whenever he runs out.

Race: Special Human

Arcturus has these equivalent Category C Vampire Abilities: Medium
supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, lower
than average sight

The Illuminati


He is typically very hardened through his war experiences and is more
of the type to suffer in silence. He also tends to be very sociopathic
and rarely talks to anyone and when he does, he’s very stern and only
says a nice or congratulatory word to his family. Whenever he does have
something that he wants done, he is very persistent though and will
hound someone to get it. In battle, he rarely ever will taunt his foe or
even speak at all and is usually all about business. He is very deeply
loyal and follows any order without question and would do anything for
justice or to protect his family, even if that means sacrificing some of
his own family members to achieve it.

Rank: Leader of the Secondary Illuminati Branch

Arcturus has a wife and 3 kids, a son and two daughters which make up
his life outside of his work. He was born in Philadelphia in 1935 to a
stern upbringing and was pressured to succeed from the second he was
able to walk and talk. At 16, he was pressured by his father to join the
armed forces and participated in almost every single war up to now. His
motive for joining the Illuminati came when many of his close relatives
were killed during their involvement in the Gulf War. Their involvement
sparked him into the belief that justice wouldn’t be served by corrupt
politicians but by a group who thought the same way he did, a private
organization who was specifically designed to combat injustice and
oppression. It was around that time he met an old man studying
Architecture in a local library. When Arcturus showed interest in it,
the man saw his potential as a hardened war veteran and asked him if he
had ever heard of something called the Free Masons. Of course, Arcturus
still fresh out of war had never gotten the freedom to study anything so
of course, he had no clue but eventually, the old man trusted Arcturus
enough to show him into this secret society. From then on, Arcturus has
had his hands in everything including the rigging of votes all of the
way up too corporate takeovers and assassinations.

RP Sample: It
was a quiet day in the Philadelphia State Library as Arcturus sat
pouring over many of the books about the occult when the unthinkable
happened. Over the news and worldwide, the announcement spread like
wildfire. A new world war had erupted. Blimps were flying overhead of
major cities carrying the Nazi symbol of the Third Reich. Ravenous
freaks were filling the streets and mass chaos had grown out of control.
Even though Bavaria was part of the German family, it still didn't stop
Arcturus from getting a little uneasy about this proclamation. He knew
very well what would happen before too long once the main office got
hold of this information. They weren't likely to just let this sort of
thing pass by.

No less than an hour later, his worst fears were
realized as he received a message on his personal laptop from the main
branch of the Illuminati letting himof their decision. It seemed that
they finally meant to move through with their plan to conquer the world
and put him in charge of leading an attack against the forces of Great
Britain, the Vatican and the Millennium Order with just his small group
of members. It certainly didn't seem like it would be an easy task and
so, it definitely made sense that he would need to confer with his group
and come up with some plan of action. So, he got up and closed his
personal laptop and walked over to the back part of the library where a
lot of the older dusty books seemed to reside and began looking through
the titles as if looking for something important.After a minute or so of
searching, he found the book that he was looking for. It was a rather
old torn down book which seemed to be falling apart at the seams. The
binding and for cover were in shambles and in fact, many of the books
that were on this shelf weren't too much better. The book that he had pulled out was labeled The Rise and Fall of Rome and it had very faded silver letters on its cover.

he peeled the paper off of the binding to reveal a system of passwords
and books on the inside. This weeks password was Augustus and the book was Grammatica and Folklore. After,
he gathered that information, he looked around to make sure nobody was
paying attention and placed the book back on its shelf. He then walked
over to another bookshelf where the book was and pulled out Grammatica and Folklore.
Slowly, he peeled the paper away from the binding to reveal a small
touch screen which had a keyboard displayed on the screen. Again,
checking that the coast was clear, he typed in the password Augustus,
replaced the paper and walked over to one of the broken water fountains
which had a sign on it which said out of order.

With a slight
push on it, the wall behind it pushed backward and raised up and out of
sight to reveal a marble staircase beneath. As he walked down the
staircase, the wall quickly closed behind him dislodging a cloud of dust
in its wake. Old swing lights came on that were hanging from the
ceiling and as he walked down the stairs, he coulld hear his
subordinates at the base of the stair behind a large wooden door. When
the door opened, the main heart of the Illuminati suddenly came into
view. Inside was a room about as big as the library above it. The walls
were slightly dirty from years of neglect. His group sat on bated breath
as he got ready to mention what the main branches decision was and test
their resolve.

Battle RP Sample http://nightshaderpg.darkbb.com/t1737-illuminati-training-session
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PostSubject: Re: Arcturus Oviroa Upgrade   Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:12 pm

Still thinking this over. Just letting you know I haven't forgotten about this.
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PostSubject: Re: Arcturus Oviroa Upgrade   Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:09 am

okay. so your outright ignore of this has caused me to consider it a disapproval. being that nobody will pull the trigger, heres what im going to do. since we have a day skip, im going to use that to have stein cure his cancer without an upgrade and enact the next part of my plan.
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PostSubject: Re: Arcturus Oviroa Upgrade   

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Arcturus Oviroa Upgrade
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