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 Sir Savath Wild.

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PostSubject: Sir Savath Wild.   Mon May 28, 2012 5:33 pm

I saw up to episode 5 on Ova.[/u]

Name: Savath Wild

Age: 400 (looks twenty)

Gender: (Male.

Physical appearance: Savath stands at 5'10 with wide shoulders and corded muscle arms, his body is set like a Line backer or a Lineman with heavy muscle and stocky body. His hair is dark Blonde and cut short military style. His eyes are forest green and his whole body is a set of Muscle with a 4% body fat ratio. His skin is pale white from being away from the sun. His eye brows are thin and also blonde with a scar through the left brow making it less than the right. A scar shows across his throat and one from his left temple to lower right jaw. His teeth are sharp all the way through but it is hard to tell since he rarely ever smiles. He has frown lines on the side of his mouth for just that reason. Savath has long fingernails about four inches in length and end in sharp points. His ears are pointed at the tips and he normally has a mocking look on his face. He is considered Handsome in a feral kind of way though people often scoot away from him than towards him. His mouth is thin and his nose ends in a slight hook giving it a Hawklike aspect. His eyes are sharper on the edges and have a coldness to them as if he is looking at food instead of people.

Clothing of choice: Savath wears a Black suit with a red tie and a white shirt, polished Loafers, a pair of Diamond cufflinks and a thin chain that hangs from his left pocket and arcs to his belt loop which inside the belt loop is a Black leather belt with a Metal belt buckle of a Wolf. He often is found carrying a black cane with a Metal wolfs head with ruby eyes. A gold watch on his left wrist and a top hat with a white band around it. His hands have white opera gloves but the tips are open to allow his fingernails through. He wears a light tail coat also black with a white rose in the left appel.

Weaponry of choice: Savath uses his own body a lot with sharp finger nails and sharp teeth. But when facing a opponent for the first time he wields a pair of chains with five knife blades at the end. The chains can be wrapped around his body and there are holes under the knives to allow them to attach onto the fingers. He carries (10) throwing knives and (2) butterfly knives as well as a pair of throwing Glaves and a sword in his cane.

Race: Lycan.

Abilities: Savath is a Master swordsman and Marksman, capable of wielding his sword and chain weapons together in combination or any weapon of his in combination with another. He is a Master of Unarmed combat with a Mastery in Wushu and Bushido. He has abilities like Mild super strength, speed, agility, reflex, stamina, durability, and senses. He can turn into a Lycanthrope (Humanoid Werewolf) and back to human though it's harder.

Organization: Hellsing

Personality: Savath is a easy going person who likes to be left alone and work with his ideals on what he can do with his more animal side of who he is. He isn't quick to temper in fact he is calm and collected. He likes to wear high class clothes since at one time he was a noble and holds onto that title. He is proud of his ancient roots and defends them quickly. He is Honorable and doesn't believe in killing just out of fear or for the sake of it. However he is deep in the blood of the wolf and likes to turn when in private and even hunt when he can. Savath likes the higher things in life. Wine, expensive food and clothes, high class women. He is a little obnoxious but not at all snobbery. His interets in the Martial Arts however could be said as obsessive. In his long life he has searched for hundreds of different ways to do combat and finding a place amongst the sword wielding Samurai and then later on the fencing french and the brute savage Russian. Americans he finds to be too much gun and less honor and secretly hates the smell of anyone like them.

He enjoys a good fight as long as it is a honorable one but his fury rears when cheating is involved or when a opponent uses numbers or foul tricks. He enjoys training and most of all he enjoys watching the light of life leave the eyes of his opponents. Though he weeps when a good opponent is lost for he fears another may never come along again. He tends to let stronger and more matched opponents live while cutting down the weaker class for not giving him a challenge. Contrary to popular belief he is not savage in nature but well defined and classy with a air of noble authority and a dislike of the "Common" masses. However he respects opponents equal or stronger than him but it doesn't mean he will take lip from them because of it. He will defend his honor even to death.

Rank: Lieutenant.

Biography: Savath was born one "Sir Savath West" a Gentleman Noble from the upperclass English. As a boy he wondered into his fathers hunting forest daily and practiced his sword skills alone and away from the prying eyes of his tutors and siblings. It was one such day when the Beast fell on him and bit him. At the time he was a Young man no more than Twenty. Running fever for many weeks until the Full moon came and laid it's dark deal onto the young Savath. However due to his mothers knowledge she had her son put in a stone room with a heavy wooden door reinforced with steel bolts and the staff sent home. The first change came on Savagely and wild with no thought of as man and only feral beast. The night passed and Savath was fed bloody cow meat and the routine continued. The Full moon would come and Savath would lock himself away and be fed.

As times in the lands changed, Savaths parents died with the hopelessnes that no cure was ever found for there son. Taking the home the young Baron sold all his lands and belongings except a few personal items and chartered a ship across the sea. Months on a ship with normal humans could be bloody so Savath requested a heavy barred door be put in and then the ship set sail. Only the Captain was told that a monster was being brought with them and only Savath could sit with it in the room. Luckily it wasn't one of those times when the crew got curious. The ship landed in a foreign land and was set upon immediatley by a group of warriors calling themselves "Samurai". Savath fought and fought until the leader himself put Savath down with a stab to the stomach. Seeing him not dead they took him to they're village where they nursed him to health. A priest was there at the time trying to "Convert" the Samurai who's code of honor kept them from killing the man or being rid of him. It was from him that the Baron learned the language of his hosts. Speaking to them after a year he told them of his desire to learn more of the sword. The master of the Village had heard of the young man's ferocity in the battle and agreed.

Savath spent five years in the Village learning the way f the sword from the Masters of the blade. There style and form was foreign to him but after awhile he picked up on it and his determination excelled him forward. He soon could go toe to toe with some of the most experienced Samurai and finally he had learned all they could teach him. Savath sad as it was departed from his friends and set off to learn more, not a week past befre Savath was ambushed by Ninja and taken. During capture a Ninja slit his throat and left him for dead only to return the next day and see a very angry man waiting for him. He lunged forward driving a broken piece of wood through the Ninja's eye and into the brain. The Ninja Master appeared and seeing what happened actually laughed. The bonds were cut and Savath once again began training but under a different master for a different style all together. Chain weapons. A different aspect of the blade but a bladed weapon non the less. He was also trained in how to fight when he lost his weapons to stay alive. Savath stayed another five years under the tutelae of the Ninja and even helped them kill a few contracts. But once again the voices of travel called him foraward.

Savath set sail once again and this time to France where he met a young Lady and her Father. The man was a highly honorable man and of noble birth but opened up alot when he learned that Savath himself was a Nobleman. The two spent times talking in the gardens and Savath found himself more and more in the company of Lady Sarah. The two became close friends and more but Savath continued his love for Weaponry and her father a Master fencer took him under his tutelage and once again a whole new art was opened up. Savath ended up marrying Sarah and stayed with her family for many years. Sarah however died of sickness and unable to stay where everything reminded him of his lover he left. A strong storm however landed him in a country he knew nothing about after ferrying a ship to return to England. The crew and Savath went out to explore and during they're travels they were attacked by large brutes with horned helms and buckskin clothing. Savath and the crew fought and were the victors but it was due to Savath's unmatched skill with his blade that won the day. A fallen man begged for his Blade to be returned and when Savath did the man told him of a village not far. Savath sent the crew back to the ship and went to the village. He was met by the Chieftan who accepted the death of some of his men including his son with the pain of a father but the duty of a Chieftan. Savath was welcomed to the village and given the home of the best warrior that fell to Saath's blade. The home was littered with weapons of all kinds and it came to be known by the Baron that the home was the home of the man who's blade he returned.

Savath sent the crew and the ship on it's way with the money he promised and stayed at the village. There he learned of a weapon called a Glave and facinated with it he took up study along once more with blade craft. At night he would slip into the forest and turn and feed on the wild deer in the massive wildlands. During the day he studied the art of the blade and continued to grow in skill and age. He learned of the gods and the ways of the Vikings. He also learned of the weapons they used. Twenty years Savath stayed in the lands of Ice and Snow married to a Daughter of the Chieftan. When his wife passed away he moved on. Years passed as Savath travelled the Seas and the lands trying to bring his curse under control. He knew he would not age and he would not die. The world modernized around him and he adapted to stay incgnito. However he couldn't cope with the change of the world and finding a cemetary he went underground to sleep. He awoke many years later t the sound of machineray and once again his sense of adventure pulled him forward.

RP sample: Savath sat on a bench looking around at how much had changed in the world, the gold he had on him at the time paid for alot including the new clothes he wore and the cane which held a lethally sharp Sword made of Silver with a handle of fine hardwod and leather wrapping on the hilt. The top of the cane was a symbol of a wolf head and two red rubies dotted the eyes. Savath wore a sleek brand new black suit with a white under shirt and a red tie, and a Black tail coat. On his head was a Blacktop hat with a white band around it. He wore diamond cufflinks on his sleeves and a pair of soft dress pants with white lines on them. His belt buckle was a solid black leather belt with a wolf head symbol buckle made of metal. On down was a pair of Soft black leather loafers that were hand polished to shine.

Savath watched the people moving around while staying under the shadow of a tree, the entire day passed and Savath didn't move from that spot except to buy a chilli dog and a large coke which he found both to be delicious. As night decened upon the city, Savath got up to roam about. The cane made a slight tapping noise as it was put down but anyone with half a brain could see the young man had no need for the cane at all. Having decided on a half moonlight walk. There was a click and the young man turned only to get a bullet in the back, he stumbled forward and dropped to his knees from the searing pain of the wound. Hot metal burned inside his skin a feeling that was new and not. He had taken a arrow that had been heated to the chest before and even with that thought he knew the arrow had hurt more than this. A laughing came from behind as a youth about twenty five walked around, he was spinning his odd instrument on one finger and grinning. For a moment Savath wondered what fool made his weaon spin when close to someone.

Savath lunged forward so he grabbed the man by the arm that held the gun and ripped up with a savage jerk. A penetrating scream erupted from the man as his limb was ripped from the body. Savath stood holding the severed arm and brought it around slapping the man to the ground with his own limb. His hand reached down grabbing the mugger and dragged him to his feet. Blood sprayed and poured down the man's left side soaking his shirt and flesh in blood. The Baron licked his lips as he tried to fight the savage nature boiling inside but to no avail. Ten minutes later Savath walked out of the park leaving only a corpse that had been almost fully devoured buried under a tree. In his hand he held the man's firearm and looking over it carefully he threw it into the bushes. This was a strange world, one where there was a lot of oddities but once again he knew he must adapt and he must learn.
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PostSubject: Re: Sir Savath Wild.   Wed May 30, 2012 3:01 pm

400 is too old for a cub.

If you're a lieutenant, wouldn't he have some sort of battle outfit? Does he fight in the suit like that?

Having a hard time imagining what's going on with the chain/knife things. Maybe more detail?

Don't have category listed in race (can only be a cub).

Use the race information for your dog powers.

Not going to read the bio, since the age needs to be changed, effectively wiping out the vast majority of it.

RP sample has no social post.
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PostSubject: Re: Sir Savath Wild.   Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:18 pm

Same issues as Ridl. Not to mention the fact that you have a lycan applying for Hellsing which is a little odd to me. By all means, make some edits but for the moment, i sit at...

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PostSubject: Re: Sir Savath Wild.   Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:18 pm

Still working on this?
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PostSubject: Re: Sir Savath Wild.   Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:47 pm

I decided I'll have to disapprove, too. Because of the gigantic amount of biographical loss and numerous other changes you'll have to make here, there's no way it will even be the same character when you're done.

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PostSubject: Re: Sir Savath Wild.   Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:16 am

I'm sorry.

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PostSubject: Re: Sir Savath Wild.   

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Sir Savath Wild.
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