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 "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)

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PostSubject: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   Fri May 25, 2012 3:13 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Seen all of the Anime,and all of the OVA,also have read the manga.

Name: Unknown. Alias:Legion.

Age:Appears thirty,but is really 100

Gender: Male

Physical appearance:A man with greased back,night hair,that fits his worn and weathered face,black lines go under his eyes,slightly.He is also heavily built,every fibre of his body is muscled in his effort to be the Übermensch that Germany had required,three scars go across his stomach,thanks to a run in with a Sherman tank,that left him nearly-dead.His eyes are a bright green,not fitting with his hair,he is also clean shaven.

Clothing of choice:Legion wears a woodland camouflaged version of his SS gear.His helmet has a ace of spades attached to it,via a black strap that runs around his helmet.His jacket had two metal pieces of armour under it,one on his stomach and another on his chest.His combat trousers have been ripped slightly at the hem,and he has't been bothered to get them fixed.

On formal days,he wears a long black trenchcoat with a SS black cap,he still wears the metal under his shirt and he also wears a gray trousers that haven't been ripped.

Weaponry of choice:Legion carries four Lugar's,each en-carved with his name.But his main weapon is his FG42,he uses a bi-pod and a scope to increase his accuracy with the gun.His last two weapons are a Kar98 that has a scope on it and some stick-grenades.He has modified the grenades,making their blast radius larger.All his weapons have been modified also to use 5.56×45mm bullets,he also carries AP rounds for his guns.

Race:Advanced FREAK

Abilities: FREAK's that are either given more surgery to advance at this stage or have consumed a single vampire have grown into this stage. They are the more powerful variant of FREAK's, and as such, the only place where a large number of them can be found is within Millennium's confines, in their own ranks.
Trait: Regeneration may take some time for major damage (ie: 15 posts), decent supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, great weakness to silver and blessed weaponry to a point its fatal to be hit by one, ability to turn virgins and non-virgins alike into ghouls, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal to them but at a large amount), the need to drink blood often.


Personality:Legion is often considered cold by his peers. Some would say he goes too far with his cold logic. Legion is calm in a manner that is more cold than relaxed. He actually cares deeply for the welfare of innocent life and those under his command, but he does not want to show it out of how it could be percieved as weakness. Anybody that has befriended him will know he actually is quite friendly. When in combat, he actually can become friendlier if in the presence of honourable foes.


Biography:Legion was born on June 11, 1904 in Hamburg, Germany.His father was an alcoholic while his mother was a saint to him.One night his father while in a drunken rage murdered his mother and tried to drown Legion,being only one at the time.But a neighbour had heard the racket and got the police,they arrested his father and Legion was sent to a orphanage.When he got older,he managed to get into college and get a degree in science and engineering.

When the nazi's took power he worked as a builder,who had over-heard Hitler ranting at someone,wearing a SS uniform,shouting he.'Could make a better soldier out of that builder!'Legion watched them until Hitler asked him if he wanted to join the SS and be a better soldier.Legion agreed. Legion undertook a wide variety of missions for Hitler, most of which involved Legion's speciality,fighting.

When the Third Reich lost the war,he fled with his fellow nazi's to South America,where he joined Millennium where he underwent surgery to be a FREAK.

RP sample:

Western Front,1944.
"So,sarge what do we do with the nazi?"The american private asked his superior,while Legion sat in the centre of the room,seemingly dis-armed and with his hands tied."Just shoot em'"The private nodded and raised his M1 grand,putting the barrel to Legion's forehead.Legion stared up at him,kicking the American's leg before breaking the ropes on his hands and pulling out the two Lugar's in his combat trousers,jumping backwards as he began to open fire,two bullets hit the private in the chest while three others hit the Sargent.Legion looked back,seeing two more American's come in with Tommy guns,he then raised his pistol's and then fired,the rounds went into their necks.They fell dead.Legion stood,wiping the dust off his self.

Berlin 1941 Legion walked down the street with his friend.Yohan Shiliser.Legion stopped at a bar and entered it,asking for two beers."So,Legion how is your SS training going?"Yohan asked,leaning against the bar counter."Gut,slow.But gut."He nodded as he then took the beer and downed it in one go.Yohan just sipped his as one man walked up and tapped Legion's shoulder.He was pissed drunk and Legion knew it."Hey,nazi how about you fight like a real man!"Legion tried to ignore him but then sensed a fist coming towards him,Legion grabbed the drunk's fist and then twisted it,snapping the mans wrist before kicking him in the face.

Yohan gulped as more men came over,he picked up a chair and smashed it over one of the drunk's friends head,causing his head to bleed as he fell onto the floor.Legion chuckled then walked up to the last two of the drunk's friends he jumped up and kicked one in the face,grabbing the other by the neck before jumping down,snapping it.They then ran out the bar,as the police were on their way."Well that was fun, wasn't it Legion?"Legion nodded,smiling at his friend as they ran away from the police and headed back to Yohan's house.

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PostSubject: Re: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 2:50 pm

What are these metal things he wears? Just...big pieces of metal?

More weapon detail.

You don't have any abilities.

Personality doesn't give us enough detail. There's a lot of other things that need mentioning, like his relation to loyalty, the Nazi mindset, how all that affects him, etc.

Nice big holes in the biography all over. Biggest one is why he doesn't have a real name. Others are just random things that need to be known to fill in gaps, like the one between being a 1 year old sent to an orphanage to going to college.

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PostSubject: Re: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   Wed May 30, 2012 6:41 pm

Arighty,those edits will most likely be coming on Saturday.
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PostSubject: Re: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:14 pm

I agree with what Ridl said. Also I have a problem with the name and the fact that you are applying for an Advanced freak which is at the top of the Race list. For me, you would have to overhaul a lot of this character to make me interested. I applaud your effort but it just isn't something that I see working well with his current personality or style.

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Disapprovals 1
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PostSubject: Re: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:15 pm

I see,and I'll have to change my edits to this Saturday,because of my new school year.
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PostSubject: Re: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:53 pm

Have you finished yet?
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PostSubject: Re: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:22 pm

Three days and this is disapproved.
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PostSubject: Re: "Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)   

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"Heaven Shall Burn."(WIP)
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