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 Marie Ambrose [WIP, Open to Critique]

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PostSubject: Marie Ambrose [WIP, Open to Critique]   Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:42 am

WIP Notes:

  • Proof-read and edit as needed.
  • Write RP samples.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? It's been a while since I have read the manga, but I recently finished up to the last developed episode of the OVA, and am eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the series.

Name: Marie Ambrose

Age: Twenty Three

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Emerald green eyes often displayed a wicked expression - the only outward indication of this girl's madness. When rimmed with kohl, they provided a striking contrast with her long, wavy mane of strawberry blond that flowed to the middle of her back. Her face was slender, set with high cheekbones, a small, sloping nose, and lips that were often curled into a satisfied smirk. Her chest was plump, fitting for such a full-figured girl. A plush layer of fat coated her entire body, her thighs, stomach, and derriere being the largest culprit of her exquisite tastes in cuisine. It was evident that she was accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle. She had quite a small stature, only rising to slightly above five feet, which she usually compensates for with high-heel shoes and boots. A pale complexion completed her appearance, one that rivaled the undead.


Clothing of choice: Marie has a classy, yet eccentric taste, preferring chic, daring ensembles to unsophisticated drab. Her favorite outfit consisted of a deviantly short "shirt dress" that was deep crimson in color, left partially open to reveal a dark grey camisole which was lined with lace. The outfit was brought together by a pair of matte grey pantyhose and black pumps.

However, recent times led her to be a bit more practical in the realm of fashion. After all, running from ghouls while wearing heels was not a simple feat. Thus, a simple pair of black jeans almost always adorned her frame, paired with her choice of a lace-trimmed camisoles (in whatever color suited her fancy at the time). With this, she could easily don a belt with a sheath for her daggers and a holster, and at least feel moderately protected. Black combat boots complete the look, marred with scruffs from her adventures.

When it comes to formal attire, she has a soft spot for Victorian-inspired gowns - there was something enticing about corsets and lace. She longs for the chance when the world could be normal, and she could enjoy a summery night with a glass of wine in a gloved hand.

Marie had a very modest choice with sleeping attire, preferring a simple T-Shirt that barely covered a pair of feminine panties. Sometimes, she could be found wandering around in a simple black nightgown, but only on cold nights.

A single silver necklace always dangled from her neck, a pendant of a black cross that nestled between her bosom - a signal of her family's Protestant faith. For traveling purposes she caries a plain black backpack, used to hold a few snacks, extra clips and bullets, and a few clothes.

Current Wardrobe

Weaponry of choice: Marie prefers hand-to-hand combat with her twin daggers, though only when she has the opportunity to sneak behind the scrimmage and gain the upper hand by surprising her foes. Otherwise, she relies on on her father's Ruger SR9.


Race: Human of German and Irish heritage.

Abilities: Marie is at a physical disadvantage due to her small stature and larger frame. What she lacks in stamina she makes up for in stealth - one of her favorite means of killing includes sneaking up on a target and slicing them from behind. Her eyesight is extremely good in the dark, which helps with her escapades in the shadows. Her skill with her daggers is impressive, thought she is an extremely poor shot when it comes to guns. A quick mind and a knack for strategy has kept her alive, though she aspires to be more useful in a fight.

She has basic knowledge of First Aid and health, which has helped to keep her alive, for now. Otherwise, her experiences in the realm of war and combat are scarce.

Organization: Marie hopes to join the Hellsing Organization.

Personality: A short, stocky girl with a reserved demeanor - this young woman is a surviver in a world of chaos. Fierce determination is only matched by a strong desire to live, despite her physical handicaps. Marie is loyal to her companions and venomous to those who cross her, a trait accompanied by a wild bloodlust. She has debts to pay in the form of blood, in honor of a lover who sacrificed herself to protect her.

When it comes to socializing in public, Marie is quite polite. She has a habit of being witty and sarcastic, but saves her more bold conversations to close friends. Marie has always been the type to have only a few close friends, rather than dozens of acquaintances.

A serpentine cunning defines much of her personality, which especially reflects in her stealthy fighting style. She prefers to avoid head-on fighting, mainly due to her inexperience. This paired with her body size tends to make her a bit insecure in the realm of combat. When faced with unexpected battle, she still has a hard time controlling her rage. She has yet to master the Zen of the war.

Marie has a terrible cigarette habit and an over-appreciation of food, thanks to a previously comfortable and sedentary lifestyle. Her biggest flaw is indecisiveness, a true mark of a Gemini zodiac sign. She has a habit of remaining vengeful to those who cross her, even holding grudges for the most insignificant of actions.

As far as religion is concerned, Marie is a Protestant who is beginning to doubt the existence of God, due to past experiences and seeing the world as it is now. However, she is clinging to her faith, hoping that it could be her one saving grace.

Marie tends to enjoy the more elegant things in live - fancy soirees, wine, and expensive chocolates. Music is a large part of her life, and she has some basic knowledge in playing the cello. She firmly dislikes rudeness, ignorance, and people who follow ideas and beliefs like sheep.

Rank: None, unaffiliated.


Marie Ambrose was born the city of Armagh, Ireland. Her mother, Freida, was a stout German woman whose family had fled to Ireland during the beginning of World War II. There, the family found freedom amidst the chaos of the war. Freida fell in love with a local Irishman, an ex-military Corporal named Donovan Ambrose. He was considerably older than Freida, but that fact went unnoticed in the midst of their love.

Her family was middle class in terms of wealth, with her mother working as a florist and her father as a mailman. Donovan's military background influenced his parenting style, and his stern demeanor remains on of the reasons for Marie's reserved personality. Her childhood was filled with education, though the child failed at most athletic pursuits. One of her favorite hobbies included photography, followed only by her study of music. However, Marie was quiet and shy at school, and preferred the company of a couple close friends rather than a hoard of acquaintances. Because she was bullied by stronger, bolder children, she learned the fine art of stealth and manipulation. While she could not hold her own in a fight, she could play nasty pranks to exercise her revenge. She also was adept at quietly spreading gossip - all it took was a few words to a loud-mouthed friend, and a bully's reputation could be damaged for most of the year.

Marie settled into a social niche by the time she reached high school, where she met Elisabeth, a girl whose friendship with her evolved into something much more intimate... Despite having an unconventional relationship, Marie lived quite a fulfilling, normal life. She never had to work much, and her boredom brought about a particular love of food and cigarettes. Simple drugs were consumed on a regular basis, though she preferred the calming high of marijuana to harsh chemicals.

Since Marie's family could not afford college at the time, she found work at her mother's flower shop. It was a few years later when everything started to fall apart...

"Marie, Marie!"

Marie woke to the voice of her lover, stirring groggily in her half-awakened state. "Marie, please wake up. Something is happening!" The urgency in Elisabeth's voice caused her to jolt up, and her emerald eyes scanned the room frantically.

"Elisa, what in the hell are you on about?" Marie inquired, rubbing carefully at her eyes. She peered over to her clock, but was interrupted by a loud boom.

"Get the hell up! There are... things... and, just get the hell up and help me pack. We need to get out of here."

Adrenaline coursed through her, and she was a flurry of red hair and clothes. "You mentioned that your father gave you his gun last month. Get it, and you'd best know how to use it."

That day marked a change in Marie's life. A wave of ghoulish creatures were wandering across the countryside, and the duo hardly escaped. Despite numerous calls to Marie's parent, they never answered, leading her to believe that they had perished in the chaos. Elisabeth mentioned a secret organization that her father had worked for, located in England. "I'm not really supposed to tell you all of this, but my father was paranoid and told me to seek out this place if anything ever happened..." Elisabeth had once told her. Thus, they began the journey to England - where Elisabeth's family hopefully still remained.

The took refuge in the houses of survivors. They brought with them the news of the creatures, and one family was kind enough to help them in their travels. John Brennan, the father of said family, offered his knowledge in combat to the two girls so that they would at least have a fighting chance. They stayed at his home for a month, where Marie learned to operate her gun. Since her aim was so terrible, the man gave her a pair of daggers that he had collected over the years. She quickly adapted to this form of training, and her confidence was rekindled.

John gave the two directions to a man who would be able to take them across the water to England, and their travels resumed. They met up with the man and he agreed to take them across the Irish sea and into Liverpool. It was there that Marie's life would again turn upside down...

While the girls where staying at small inn, they were attacked by a small group of ghouls. Elisabeth stayed behind to give Marie a fighting chance, and she sliced a path through the ghouls to make her escape. The painful memory of seeing Elisabeth being ravaged by the creatures was forever imprinted in her mind. Now, she would have to sneak through England alone, hiding in the shadows from these bloodthirsty beasts. She had only one word in mind - "Hellsing." Whenever she asked remaining citizens about the organization they had no idea what she was speaking of... perhaps soon she will encounter someone to lead her the way.

RP sample: (This applies to all members and the sample needs to be 3 posts long minimum, and will include the style of your RPing, and a segment of a battle post.)
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PostSubject: Re: Marie Ambrose [WIP, Open to Critique]   Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:40 pm

This looks good so far. Please keep editing. When you are done, let us know viva our staff accounts. I really like the idea that you are coming from image wise, as well as personality. :)
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PostSubject: Re: Marie Ambrose [WIP, Open to Critique]   Fri May 18, 2012 3:45 pm

Still with us?
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PostSubject: Re: Marie Ambrose [WIP, Open to Critique]   Sun May 20, 2012 2:30 pm

Since it's been over a month and we haven't received word from you, this will be moved to disapproval.
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PostSubject: Re: Marie Ambrose [WIP, Open to Critique]   

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Marie Ambrose [WIP, Open to Critique]
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