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 BLOODLINES~~A Hellsing/Vampire Knight RPG

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PostSubject: BLOODLINES~~A Hellsing/Vampire Knight RPG   Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:41 am

Experience both worlds like you've never have done before... Welcome to Bloodlines.

It is the year 2013, Headmaster Cross has had contact with Sir Integra of the Hellsing Organization for over two and a half years. In the country of Japan they have been having major Vampire and Ghoul problems. Over half of Japan's Vampire Hunters have been wiped out. The Hellsing Organization have flown out to Japan to neutralize the situation. Zero Kiryu the last Vampire Hunter of the Kiryu clan has teamed up to rid his country of these foul creatures. The rest of the Night Class at Cross Academy have lent Hellsing their powers and skill for this battle.

However, Iscariot Section 13 have also heard about this and want a piece of the action. Only one warrior was deployed to Japan. Paladin Father Alexander Anderson. The Vatican want to claim this war as their own even if it means killing Hellsing in the process.

The ones responsible for this.... Millennium. Millennium is a Nazi group that only knows war. The Major wants to start another world war. By starting where he knows Vampire Hunters live, he hopes to get them to retaliate. Little does he know Alucard, the servant of Hellsing and the King of Vampires has built up his own army at Integras request. The battle between Iscariot, Hellsing, Cross Academy and Millennium has begun. Blood will be spilt and it is up to YOU who's side you're on....

Read more: http://www.xacademyforever.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=aa&action=modifypost&thread=4&post=4#ixzz1hIZqapfg

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BLOODLINES~~A Hellsing/Vampire Knight RPG
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