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 Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad

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PostSubject: Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad   Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:05 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Watched up to episode 7.

Name: Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad, AKA

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Raven has long, chocolate brown hair with bright green eyes. She is slim in build and is about 5"3 in height. Her skin is ivory and she has pierced ears. She has a scar on her left hand where she was branded with a cross at the age of eleven, by her parents. She is always wearing her golden cross around her slender neck.

Clothing of choice: A nun's outfit. Just the normal black and white attire. When not wearing uniform, Raven wears old medival clothing like peasents wore. Rags and handmade shoes. She tries to keep away from high street clothing and designer labels.

Weaponry of choice: A sword. The hilt is in the design of the crucifix, and on the blade it says "He has Risen again." The blade itself is silver edged.

Race: Human

Abilities: Professional swordswoman, quick thinker and Level 40 in Wushu. Above average for a woman. She learnt Wushu from a personal trainer.

Organization: Icariot
Personality: Raven normally keeps to herself. She is quiet and likes to stay on her own. When she is around others she will talk when she feels it to be nesscary. She always respects those who are better than her and she is always willing to help those who struggle. She is very academic, and when not out fighting the monsters of Hell, she can be found cooped up in the library. Raven is very loyal and a very deviot Catholic. When asked to to something she will do it. When people are down she will try to cheer them up, either by helping the person sort out their problems or having a laugh and a joke with them.

When it comes to battle, Raven is quick to act. She uses her silver edged sword to cut down her enemy. She is fierce in battle and very determined never to lose, or she thinks the Lord God and Jesus Christ will never let her into Heaven. She wont stop until her task is done, and when it is she will find the nearest church and pray for those poor souls that have been turned into Ghouls.

Rank: Sister

Biography: Raven was born in June 1979. Her parents were Catholic and she followed the religion to the letter. She was in Catholic schools and was a popular girl during her school years. Though her family had Middle Eastern ancestors, they never let that get in their way. Every morning, noon and night Raven would pray for her friends, family and enemies. However there was one night she would never forget.

In 1985, when she was only six, her family were attacked by a vampire and its minions. Her father had kept his secret from the family for years. He had been a member of Iscariot. He fought the vampire and his ghouls off but was killed. He said to Raven, that she should fight these monsters in the name of God. Raven bid him a tearful goodbye and ran to a nunnery about 50 miles from her home.

By the time she was 22, Raven had earned her sisterhood. She joined Iscariot to fulfill her father's wishes. Now she fights in the name of God and for her beloved family. She trained and trained. She developed her skills in Wushu by seeing her trainer at least three times a week. She trained for hours on end, until another night came.

She was just celebrating her 23rd birthday when something broke inside the Nunnery. Raven, being quick and smart took her sword. The rest of the warriors had followed her. It was a bloody night but the Nunnery was saved but they were no longer safe in Lincolnshire. They had to move.

Six months later she moved to Staffordshire. Where life was seemingly normal. Everyday was another day. Months flew by, Catholic festivals came and went. She Raven had now turned 24, it was time to start planning her trip to Rome and to fight in God's name.

RP sample: It was an average day at Staffordshire Nunnery. Raven had just finished her morning prayers. As she walked through the halls, she smiled at passersby. The young girl walked straight into the library. The events of last nights mission would haunt her for years to come. Raven still had flashbacks to that night when she was six years old. She shook it out of her mind and went to work translating books from Latin to English. After all these years there were still the odd book that hadn't been translated. Not that Raven minded, it gave her something to do.

Hours, past and a bell chimed siganlling for afternoon prayers. Raven closed the book she was working in and made her way to the chapel. "Good afternoon, Sister Raven." one woman said. Raven smiled warmly. "Good afternoon, Mother Elizabeth." she said. Raven entered the chapel and took her place. She soon wasn't feeling too well and had to leave.

Back in her quarters, Raven lay down. She closed her eyes and the dreams began: It was that grusome night. Raven was jolted out of her sleep by her mother's screams. Raven, still clutching her teddy bear, ran to her parent's room. "Raven! Get out!" her father said. He was wielding a sword. She had never seen her father do that before. He killed what he could but the monster with sharp, pointy canines bit him and left him for dead. Luckily the vampire didn't see her and left. When she knew it was safe, Raven rushed to her dying father. "R-Raven..." he spluttered. "When...You come... Of age... Go... Go to Iscariot. Fulfill your dreams... Of gaining your... Sisterhood first... Then go... Take my sword... Fight in the.... Name of... Of God..." he said. With that he took his final breath and died. Raven wept and ran off.

The dream jolted Raven out of her sleep. She got off her bed and swept over to her trunk. She opened it and took out her father's sword. That night she left the Nunnery, (one that had always been under Iscariot control), and went to find something to rid the world of. She came across a vampire. The monster was a younger male. Raven's lip curled in disgust. The vampire heard her and turned to her and chuckled. "Oh how sweet and young Nun. You'll make quite the vampire." he sneered. "Enough of your UnHoly talk Monster." she growled. Tha vampire took the first swing, colliding with her left arm. Raven was pissed off now. She took her sword and whilst the vampire throught he had her she cut open his right side. He laughed and went for her again. Quick on the mark she dodged it. With one last blow of her sword, she beheaded the monster. Another gone. She looked at a nearby town clock. She stuck the hood up on her cloak and made her way back home.

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Pip Bernadotte

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PostSubject: Re: Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad   Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:56 am

Clothing: A little more information please, you could say what clothes she usually wears when shes not working or clothes she wouldn't go near.

Weapon: More detail about the weapon please don't say its silver in the personality when you haven't said so in weapon of choice, maybe you could do searches on swords and get an image.

Abilites: How fast and strong is she ? average above average ?

Bio: Too short more information please. Maybe how she trained I mean how did she learn Wushu ?
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PostSubject: Re: Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad   Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad   Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:31 am

I'm usually not picky about names, but I don't have much faith (no pun intended) in the Hellsing Catholics to let you in with a such a "heretic" sounding name. Also, you have "AKA" but never give us another name.

I want more detail on clothes. You give us a lot of generalities and no real specific descriptions.

I'd like to know what kind of sword it is. I assume katana, but it doesn't say.

More detail on abilities. More for just physical skills.

Commendable on the personality. I don't think I've seen someone who actually thinks they need to keep battling or they go to hell.

Only problem with biography is that Iscariot is really only trained in the orphanage in Rome from what we've seen. You could probably be sent there after arriving in the first one, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad   Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:45 pm

I'm not so much worried about the name as I am about what's in your bio.

You say your father was in Iscariot, but by Roman Catholic church tradition it is impossible for a priest to marry. There is one thing however, that can be granted to a priest to marry. I'll leave it up to you to look up though. So what I want to understand more is why, and how was your father allowed to marry and have children?

Also why did Iscariot allow your family to keep it's Arab name? If this was the regular church, meaning not Iscariot's section, then there would be no problem because Pope John Paul II helped make it more tolerant. But this is Iscariot so how would you family be able to keep the name?
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PostSubject: Re: Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad   

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Sister Raven Ibn-La'Ahad
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