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 Laughing at myself

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Pip Bernadotte

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PostSubject: Laughing at myself   Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:51 pm

I was reading through my old posts and I went onto my old sheets and I found this little gem.

"The 3rd Restraint still bothers me. You're a Cat B vamp so you should have Cat B abilities. I don't like this whole "approaches Cat A for 8 posts thing". Second, spikey hair and bat wing/claws? Dude seriousely, you get pissed when people compare your character to Sasuke but then you give him the Curse Mark Stage 2! It sounds like a bad crossover, so I can't let it go man. Outside of the 3rd Restraint it all looks pretty good."

I found my self laughing at this, thank god Anderson told me off about this :3.
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Laughing at myself
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