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 Ignis [WIP]

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PostSubject: Ignis [WIP]   Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:12 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.manga the OVA the anime, all of it

Name: Ignis

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Being of a fairly wiry build, Ignis stays in shape out of habit and convenience. Very skinny, his muscle takes up what it can of him, but nonetheless, he is still skinny as hell. His black hair comes around his ears, constantly looking strand-like and straight even when it may have been messed up 2 seconds prior. Despite being blind, Ignis still has ways of keeping himself decent. His eyes, devoid of all colour, are slightly slanted and sit on either side of a small and yet prominent nose, due mostly to his eyes being constantly covered by a piece of cloth of some sort. His mouth, constantly set in an an unassuming line. While, it can quickly turn to judgement, Ignis' face usually holds a soft expression, capable of showing compassion. A feature that adds to Ignis' deceptiveness. He stands at 6"4', an average height that, while it allows for longer reach, is constantly getting him noticed far too easily when he's in a rush. Usually why he sticks to the shadows, in a crowd he can stick out like a sore thumb (not people friendly at the best of times). He weighs a light 51kg, a bonus for agility and the like, due to his high metabolism, he coudn't get much heavier even if he were to eat a threecourse meal every day of the year. Ignis has his fair share of scars aquired over the years. He has an angry red scar that runs from his right eye's eybrow across to his left cheek. Essentially the scar that tells a story of it's own as to how he was blinded. The one that looks suspiciously like a knife wound on his right hand is indeed what it seems. Mirrored on both sides of his hand, he recieved it from an angry client who felt the need to run a switchblade through Ignis' hand. Another angry red scar of a cross seems prominent enough on his face (more explanation on that in the bio, as with the rest of the scars). Apart from a few bullet wounds, the interesting scars end there.

Clothing of choice:Black, is the best way to describe what Ignis wheres in one word. Aside from the odd splash or dab of red here or there, Ignis generally wheres all black. On very rare occasions, usually of some important occasion, Ignis will take the liberty of wearing white. His eyes are almost never left unadorned with a piece of cloth tied around his head of some sort. He gets irritable when he annoys someone when staring at them, and as such takes these measures. The piece of cloth usually tends to be a blood red but can occasionally vary from white or pitch black, depending on the situation or event at hand, the ends of the cloth tend to be frayed from use most of the time. A pitch black, open, sleevless vest that reaches just behind Ignis' knees contantly takes the place of any other piece of clothing Ignis owns. It has a high, jawline collar, the vest is lined with a slightly lighter shadow of black and has two noteable, silver buckles on either side of the front of the vest. Despite the buckles not seeing much use, they are polished and well looked after.

Though they are similar in colour, the buckle on the right hand side shows more detail as opposed to it's simple yet defined sibling. Three inches worth of a thun metal buckle allows the dislplay of a much similar looking marking such as the scar underneath Ignis' left eye. It is otherwise coloured red and displayed three seperate times, a primary and two smaller times on minor bumps on the face of the metal. Ignis wears sleeves sharing much the same minor colours and details such as the vest. While not being physically connected to the vest in any way, Ignis uses intricate silver wires that entwine around his arms incuding the top of the sleeves. The sleeves have a tendency to cover his entire hand, when gravity takes effect it can just as easily fall back past his elbow. They are longer in length on the underside of the cuffs. His simple black jeans are held by a fairly gothic looking belt that displays small white patterns and a equally as small skull in the center. Ignis does not wear shoes, as a consequence of being blind, it enables him to 'see' better what with his sense of feeling.

Weaponry of choice:
Ignis' weapon of choice, befits that of his line of work, his condition and his determination. Having a bladed staff capable of seperating and being as equally as deadly as if it were one. Crafted from iron, coated and lined with multiple layers of silver, Ignis' first and primary use of the staff is to aid his 'vision'. The metallic sound it makes when hitting most things, reveals the object being there ofcourse and alerts him to many other objects within two metres. He can often be seen smashing people in the face with it when the chance/opportunity arises and is needed. While it is a simple tool for Ignis' vision it is that an so much more. It is Ignis' way of survival and weapon for use in his line of work. The staff can produce blades out either end with a simple flick of a latch in the middle(seperateone for either half), aswell as another switch allowing it to break apart into two pieces (effectively hand and a half blades). The blades themselves are hand and a half, while the handles are a bit shorter and are a shaded metal. If ever the staff is in two pieces it is usually when Ignis has the blades out in a backward grip.

Race: human

Abilities:Despite being fully blind, Ignis is still a very capable opponent. Ignis has taken a strict routine into an almost obsession, his leg muscles being brutalised with rigorous training over and over again. His legs have broken many a time and the process of mending a bone and muscles multiple times has, in short made them stronger, in both muscle and bone. Though he is still prone to break a leg bone or tear a muscle in his leg if he was to over exert himself. Able to match speeds of a category.c vampire in short bursts, Ignis has no trouble dodging bullets if he knows he is being shot at and from which direction. Though the obsession with his legs ends with the strict routine and challenges he pits himself against. His upper body suffers from neglect, though he has a nice set of abs, his arms in general lack of defineable muscle. If he was to tense, he would only see a bried outline of a muscle shape before it exhausted him.

Though he can still go about the everyday tasks of a normal human, he is prone to the easy breaking of his upper body's bones. His sense of hearing and smell have undertaken the stress of being the only senses apart from touch that Ignis has available, no thanks to when he was blinded. His sense of hearing and smell are his only ways of seeing while at a standstill, he is capable of effectively 'seeing' a person if they were to make a sound at eight metres or less. His smell gives him a great idea as to his surroundings and what may or may not be available for him to use, such as a tree. While in movement, he relies upon all of his senses to tell him where he is. As a consequence, Ignis' running have a sort of rythm to it, so he can block the sound out to hear other things of importance. His smell acts much the same as if he were at a standstill, his sense of feel acts as a double over of his sense of smell. He can feel the terrain with uncanny precision and be able to tell you what he's running on even through shoes. He is capable of detecting an object recently placed in his path if he was within eiht metres whe said object was placed. Detecting an object that has been in one spot for long enough, Ignis can just as easily run straight into it.

Organization: Unaffiliated

Personality:Ignis is the silent social type, he rarely answers people when he is spoken to unless it is of some importance for him to respond. He constantly listens and remains silent, at times, he is mistaken for a mute which is why it surprises people when he does speak and all the more reason to treat his words with respect and listen to every word. He can always share a laugh but tries to avoid it, as it disrupts his 'vision' drowning out all other sound just as talking would. His amusement list, consists of normal anytime jokes to insane laughter, he finds it quite funny for some odd reason and rarely attempts to act insane. He has never felt any need for connections, and often tries to avoid them, as he depends on people too much when offered the chance. He takes no remorse for the dead and constantly ignores them, even stepping over them without so much as a second thought. He believe in no progress without pain, and death is the ultimate progress anyone can make, and the only way for something to truly change in his eyes (figure of speech, pun intended). As such, Ignis has no remorse for inflicting pain either, taking any measure to aquire what he wants, even if it does entail pulling out someone's eyeballs while they're alive for example.



RP sample: (This applies to all members and the sample needs to be 3 posts long minimum, and will include the style of your RPing, and a segment of a battle post.)
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PostSubject: Re: Ignis [WIP]   Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:25 pm

Are you still working on this?
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Ignis [WIP]
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