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 Alex 'Spectre' Dupré (WIP)

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PostSubject: Alex 'Spectre' Dupré (WIP)   Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:00 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Name: Alex 'Spectre' Dupré

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Well he's green, with black stripes, but that's most likely due to the camouflaged face paint. At the very least, one would hope it's because of that. Due to the fact it changes colour as well. His favourite patters for this mimic the images found in the Rorschach Test created by a Dr. Hermann Rorschach.

As an ex Navy SEAL, he is incredibly strong and at the peak of his possible human performance.

Clothing of choice: An array of full body Ghille Suits and Camouflage Netting, usually. He is invisible to the human, vampaeric, lycanthropean and infra-red eye. For the infra-red there is a technology that was only just being released when I served my time, it will surely be much more advanced now. But it concealed body heat, at least for a time it did, the effect wore off eventually. But with the ghille suits and netting it would be several hours before any abnormality started to appear.

However for meetings he does wear a suit and a plain white kevlar mask.

Weaponry of choice: The Remington M200 MSR, well strictly speaking it's not just a Remington having been built with the aid of Cheytac. The MSR by itself covers medium to long range warfare whereas the M200 is super long range, which is needed more for Alex's line of work. With a lethal range of 6km, with standard rounds, whilst maintaining the patented modular design of the MSR it is the most advanced rifle of its age. (MSR meaning Modular Sniper Rifle). It has the potential to change barrel lengths and calibres within minutes at the user level from .338 Lapua Magnum to .300 Win Mag to 7.62 NATO. These of course are the standard rounds, with barely any capabilities to damage the more supernatural of creatures. Two more barrel extensions were made for this particular model. If you are unsure of the term calibre then allow me to explain, it is the interal diameter of the barrel of a gun in inches. And as the gap between a bullet and the diameter of a bullet. The first barrel were designed to fire hollow point .92 incendiary rounds and tungsten TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) .92 incendiary rounds. The seconds extension was designed to fire 1.47 explosive rounds with a blessed silver inner casing and tungsten TMJ, designed with range in mind they are lethal to 30km, however visibility is nil after 15km provided good visibility. Their 'intelligence' is limited but can decipher walls and flesh. The rifle is bolt action has a whole array of interchangeable scopes and the bullets use an ingenious system that I will describe if it is asked of me to negate the effect of wind.

It has a muzzle velocity of around 3506 m/s, weighs 19lbs and a maximum length of 52" with the stock extended. However with the shortest barrel and the stock retracted, it is a mere 22" and so also works as an effective medium weapon. He carries several claymore mines in his weapon case as well as the several attachments for his weapon and ammunition boxes.

It should be noted that all the bullets fired do contain blessed silver.

Race: Human

Abilities: He does not exist, on paper at least. There is no record of him, no photos, no memories and brief encounters are done over the phone. The Illuminati contact him through an encrypted phone. His siblings and parents are dead and anyone close to him before his enrolment to his current career was . . . assassinated. So in short he is untraceable, capable of killing and leaving an area before people even realise someone has been shot. Even the target themselves on one occasion. He could shoot one of his colleagues and no one would know it was him. His vision is perfect and he never gets scared or nervous. He is capable of remaining perfectly still for several hours as at 15km a change of 1 degree can equate to several hundred metres away from the target.

Organization: The Illuminati. However undetected disloyalty is within his arsenal. Special Warfare SEAL Team 7.

Personality: Cold is probably the best way to describe him. He has no remorse for the many men he has killed but he does not 'enjoy' killing as such. Though he doesn't dislike it either, there is no bloodlust but he does what is required of him. After his best friend was shot during an operation in North Korea the first words spoken to him were 'Semper Fi', the motto of the US Marines and this memory alone defines a large portion of his personality. Meaning Always Loyal he began to see loyalty as loyalty as the death of his friend. He no longer holds anything to loyalty, happily killing those that would call him friends for another.

Rank: Mercenary. Colnel in the US Navy SEALs. (For the ones of you who are British, that's our equivalent of the SAS.)

Biography: (Has to be at least 2 paragraphs long. Must outline how you lived and how you came to become what you are today, not everyone was born a vampire or werewolf, so you must say your origins, and neither can you be born into an organization just like that, unless you were raised in Anderson's orphanage, but then that'll be an entirely different story.)

RP sample: The Spectre's foot landed in the puddle just before him and muddied water tiny fragments of rock flew up into the air, covering his boot. But the water quickly rolled off, he always kept them in a near perfect condition and had only re-waterproofed them this morning. He ducked under a branch, however it caught on his weapons case and snapped. He clicked off the safety on his pistol hidden below a couple of the artificial leaves covering his body. It wasn't long before the edge of the cliff appeared on the edge of the forest and it was an even shorter time when he reached it. Throwing down the weapon case, he quickly produced a large 2L bottle of water, Volvic brand to be exact as it supposedly improved concentration. He flung up the netting over his chosen location to stop the rain from damaging his equipment.

He then pulled out a hard case and dialled in the code for the lock of the case. It revealed a beautiful black scope, lined with dials for fine tuning, each had an array of numbers carved in white and slightly indented into the metal. He moved the case to one side, leaving it open so it would accumulate to the freezing temperature that was common to the early winter months. That way he wouldn't have any issues with the lens fogging up as he was about to take his shot. Next he raised the main body of the weapon and unfolded the stock. The weapon was immaculately decorated with US Woodland camouflage all except the trigger and he stroked the top slowly before screwing on the .92 Calibre barrel and then fixing the scope in place. He lay down and began to fix the stand at the front of the barrel to rest the scope on.

He tilted the gun up and clicked in the 5 round magazine into the gun before settling back down and peering into the scope to see a large mansion that seemed right in front of him though the highly powered attachment atop him weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: Alex 'Spectre' Dupré (WIP)   Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:28 pm

Still working on this one?
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Alex 'Spectre' Dupré (WIP)
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