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 The Evil Project

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PostSubject: The Evil Project   Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:26 pm


Several hundred miles off the cost of Costa Rica sits the island cluster known as Maravilla Islas. The group of islands are man made and were built to be a resort for people on vacation. Each of the Islands are connected together by bridges except for Kaibo Island, which is too far away for a bridge to be built. The only way to reach Kaibo Island is by an hour long ferry ride from any of ports that occupy the islands. While the islands may look like a resort on the outside, there is something sinister going on in the inside. For several years, there have been rumors of people going missing around the four islands and it has slowly caused the people there to become worried. Since the disappearances have started several hundred people have unofficially gone missing. This is because the unwillingness of the police to investigate the cases. On Paradise Island, which houses the main resort, has experienced several disappearances from both tourists and locals alike.

The Islands
Paradise Island, which houses the largest of the resorts, has had it's own series of disappearances, both locals and tourists. The disappearances started out with just locals until several tourists were grabbed. Despite less and less locals being taken, the Locals are all in a silent panic and try not to go out by themselves if they can help it. Tourists, however, are not as concerned with the disappearances as the locals are. They aren't there long enough to worry about anyone disappearing, unless it is someone they know. The tourists are mainly kept in the dark throughout their entire stay, there are money hungry hotel managers paying to keep locals silent.

There are those select few locals who will walk and protest against more tourists coming, they don't want to see more horrors that are often seen through the branches of the forests. Being the largest of the islands, it has its own set of well known docks that runs along the top left of the island, a constant flow of tourist come off of the cruise boats and a the small raft like boats of people seeking new lives. There are those few fishing boats but it pales in comparison to the tourist boats.

The bridge to Tonju is easily accessible by cars, trucks, the like. The bridge opened up when the call came for a 'more convenient way'. Tonju Island sits to the south-east of Paradise Island and is the second Resort Island. Despite it's small size, it has nearly the same number of resorts as Paradise Island, though it does not have any jungles on it. It's beaches are favored by the tourists because of the fine white sand and the waters appear to be warmest there. Like Paradise Island it has had its share of disappearances, though not as many as Paradise Island. The worries of the locals are cared for even less on this island, with the police forces caring more for their image than actually solving a case. While most people think they are more safe than not in the open area, it is often targeted for that simple reason, the tourists and locals are too confident in their safety.

Boten is well known for its vast mountain and sheer cliffs. There have also been a series of disappearances on Boten as well but they are mostly contributed to missing people falling off a cliff or drowning in a river. There is a story going around that there is a monster on the island that attacks an unsuspecting person and drags them off to be eaten later, though there is no evidence to support this many tourists come to see if its true only to turn up missing. Most locals on this island are just superstitious more often than not. Boten is yet to have a bridge set up but there is a constant routine ferry boat that ventures to and from the island.

Kaibo Island, like Boten Island, is largely Jungle with an abandoned town towards the center of the Island. Around the town is an electric fence with razor wire to keep people out, because of this the island is largely unexplored and the town in the center hasn't been explored at all. In the center of the town is a hospital and the occasional tourist will see lights on inside and hear laughter coming from it, leading them to the conclusion that it was haunted. On the western edge of the island is a small fishing village where tourists can get some local cuisine for cheap and hire a guide to show them the safe spots on the island. A large number of the missing person cases seem to come from tourists who stray from the group and get lost in the jungle and eventually die, even a few groups as a whole have come up missing before. There are the select few who will take bribes to take tourists or 'other people' there, it is largely unaccesseable by anything other than boat or helicopter.

Side note - Me, Serin, Fran, and Joey {friend of mine from another site} all got bored and made our own site to screw around on with our mad scientist characters. We came up with this since its not really a competitive site, more of a "Work at your own pace" type thing, heavy Pre-planning as well. Pretty much all it is.

The Evil Project
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PostSubject: Re: The Evil Project   Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Evil Project   Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:44 pm

You banned assault rifles....And from the list of SMG's there thats alot.....WW2 WEAPON TIME!
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PostSubject: Re: The Evil Project   Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:03 pm

Well, it takes place on a 5-star resort...kinda hard to hide an assault rifle from locals and other tourists....
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The Evil Project
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