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 The Black Rock

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PostSubject: The Black Rock   Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:54 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
I´ve seen all OVAs (Excludeing the newest, Number 9) and read/own the entire manga.
I´ve also seen the whole anime and read all of the prototype mangas, includeing the prequel The Dawn.

Mato Kuroi
"Black Rock"



Physical appearance:
A slim, almost frail young girl with raven black hair tied together into two uneven twintails. She features icy blue eyes, stands at rougly 152 cm and posesses two very visible scars on her abdomen and just underneath her chest.
Despite her round, almost cute face, her look, especially the look of her eyes, seems threatening almost all the time.
Also, her frail look overtones her muscle mass, being in perfect balance with her body weight, allowing her rapid movements and speeds necessary for vampire hunting.
Throughout her ageing, she didn´t grow any breasts yet, letting her remain as a AA cup so far.
Her finger- and toenails are painted in a neon shade of blue.

Clothing of choice:
Black tends to wear little to keep her mobility at its maximum, but also puts thought into the usefulness of said clothing. Whilest her black latex bikini top is only to cover up her body and fit smugly so it doesn´t snag anywhere, her large leather coat serves as protection as well as storage for larger weapons, if they are necessary. Her hotpants are outfitted with a tactical harness that holds the holster for her revolver, the sleath for her knife, serveral bullets and a spare pack of munition thats kept in a specificly designed pocket on her thigh for easy reach but safe transportation.
She wears high boots made of leather with a zipper at the front. Whilest the leather of these is black as the rest of her outfit, the soles are white so that they don´t leave marks when she runs or skits over abrahisive floor. Finally, she wears shooting gloves to protect her hands dureing rough action.

Weaponry of choice:

The Black Blade
-A straight, Katana styled sword with a broad, single edged blade thats bend outwards at the hilt to provide hand protection. Its crudely made from CroMo Steel, sharpened to modern heavy-duty standards, it is able to ram itself repeatively into hard surfaces and stay sharp, able to bend 40 degrees to both broad sides without breaking and is hardened to resist metal impacts such as car doors, shields, armor, or other swords.

Tactical Knife
-A double edged cutting tool for various purposes made of hardened CroMo steel. Features heavy duty sawtooth at the backside. Roughly 45 cm long in total, blade length is about 30cm.The rear pommel is a glass breaker which features a hole for tactical slings, but in this case, there`s just a small pendant in form of a skull on it.

S&W M500 Performance Center

-A large game revolver specificly modified by the Smith and Wesson Performance Center, balanced and extremely powerful in terms of handguns. The muzzle brake was sawn off to fire the weapon without the use of ear protection, increaseing the recoil. It also features a unique partically fluted barrel and rubber Houge grips. It uses .500 S&W Magnum cartridges and holds five shots in a cylinder that swings out to the side.

Two Colt M1911A1 Semiautomatics

-Two semiautomatic pistols hidden in her coat for times when the revolver is either too brutal or too slow. These pistols have two chamber stainless steel compensators as well as enlarged safety levers installed, together with a beavertail extention and a custom trigger. Novak sights are installed.
They´re chambered in the rare military caliber .50 GI, designed especially for the M1911.
It feeds from the ususal Colt frame, but Black Rock uses aftermarket 10 round magazines, ususally loaded with silver hollow point bullets.

Beretta MX-4 SMG

-A prototype staged weapon (at the time) which has been issued for testing and general duty at Hellsing.
Compact, slim and streamlined, its a very accurate and pointable weapon with great ergonomics and recoil management, even in fully automatic fire.
It feeds 32 rounds of 9x19mm ammo through the pistol grip and ejects to either side of the gun, allowing to shoot around corners easily.
Mato´s example is fitted with a threaded barrel to screw on suppressors, it has an additional cheek rest and an AimPoint red dot sight for quick and accurate shots.
Ammunition is standard silver, FMJ bullets.


Black Rock is an experienced Marksman, but far from perfect in this category. Using her colts often results in a Spray&Pray technique, unprofessional but effective.
She´s agile and swift, has a strong sword arm but is most likely pushed back by most other sword fighters thanks to her frail build and lacking mass.
Other than that, she´s fairly normal human level concerning abilities.

Hellsing Organization

Personality: (How does your character feel? Act? Socialize? React to battle? Be descriptive about this.)

Private First Class (PFC)

Mato grew up in downtown London, comeing from a family of asian imigrants, but bearing some western world genes thanks to being the child of an affair between her father and a friend of his.
She never met her father after her parents broke up due to her birth, bringing the affair to bear.
Her school life and teenhood were quite normal, despite the hardships of only haveing a mother, not a father, but the dark turn was only to follow.

A pair of group vampires, internally known as Leif and Jessica, roamed through a neighbourhood, killing famillies completely random without any logic behind it other than to drink blood to grow stronger. Her mother was killed in the process of a hit while she hid herself outside, the two vampires unaware of her before Seras Victoria, takeing up a sniper position on the roof, eventually spotted her and got her to safety in the APC she came in. Mato was a mature girl, both in age and mindset, thus she was given the chance to live and fight with Hellsing like Seras did.. at first she hesitated, being still in a state of shock and fright, before eventually accepting, being taught to slay vampires at the same time as Seras was, growing almost as experienced as her.

The Black Blade, her favorite cutting tool, was made by herself as a first defensive weapon, followed by her revolver, given to her by Walter. The Colts were a simple job she was able to modfiy on her own without his help, although he gave her some advice whilest zeroing the sights on them and calculateing the internal space of the compensator bores.

RP sample:

Post 1:
Mato was just comeing home from one of her missions, wipeing off blood from her sword whilest slowly acending up towards the office of Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the Master of the house. It was just a typical mission, but because Mato was new in the organization, it was natural that her every move was observed until she was deemed thrustworthy.
She only knocked once before entering through the heavy, brass plated wooden doors into the office, which smelled of thick tabacco.

I`m back, Sir Integra. Seven vampire casulties and 35 ghouls.

Integra raised an eyebrow, lowering the paper she was reading before to look at Mato with a stern look.

Mato, usually we speak of humans when we say casulties. Its a little confuseing if you say it like this. Good work nonetheless. ...anything else?

Mato nodded, stepping forth just a little.

Miss Vi- Seras complained about the circumstances of living as a vampire again, but most of all she doesn´t like that her master peeps at her 24/7. She´s too afraid to tell you, but i figured it should be adressed at least once.

Integra grumbled, rolling her eyes.

Thats absolutely normal here, Mato... do you have any problems with our vampires..?

Not up to this date, Sir, i have not. Mato responded, without makeing a face about it.

Alright then... you´re dismissed then. Relax yourself, a new mission will soon follow up..

Post 2:
Mato took a long, warm shower to untense her muscles and wipe off the sweat, dried up blood and dirt she had gotten onto herself dureing the mission, flinching a little as the water stream came across one of her scars, which was still realitively young.
Soon afterwards, a large towel wrapped around the small body of the girl and she dried herself off, just in time before Integra rushed into the bathroom after being unable to find Black Rock anywhere else.

Mato, an emergancy... someone spotted an Iscariot agent on the way here. You need to get ready... Alucard and Seras are out on a mission in the central park.

Mato nodded, saluteing swiftly.
Yes Sir.. any idea who it is...? If its Anderson i would have to quit, i`m afraid..

If it was, i wouldn`t be calling you out. Its Heinkel Wolfe, his deciple... still, don`t let your guard down. She´s one of the top five members of Iscariot... you must not underestimate her.

Yes sir. Understood.
Mato replied, nodding once.

And, if you can, dress up before you intercept. I`m sure it will work as a distraction, but Heinkel isn`t interested in women, so it will only work briefly...

Mato looked down on herself, the towel having fallen off her body, makeing her squeak loudly and become pink faced, possibly one of the first emotions Integra saw on her ever since she came to Hellsing. It was a good sign, maybe she was finally warming up and leaveing her traumas behind.

Post 3:

It didn´t take much longer for Heinkel to appear on the scene. She looked nothing like Mato would`ve expected... but then again, so much like what she would`ve expected from a priest.
Her short blonde hair and the thick coat almost made her look masculine, but the face clearly gave off her gender.
Mato didn`t hesitate to draw her sword along with her revolver, waiting for Heinkel`s move..
She ducked underneath four .45 caliber bullets, blowing a .500 magnum sized hole into Heinkel`s kneecap instead... swiftly jumping to the side, she slashed at the priest with her sword, but only managed to chip a bit off her coat.. another bullet almost cut her skin, a bit of her own coat was burned at the point it passed by... another revolver bullet left the muzzle, into Heinkel´s chest, followed by another into her arm.
But no matter how many times she was hit, it seemed like Heinkel didn´t even care. Mato was stunned and confused, but didn`t hesitate to fire again, at her stomatch this time.. the momentum knocked Heinkel back, but the following five shots at Mato were aimed good, one time she just barely dodged to the side to avoid a shot to the heart...
Fortunely for her, Alucard came up behind her... Heinkel`s facial expression went from confidence to terrified fear, and she left as quickly as she came...

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Rock   Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:50 am

This is basically finished, but after the trainwreck desaster with Sean, i`d like everyone to look over this and point out the flaws before disapproveing it right away.
I`ll gladly explain and/or iron out the sheet.
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Get the fuck off my forum.
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The Black Rock
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