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 Sean McCaffery WIP

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PostSubject: Sean McCaffery WIP   Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:36 am

Please don´t judge this sheet by its spelling. I can`t type for shit.

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.
I`ve seen the entire anime, all eight volumes of the OVA and the entire Manga, as well as all proto-Hellsing mangas.

Sean McCaffery



Physical appearance:

Sean is 1,85cm tall, weighs 83kilogramms and has a rather average build with no extraordinary muscles, but no overweight either.
His tanned caucasian complexion is fitting for his blonde hair and blue eyes, his young facial features make him appear almost childish and innocent.
Few scars are to be found across his body, but some battles did not go too well for him or left their permanent marks regardless of the outcome.
His hands are rough and strong from hand to hand combat and weapon use, while most of his skin is almost too smooth for a fighter.
To irritate young vampires and intimidate human foes, he tattooed himself a pair of bite marks on his neck, makeing him appear vampireic despite his human nature. He also often wears red contacts to underline that.

Clothing of choice:
(All Links)

Clothing dureing the day:

Needless to say, the hero who wears Kevlar is himself.

He wears normal clothing otherwise, with little gothic accents, but mostly going by the trend of the generation.

Clothing at night:

A not so standard Paintball facemask, used to protect from weaker bullets. Its mainly used for the scaring effect and often used together with a black neopren facemask underneath to hide the hair under a shade of black.

Dragonskin reinforced coat
Dragonskin, an incredibly tough sort of body armor developed for the US Millitary, has been sown in segments into this otherwise non-extraordinary leather coat.

Kevlar reinforced shooting gloves
Shooting gloves with exposed fingers for quick reactions. Reinforced with Kevlar to protect from bruises and slashing wounds.

Cutproof pants
Cutproof pants ususally used by lumberjacks. Stops a chainsaw instantly with fine fibreglass webbing under the thick leather or rubber hide.

Kevlar shirt
Usual, everyday shirt, reinforced with Kevlar to provide a meager protection against slashes and stabs, as well as low powered bullets. Developed for taxi drivers with little nerve.

Load bearing vest
Load bearing vests are often used by the millitary to carry lots and lots of ammunition at once.

Shotgun shell belts
Two of those are linked to the vest, each hold 20 shells of .12 gauge ammunition.

MP34/38/40 Mag pouches
Standard issue from the first and second world war, used by the Nazis. Widely common millita item, and it almost always comes in a pair of two three-mag pouches together, along with a small pouch for tools and spare parts.

Tactical harness with attachment point for the vest
Tactical harness to attach zipping cords, holsters, mag pouches and other gear. Also looks damn cool.

Custom made holster for his revolver
Regular leather holster, custom made to fit his huge handgun. Ten shells are also readily stuck to the side.

High boots with leather straps for a tight fit, steel tips and nails for a secure footing
Ususally used for bondage or national socialisim, these boots can really hurt both the user and the abused.

Iron cross pendant
An iron cross, different from the one the Nazis used. A religious item found together with the weapons and guidebook in Sean´s grandfather`s secret stash.

Weaponry of choice:
Smith & Wesson M500
.500 Magnum caliber


5 round cylinder
Pointed Spitzer round for armor pierceing, blessed silver
Custom long barrel, wooden grip, stainless steel cylinder with black frame and barrel, rifle sights, ventilated barrel

Stoeger Double Defense double barreled shotgun

.12 gauge caliber


One shell per barrel
Various types of ammo, includeing silver buckshot, silver magnum buckshot, silver flechette shells, solid silver slugs, tungsten steel shot in cased shotshells and Dragons Breath shells.
Fitted with cheek rest, recoil dampening buttpad, EoTech 552 sight and door breach claws.

Bergmann MP34
9x19mm caliber
32 rounds per magazine
Silver FMJ bullets
Semi or fully automatic fire, bayonet mount near the muzzle. Solid wooden stock and near indestructible construction.

Karabiner 98 Kurz Bayonet
(See MP34 for a picture of it)
Silver coated, hardened in holy water


Aside from good marksmanship, quick reflexes and decent knife fighting capability, he´s not special to his kind at all.
He does know a bit of Parkour though, makeing him able to scale buildings and escape a situation with seemingly no escape with more ease than ususal people.
He`s also known to be a decent driver with a record for driveing too fast, but he`s never had a crash so far.
He`s able to read and speak english flawlessly, but with accent.
Thanks to caffine pills and other legal drugs, staying up for 48 hours to slay his vampireic foes is no problem to him.
He`s good at starting conversations and keeping them going, but still terrible at picking up chicks.
Sean has a good eyesight and won´t need glasses for another ten years, unless something happens to them.
He`s a decent cook, but rather eats in restaurants and truck stops than at home.


Sean is a person who almost never takes anything seriously. Threats and serious conversations will almost always get a whitty, sarcastic or downright silly comment from his side, which doesn`t change his significance in battle though. While he does joke around a lot and is almost flamboyant about his way of battle, he never looses focus and keeps tracking his target, its reactions and its weaknesses, looking for a chance to distract it or strike a vital point.
Instead of thinking about it realistically, like he`s breaking the law, killing people and driveing dangerously, he thinks of himself as a modern type of Batman or the Punisher for vampireism. Monsters aren´t humans, thus the laws of humanity don´t apply, and those who slay humans are to be considered heroes.
Outside of battle, he`s more of a typical teenager, with a likeing in sports, politics and dateing girls... while he has no preference over a certain type of girl or any preferred looks, he ususally fails miserably at manageing to gain someone`s heart, mostly due to the fact that he doesn´t take it all that seriously.
But he`d never change his ways just for a flirt.
Towards Vampires, he`s agressive and brutal, but still flirtarious and flamboyant, teaseing and jokeing on and on to piss them off and get them to mistake him for easy prey.

None, as he is a freelancer.

Born 1983 in York, Sean had a normal childhood with friends and family, despite his parents breaking up after being married for five years as his father cheated on her mother, resulting in his mother cheating on him.
After several other affairs, he was finally put to the care of his father, a ladies man with a laid back lifestyle which Sean himself would later copy.
He started a traineeship after finishing his school, and things worked out pretty well for him... until he found out that his parents lied to him about his grandfather´s job.
During a trip to the local graveyard to pay his respects to him, he saw something unfamiliar to him there.. a simple cross with no decoration whatsoever stuck to the backside of the gravestone.
At first he believed it to be a mistake by the maker, haveing used the wrong side for the stone.. but as it turned out, the cross was detachable, and on the side that stuck to the rock, an engraveing similar to a treasure map was to be found on the cross.
Baffled by the sight, but curious, he decided to investigate further... the map lead to an old, abandoned house in the middle of the wilderness.
With only its bare walls still standing and most of its structure covered by grass, moss and other green plants, it was not supriseing at all how the house did not catch the attention of anyone who walked by. It seemed like a natural formation at first sight.
Only on further inspection could one make out the remains of a door, leading further inside...
In the deepest ends of the house, a rusty, but solid safe contained the "treasure" he was looking for. A serviceable submachine gun complete with bayonet, an old book and a rest of clothing, formerly a uniform, with only the insignia left to be read... Hellsing.

Why his Grandfather decided to join Hellsing´s ranks was unknown, and why he left his belongings there was another mystery to be solved. The book told the basics of Hellsings origin, their mission, their agenda and fundings... every secret about Hellsing one could ask for was written down in that book, along with many first hand reports of raids and controlled exterminations that Sean´s grandfather took part in.
Confused, but curious and proud, he decided to investigate further, getting leads on the existance of Vampires... it seems like everything he had seen in that book was true.
However, as he had no idea how to contact Hellsing or one of their competitors, he decided to take matters into his own hands... at becomeing a "superhero" sort of vigilante, killing vampires at night while living a normal life dureing the day. But trying to surpass his grandfather and makeing a name for himself turned out to be harder than he thought... much harder than in those comic books.

RP sample:

Normal Post:
The night was decieveing and dangerous, he knew that. But he would´ve never imagined the things he had seen in that book.
Vampires... were real. Werewolves were, too. And Dracula... he was never killed.
Frightening aspects for some, but for him, it seemed like a great oppotunity to get out of the everyday life. These days, people had to work to live, pay thier taxes, offer themselves to the state that betrayed them till they died... and they were happy with that. He didn´t want that kind of life. He wanted to live an adventure, like in the stories they shoved down his throat as a kid.
But the real world offered little such chances, there were no dragons to slay, no monsters to fight... until now.
His mind was set, his intentions clear. He would make a name for himself as a vampire slayer.
He would be like those heroes they always teached him about.

Social Post:
Sean sat in a cafe, late at the evening, sucking on the straw of his milkshake and watching the dusk from a distance.
Soon enough, he would have to go to work... his work beside the daily life. Most people would consider his sleeping habits inhumane and his useage of caffine pills excessive, but he didn`t care for any of that.
He only cared for the result... the result were safer streets and less civilian deaths.
More and more people were found "missing", but it couldn´t be helped. Either way, he was killing them.
His eyes opened a bit though as he saw a young blonde woman come into the bar... her appearance, aside from the curves and the face to die for, was supernatural, so he was cautious... but damn, she looked nice!
As she sat down a table away from her, he was struggleing with himself... should he talk to her? Shouldn`t he?
The dice rolled in his head. A six. Go for it.
So, he took the bait and reseated himself next to her.
"Hi there, beautiful." He said with a smile, looking straight into her red eyes.
"U.. uh,.. hi. I`m, uh, actually meeting here with someone, so..." She stuttered, blushing a bit, although she seemed more embarressed than mad.
"Really? Well, i could keep you entertained while he`s here, then..." He responded, smirking inside, but smileing on the outside.
"A-actually, its a she... No, not what you think! She`s just a... friend..."
The next moment, he found himself at the mercy of Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing....
As he woke up in an alley the next morning, his nose hurt and he had an eye tinted blue, but why that happened, he couldn´t remember.
"Damn....ugh. Why does that always happen when i think i met the one i`m destined to?!"

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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:38 am

Finally complete!

As for the combat sample, i know Romney didn`t run for president in 2003, but i asked the chatbox yesterday if it was okay and they told me i could do that...
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:55 am

So, basically he has a tattoo of some small holes on his neck?

Need detail on the clothing in a lot of places. Pictures are nice, but you need to describe things. Some of it gets a pass because it's just as example, but other things (like that mask) will need actual description.

Abilities is extremely short, and as I tell everyone, it is for more than what your guy can do in a fight.

Birthday needs bumping at least 3 years if you're 20. The Crisis on Infinite Earths isn't coming any time soon to correct continuity issues.

Careful with that book; we can't let you know too much.
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:39 pm

1: Yes, he has a tattoo made to look like a vampire bite.

2: I did explain the clothing under the pictures, didn`t i? They´re really nothing special for the most part, except maybe the coat, the shirt and the pants.

3: Abilities extended

4: Birthdate raised

5: The book has the sole purpose of explaining why the hell a civilian like him knows about vampireisim and Hellsing, or even thinks about picking up guns with silver bullets in them.
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:54 pm

That why I said that it was mostly fine, but just saying "a not so standard" mask could mean a lot of things; is it a couple ass cheeks for eye holes? That's about it now though.
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:46 am

Not so standard in this case only means that paintball masks ususally look very "tactical" and bland while this one is more horror-themed.
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:06 am

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To me accuracy where actual events are concerned is everything to me. Not to mention your pop culture refence of President Obama is predating where tne plot currently stands. President Obama did not catch the eye of the nation until he started running for president. It was only then the slogan "Yes we can!" was used. The fact you fail to even remember current history is alarming, and makes me wonder what else you fail to know. It is because of this i cannot in good faith approve your sheet concerning the oc of sean.
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:47 pm

I won't disapprove you for accuracy but I will ask you to change it. Some things look alright but you definitely need to tweak it a little.
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:44 am

Would be useful if you told me what to tweak and what to leave alone.
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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:26 am

Okay the fact that you act like that when youve already been told what to change has caused me to change my mind.

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PostSubject: Re: Sean McCaffery WIP   

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Sean McCaffery WIP
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