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 Manga Review: Tokyo Girls Destruction chapter 1

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PostSubject: Manga Review: Tokyo Girls Destruction chapter 1   Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:50 am

Hello one and all to my first review of a manga, and what did I pick for this, Hellsing ? Naruto ? Bleach ? One piece ? well since the title spoiled it, its Tokyo girls destruction. I'll talk about the good stuff of the manga first, the art work is nice and the charectars look nice. even though some times there are some things wrong like a kick that doesn't look quite right.

Now onto the bad stuff and OHHHH boy do we have alot here, bad plot, bad dialouge and speeling errors that make me go what the hell!? Now lets start with the plot In the 2020’s the Japanese female culture was extremely corrupted in the eyes of the first women prime minister. To bring back the beauty of Japanese femininity, she created the Amazon Academy, a girls-only school, on an artificial island isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and theres no contact with the outside world. Though I question why theres a girls only school, I mean did girls just go corupt ? what about the boys ? did they just turn out good ? did they get and academy to teach them how to become gentlemen ?
The main charectar is Amasu Kumi and she is searching for the reason of her sisters death, she found out by the only two men you will see telling her "your sister is dead" and leaving her sisters cellphone and hair band, in the cellphone one message was left directed to someone called Buari Sachiko saying "Help me".

As Amasu is introducing herself all of the classmates glare at her to which she goes "Whats with there glares ?" and then goes "As if that would !" this actualy does a good job of creating tension too bad it isn't foreshaodwing something better. Anyway after that we meet Hinata Mineko who always says meow after speaking which makes Amasu think shes a bit crazy. Its a good thing that Amusa met Hinata, since she tells her that each grade has twelve classes and that the high school divison has a thousand students and ofcourse Amsua questions Hinata about Bruia but we learn that Buria is in..THE PENALTY CELLS dun dunn dunnnn.
Its convinent that the two were above the stair case that leads to the cells..which has no one gaurding it and WHY DOES THIS SCHOOL HAVE CELLS !?

Entry is forbiden for normal students and permision from the teachers is needed and we learn that this school has...CAMERAS DUN DUNN DUNNN...wait shes surpised about the school having cameras !? I mean look at her face here "Obsever us so we don't break the rules ?" aaand there goes my faith that she is smart...
As Amasu gawks at the camera, Hinata stares at Amasu in a panel that will sure to be the begning of many fan fics, nice going TGD. After that Amusa thinks she can turst Hinata and shes gonna get betrayed isn't she ? its obvious...why BECAUSE THEY ARN'T SUBTLE ABOUT IT, oh and theres a page where you see some of Buari dangling from her arms luckily her tippy toes are touching the ground

And finaly we lean about the badges, these replace credit cards in the school and allow you to just about get anyhting for free but Hinata as forgotten hers so she just gets Amasu to buy her food, but quickly we lean that Hinata is evil! after calling Amusa a simpltion the drugs that Hinata put in her food begin to kick in and she faints..I was wrong about the fan fic thing earler..this is where the fan fics spawn. After dreaming about when her sister entred the academy in which her sister goes on about how she won't be lonely, I'm wishing this dragged on becuase after this point...the stupid plot kicks in and it suffers from making no snese, Hinata explains that it will soon be after school and she will snatch something away from Amsua, I don't wanna use the fan fic for a thrid time...
Anyway after the last bell rings the school becomes an outlaw zone DUN DUNN DUNNN I have to admit this is really good bit, with the camera going off and Hinata being completly black with white eyes its a really nice looking panel. After this you see a random charectar get beaten up and her badge taken away, basicly girls are all nice and lady like during the day but as soon as the after school bell rings everyone becomes beasts and attacks each other to get the badges, thoes who have badges get the good life but if you don't your screwed.

This makes no senes WHY WHY WHY does THIS NEED TO BE A PLOT POINT, I mean the school is about making these girls lady like but suddenly theres a fight for survival !? oh no thats not the best part becuase theres no contact with the outside world no one can call for help...WHY !? WHAT IF THERE WAS FIRE !? WHAT IF THERE WAS SOME HORRIBLE ACCIDENT !? Theres no contact unless someone graduates or someone dies. This brings up a plot hole couldn't someone or a group of them plan to sneak in and get to the computer or phone that they use to contact the outside and you know CALL FOR HELP !?
And its not so rare for people to die here...PLOT..HOLE this is suddenly becoming swiz cheese.

After escaping Hinata, who could have took the badge from Amsua I mean the cameras have to have a blind spot right ? anyway Amsua just happens to find out that her cell phone has no signal..even though it has been explained several times there is no contact to the outside world, anyway Amsua makes her way to the cells and finds Burai's but Hinata is chasing her with a knife! Oh and when she finds Burai she well..umm..Just take a look.

And there is Tokyo Girls Desctruction chapter 1, nice art work, stupid main char, stupid plot and plot holes that made me go GAHHHHHHH, I mean come on no ones gonna get curious that girls are dying at the Academy !? no one got the lest bit curious !? now if anyone wants me to do another review please comment. I'm the Nostalgia critic I remeber it so...wait..oh shit sorry it seems TGD has messed up my memory....
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PostSubject: Re: Manga Review: Tokyo Girls Destruction chapter 1   Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:08 pm

Shitty reviewer,shitty manga,shitty reference.....,LETS ROCK!
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Manga Review: Tokyo Girls Destruction chapter 1
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