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 Lord Marius Irmgard (Complete)

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PostSubject: Lord Marius Irmgard (Complete)   Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:36 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

I have seen all the OVAs up to 8, the most recent one. And I have read the entire manga series by Kouta Hirano.


Name: Lord Marius Irmgard, Mr. White (Inspired by Reservoir Dogs.), The Shadow of Death (After the snake.)

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Standing at six feet and one inch he is just over average height, but the difference was barely noticeable. He stature was nothing less that perfect, it could be assumed that he was more than 'well off'. A previous Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, but promoted to the House of Lords by recommendation of his good friend, the queen of England. Before its untimely demise, that is. He still insists upon using the title. All his hair is a deep black, including his goatee and moustache, it was connected by a half centimetre thick band of hair either side of his mouth.

The skin on his face is slacking slightly, the stress of his work and repetitive face injuries from his other "work" were beginning to take its toll. Although with the formulae he developed, he has avoided scars. Though currently he has a quite severe black eye. His eyebrows aren't particularly thin, nor particularly thick, although that is about the extent of his normality. His hair is slightly receding, though not far. It is of medium length and very, very messy, the majority of it sticking straight upwards, although moulded in a perfect seeming way that somehow looked . . . right. His eyes are deep brown, but with great definition, much darker streaks darting around the iris in no apparent pattern.

His torso is well defined although his muscles are not overly large. His strength however is surprising, after performing surgery on his own major muscle groups and rubbing a chemical found in a Mediterranean tree that gives it strength in high winds. His experiment was just an experiment to see if such chemicals would affect human anatomy, it could have killed him but he is just lucky in that way. He does admit that performing the surgery himself was a rather stupid idea, however it didn't stop him. Unfortunately, through the pain his hands loose their steadiness after a while. He is so defined in fact that if you were to punch his abdomen you would likely break your hand. Your best bet would to be so strong as to knock him back with the strength of your punch, several hundred feet, maybe impaling him on a sharp object. It does mean however that blades and bullets do less damage, though he is certainly not impervious. Most bullets would shoot right through him, the slight increase of resistance offers no real improvement.

On his left hand, at the base of his ring finger there is a scar. Where the ring from his last marriage was cut from him. He skin is pale around the area where he had worn it constantly for 6 years.

Clothing of choice: A white dress shirt, tailored by a company named Eton and hand made from the finest egyptian cotton. Two diamond cuff links hold his shirt together at the cuffs, the diamonds are sharp and as the strongest know substance known to man are unbreakable. Their location seems to suit his fighting style perfectly, a little extra damage is always welcome. This forms the first layer. Next is the cravat, a deep golden silk neck tie matching the colour of his waistcoat. It was exquisitely tied. His waistcoat was again tailored, purple silk on the inside with two hidden compartments intended for coinage or mobile phone not weaponry as it was being used for here. The outside was a deep gold with a beautiful hand stitched pattern of intricate flowers; green leaves and brown stalks and an assortment of beautiful colours creating the head of the flowers, magenta and cream. The lining of both the pockets on the outside where the same purple silk as the inside. Over all this he wears a black dinner jacket close to a modern value of $30,000. It is nothing short of a perfect fit. His black pants and Italian shoes complete his attire. His Italian shoes are real leather and a perfect match for the rest of his clothing, the sole is quite strong and so makes a clicking noise as he walks. At least this way you know when he is approaching, don't be fooled though, his skill allows him to move silently when he so desires.

He often wears a fedora and a scarf, the latter of which has two long blue stripes running the whole length. The first it simply plain black. He carries a golden pocket watch inside his jacket, a gift from his father, given to him the day before he died. And a locket, shaped in a heart containing a picture of his first wife and a tiny vial containing one of her tears. Sealed so as not to evaporate of course.

Underneath all this though, only when on duty for the Illuminati he wears armour. The armour is made of Graphene tubes, tiny repeating tubes which form a seemingly solid shirt, about a centimetre thick. The same goes for his pants. It is a allatrope of carbon, first discovered by Marius himself. It has a tensile strength of 130000, 86 times stronger than the strongest pure metal known to man (Tungsten) and 46 times stronger than diamond. Yet is is still breathable and only marginally uncomfortable, movement is not impeded as it is less dense than spider silk. Though much more scratchy. It has a density of 1.0g/dm3 whilst spider silk has 1.3 g/dm3.

Weaponry of choice: Of course in addition to the standard military weaponry available to a man of his disposition. He has a range of specialist weaponry available, much of which is his own design and build. Blessed silver, supplied through the organization he belongs to forms two blades. A design based on that of one used in the game known as Assassin's Creed, with a few additions of his own design. Mostly just improving the mechanisms and strength of the blade, it could now withstand over 70 tonnes of pressure on its tip. Quite possibly more, but the hydraulic pressure testing machine at the University went no further that that. Though if anyone could hit him with 70 tonnes of force, he'd be dead with or without his petty blades. Another addition to his blades was poison coating, the vials however needed to be replaced every now and again. It was a clever mix, the venom of a spider called a Black Widow and that of a snake, the Black Mamba. Infusing them together was a complicated process so that neither negated the effects of the other. One of his three PhDs being in organic chemistry certainly helped.

The blades are an alloy of the blessed silver and tungsten, the blades layered cleverly with an allotrope of carbon which stops the blade bending or fracturing. So much effort was put in as the blade was made as sharp as humanly possible, on a horizontal plain is is only visible because the offset of the two eyes of a human lets then see it on each side simultaneously, which gives it slight apparent mass.

Inside of his waistcoat he carries his pistol but it is no ordinary pistol, it is hand crafted though not by himself. He was no master gunsmith, however he knew someone who was. He was confident that no other weapon of it's size could pack such a big punch. But the true genius, was the ammunition. .338 Caliber incendiary round, the blessed tips where again provided by The Illuminati at his request. The metal though only heated, through a chance discovery it increases massively when fired, the friction of the air making it glow red hot after a few moments of flight. But it never cooled, and every time the opponent it had lodged itself in moved, it heated further. So even those non supernatural creatures could feel the pain of blessed silver. This is just one of the types of bullet he carried. He secondary clip contained 13 explosive rounds and his third and mechanical bullet, purposefully designed for regenerators. When it felt contact with flesh on the tip, there was a 0.001 seconds delay before it activated. Three clips unfolded at the side with great force, forming a kind of hook under the skin. (Imagine a grappling hook from James Bond, but on a smaller scale.) So when the regenerator regenerates, he or she inflicts far more damage to himself. Which will unfortunately heal, but more slowly that a smaller wound.

The pistol is semi-automatic, fully metal. Though bolted to the handle is a polished rosewood grip. The barrel was extended from the original design to make the bullet fly more true to its intended path. This does however slow the bullet, but the hollow point rounds it fires are barely effected. Maximum damage to flesh targets. The explosive bullets for more armoured opponents, such as a tank.

Now let's discuss the poison on the blades . . . The neurotoxic venom of the black widow spider makes it one of the most powerful in the world and few people, are unaware of it's existence. The name was given to it when the female was mistaken for killing the male after mating, this however is untrue. Imbued with a particular protein that allows it to diffuse through arteries and veins the delivery method is rapid, only taking approximately three beats of the heart to traverse the whole body. If one of your arteries or even veins gets cut the poison will take it's effect on your whole body, rather than just the muscle it cut. Instantly you would feel severe cramping, weakness and a powerful tremor. If, for example it were to cut the biceps the victim would barely be able to raise his arm, certainly not with any weight in it. Anyway, moving would be the worst thing one could do, moving means more blood and more blood means the faster it will get to your heart. Once it reaches the heart the victim begins to uncontrollably vomit, dizziness and chest pain. All making it neigh on impossible to breathe. Finally when it reaches the brain, it cuts of the victims electrical impulses and instead fires it's own.

The Black mamba can inject around 400mg of venom with each bite. This is frequently called the kiss of death, hence Mr. Irmgard's calling card. A white card with the imprinting of a woman's kiss, wearing black lipstick. It's venom could kill up to 40 adult men with a single bite, give or take, depending on their size. When cut the muscle will loose blood supply, basically where white blood cells trying to fight the venom clog up the inward entry to the muscle. They can't travel against the blood flow, leaving a perfect exit strategy to the heart. The blood has nowhere to go and arteries rupture, turning the surface of the skin black in a matter of minutes. The muscle on the other hand turns into a substance rather like dried chewing gum. The veins and arteries turn black and begins to sweat excessively. The victim is said to experience the taste of death, though for most victims is seems to have been standardised as copper. Upon autopsy the victim would be seen as to have a black heart, a issue that was highly confusing for the medical community on the first few killings.

There is no antivenin nor anti-venom for this poison, other than his own, he couldn't be expected not to cut himself every now and again could he? The antivenin is taken as a regular medicine, and he only makes it when he is due a dose. So in cannot by synthesised by anyone clever enough to enter his home. But if they've been poisoned, it's doubtful they would be able to discover his identity through his Illuminati guise and then travel two his home before it was too late.
It's very clever so that vampires heal physical wounds but do not eject the venom and although they heal any internal damage it's effects still take place. The antivenin has taken such an effect to this point that it would take about three hours to die from a cut, much longer than other people.

I have probably already mentioned but just to make clear. All regenerating species cannot be killed by the poison, they will be able to heal any fatal damage caused by the amalgamate so the ultimatum of death does not apply to any of these species.

Race: Human, or as close as he could me with all the experiments.

Abilities: Marius never misses anything and his mental calculations are accurate to 100 decimal places in less than a second. For more accurate calculations you may need to wait one or more seconds. He can remember Pi to 2156 decimal places and can recite it off by heart. If I have one tip for you, do not interrupt him while he is doing this. His eyesight is impeccable and his brain processes information faster than any other, the ultimate tool in battle. His fighting style is based on the opponents movement and subconscious errors. He can see the smallest twitch or even a single hair on end on his opponents arm, anything he sees lets him know the intentions of his opponent and he can make a counter process immediately.

His ability for reading his opponent comes in greatly handy as well. Often being able to understand a man, or woman fro their smell. Perfume doesn't help with ascertaining fighting style though . . . This allows him to develop a battle plan, often viewing the most likely retaliations of the opponent in his mind and knowing when to dodge and strike to disable the opponent as well as he can, it doesn't always work.

He replaced the fluid between his nerves to speed up the process of nerve impulses so his reactions, combined with mental calculations that are faster than a bullet he is capable of dodging, or cutting through bullets in mid flight. (This was done through regular injections, the surgery would have been far too complex. The fastest nerve signals can reach a speed of 250mph, with the equation Speed=Distance/Time. His are in excess of 700mph, as most of the speed is lost crossing the gaps.) The way this works is but memorizing the velocity and power of almost every gun known to man, and after only a couple of shots he can ascertain the desired knowledge from custom made guns. He tracks the barrel and calculates it's angle and the effect of wind resistance on the bullet. Knowing exactly where the ammunition will be at any one point. More specifically when it is in range of the blades concealed on his wrists, allowing him to have moved his hand into position to cut the bullet as it is fired. Sending both halves around him.
The same goes for physical attacks, from years of competitive fighting he knows all the tell tale signs. It is somewhat more complicated though, exact speed cannot be predicted accurately but he can be close enough to dodge.

All of his senses are heightened, most specifically his eyesight and hearing and smell. This was only achieved though years of training and meditation, hypnosis after all being a very powerful tool to control the body. In this same way he has achieved immunity to more male specific pains.

Organization: The Illuminati.

Personality: Having the highest recorded IQ in the world is no easy feat, for a normal man. But Marius is rather wierd, things come naturally to him. He remembers everything that interests him and never fails not notice a thing, even when drunk, though he does fail to make sense of it in his mind. He enjoys experimenting and aspires to be the best at everything he does, hence the multiple PhDs. Though his laziness is ultimately his greatest downfall. He could not hold down a job, after a few months became bored, it was no longer a challenge. His father however left him more that enough to live on, hell! He could live on the interest alone and still afford a yacht every month. So his experiments kept him intrigued. It was not good for him though, being locked in a mansion, all windows and curtains closed. Day in, day out he toyed with the human understanding of the world, trying to find flaws and improve the knowledge further. Nowadays he was eccentric.

His intelligence isolated him from society, his failure to miss anything meant he tended to annoy people. He constantly pointed out their errors and analysed them unwaveringly. Don't misjudge him though, he recognises the flaws and chooses to do nothing about them. Only to make them worse on many occasions. A true sign of his laziness right there. He likes snakes very much, in fact within his house there is an atrium for such creatures, each cage is more than large enough for one to spend it's life in happiness. And if that wasn't enough each one was permitted an hour in a large, vegetated hall with all the vermin a snake could ever want. His prized pieces where his breeding pair of black mambas, he had acquired the female only recently.
Spiders on the other hand he was not fond of, their beady eyes where just . . . weird. So he had one of his employees harvest their venom.

He has been married twice, his first wife was killed by a vampire no less. His second deeming he was still in love with his first, leaving him after six years, she was right though.

He enjoys playing mind games, often setting up elaborate tricks on opponents as he fights. But this is not all that is encompassed by his love of mind games, and I mean all definitions if the word. He is a big chess fan, able to beat some of the best computers in the world. He rarely has time to play in the UK but on his frequent trips to America on his private jet, a Bombardier Leerjet 85. He often plays in the american parks which sport such tournaments or leisurely games. He has only been beaten twice, both times by his, now dead, father.

Marius dabbles in cooking, though it is the one thing he cannot achieve success in. He follows the cook books perfectly, Gordon Ramsey in particular yet whatever he makes always ends up tasting horribly. This frustrates him greatly and only leads to more cooking to attempt to discover the secret.

His favourite drink is Dalmore 62, most people tend to by such expensive scotch whisky as an investment. Their value is ever increasing as they age. He drinks in neat, by himself, every night whilst watching television in his front room. He enjoys crime dramas, but much of the fun is taken out of it as he usually solves the case within about 5 minutes give or take. When he is not occupied with research, Illuminati or hunting the creatures of the night he develops a severe drinking problem and only smokes cigars during these times. It is rather amazing that his brain is not badly damaged.

He points out problems with someone's speech, usually in comical manner. For example if someone where to use speech that implied the meaning they intended but also other meanings that could be interpreted. Despite understanding what they were trying to say he would attempt to make a usually unfunny joke that referred to other meanings of their speech. This usually made people dislike him, but they still sucked up to him. It's what you do to multi billionaires.

In battle he is mostly calm and, while he does loose his composure sometimes, he usually does not struggles to regain it within a short time. After all he is only human, supernatural creatures are allowed to scare the life out of him. Not to mention knowing what they are capable of was certainly enough to knock a man's confidence. He does like to make jokes though and attempts to make fun of his opponents, trying to suggest he is perfectly confident and in return attempt to knock their confidence. But even on the edge of death his perception does not falter. His main asset is always his intelligence.

Rank: The treasurer. As a multi billionaire he supplies the Illuminati with enough money for all their needs. And in return they find a way to supply him with anything he needs.

Biography: Born March 26, 1966 into one of, if not the richest family in Britain. His father appeared Rank 1 on the Forbes Top 10 Richest People list for 1966-1971, then again in 1983-1986. After Marius' mother died in late '71 his father's business suffered worldwide, he made rash decisions which was always the wrong one. He lost approximately $14,000,000,000,000 in net profit and stock holders claimed to loose 650% on their shares. By the 80s though, the business was back on track and reporting record profits. His father died in the early 90s just catching the wedding to his son's first wife. Marius was distraught after the death, often neglecting the feelings of his wife which ultimately lead to the death of her only two years later. Or he believed it was his own fault anyway, his anger never subsided towards the supernatural creatures that killed her, and all others.

Nowadays his name is a registered trademark so he does not exist on the list of billionaires although he assures people that he would be on if he permitted it. The mansion he lives in, in the south-west of England is situated not far from the coast, allowing his to indulge in a lovely view or, when his wishes, to travel to the sea side and spend the day.

But you are surely wondering what happened between these major events. It was Marius' first year of school when his mother died and he missed 3 months of school. He of course was private schooled, his parents had considered a private tutor but it seemed excessive and would leave him with little to no social skills. His time off meant that he struggled for friends at first but in his second year he did manage to make one. Coincidentally they where both the only children to come to school in a helicopter. He did not perform well in primary school and carried this over to high school as well. He scored less than 40% on his SAT Exams, his class being the trial for private education. In high-school he was average, and his skill with women was less that that of a chimp . . . wearing glasses and a bowler hat.

He managed to get into collage at the command of his father, though he beat the entry grade point requirements by 0.1. He took the standard number of 4 A-Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Chemistry and Design Technology. After the first year he showed massive improvements, like he had been replaced by some kind of overly intelligent alien creature. The truth of the matter was he had acquired himself a girlfriend, and his competitiveness required him to do better than her at everything. She was intelligent and occasionally got 100% on several of her exams. The logical answer . . . get more than 100 percent! And so he did.

In his second year of his courses the work load was becoming a little too small. With a bit of persuasion his father applied for an accelerated A-Level tutor for two more courses: Physics and English Literature. This preceded quickly, much of his time was spent on learning and he was formally being recognised as the smartest person in the school. The only exam he did not score full marks on was English, but he still did well. His girlfriend left him at the end of this year saying university would be too hard. He enrolled on two degrees at Oxford university, Organic Chemistry and Mathematics (With Physics). Both of these where four year courses, he scored a 1st on both. He then continued to on at Oxford doing a MSc (Master of sciences) in both and taking up another MEng at the same time in Mechanical Engineering. He continued this to masters after while researching for his PhD. He gained his first PhD in organic chemistry for developing a synthetic protein which assisted in the development of stem cells. For a time he insisted on being called Dr. Sir. Irmgard, shortly after he was knighted for his discovery. His father had of course mentioned the matter to the queen, whom he knew on a personal level.

Now it is his wedding day, his dad has managed to find a week of work to come and see. The wedding went smoothly and was in excess of what any girl could ask for, her name was Maddie. Their honeymoon was to an island in the Mediterranean, they of course took the private jet, which was their's for the week. Lord Irmgard, his father had no interest in such material displays of wealth any more, after his wife died, and the island was only rented.

His dad died two years later, he had fared well through the lung cancer he developed from all the cigars. It doesn't however discourage Marius from smoking cigars, he did recognise it as a illness though. He was sad at first but with all the doctor visits he had readied himself for the inevitable, the entire estate and wealth of his father being left to him made it easier to take his mind off of it. He attempted to run the business for a few months, this did not go so well and instead had one of his delegates promoted through a vote from the 13 board members.

Then his wife died, murdered by a vampire. This sparked his initial hatred for all creatures or 'experiments' alike, rest assured, this grew with time. He directed his attention to the ultimate vampire killing weapon, a project that is still in its fledgling stages. It is a project that he will need help with and a lot of help, though he can fund almost anything needed.

Now the Illuminati contacted him, as a Lord in parliament and a personal friend to the Queen and the Prime Minister of the UK and leaders of several other European countries. Along with his wealth he made a perfect addition to their ranks as he could supply them with anything he needed. His life from there on was a much more secretive one and despite being implanted with a poison capsule he removed it himself and put it in a dog so they would not realize, he didn't fancy living in fear for his life constantly.

RP sample: RP Sample Here
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Marius Irmgard (Complete)   Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:59 pm

Righty o' then! I think that's about done, can't see anything I've missed. Probably is something though, hehe. :)
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Marius Irmgard (Complete)   Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:32 pm

Not meaning to be rude but did you seriously think this was going to get approved? A pistol that can shoot down tanks and almost indestructible pants? I'm sorry but I wouldn't even approve this in my dizziest daydreams. Let alone the fact that you think that you can join the Illuminati with this. You seem like a godmod waiting to happen.

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PostSubject: Re: Lord Marius Irmgard (Complete)   

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Lord Marius Irmgard (Complete)
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