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 Tubalcain Alhambra [Done]

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PostSubject: Tubalcain Alhambra [Done]   Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:01 am

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano.

Answer: I'm addicted to Hellsing... I saw everything there is to see and red everything there is to read. ^^;

Name: Tubalcain Alhambra

Age: Exact age unknown, but appearance-wise he’s mid to late twenties.

Gender: Male.

Physical appearance: Tubalcain is a tall and slender man, his physical appearance one that suits him like a glove and further makes him appear more charming. He stands tall at around 6’5” and has a weight close to 165 lbs, a very proportional weight and height ratio. His hair is of a light-silver shade, his eyes are of an olive color and almost seem to glow, his complexion is slightly tanned (not fully tan like most Brazilians given the slight aversion to light) and he has his trademark thin brown moustache that is perfectly kept and groomed.

Clothing of choice: If you ever questioned him about his nickname, “The Dandyman” then surely you are either blind or ignorant to see why. The cause is not only because of his charming manners, but mostly because of his clothes, which are very sharp and give him an air of refined. The color scheme is mostly kept to browns and beige and only in the tie does he differentiate. He wears a brown suit, which is split below the half and goes all the way down to a bit above his knees, a simple dark brown vest, a white shirt with pinstripes, a blue tie tied in a full Windsor knot, brown pants (same brown as the suit obviously) and brown shoes that are kept perfectly without a scratch on them. As far as accessories are concerned, Tubalcain is always seen with his hat, a wide-brim brown fedora with the usual stripe going along the base of a white-beige color), and a pair of simple white gloves.

Weaponry of choice: Here is where it gets really entertaining, his weapon of choice a “simple” deck of cards. Each of the cards are razor-sharp, being able to cut through metal as if it was butter and if that wasn’t enough, the deck is magical, being able to be detonated at will and manipulated in such a way that seems to be impossible. The deck multiplies and can be summoned whenever and however Tubalcain wishes so.

Race: Category B Vampire.

Abilities: As a vampire, Tubalcain has the standard vampire abilities: enhanced physical attributes such as strength, speed, stamina, endurance, regeneration, immortality and so forth, along with their weaknesses of course. But what sets him apart from other vampires is his skill with his enchanted cards, which have an Telekinetic bond with the man and allow quite a few feats such as and not limited to: create a card doppelganger, teleportation, illusions with his cards (for example: using them to deflect light so he can become momentarily invisible to the unaware eye), seemingly defy gravity, explode them when he so wishes, create a barrier for projectiles and attacks and the they restrict regeneration abilities. He is also the bearer of a silver tongue and whether it is a simple bluff in a game of poker or a negotiation, he is bound to get what he wants by manipulating others into his game.

Organization: Millennium.

Personality: The minute your eyes fall upon the sharp dressed man, you immediately assume he is charming, a gentleman and with manners, simply a wonderful man to sit down and have some tea with. Well truth be told, he is quite a charmer, but looks can be deceiving, because he most certainly is not a gentleman, seeing that just out of a whim, he will slit your throat with one of his cards and drink you dry, just letting the crimson fluid descend upon his mouth seeing as he dislikes the whole “bite a chunk off and suck it in”. He is very refined though, always neat and caring about his appearance and garments, and should he require so, he will behave in an utmost perfect manner, always with a soft smile on the corner of his lips and manipulating people around him to believe is nothing more then a mere gentleman. Yes, how he just loves to use that silver tongue of his to bait the little blood-bags to do his bidding, it even tastes better when he just simply dangles something they want out of greed and watch as they bend over backwards, being played like the puppets they are.

He is a man of games, adoring every single luck-based game and when not in battle and just casually engaging in conversations, he will use a bit of game-related metaphors. But it is to be noted that he doesn’t play them out of the thrill of betting or out of addiction, but rather out of strategy that he implements on the game himself, being quite cunning and an intelligent being. In Blackjack, he counts cards, in Poker he reads the other players and in battle? He uses everything at his disposal to overthrow his opponents, whether it revolves around using others or his cards, he is sure to find a way to at least make his opponent trip and he most certainly will capitalize a mistake or crack in their armour to defeat them. Also he isn’t a coward, being a fierce fighter and one that enjoys bloodshed as most as the next vampire or Millennium operative (also not caring if the innocent bystanders are injured), but he will use every card he has in his hand to get the upper hand and though some might find it as an act of cowardice, he simply ignores the comments, because he isn’t a coward, but a tactician, a very good one at that.

Being a Vampire, Tubalcain does have the natural urges that come with the “curse”, although he keeps them in check and doesn’t let his nature break the Dandyman charm, or ruin his clothes. He is one sadistic and cruel bastard of a “man”, not giving a damn about anyone or anything but himself and even values more his precious suit then several innocent lives. It’s just who he is, a creature only out to protect himself and the only entity to which he owes allegiance to is the organization known as Millenium, being a Lieutenant and serving the banner with some pride in it. The orders of the Major are final and he does not even think for a minute to question or disregard them, always a loyal soldier to his leader. He might seem a bit laid back during his down time, but the minute an order is issued to him, the man will not even wait a second to stand up and do what he is told, aiding the cause of the organization with everything he can.

Rank: First Lieutenant - Obersturmführer.

Tubalcain was born into, shall we say, nobility? His family was the owner of quite a few lands in Brazil passed down from generation to generation until it reached him, power obviously coming through the ownership of them. While workers broke their backs tending to the lands, doing what they could to earn the coin needed to sustain their families, Tubalcain and his family could simply lay back and enjoy the sun, not even breaking a sweat and only dictating orders to their “slaves”. Every single one of that family seemed to like raising their noses up so they could look down upon the lowly peasants, even the boy that was the heir to the empire, Tubalcain, was being sent down that road, starting to develop an arrogant attitude towards the help, the urge to look “fancy” also growing within him. The boy would spend his days playing with his uncles and grandfather, the game of cards something that was quite enjoyable for them, so they taught every game they knew to the boy, which surprisingly absorbed it rather quickly, extracting some enjoyment in those games. Academically speaking, the boy was a sharp tool, but he didn’t really want to follow that path, preferring to just let the empire be his life, to which his father did not object; but little did he knew that the empire would soon crumble, a riot starting to take form with each passing day that the family ruled the workers with an iron fist. Wages weren’t being paid out of greed, workers were pushed to the edge through threats alone and a lot were stepped on just because it was fun to do so, so the fight against tyranny would soon unfold the trigger a simple beating of a worker.

Tubalcain’s father had a lust for something more then work from a woman that he employed, her beauty, though masked in dirt and sweat, did not go unnoticed by the unpleasant and greedy man. Under the threat of expulsion from the fields, her livelihood, she was used by the man to fulfil sexual desires, being treated like an object and manipulated into doing whatever the filthy man wanted. One day she had enough and said no, the result was her being beaten to the ground and whipped until her blood soaked the earth. That was the trigger that set up the explosion; the workers rebelling against their masters and their sheer amount of numbers were enough to defeat the few guards that defended the family, their demise soon coming down upon them. As the workers ravaged through the house, they killed every member of the family that they passed by, their revenge being taken with each swing of their tools of slavery. The boy, the heir to the empire was saved though, being the only member of that putrid and vile family to have made it into the panic-room that was concealed behind the bookshelf of the library. He had never felt such horror and fear in his entire life, his family slaughtered before him and making him face the world by himself, the sins of the father becoming the sins of the son. He was all alone now and when the dust settled, he crawled out of the panic room through a secret entrance that led to the backyard of the house, thus allowing him to escape while the workers looted the mansion.

Everything he held in his possession was traded for food or money for food, even the clothes he wore so dearly were exchanged for rags as he wandered the slums of Brasil, doing whatever he could to survive. Needless to say that to gain money, he would usually con it out of tourists our steal it, also gaining a lot of money through games of cards using the skills he himself had developed. It took him quite some time, his childhood and teen years spent on gaining money and surviving, but he would soon gather enough money to play in the casinos, thus gaining quite the amount of money and restoring his fortune. From a ragamuffin to the lap of luxury, it took quite a while but he was able to do it, although with riches came unwanted attention, something that he didn’t see as threatening but how wrong he was. As he gambled a casino out of its money, a beautiful woman sat beside him, her pale visage made her red crimson lips even more attractive and they seem to call Tubalcain towards them. He used his charm, as he usually did, not knowing that the woman was manipulating him. Last thing he knew, she attacked him while they walked through the empty streets at night, the beautiful damsel turning into a creature of darkness and feeding upon him, taking the blood from his body and leaving him to die. Last thing he knew, he woke up the next night, standing all alone in an alley with holes on his neck and with a thirst that didn’t seem to quench with water. The man drank every liquid he knew, but he still couldn’t satisfy that unrelenting urge, feeling weaker and weaker by the minute. He collapsed in the middle of am hotel, the maid that cleaned the rooms finding him just outside of his room. She kneeled beside him and tried to wake him up, the man did open his eyes, but he did not see the woman, rather the crimson fluid that coursed through her veins, her beating heart filling his ears and sounding like an orchestra. In a blink of an eye, the man opened his mouth, fangs showing, and proceeded to bite the woman in the neck, ripping the flesh and allowing the blood to spill all over the place. He let the glorious liquid flow to his mouth, thirst finally being calmed down. When he was done, the woman was nothing but a dried up corpse. Tubalcain left the hotel that night knowing what he had become… A vampire… They were real after all. He would soon discover the underworld that existed, covered away from the human eyes so they would become oblivious of what lurked in the shadows, waiting to feed upon them.

Tubalcain proceeded with his life, continuing to amass a decent fortune and gamble, obviously feeding whenever the thirst kicked in. One day though, he was approached by a peculiar child, who had first had been ignored by the man seeing that he had no business talking to the kid, but a promise of power in an organization that would change the world appeared. Through a portable television, the man had a little chat with a peculiar figure that expressed his wishes and goals with the organization, offering a position as a Lieutenant and the promise of bloodshed and assistance to even become more powerful. The Dandyman was tired of the way he was living his life so far, getting bored with it being the same song over and over again, so why not risk it? The man that called himself “Major”, dangled quite the gift above Tubalcain’s head, so why not take a chance for a more thrilling life? Straightening his tie, the vampire grinned and accepted the offer, thus becoming one of Millennium’s Lieutenants. The funds he had earned were donated to the cause and as a token of appreciation and a present for joining their ranks, the Major had herr Doktor produce a weapon that would suit the Dandyman like a glove; a set of enchanted cards that bounded with him the minute he touched the first card. He was pleased with the gift; it would serve him well against the enemies of the organization.

RP sample:
”My, my, my how unfortunate! Looks like the flea-bitten mutt failed to do what he was told, what a shame.”, Tubalcain chuckled as he flipped his card between his fingers, his eyes looking from under his fedora and directed at the Major’s lapdog that stood leaned against the wooden wall of the room, a place where they would usually receive the transmissions from the Major when away from headquarters. The stoic man did what he usually did when taunted, just ignore and remain in that position, his eyes not even directed at the man and not a sound escaping his mouth, to which the Dandyman showed a slight aggravation towards and said in a mocking tone, ”Humph, looks like the cat got your tongue. Are you mute by any chance? Or deaf? It’s quite rude to not reply, “Captain”…”, he then proceeded to make the card in his hand disappear with a flick of the wrist, making a full deck appear on his hand, shuffling it after a few seconds as a distraction to avoid further aggravation for being ignored. In all honesty, the man was just curious because ever since he had arrived at Millennium’s HQ, he had not heard the voice of the other, ever and despite the Dandyman’s best attempts, he wasn’t able to taunt a reply out of him, thus further increasing his curiosity. ”This is going to be a boring lookout if you don’t even reply to simple friendly taunts…”, he finally said and stood up, making his cards disappear and walking towards the window. The Captain shifted from his position, Tubalcain felt it but ignored, his eyes watching carefully through the window, only to see the shadow of a man seeking shelter, finding it suspicious and assuming they were about to be caught in something prepared by their foes. ”It looks like we have company… Let’s extend the welcome mat shall we?”, he said with a chuckle, but as he turned to look at his ally, he would find out he had deserted him, leaving the Dandyman alone against the assaulting forces. ”Tch! Cowardly mutt… Well I guess I deserve it for playing with the dog too much. Let’s see what we can do about these guys; shall we?”, he said with a grin as he made a torrent of cards fall from his arms, descending upon the floor rapidly.

The forces rammed the door open, quickly entering the apartment and in a formation that would allow them to cover every angle so they wouldn’t be surprised by the enemy, checking every room in their way to make sure. They made their way to the room where Tubalcain stood tall, looking at the door with a grin on his face. He was about to greet his guests, but before he could put a word in, shots were sent his way, piercing him several times. He bled to the floor, the crimson fluid descending from his entire body. The small assault squad made their way further into the room, the leader checking the body filled with holes to make sure he was alive, though as he did so, the body began to shift into cards and it was then that Tubalcain appeared at the door to the room. ”Good afternoon gentlemen.”, he said in a mocking tone, a satisfied look on his face as he saw his doppelganger transform into cards. Before they could do anything, he snapped his fingers, causing the cards to explode, blowing up the closest operatives while sending back the ones that stood the farthest from the decoy. They were knocked onto the walls, some with half of their bodies blown to bits, the scent of burnt flesh filling the room and giving him great satisfaction.

His green eyes directed to the three guards that were able to survive, proceeding to shoot at him with all they had. The Dandyman summoned his cards back to him, forming a barrier around him that protected him from the bullets, swirling around to make sure they would cover every projectile. When the clips were finally dry, the man grinned darkly and said, ”My turn!...”, and appeared right in front of them, hearing them scream as they were unable to replace the magazine. Tubalcain grabbed one of his cards and drove it through the skull of the first one, a clear cut that expelled blood upwards, hitting the other two that shrieked in horror. The second one saw a torrent of cards come from behind the vampire, sticking the man against the wooden wall as if he was but a target dummy, which only increased the fear in the eyes of the third and last man, who was trying to crawl backwards towards the window.

”This little encounter has made me quite thirsty… I guess I should have a drink before I head on out, wouldn’t you agree?”, he grinned darkly at the man, who screamed as he felt his body be pulled upwards by a platform of cards, which then proceeded to stick the man to the ceiling. A few drops of blood descended on the vampire, but he didn’t pay attention to them and with a simple flick of the wrist, he sent a card through the man’s neck, severing the arteries thus making him bleed downwards towards Tubalcain, who stood underneath the stream with his mouth wide open, letting the crimson fluid enter his body entirely. It took him but a few minutes to be all dried out, the Dandyman finally satisfied with the slaughter of those wretched maggots.

”It was a wonderful meal, you were all excellent company, but I must be off.”, he remarked as he cleaned his lips with a handkerchief and proceeded to exit the room, a familiar figure standing now at the entrance to the apartment. Tubalcain glared at the werewolf through the shadows of his fedora and when he was beside him, passing to the outside of the apartment he said in an aggravated tone, ”If this was a test of my abilities… Make sure it’s the last, because my patience grows thin with these little games. I’m ready to be assigned to the field.”, he then proceeded to fade away in a cloud of cards, which disappeared and left the werewolf behind alone

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PostSubject: Re: Tubalcain Alhambra [Done]   Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:16 am

Answer the first question, son.

Appearance could use a little more, mainly in the face.

In the manga, Dandy wears white. If you wanted to mention that too, go ahead. If not, that's fine too. Just letting you know.

I always thought Dandy was more C level, since he never really did anything other than throw cards and run kind of fast (this isn't a request to change it, since it would be up to the rest of the staff too).

Is that the only "hidden ability" you had, or is there more? We can't let you pull things out of the air when you need to.

That's about it. I enjoyed reading this.
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Tubalcain Alhambra [Done]
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