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 Yumiko Takagi

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PostSubject: Yumiko Takagi   Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:45 am

Background Information: I have seen the entire OVA and read all of the manga. [/u]

Name: Yumiko/Yumie Takagi (The name of your character, can be an alias if preferred to be anonymous.)

Age: 22:

Gender: Female:

Physical Description: Yumiko has long black hair, although little of it is visible beneath the cowl, and wears glasses. When her glasses come off- whether she removes them or they are forcibly knocked off- Yumie "wakes up". Yumie prefers to remove the nun's cowl, keeping the scarf around her neck and letting her hair flow free. Yumie also has slightly narrower eyes and usually can be seen with a maniacal grin. Yumiko is about 5ft 2 inches but she appears shorter because she often slouches due to intimidation. Yumie stands at her full height and appears much more imposing. Both Yumiko and Yumie are pale skinned and well developed. They have brown eyes. Her hair is fairly long, resting along the upper half of her back. They are both slender.

Clothes: Yumiko always dresses in a standard Catholic nun's uniform, which consists of robes, a nun's hooded cowl, a white scarf, and white gloves. The habit she wears is a dark blue to contrast her jet black hair. The white scarf and gloves are actually off-white.
Weaponry of choice: katana
Race: Human

Abilities: She has expert swordsmanship and superhuman speed and reflexes.

Organization: Iscariot

Personality: Yumiko is a pacifistic nun. She is sweet and innocent. She is described as being unable to hurt a fly. She also frightens easily and when she is scared she is likely to burst into tears. When the glasses are on she is fairly helpless. When the glasses come off and Yumie awakens she becomes extremely fanatical and bloodthirsty. She is also impulsive and speaks whatever is on her mind. She loves to dive into tangents about how awesome the Catholic church is and how bloody the path has been to get the church to where it is today. She knows no fear and will enter a battle without the slightest hesitation even if the odds are against her. Her analytical skills are poor but she is so capable that this fault rarely troubles her. Fortunately, she has Heinkel to tone her down and offset her.

Both Yumiko and Yumie are loyal to the Catholic Church but Yumiko is unwilling to fight despite her resolve and she doesn't like giving control over Yumie so that she can do battle. She wants to be the one in control and help with matters besides battle. Yumie is a berserker and she lives to fight. A life without bloodshed is a meaningless one but she still does not wish for her violence to be pointless. She wantsw to defend the honor and preserve the virtue of the Catholic church. Although she is violent she is also very philosophical. She ponders why her religion is hated and why people act the way they do.

Yumiko's social skills are bit awkward since she is quite and timid. She smiles a lot and tries to be polite to everyone. She only opens up to those she knows very well. With those people she can be honest. Her language changes when she is around her friends. Normally she speaks very formally but when she is in the presence of Heinkle, Anderson, or someone else important to her, she speaks very casually. She can whine to these people and act very childish. She appears much more serious when she is among strangers.

Yumie's social skills are awkward but for a different reason. Her words are loud and brutish. She curses a lot and she won't adjust her language for anyone. Although violent and impulsive she will follow orders from a higher authority if she deems the orders moral. However, she does tend to kill more than instructed.

Even though Yumie relishes battle, Yumiko hates it. The only time she surrenders control to Yumie is when one of her friends is seriously hurt. She will not relinquish control even to save her own life or the life of strangers. She will give Yumie freedom for either vengeance or protection of friends. Although she gets very depressed before and after handing over control.

Rank: Sister/Assassin

Biography: As far as everyone knows Yumiko has been suffering from multiple personality disorder ever since birth. She was usually a fairly quiet and well behaved baby but she was prone to tantrums. She would wail loudly and throw everything within reach. When she was old enough to talk Yumiko would call her other self Yumie.

Her parents did not believe that Yumiko was suffering from a multiple personality disorder. They believed she was trying to blame her faults and lack of temperamental control on someone else. They punished her for lying by beating her harshly but she would still insist that the one responsible was Yumie and not her. She did not lie.

Her parents were Catholic and so she attended church at a young age. Yumiko was entranced by the religion. It spoke of forgiveness and salvation for everyone. She thought she could still be loved and forgiven by God for her more brutal self. She also took comfort in the fact that God was omnipotent and knew she was being honest about Yumie's existence. And since God had a plan for everyone perhaps she even had this condition for his plan.

Yumie loved the religion as well. Yumiko/Yumie were apt readers so Yumie read about the history of the Catholic church. She learned about the crusades and longed to kill like that for the good of the lord. It would give her actions purpose.

Meanwhile, Yumiko got into a lot of trouble at school because Yumie would awaken and fight, clobbering other children for sometimes very petty reasons. Yumie felt pent up and frustrated and Yumiko was miserable because everyone feared her.

In first grade she failed her eye test and was sent to an eye doctor for prescription glasses. Yumiko had been struggling for control of her body for as long as she had been aware of Yumie's existence. She would win some battles and lose some others but she could never figure out how to accurately control her other self.

However, in Yumiko's mind glasses were the personification of a good girl. People who wore glasses were intelligent, quiet, and well behaved, everything she thought Yumie wasn't. Her desire to possess her own body and her belief that glasses made a person good was so strong that she managed to lock Yumie away whenever she wore them. As a result, Yumie felt super pent up and whenever the glasses came off and Yumiko's resolve weakened, she seized instant and complete control. The control would not be relinquished easily.

Yumie's special skills may have never been noticed if a vampire had not attacked her home. Her parents, loathing the child as a monster and a trouble maker, tried to offer the girl to the vampire in a vain attempt to spare themselves. However, when they pushed Yumiko towards the creature, the girl stumbled and her glasses were knocked off. Yumie instead of being terrified was excited. This was her first true challenge.

She moved so quickly and nimbly that she managed to dodge his attacks for quite some time. Her reflexes were superb. And although she had no weapons to fight with, she managed to grab a hold of his head and bang his skull against the wall, leaving several bloody smears. While he was dazed she desperately searched for anything that could be used as a weapon. She found only a broomstick but managed to hold the creature off a while longer with that.

The creature, upset that this would be no easy meal attempted to leave but Yumie refused to let him. Mercy wasn't in her vocabulary and she was having so much fun. She was tiring but she insisted on finishing this foe herself. She would rid the world of an ungodly monster.

Anderson had been dispatched to deal with the vampire. He followed the trail to Yumie's home. When he entered her abode he saw her hold her own with her speed, reflexes, and a mere broomstick.

Although impressed he was about to intervene when Yumie screamed, "Stay out of this! I will kill him! I will be the one to send this ungodly monster to hell and deliver divine judgement! I see it now! God did have a plan for me all along and this is it!"

Anderson agreed but planned to intervene if it became necessary. He tossed her a blessed blade and was astounded at the speed and grace with which a seven year old caught it.

With the blade she managed to kill the vampire herself after some time. Anderson was so amazed with her skill that he took her to Iscariot to have her trained as an assassin. She was so excited to go and fulfill the role the lord had bestowed upon her. Her parents were thrilled to let her go because she caused so much trouble and they were sick of dealing with her destruction.

She met Heinkel almost immediately and became fast friends because besides Anderson Heinkel was the first one to accept and like her violent half. She became friends with Maxwell soon after for the same reason.

Yumiko was also happier at Iscariot. People weren't terrified of her and she experienced genuine affection. Her parents had little love for her. She still hated fighting and didn't want to relinquish control to Yumie but she also believed that this was God's plan for her so she accepted her role. Besides Yumie was the reason she was able to leave home and meet Anderson, Heinkel, and Maxwell. Her bitterness and resentment towards Yumie decreased and she was able to accept her other half.

RP sample: Yumiko stared at Heinkel crossly. She was exhausted after her last fight and she had absolutely no will to go resolve another discrepancy. "Heinkel, I don't want to work!" she whined. "I want to rest! We deserve some down time after that last case!" she grumbled. "And Yumie finally went to sleep! I don't wan to wake her up again so soon!" she wailed.

When Heinkel explained it was an order from the chief and could not be disregarded, she kicked a stone in frustration. She was so angry that the force of her kick caused the stone to travel several feet. "It's not fair!" she moaned. "I don't care if I'm a fanatic! This job is still tough! The chief should be more considerate of our needs and you're a moron for hanging up! You should have told him we were too tired and worn out after that last battle!" she shouted, running after Heinkel.

Yumiko nervously bit her lip. She hated meeting new people. They always stared at her with such cold and lifeless eyes and often times they were really tall and carried weapons in plain sight! Why was it necessary to meet new people, anyway?! All she needed to do was receive orders from the Chief and work with Heinkel. She hated this! Hated this! Hated this!

She extracted a handkerchief and rubbed at her filthy glasses, cursing Yumie under her breath. She couldn't take the stupid thing off not even to clean it because if she did Yumie would wake up and ruin her first impression with the new people. She simply stood there, rubbing her glasses, awaiting the day's end.

When the new people arrived she curtsied clumsily. She offered a friendly wave and an anxious smile and prayed that no one would speak to her. "It's a pleasure to meet you," she greeted sweetly, averting her eyes.

Yumie ripped off her nun's cowl, releasing her restrained hair. Narrow eyes darted around the scene, sizing up the situation. There was twenty heathens versus the two of them! She laughed heartily, extracting her katana without a second thought. Oh this was going to be such fun!

The silver blade that was so much a part of her, soared through the sky so quickly that the movements would be indistinguishable to the untrained eye. Six bullets fell at her feet, each sliced in half. Her tongue tasted cold metal as she eyed up her prey for half a second before leaping into action. The sword was pressed against the man's neck before he could even blink. Blood sprayed from his neck into her face as his head, still wearing a stunned expression, thudded to the ground. God it smelled lovely! She licked her lips in anticipation of the coming onslaught.

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PostSubject: Re: Yumiko Takagi   Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:24 pm

Just glancing over and skimming the thing, the main problem seems to be detail; you need more of it. Now for specifics.

Appearance is too brief; expand upon it.

Clothing has next to no detail. Describe to us what the nun outfit is.

Weapons have no detail at all.

Race means what she is on our race listing (that's in with the rules), not her ethnicity and all that (you can add that for posterity if you want).

Abilities is brief and doesn't give us much detail at all. It's for more than just what she can do in a fight, too.

Personality is probably the best part here. Can't really think of anything you'd need to change or add.

Bio works. You make a lot of unnecessary paragraph breaks though. While that isn't a bad thing, it stretches what could be 1 whole paragraph into 3 or 4 smaller ones.

That's about it. For a first try, this was pretty good.
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PostSubject: Re: Yumiko Takagi   Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:44 pm

Are you still working on this?
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PostSubject: Re: Yumiko Takagi   Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:57 am

You've got until the first to work on this and post in the check, or your account and the sheet are going to be taken down.
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Yumiko Takagi
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