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 Valceus Morgraine (WIP)

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PostSubject: Valceus Morgraine (WIP)   Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:59 pm

Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to youtube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least. Warning: If you have watched the anime we require you watch the OVA, or read the manga. The anime is not canon. This is not our opinion. This is the law set down by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. I have seen the ova 1-4 many times though not recently. After posting this however I am going to do so as I simply wish to watch my favorite anime again.

Name: Valceus Morgraine

Age: 350

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Valceus stands at about 6‘3 and weighs about 180 pounds. His hair is a raven black and is always kept neat and trimmed so his bangs just cover his eye brows and stays decently short on the rest of his head. His eyes are a deep blue with a normally amused look to them and while he does have muscle, he tends to be a bit on the lean side.

Clothing of choice: He normally wears anything that is simple or gives an air of formality, though his most common wear is a pair of neat black trousers with black colored dress shoes, a white long sleeve shirt that is usually tucked in, with fancy little wrist cuffs and a black silk vest over it. Upon his hands he also adorns a pair of white gloves. In the black pants pocket of his he normally carries a small pocket watch on a chain that it connected to his black belt.

Weaponry of choice: For his choice of weapon he usually prefers to get up close, though there are times when he wants to remain at a distance as well. For this he has a special little dagger with a 6 inch blade, the blade itself has a small design of a celestial dragon running along it‘s side while the hilt has a simple leather grip and the bottom of the dagger is a small wooden spike. For those creatures of the night whom wish to visit with hostile intentions. As for distance he usually tries to give others a sporting chance, a simple six shot revolver is kept on the inside of his vest in a small pocket specially designed to fit it. Also, if needed to be said, he has trained himself well in the arts of jiujutsu so he is well with unarmed combat as well.

Race: Vampire category f

Abilities: Regeneration may take an extremely long amount of time for major damage (ie: 25 posts), meagre supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and reflexes, great weakness to silver and blessed weaponry to a point its fatal to be hit by one, easily killable just as a human is, ability to turn virgins into weak vampires like themselves, non-virgins into very weak ghouls, susceptible to unblessed damage (still fatal, the need to drink blood often, weakness to sunlight

Organization: Unaffiliated

Personality: Valceus is an interesting character, often times he enjoys the thrall of battle and out matching his enemies. Having them fall beneath his power in an epic struggle of survival, everything is usually put on the line in his life as he enjoys the ever thrilling chase of death and life that constantly surrounds him. His often intelligent and logical brain help him come out on top even in dire situations, though some view his logic as a problem sometimes. Especially where his friends and allies are concerned. Though he will value their abilities and usefulness. If he happens to find something better in trade, or he can destroy you to gain something he wants, his allies and friends start to disappear. Yet though his allegiance is fickle at times, once he gives his word or a promise to someone, he always tries his best to keep it even if something better rolls around for him. Though this doesn’t mean you won’t be making a deal with the devil. He also tries to keep an air of formality and business around him when he is not in the mind set to fight. Those whom forget their manners on multiple occasions or show themselves to be near stupid with a lack of common sense often win his displeasure and scorn. Needless to say he does enjoy comedy, and various forms of human entertainment as does the next person. But those who seem they would seem to die early just do not interest him and come across his mind as fodder for the dogs. Along his long life he has learned many things, though his power has been weakened his intellect and mannerisms are far from lowered even in this day and age. He also shelters a hurt, and pain that lies deep inside of him. That pain for the love that betrayed him, and the thoughts of what could have been that haunted him.

Rank: None

Biography: Having lived sometime during the end of the renaissance, his family was very much dedicated to various forms of art and philosophy. Though with how poor his family was it was increasingly difficult to make ends meet. His parents barely worked or even bothered to look for jobs, being self-proclaimed scholars they believed they didn’t have to work and that since they gave life to Valceus, he should be the one to earn every cent for the family. So ever since he was a little lad he went out into the dusty old town and looked for various jobs and any work to pay for the days food. After a while of cleaning horse stalls, working different fields and taking care of various farms in the area, he began to try and search for something else to do.

At the age of thirteen he went to the old pub in town he borrowed the tavern keepers old violin, as a matter of fact the kind man said he could keep it for free if he could replace the strings. So day after day he would skim a bit from his earnings and sometimes make a few extra coins from various deals and gambling games he won, also earning the nickname silver-tongue with how well he talked the adults from a fight after they though he was cheating, and soon he had enough to fix up the old violin. The instrument itself was not special, though how he played it was. As soon as he got it fixed up the pub keeper asked him to play a little something for him, he looked about him a bit nervous as there was many people there at the time, but he began to play anyway. The rustling sound of the drinkers, the noise of mugs crashing together, even the shuffling of the cards at the tables ceased when he started to play. The sound that waved through the air seemed as soft as a spring breeze, and as calming as the ocean tides. It seemed the music spoke a message of calm humility and a faith much greater in powers yet unknown. As he finished the entire pub was hushed with awe and every pair of eyes seemed to long for him to continue. Though it was not meant to be.

A few moments passed and not a sound was made, until the door to the building swung right open. Valceus’s parents stood at the door in their own them in clothes made of rags, stains adorning various places on their faces as if to hint of their rush over the dusty road to come to the place their son was at, and as quickly as Valceus’s parents came they left. Taking the poor boy with them. Shortly after his parents had thrown him in their sad excuse for a cottage and demanded to know why they had been cheated out of their money…as if they seemed at all entitled to it. Seething with anger, though still in control of his emotions, Valceus calmly explained to them that he thought he was entitled to the some of the money he had made and thus saved some to help him repair the violin the pub keeper was so kind enough to give him for free. Angry at their loss of a few coins his parents threw the violin in the fire pit and torched it beyond repair and then promptly let him know who ran the house hold and sent him back out to the fields and usual clients he had for his odd jobs. Dirty, in rags and very much angry Valceus let his rage hang off him like an infectious disease. Illogical, unreasonable and far to stupid parents had robbed him of a decent chance at a good life. His obvious talent in his music would have let him go far and he knew it, and that is when she came.

A lady, far more beautiful than any at that town, dressed in only the finest red and pink silk dress. The air around her seemed to have a tangible feel of formality and beauty as she passed through the dirty fields and directly to Valceus, she even seemed to pick him out of all the workers. Her wonderful, perfect red eyes fell on him with a type of hunger that could only be compared to a predator hunting it’s prey. As she approached Valceus had the feeling that he may be smitten on the spot, for her wonderful form seemed that of a perfect and righteous angel come down to release him from his intolerable existence. As she came near, she did not greet him, she did not give a name. But merely asked but one question to the black haired thirteen year old. “Do you want to leave this life behind, to find one more to your fancy, one in which you can have all you desire?” Valceus simply nodded, his mind still processing the wonder of her voice…like little bells ringing in the distance…or rather, as soft and kind as a warm breeze of wind.

Later at the age of twenty-five, Valceus was a handsome looking man with an intelligent gleam in his deep blue eyes. Adorning a nice black suit as most of the gentlemen of England did, he walked through the ball that was held at the local manor of a rising noble. His eyes seemed to search through the crowd at this elegant dance, visions of various women in different colored dresses and men in a formal suit passed before him in a twirl of grace and practiced steps…though they were not the ones he was looking for. Then, suddenly, he found her. A beautiful woman in a red and pink dress…her wondrous red eyes seeming to scan the crowed as well…searching for something though he did not know what. Smiling darkly to himself he quickly stepped into the fray of dancers as they changed partners, quickly taking the most feminine hand available he was set off with a goal to dance his way passed the floor and meet the woman who was his tutor for many years. As he looked to the face of his partner by chance he held a look of shock and surprise, he was staring at the woman he had meant to catch off guard not but a few moments ago. “I can feel you staring at me from all the way over there…you stand out far to much for me not to notice you, just like that day back at that dusty old pub..oh I remember the soft melody of your violin quiet well.” She said with a playful smile as she continued to dance with him. The music shifted for a moment, becoming more soft and slower in tempo and they adjusted their speed with it as everyone else did as well. “Well my lady, I had hoped to meet you again. After all my life of you teaching me the ways to use my skills for my own gains I had hoped to surprise you with a bit more than my appearance here.” He said simply, regaining his composure nearly as quickly as he lost it. Quickly look of confidence filled his face as he realized that, even with her sources, she had not figured out his plan. “Why so confident then, after all I know everything about you…even the way you became so popular with nobles.” She would pause, laughing softly as to not be heard by the others around her. “Very clever, making different wagers with two different nobles. Betting that neither could assassinate you while you stay at the others place. And all that time you were at a third nobles house and made it in good with their daughter. Did you happen to marry her yet and gain all their money? Or did you steal all their proof through the third nobles contacts that they tried to assassinate you and held them up with a ransom for blackmail?” “Neither, actually.” He said with an even tone, his expression completely neutral as well. “I set that as a front for anyone watching my underhanded dealings. My real target with the third nobles contacts was you my dear.” “Me?” The lady would say with a blush. “My, all that work. You shouldn’t have.” She said with a small grin, though her expression would seem to falter as she continued to stare at Valceus’s serious face. “So, what is it you want?” “Oh nothing, merely a small gift from you my sweet. Nothing to expensive, but all to pricey at the same time.” He would say in a sly, yet formal tone. “Oh, what is it then. Speak up before you leave this lady guessing for the rest of the night.” She would say, now very curious as to what her old pupil wanted. Valceus would stare at her for a long minute, his eyes seeming to look deep into her red eyes and into her soul as well. “I want immortality.” He would say simply, his tone hushed and his eyes set on hers. “Or rather, to be a vampire as it were.”

She stared at him for a long minute, her expression unreadable though it was obvious in her eyes she seemed...confused. “Is this what you really want? To live a life in the night and never be able to see the sun rise again?” She would ask, her voice now hushed as well. Valceus merely smiled at this, obviously knowing he might actually get it after her reaction to his question. “I already have more than half the nobles and courts under my thumb. I am already a shadow to history for it will not know my name yet, and I have gone as high as a mortal can without owning heaven itself…I even saved my own body that it might have this transformation from an aging meat suit to a shining star. Yes, I am sure I want it.” He would pause as the music stopped, and lead her to one of the corners of the room so that they may speak more freely and without the need to pay attention to the music or the bustle of people. “After all Eve, you taught me to go as high with my dreams as I can. And I will so long as I live. I wish to live and see the ages pass by, I wish to see art and music develop into more than it is now. I want to know, if we will ever get passed the sky and into the stars…Eve…please.” He would say as he stared into her eyes, holding her in place so she could not turn away, though if she wanted to she probably could. Eve easily broke his grasp of her, turning to the window she would gaze at the stars. Taking in the night sky and all of it’s wondrous beauty…even that of the full moon.

“Fine…but promise me that if their ever comes a time when you wish to change someone. Make sure it’s someone you love…” She would say in a soft, almost weak voice. Turning to face Valceus she would let a tear roll down her cheek as she knew how hard his life would be at first…and also knowing what she was dooming herself to. Valceus would feel a sudden bite on his neck, her teeth digging into his flesh as he felt the changes over take him. His vision clouded and he blanked out, though when he came to he had never felt more alive, and finally was able to start his new life as a vampire. Eve took to teaching him again, telling him all he needed to know about being a vampire and how to even increase his power and wield it. After a few decades he was on top of his game it seemed, his attachment to Eve growing with each passing year as she helped him move up in his dark powers while he himself used them to gain more influence in the shadowy underworld of England and Europe. Once or twice he inquired to Eve’s true origins, but she never told him. For years he reveled in twisting and turning the world indirectly, sometimes targeting key politicians to make a decision go a certain way, or pulling a string here to make a ripple effect there. All in all he enjoyed his life of controlling the flow of history. However limited he was at doing it, what with other organizations rising in power as well…and he planned on keeping himself a secret for as long as he could. He even got to do all of this with a wonderfully beautiful woman by his side…though fear started to grow in Eve…along with uncertainty. She had seen how he treated his allies and “friends” when he had no need of them, and he was close to growing just as powerful as her. Her fear was more based in the fact that she may not be useful anymore, and thus deemed expendable. So her plan was this, after giving him a drink of a woman with blessed silver running in her blood she resolved to knock him out and perform a ritual which Valceus had come across in his search for occult power and thus sealed him away and took the many souls that gave him his power. Promptly after this she had burned all his books, hunted down and killed all of his contacts and made sure all trace of him was forgotten…save for one small book…one, black covered book that had survived the destruction and downfall of this vampire. Valceus’s personal journal, with a poem to his love just inside the front cover, and a small entry on the first page…with plans for a glorious wedding with his one love Eve.

RP sample: Valceus looked about the dark, wet and stuffy stone room as he got out of his coffin. “How long has it been I wonder…a decade, maybe a hundred years or so?” He said with a frown, his voice seemed to be strained and faulty…like that of an old man. “My, the time must have been long if I am in such a sorry state…” Valceus dusted off his clothes, a thick cloud of it bellowing in front of him as he did. Clearing his throat he found that he could breath a bit easier, though he was extremely parched. “Well, I will have to take care of that soon…” He said with a dark smile, his voice now as pure and radiant with a formal tone as it was when he was sealed away.

After a while he looked about himself again, his peering blue eyes looking for a door or hole…anything he could use to get out of the room really. Finally spotting a small wooden door in the corner he let out a sigh, his steps echoed in the small stone room in which he had lay for decades. “My how things have changed…” He said in a disappointed tone, opening the door he strode into what used to be a library and found what looked to be two young men scouring through everything. “Looters…at least this is a familiar sight…” He would say to himself as he stepped into the shadows, a small noise of steel being drawn moving through the hallowed halls of the now ruined estate. Slowly he drew upon them, hoping to not be seen while his form hid in the shadows of once proud standing bookcases. Now was the time to make his first move after so long, now it was time to see what interesting things these now modern people have up their sleeves. Now was the time for a very…interesting…meal.

Battle post:

Hiding in the shadows Valceus’s form was not seen by the two men. Though he was curious as to what they were doing here he could not afford to wait any longer, his hunger after waiting so long was getting harder to control by the second. The more he waited the more his throat pained him, but it did no good to rush them like an animal only to be put down in less than a second…besides…he was really curious to know what these two men carried for protection. For only a fool would come here unprotected no matter what day and age. As he observed the two men he saw that they wore this strange blue fabric for trousers, and wore very simple shirts. The first man also had this weird looking hat with words written on it that said “Golf” with a metal stick looking image on it. The other man was constantly checking this circular device that was attached to the chain. It was made of a very nice quality of silver and looked very expensive. Smiling to himself he waited for a moment, each moment killing his insides more and more yet he tried to ignore it as best he could. Finally when both the men turned away from his spot just underneath a crooked and leaning bookshelf he sprung into action. He quickly moved to strike the closest man, which was the one in the weird hat, and swiftly put his dagger’s blade into the mans spine and just as the other man shouted and pulled out a hollow metal stick with a handle and what looked to be a trigger, he pulled it out and rushed at the man whom was still alive. Suddenly a loud bang rang through the ruins and Valceus was gripping his left shoulder. “My, what an interesting toy, what do you call it?” He asked in an even and calm tone. Though the pain was evident in his eyes. “It’s called a revolver, or a gun if your that interested…why, never seen one before?” The man asked with a look of confidence in his eyes. “No, never. Though it will not save you…” Valceus said as he let his gaze drift to the floor. “Oh really? Think you can get my with that little knife of yours like you did my friend? I am not as stupid.” At this Valceus laughed, his tone growing darker, and darker as he continued. “No, but you're just as human…” He would say softly, in almost a whisper. A look of confusion washed over the mans face, and quickly taking advantage of that Valceus kicked a piece of ruble near his foot and hit the man square in the face. Another shot fired but it missed and hit the roof above and as the man tried to recover he was met with the sensation of steel biting into his flesh and then a feeling of teeth in his neck.

Walking away from the remains of his first two victims of the decade he opened the silver pocket watch that now had it’s chain attached to the waist band of his trousers, after putting it back in his pocket he patted the revolver now in it’s holster around his waist as well. “My, this modern age is going to be interesting…perhaps…it’s time to make my name known in the world this time…” He would pause as he reached the outside of the ruined manor and looked to the dark night sky. The moon was full, and so was Valceus’s mind…thoughts of what he could do, what he should do, were now rushing around in his head. “Maybe I’ll just have some fun…who knows.” He would start to walk away before noticing something familiar in the ruble, something that looked a faded black with pages that looked decades old. Valceus would try to hold his emotions back as he picked it up and dusted it, though the pained look would still make it to his face as he opened it to find the wedding plans he had made for himself and Eve. Silently he would put the book away, storing it in one of the pockets the inside of his vest held. "Maybe...are you still out there..." He would ask to no one inparticular. "No matter, I shall find out one way or another. The world is a changed place...and I plan to make my way in it once more."

(Not the first time doing role-play though it is my first time on a forum rp. Please tell me what you think and how I can improve. If the character is good by your standards then awesome. If it isn’t though, constructive criticism is very much appreciated.)
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PostSubject: Re: Valceus Morgraine (WIP)   Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:17 pm

Supernatural creatures are not allowed. Read the announcements for more information.
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Valceus Morgraine (WIP)
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